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5 Best Wedding Venues in Perth

7 Best Wedding Venues in Perth

How We Picked Stunning Perth Wedding Venues

Wedding Packages

We looked at the services and equipment included in the venue’s wedding packages. We chose those that also offer catering and wedding planning services or sound systems and photo ops. 


We chose venues that are accessible and memorable. The venue’s ambiance should feel special as well as private for the couples and their families.


We also assessed the affordability and reasonableness of their service rates. 

Client Service

We chose wedding venues that can keep active communication with their clients and those that can coordinate well with the wedding planners and suppliers to ensure a smooth-running wedding ceremony and reception. 

1. Lamont’s Bishops House

Lamont’s Bishops House' Homepage

Wedding Package Inclusions: Private Venue, Catering, Wine, Wedding Planner, Photographer

Address: Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA 6000, Australia


Contact No.: +61 8 9226 1884

Business Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM 

Google Review4.6/5
Total Review5/5
Score Consistency4.2/5
Wedding Packages5/5
Client Service4/5


  • Beautiful rose garden venue
  • Wedding packages include wedding planner and photographer
  • Includes in-house sound systems


  • Wedding planning services are limited
  • Average food taste and quality
  • Slow catering service

Celebrating love in a garden full of roses with your families and friends feels like the perfect wedding picture. Lamont’s can provide this scene for you. 

Couples are welcome to celebrate their wedding in their rose garden. They offer four packages packed with services that you will need to make your dream wedding happen.

Each of these packages includes the exclusive use of the venue and the services of a registered and authorized marriage celebrant, a wedding planner, a photographer, and a florist. 

You are also free to use their furniture and equipment as well as their in-house sound system.

The pricier packages include a selection of their wines and seasonal canapés, a macaron tower, and a wedding cake. Musicians will also play for you in selected packages. 

We also love that they offer advice on the legalities and paperwork for marriage applications as well as on currency exchanges and international payments if you’re coming from overseas. 

However, the services of their wedding planners are limited and vary depending on the package you avail of. The cheapest package only allows three scheduled calls with the appointed wedding planner. 

We think this makes their services a little less customizable compared to their competitors. 

A few clients also note their food tastes average, and the service can sometimes be slow on the actual day.

2. Bells Functions 

Bells Functions' Homepage

Wedding Package Inclusions: Venue, Catering, Wait and Bar Staff, In-House Sound System

Address: Upper Pier, 3 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000, Australia


Contact No.: +61 8 9221 2344

Business Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 8:30 AM to 5 PM 

Google Review4.6/5
Easy Weddings4.8/5
Total Review4/5
Score Consistency4/5
Wedding Packages4/5
Client Service5/5


  • Includes a view of the Swan River and Perth’s skyline
  • Incredible selection of food and beverages
  • Up to 6 hours use of function


  • Limited wedding package
  • Simple styling of wedding venue
  • No flower arrangement services

If you want to create special moments by the Swan River and look at the stunning skyline of Perth during your wedding day, Bells Functions has just the right place for you. 

We love that they offer a standard wedding package that varies only in food and beverage selection. We think this is a simple and straightforward option for couples. 

Their wedding package includes a wedding coordinator and a wait and bar staff, so you can expect to be assisted in planning and setting up the event on the day. 

We also appreciate that they offer the use of their venue for three to six hours, which is a lot more generous compared to other venues that only offer two. 

However, the styling of their setup is simple, including only linen, napkins, chairs, rectangular tables, cocktail tables, and wine barrels. 

We also noticed they don’t offer flower arrangement services, unlike their rivals. 

Nevertheless, the food selection is excellent with them!

We love that they offer flexible menus from which clients can choose the entrée and main dishes that they want to include. 

You’re free to choose from their set menu with two or three-course options, their canapé menu, or their deluxe canapé menu. We love that their canapé menus include vegetarian, seafood, and meat options. 

They also have menus curated especially for kids, so there’s something for everyone. 

If a good dining experience is on top of your wedding checklist, Bells is a strong choice for you. 

