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Haul of Fame The 5 Best Trailer Rental Companies in Perth

Haul of Fame: The 5 Best Trailer Rental Companies in Perth

  • Variety of trailers - We picked rental companies that can provide a wide range of trailers, like utility trailers, flatbed trailers, and enclosed trailers.
  • Quality of trailers - We looked at whether these companies only provide high-quality trailers and whether they’ve received any complaints of their trailers having problems like rusting or worn-out tyres.
  • Customer service - We also considered whether the people in these companies treat customers with respect and respond honestly to any enquiries. We also checked whether they respond quickly to calls and emails.
  • Accessibility - We also prefer companies that are close to major roads and offer trailer delivery services. We also looked at whether they are open for business on most days of the week.
  • Price fairness - We also considered whether their prices are fair given the quality of their trailers and whether they offer any additional services like roadside assistance.

Transporting your bulky items can be an expensive endeavour if you’re planning to hire a moving crew. Instead, it might be better to just rent yourself a trailer where you can load up all your stuff and transport them to their new location in one go.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of rental companies in the city where you can get a trailer you can use for your house moving or construction projects.

So if you ever find yourself in need of a trailer for a short time, rent one from these amazing trailer rental companies in Perth!

How much does it cost to rent a trailer?

The average cost to rent a trailer in Perth is $80 for a day and $350 for a week. However, please take note that the price may vary depending on factors such as the type of trailer, location, and total duration of the rental.

1. Kennards Hire

Kennards Hire's Homepage

Address: Cnr Norma Rd &, Marmion St, Myaree WA 6154, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 9329 0900

Business hours: 

7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-FRI)

7:00 AM – 4:00 PM (SAT)

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (SUN)



Kennards Hire is a rental equipment company founded by Walter Kennard in 1948. They started as a small business in Bathurst entirely run by Walter, his wife, Theo, and their kids, Neville, Andrew, and Joan.

Luckily, the post-war economic boom had done wonders for Kennards Hire, and they were able to grow and quickly expand nationwide, with 12 branches currently operating in the Perth Metropolitan Area.

Today, they rent out a vast range of equipment, including trailers, pumps, earthmovers, and generators. You can quickly rent their trailers through their Trade Portal, which also offers features like real-time availability checking and easy billing.

Additionally, they allow after-hours returns, where a client will receive a unique PIN via SMS that they can use to enter a Kennards Hire branch to return a trailer at any time of the day.


  • 12 branches in Perth
  • Has the Trade Portal where clients can quickly rent trailers and enjoy special features like real-time availability checking
  • Allows after-hours returns of their trailers


  • After-hours returns are unavailable in some branches
  • Their booking system is incompatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer

After hours return was a massive convenience for us

“We recently hired a trailer for 24 hours. Kennard staff was very friendly when arriving, confirmed the duration of the trailer hire, and also explained how we could return the trailer after hours if that would be more convenient. This interaction lightens the mood, and made me feel good about the day ahead. Very helpful and efficient with hooking up the trailer and getting me on my way too. We made use of the after hours return, which worked exactly as described, and was a massive convenience for us. Would highly recommend them, and will definitely go back there in future.”

-Wessel Van Wyk, Google Reviews

Handy location and equipment is in fairly good and clean condition

“Handy location and equipment is in fairly good and clean condition. They normally have what we need when we need it.”

-Eddie Slobe, Google Reviews

2. Rentco

Rentco's Homepage

Address: 15 Nardine Cl, High Wycombe WA 6057, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 9353 9999

Business hours: 

6:30 AM – 5:30 PM (MON-FRI)

7:00 AM – 11:00 AM (SAT)



Rentco is a transport equipment rental company based in High Wycombe. Founded by Bob Shier in 1994, they initially started by renting out trailers to farms across Western Australia.

Their success in the industry has led them to branch out and offer more kinds of transport equipment, like trucks, utes, and dollies. 

They rent their equipment out with flexible rental terms; customers are free to engage in either short-term or long-term equipment hire without being locked into a rental period or to a piece of equipment.

To assure customers of the quality of their equipment, Rentco has a dedicated maintenance staff responsible for performing regular tyre and safety checks on their trailers.

Furthermore, if you encounter problems while using their equipment on the road, they have a 24/7 national breakdown support service that can send a response team to your location.


  • Has a dedicated maintenance team that keeps all of their equipment in good condition
  • Has a 24/7 national breakdown support service
  • Offers flexible rental terms without any rental period or equipment lock-ins


  • Limited business hours on weekends
  • Doesn’t offer small trailers

These guys are simply the best

“These guys are simply the best. When you need them they are there and will do what they can to ensure you have a hassle free experience.”

-Mike Kennedy, Google Reviews

Well maintained vehicles and trailers

“Good rental company. Well maintained vehicles and trailers.”

