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The Top 5 Purr-fect Cat Groomers in Perth

The Top 5 Purr-fect Cat Groomers in Perth

  • Experience and Training - Cat grooming isn’t something anyone can do, as it requires specialised knowledge and training. Hence, we chose experienced cat groomers with relevant certifications, like a Certificate in Pet Styling or a Pet Grooming Certificate.
  • Services Offered - We picked cat groomers who offer a wide range of services, including bathing, brushing, nail trimming, and hair clipping.
  • Convenience - We selected groomers that are located in convenient and easily accessible locations. We also prefer those who can do both salon and in-home grooming services.
  • Value for Money - We evaluated how reasonable the pricing of various cat groomers is in terms of the quality of cat grooming and care provided

Cats are naturally hygienic and tend to groom themselves on their own, but this doesn’t mean our lovely feline friends don’t need professional grooming. Professional cat grooming helps keep our kitties’ fur shiny and free from tangling and matting.

However, finding a suitable cat groomer who can make your beloved feline friend comfortable in a market filled with dog groomers can be pretty hard. But don’t worry because we already did the job for you.

We searched through hundreds of pet grooming salons in Perth and handpicked the city’s best cat grooming providers to ensure your cat is both stylish and happy!

How much does cat grooming cost in Perth?

Cat grooming can cost $30 to $200 in Perth, depending on the scope of the grooming service, cat size and breed, cat’s cooperation, and groomer’s own discretion.
Some cat grooming services may cost as much as $350, especially if it’s a mobile service with a call-out fee.

1. The Cat Salon

The Cat Salon's Homepage

Address: 7 Chester Pl, Beechboro WA 6063, Australia



Phone number: +61 400 314 071

Business hours: 

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MON to FRI)

Deanne started The Cat Salon after finishing training at the National Cat Grooming Institute of America (NCGI). She has been an exclusive cat groomer for 11 years and has sufficient knowledge to creatively and safely groom your feline baby.

The groomers take a calm and soothing approach to make the cats comfortable in their presence. They don’t use sedatives and tethers even for cats who have never been groomed before and instead focus on making them less anxious.

The Cat Salon’s services include hair clipping, nail clipping, and cat grooming. They also offer mobile services for cats who don’t do well in new environments or feline parents who can’t take their cat all the way to Beechboro for grooming.


  • 11 years of cat grooming experience
  • NCGI training
  • Mobile services are available
  • Doesn’t use sedatives and tethers


  • Can be pricey
  • Wait times can last for 20 to 30 minutes, even with an appointment

The groomers were super friendly and they did a super good job

“great service!! i took my exotic shorthair today for a lion clip package and he looks so good. the groomers were super friendly and they did a super good job. 10000% recommend this place, will be coming again for sure <3”

– Sara Grau Molina, Google Reviews

She took her time and was very gentle

“My cat must have been THE most difficult cat to shave. But she still managed to do the lion cut very neatly, and she took her time and was very gentle around her sensitive areas. She was also offered treats (even though she didn’t accept them) and they vacummed the area before they left! I’m very happy with the outcome, she looks so cute! Thankyou so much.”

– Olivia Ardizzone, Google Reviews

2. Purrf Cat Grooming

Purrf Cat Grooming's Homepage

Address: 210A Ravenscar St, Doubleview WA 6018, Australia



Phone number: 0499-792-323

Business hours: 

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (TUES and WED)

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM (THURS)

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (FRI)

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (SAT)

Purrf Cat Grooming is an exclusive cat grooming service provider in Perth, headed by Paul. He has done over 4,000 grooms and has training from NCGI that helps him provide a low-stress approach when grooming your beloved feline friend.

Purrf offers in-home cat grooming services for cat owners within 25 kilometres of Joondanna. The services include shaving, trimming, and full coat grooming, whichever your cat may need. Full coat grooming often includes pre-bath combing, nail clipping, bathing, blow-drying, eye cleaning, and ear cleaning.

Paul can groom kittens as young as 12 weeks and has experience grooming cats over 20. For elderly cats, he typically focuses on grooming the cat in a way that’s best for their comfort and welfare instead of good aesthetics.

Monitor Purrf’s Facebook page for any slot opening, as it’s often fully booked for months.


  • Patient and knowledgeable cat groomer
  • NCGI training
  • In-home service
  • Flexible payment option


  • There’s a minimum service fee is $110 ($55 call-out fee + $55 service fee)
  • It can be quite challenging to book

Paul did a fantastic job grooming Louie

“Paul did a fantastic job grooming Louie, all whilst offering a wealth of knowledge on daily cat care. Highly recommend, Louie was calm and relaxed due to Paul’s gentle manner and handling. Will definitely book in again, thanks!”

– Curtis Evans, Google Reviews

Our cat is new to grooming and he was patient and slow with her

“I would readily recommend Paul to any cat owner. Our cat is new to grooming and he was patient and slow with her. Great skill and super easy to talk with. Many thanks Paul.”