3. Quarry Farm  

Quarry Farm' Homepage

Wedding Package Inclusions: Venue, Food and Beverage

Address: 1475 S Western Hwy, Whitby WA 6123, Australia


Contact No.: +61 421 047 900

Service Hours: 10 AM to 2 AM for weddings 

Google Review4.6/6
Total Review4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Wedding Packages3.5/5
Client Service4/5


  • Tranquil and rustic venue
  • Venue is surrounded by green pasture
  • Multiple venue options


  • Limited wedding package
  • No standard packages for clients
  • No prepared wedding setup for clients

Located in a 200-acre farm, the Quarry offers a beautiful venue surrounded by green pasture that’s perfect for a tranquil and rustic themed wedding. 

We love that, unlike their competitors, they offer multiple venues that feature different areas of the farm: Homestead, Water View Terrace, Homestead Gazebo, Dam Gazebo, and Quarry Lane. 

We love that each of these venues works for different wedding activities. For example, the Homestead and Water View Terrace are perfect for wedding receptions, as they feature open spaces and stunning views of green pasture.

On the other hand, Quarry Lane will make a picturesque backdrop for a wedding photoshoot with trees lined up. 

With these options, we think couples and their guests will not only enjoy the wedding celebration but also the getaway from the Perth Metro. 

However, they don’t offer standard wedding packages, which can be impractical for couples. 

While they offer to work with you on a customized wedding package, we think organizing an event as big and as special as a wedding from scratch is too overwhelming. 

This would also mean that couples will have to find and source out the necessary services, such as that of a wedding planner, photographer, and florist; and equipment, such as a sound system. 

They also leave it to the couples to dress up the venue however they like. 

This could work well for couples who like to be hands-on in every detail of their wedding. Still, we think it requires more time and effort from the couples. 

Their food and beverage menu is also customized to meet their clients’ preferences and budgets. 

With a limited wedding package, you’re essentially only renting out a space if you choose Quarry Farm. 

4. Crystal Swan

Crystal Swan' Homepage

Wedding Package Inclusions: Venue, Catering, Wedding Ceremony on Board, Wedding Reception on Cruise

Address: Barrack Street Jetty, 5 Barrack Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia


Contact No.: +61 435 909 755

Business Hours: Open 24 hours

Google Review4.4/4
Total Review3.5/5
Score Consistency4/5
Wedding Packages4.2/5
Client Service4.5/5


  • Wedding reception on cruise down the Swan River
  • Great food selection


  • Limited wedding ceremony package
  • No in-house wedding planner, photographer, and DJ
  • Food is average and served in small portions

Nothing can get any more romantic than a wedding in a cruise down the Swan River. If you’re all about elegance and luxury, Crystal Swan has just the perfect wedding venue for you. 

They’re the only wedding venue in Perth that offers the unique and special experience of cruising down the Swan River for your wedding ceremony and reception. 

They offer a Wedding Ceremony on Board package for $750, but the inclusions are limited. They only include one-hour vessel access, seating for 40 guests, a red carpet, and a signing table. 

On the other hand, their wedding reception services offer quite exciting inclusions. 

These include a four-hour function where three hours are spent cruising the Swan River. You can add an hour more for $700. 

There’s also a wide selection of food and beverages, including buffet and three-course meal options. We appreciate that they also offer a seafood menu and a children’s menu, so there’s something for everyone. 

However, the taste is pretty average, and the portions are small too.  

They offer to set up and clean up the venue for you, but the service is separately charged for $350. 

They presently don’t have any in-house celebrants, decorators, photographers, or DJs, so you will have to source these professional services for your wedding. In any case, they do provide a list of preferred suppliers to help you find these services. 

5. Beaumonde on the Point 

Beaumonde on the Point' Homepage

Wedding Package Inclusions: Venue, Catering, Audio Visual and Lighting Equipment

Address: 306 Birdiya Dr, East Perth WA 6004, Australia


Contact No.: +61 8 9218 8088

Business Hours: Daily, 6 AM to 12 AM

Google Review4.3/5
Easy Weddings4.7/5
Total Review4.5/5
Score Consistency4.2/5
Wedding Packages4/5
Client Service4/5


  • Offers exclusive waterfront venue
  • Large grand ballroom
  • Provides bridal salon


  • Inconsistent taste and quality of food
  • Food is served in small portions
  • Food is expensive

Beaumonde offers a close and great view of the Swan River. 

Couples and their loved ones can enjoy an exclusive waterfront venue in their grand ballroom. We appreciate that it is equipped with audio-visual and lighting features as well as Wi-Fi for a smooth-running wedding ceremony and reception program. 

However, that’s as much as you can get from them in terms of equipment. If you want a more elaborate sound system, you will have to source your own equipment and professional DJ or band.  