-Nathan Larcombe, Google Reviews

3. Rawhire

Rawhire's Homepage

Address: 8 Carney Rd, Welshpool WA 6106, Australia

Phone number: +61 1800 227 444

Business hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (MON-FRI)



Rawhire is a rental equipment company founded by Sean and Lisa Clarke in 1998 with nothing more than a single Toyota Landcruiser. Thankfully, their perseverance and the rapid expansion of WA’s mining industry have given them the opportunity to expand, and they now have a massive fleet of over 1,600 rental equipment.

Their rental trailer fleet consists of diesel fuel trailers, luggage trailers, cage trailers, and fire response trailers. These trailers are designed to work on mining sites and are equipped with electric brakes, tie-down points, and heavy-duty suspension.

Furthermore, all rental equipment they offer carries in-vehicle monitoring systems that feature real-time tracking and safety features like audible warning alerts and remote lighting control.

You can rent their trailers under a customised hire agreement that ensures customers will only pay for the duration of a specific project requirement rather than under a lock-in period.


  • Offers trailers specifically designed for mining operations
  • Equips all their rental equipment with in-vehicle monitoring systems
  • Offers customised hire agreements


  • Office is closed on weekends
  • Has no non-mining trailers on offer

Excellent staff with magnificent customer service

“Excellent staff with magnificent customer service. Ashlee and Pauline really helped us out in an emergency and showed endless patience with our hire. They truly went above and beyond and I can’t recommend this company highly enough. If there were 10 stars, I’d give them. Thanks again!”

-Torrie Walton, Google Reviews

Absolute professionals and are so easy to deal with

“The team at Raw Hire are absolute professionals and are so easy to deal with. They understand their industry, have a great reputation, and care about the individuals they deal with. As a supplier of Raw Hire, I would highly recommend them.”

-Renae Lunjevich, Google Reviews

4. Classic Hire

Classic Hire's Homepage

Address: 794 N Lake Rd, Jandakot WA 6164, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 9414 9994

Business hours: 

7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-FRI)

7:00 AM – 1:00 PM (SAT)



Classic Hire is a family-owned rental company founded in 1993. With eight branches across the Perth Metropolitan Area, they can offer a wide range of rental equipment, including trailers, generators, jackhammers, and garden tools.

Some examples of trailers you can rent are motorbike trailers, caged trailers, and luggage trailers.

They offer these starting at $33 with perks included, like free use on Sundays for any trailer hired on Saturdays. Customers are free to pick up a trailer from one branch and drop it off at another without incurring any extra costs.

They also have a dedicated maintenance team responsible for regularly testing all equipment and ensuring they are always in peak condition. These technicians can also teach customers how to operate their equipment if needed.


  • Has a dedicated maintenance team that keeps all of their equipment in good condition
  • Allows customers to rent a trailer from one branch and drop it off at another without incurring extra costs
  • Has 8 branches in Perth
  • Equipment hired on Saturdays can be used for free on Sundays


  • Few reports of rude behaviour from staff
  • Few cases of staff providing customers with the wrong equipment

Good equipment and fairly priced

“An excellent store. I have hired from them on several occasions. Good equipment and fairly priced.”

-Peter Miller, Google Reviews

The equipment is modern and reliable

“Always use these guys to hire an assortment of equipment. Professional, helpful and friendly. The equipment is modern and reliable.”

-Shane Pohe, Google Reviews

5. The Hire Guys

The Hire Guys' Homepage

Address: 37 Buckingham Dr, Wangara WA 6065, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 9409 3344

Business hours: 

7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-FRI)

7:30 AM – 1:00 PM (SAT)

7:30 AM – 12:00 PM (SUN)



The Hire Guys is a family-owned rental company founded in 2006 by Marta Rozek. Located in Wangara, they can provide over 40 different kinds of rental equipment, including trailers like plant trailers, caged trailers, and box trailers.

Their prices start at $35.20 for a 4-hour hire, but customers can enjoy big discounts if they opt to rent a trailer long-term. For a small fee, they can also arrange to have your trailer delivered straight to your address and pick it up once you’re finished.

Their office is open every day of the week, and they have technicians on standby who can visit your address if your trailer encounters any issues while you’re using it.


  • Offers discounts for long-term trailer hires
  • Offers trailer delivery and pickup services to anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan Area
  • Has technicians on standby who can assist you if your trailer encounters any problems


  • Some of their equipment are old and rusted
  • Few reports of rude behaviour from staff

Competitive pricing and great hire options

“Quality equipment and professional service carried out. Competitive pricing and great hire options for weekend warriors like myself. Highly recommend 👌🏻”

-Torren Van Elswyk, Google Reviews

Prices are always very competitive

“Used these guys for a longtime now, their service is brilliant, they are a friendly bunch of easy to deal people and their prices are always very competitive. Highly recommend the hire guys”

-Scott Innes, Google Reviews

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