– Trinity Smythe, Google Reviews

3. Lexie’s Dog and Cat Grooming

Lexie’s Dog and Cat Grooming's Homepage

Address: Beeliar, Western Australia 6164



Phone number: 0422 272 550

Business hours: By appointment only

Lexie founded Lexie’s Dog and Cat Grooming in 2006, dreaming of providing grooming services for all pets in a safe and low-stress environment. With her experience, qualifications and a small team of qualified groomers, she’s currently living that dream.

Lexie acquired Certificate 3 in Companion Animal Studies, Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing, Certificate 4 in Pet Styling, and Master Cat Groomer Certificate to provide the best grooming experience for her customers. The other groomers in the salon are also highly qualified groomers with certifications and years of experience.

Lexie’s Dog and Cat Grooming only accepts clients looking for regular grooming for their cats to ensure the cat maintains a groomed and healthy coat year-long.

They don’t sedate cats but may use muzzles if necessary. They try to finish each grooming session within 30 to 90 minutes to minimize possible stress from long grooming sessions.


  • 17 years of experience
  • Certified and highly qualified pet groomers
  • Accepts grooming for dogs and cats
  • Good reputation and track record
  • No sedation


  • It can be quite hard to book
  • Doesn’t accept once-a-year or irregular clients

Always friendly, professional and very good at their work

“Lexie has been grooming my cats for years and she and her small team are always friendly, professional and very good at their work. Being a small family business with such a great reputation means that sometimes their calendar fills up quickly and they have to prioritise their regular clients which I imagine can be frustrating for potential clients but it is worth the wait.”

– Laura Pugh, Google Reviews

Transformed by matted boy into his former glory

“Lexie and her team are worth their weight in gold! They transformed by matted boy into his former glory, and for their skills and expertise, are so reasonably priced! Can’t recommend her enough!”

– Kirsten Batten, Google Reviews

4. Paws and More Vet Centre

Paws and More Vet Centre's Homepage

Address: Unit 1C/489 Nicholson Rd, Canning Vale WA 6155, Australia



Phone number: 08 9455 1310

Business hours: 

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM (MON to FRI)

8:30 AM – 2:00 PM (SAT)

Paws and More Vet Centre is a small animal clinic in Canning Vale that’s been providing pet care services to Perth folk for over 5 years. They’re open from Monday to Saturday to accommodate more pets.

The clinic has three vet surgeons and four vet nurses who are well-versed in cat care. They’re also qualified to sedate animals if the cat is anxious and the owner agrees.

Their cat grooming services include removing matting and sanitary clipping. They may check on the cat first to see if it needs professional grooming or if it’s just grooming well by itself.

Aside from cat grooming, they also offer veterinary and surgical services, like pet skin care, pet microchipping, vaccination, and pet desexing.


  • Highly qualified team of vet surgeons and vet nurses
  • Open 6 days a week
  • Wide range of non-grooming services
  • Accepts grooming for cats and dogs


  • Requests and concerns from pet owners are sometimes not addressed promptly
  • Can be pricey

They take good care of your pet

“Staff and doc are all very friendly. they take good care of your pet. its my regular vet for my cat.”

– Ayano Alexander, Google Reviews

Staff are so caring and they have everything you would need 

“Staff are so caring and they have everything you would need for your pet. Pathology, imaging, and dietary care. Follow up, dental and grooming. Great service but isnt cheap for quality care. Highly recommend.”

– Julie An, Google Reviews

5. Rhiannon’s Devine Pet Grooming

Rhiannon’s Devine Pet Grooming's Homepage

Address: Townsend St Armadale, Perth, WA, Australia, Western Australia



Phone number: +61 437 879 514

Business hours: 

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM (THURS and FRI)

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (SAT)

Rhiannon has always been passionate about pets as a kid, so she naturally gravitated to working for and with them. Her desire to do everything for her puppy Claira inspired her to learn how to groom and start her own pet grooming salon.

Although she’s mostly involved in dog grooming, she also has experience with cats. Her salon, Rhiannon’s Devine Pet Grooming, is one of the few salons in Perth to provide cat grooming services.

She does each grooming session without sedation. Her dedication to making them comfortable reflects the mantra her salon lives by: for the love and comfort of all pets.

The salon is open only from Thursday to Friday and is quite known among pet owners in Perth, so it’s often fully booked. However, its Facebook page keeps interested clients updated for any cancelled appointments that they can take.


  • 13 years of experience
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Accepts grooming for dogs, cats, and guinea pigs
  • Grooming without sedaation


  • Only open 3 days a week
  • It can be quite hard to book

My cat was well taken care of

“Lovely and fast service my cat was well taken care of… also very affordable prices”

– Nabeeha Ahmed, Google Reviews

She’s (cat) much happier.

“thanks for tidying up my lazy cat who refuses to self clean. she was covered on knots. shes much happier.”

– Kym Ricciardone, Facebook Reviews

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