Beaumonde also features open-air balconies where guests can enjoy a spacious and fresh area. 

We especially recommend them for couples planning on inviting a larger group. The grand ballroom can hold a total of 800 guests standing and 420 guests seated. 

It can be divided into three smaller rooms if you prefer a more private and intimate setting. 

Another point that we think is unique to Beaumonde is its bridal salon service. Under this option, the bride and her glam team can stay in an exclusive salon where they can enjoy sparkling wine and canapés as they prepare for the reception. 

It features some seating, a vanity, and storage space, which we think are all practical, especially considering how hectic wedding activities can get. 

In terms of food and beverages, they have over 30 years of experience in event catering. 

However, despite this, guests point out that the taste and quality of their food can be inconsistent. 

A few thought the portions were small too, and the expensive pricing doesn’t help console the guests.

6. Moore & Moore

Moore & Moore

Wedding Package Inclusions: Venue and Cafe

Address: 46 Henry St, Fremantle WA 6160


Contact No.: +61 8 9218 8088

Business Hours: 5.30pm- 11.30pm Monday to Sunday (7 days)

Google Review5/5
Easy Weddings4.8/5
Total Review4.9/5
Score Consistency5/5
Wedding Packages4.5/5
Client Service5/5


  • Unique and Historic Setting
  • Customized and Tailored Events
  • Ethical and Sustainable Practices
  • All-Inclusive Packages


  • Limited Availability

Moore & Moore is housed in a heritage-listed building, adding a sense of charm, character, and history to your wedding day.

The venue offers a range of spaces, including a beautiful courtyard and cosy interiors, providing a versatile setting for both intimate and large weddings. The combination of vintage elements, lush greenery, and festoon lighting creates a captivating and romantic atmosphere.

The dedicated events team at Moore & Moore works closely with couples to bring their wedding vision to life.

Whether you desire a candlelit ceremony, lively dance floor, or sit-down event, the team will assist in planning and executing your day, ensuring it is personalized and unforgettable. From menu selection to décor arrangements, Moore & Moore offers flexibility and attention to detail, making every event tailored to the couple’s preferences.

Moore & Moore provides all-inclusive wedding packages, simplifying the planning process and ensuring a seamless experience.

These packages include various amenities and services, such as venue hire, menu selection, furniture setup, and dedicated event coordination. By offering comprehensive packages, Moore & Moore aims to make the wedding planning process easier and stress-free for couples.

However, due to the venue’s popularity and the desire to provide personalized attention to each event, availability may be limited, especially during peak wedding seasons. It is advisable to book well in advance to secure your preferred date.

7. Stonebarn

Wedding Package Inclusions: Weddings


Wedding venue address: 402 Langley Rd, Pemberton WA 6260

Head Office address: 3B Ruse St, Osborne Park, WA 6017


Contact No.: [email protected] | text:+61 (0) 424 835 166 | phone: +61 (0) 424 054 344

Business Hours: Head Office Hours: 9am – 2pm

Google Review4.7/5
Easy Weddings4/5
Total Review4.35/5
Score Consistency4/5
Wedding Packages5/5
Client Service4/5


  • Exclusive use of estate
  • Variety of ceremony locations
  • Can bring own alcohol


  • Remote Location

Stonebarn is a picturesque wedding venue located in the beautiful region of Manjimup and Pemberton in Western Australia. Situated on a 160-acre estate amidst lush forests, rivers, and truffiére, this venue offers a serene and natural setting for couples to celebrate their special day.

What makes them probably the best wedding venue is their offer wherein you will be given the exclusive use of the entire estate, providing privacy and an intimate atmosphere for couples and their guests. With multiple ceremony and reception areas, couples can choose the perfect backdrop that suits their preferences.

With them, you will have six unique ceremony locations to choose from, including the Gazebo, Clearing, Verandah, Dining Room, River, and Dam. This variety allows couples to select a setting that aligns with their vision for the wedding.

No need to worry about corkage fee because with Stonebarn, couples can bring their own alcohol without any corkage fees or markups, allowing them to curate a beverage selection that suits their taste and budget.

The venue’s remote location might require some logistical planning for guests traveling from distant areas. Also, as most of the venue’s areas are outdoors, couples should consider the weather conditions for their chosen wedding date.

FAQs about Wedding Venues in Perth

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