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Getting Dirty The 5 Best Pottery Classes in Perth

Getting Dirty: The 5 Best Pottery Classes in Perth

  • IInstructor’s expertise - We chose pottery classes that are headed by instructors with many years of experience in pottery and ceramics. We also prefer those with a degree in ceramics or fine arts.
  • Class offerings - We picked pottery studios offering a wide range of pottery classes, from wheel throwing to hand-building and glazing. We also chose those with classes catering to different skill levels.
  • Facilities and equipment - We considered the number of pottery wheels, kilns, tables, slab rollers, and other essential pottery equipment. This is because having enough facilities and equipment is crucial for the pottery classes to be enjoyable and productive.
  • Value for money - We evaluated whether the price for the pottery classes matched the overall experience and learning the studio provides.

When looking for a new hobby, pottery is always one of the top recommendations. Because who doesn’t love the idea of creating something beautiful from scratch?

If you’re in Perth, you’re in luck because there are tons of fantastic pottery classes just waiting for you to join. From crafting your own breakfast set to planning the perfect date night, there’s something for everyone.

Check out our top picks for pottery classes in Perth and let the fun begin!

How much do pottery classes cost in Perth?

Pottery classes in Perth can cost $65 and up per class, depending on the type of class, number of participants, class hours, and pottery studio’s own pricing. Generally, wheel-throwing classes cost more than hand-building.

1. Not Yet Perfect Pottery Studio

Not Yet Perfect Pottery Studio's Homepage

Address: Goolugatup Heathcote Gallery, 58 Duncraig Rd, Applecross WA 6153, Australia 



Email: [email protected]

Business hours: Depends on the workshop date

Not Yet Perfect is a pottery studio that started at Lucy Aboagye’s dining table. After discovering pottery from a fellow teacher in her former work, she fell in love with how meditative it is and continued learning about it.

In hopes of sharing how relaxing and stress-relieving pottery is, she moved to a bigger space, created Not Yet Perfect, and started offering various pottery classes. The studio’s goal is to be a space where people can embrace their imperfections and break free from the pressure of perfection.

Currently, they provide classes in wheel throwing, glazing, and clay building. Students are guided in creating their own earthenware, whether it be a mug, vase, bowl, or serving platter.

The studio offers classes for kids, teens, and adults of all skill levels. They also have one-time classes for couples looking for a unique date night experience or families going on a family day.


  • Friendly and encouraging teacher
  • Clear and thorough instructions
  • Accommodating to date and time requests
  • Offers a range of workshops


  • Limited long-term classes
  • Pretty short class hours

Lucy was a fantastic teacher 

“We thoroughly enjoyed the wheel work workshop. Lucy was a fantastic teacher and helped us create some lovely (and functional) pieces on the wheel. Would highly recommend Not Yet Perfect for a fun day out with friends or kids. We laughed a lot!”

– Genevieve Burke, Google Reviews

Very supportive and informative

“Wow! We had so much fun! Our host & teacher was amazing, she was very supportive and informative – big thumbs up over here, will be going again!”

– Bec Cherry, Google Reviews

2. ClayMake Studio

ClayMake Studio's Homepage

Address: 65 Ferguson Street, Maylands WA 6051, Australia



Phone number: [email protected] 

Business hours: 

1:00 PM – 9:00 PM (MON to WED)

9:30 AM – 9:00 PM (THURS)

9:30 AM – 5:00 PM (FRI and SAT)

With an advanced diploma in Art and Design – Ceramics and years of experience in pottery, Andrea passed down her passion for art to her daughter Emma. The result of their shared passion is a spacious pottery studio in Perth called ClayMake Studio.

The studio is equipped with 15 pottery wheels, a slab roller, and multiple tables, making it possible for them to accommodate large classes. Additionally, they have 3 electric kilns and 14 glazes available for students to finish their artwork on-site.

Pottery classes offered at the studio include wheel throwing, hand-building, and glazing for students of all ages. Each class lasts for about 3 hours, providing ample time for students to learn the basics and create their own pieces.

For those with busy schedules, they offer casual classes. Students can drop by the studio whenever they have free time and attend classes without following a strict timetable.


  • Casual classes and drop-in sessions are available
  • Offers a range of classes and workshops
  • Long class hours
  • Hosts pottery classes most days of the week


  • Some of the staff could be friendlier and more attentive
  • Some classes labelled beginner-friendly can be too hard for actual beginners

Enjoyed learning both clay throwing on the wheel and human body sculptures

“I’ve done two courses here, and could not recommend them highly enough. I thoroughly enjoyed learning both clay throwing on the wheel, and most recently I did human body sculptures with Emma. Thank you for such a fun experience, hope to be back again soon!”

– Tegan Pridham, Google Reviews

Enjoyed learning about pottery from the knowledgeable staff

“Amazing studio with great classes to learn about wheel work and glazing. I have really enjoyed learning about pottery from the knowledgeable staff”

– Bronte Marshall, Google Reviews

3. Studio P

Studio P's Homepage

Address: 205 Carr Pl, Leederville WA 6007, Australia



Email: [email protected] 

Business hours: 

5:30 PM – 8:30 PM (TUES)

5:00 PM – 8:30 PM (WED)

9:30 AM – 1:00 PM; 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM (THURS)

9:30 AM – 3:00 PM (SAT)

Studio P was founded in Vaughan and Katie’s backyard as a small pottery studio. However, as word about their classes started going around, the demand began to grow, and they were forced to relocate to a bigger space in Leederville.

The studio hosts a range of hand-building and wheel-throwing classes for both beginners and experienced potters. Regular creative workshops are also offered, including glazing sessions and ‘pet-nat & pottery sessions’ where students make their own rustic wine cups or mugs.

For those looking to make pottery a long-term hobby, the studio offers extended wheel-throwing courses that typically last two and a half hours over four to eight weeks.

Potters who signed up for Studio P’s membership can enjoy 24/7 access to the studio and exclusive pottery classes. This allows them to hone their skills on the studio’s 15 throwing wheels, 2 electric kilns, and slab roller.


  • Members have 24/7 access to the studio
  • Offers a range of workshops for all ages
  • Non-expiry gift vouchers
  • Offers long-term classes


  • Classes can’t be rescheduled or refunded
  • Aprons are not provided

Super fun and informative class

“Did the intro to pottery this morning, it was a super fun, and informative class, had a blast and made some nice pieces, will be back for more the instructor was super helpful.”

– Tammie Mackenzie-West, Google Reviews

Learned so much and had a great time

“Awesome course and great fun. As an absolute beginner, I learned so much and had a great time along the way. Highly skilled and very patient teachers!”

– Pia Turcinov, Google Reviews

4. Potteroo

Potteroo's Homepage

Address: Moerlina School, 16 Brockway Rd, Mount Claremont WA 6010, Australia



Phone number: 04 1518 7773

Business hours: 

3:00 PM – 8:00 PM (MON)

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM (TUES and WED)

12:30 PM – 2:30 PM (THUR and FRI)

Lily’s passion for the environment shines through in her artwork, which features various flora and fauna found in Western Australia. This passion extends to her own pottery studio, Potteroo, named after the critically endangered Gilbert’s potoroo.

She established Potteroo as a space to introduce people to the art of pottery while also educating them about lesser-known creatures, like Gilbert’s potoroo. Aside from teaching pottery techniques and styles, Lily also shares interesting facts about the wonders of nature during her classes and workshops.

The main focus of her classes is clay hand-building and glazing, but there are also beginner wheel-throwing sessions available on Mondays and Thursdays. Lily also offers private lessons for up to three individuals.

The pottery classes often have creative themes, like dragons, dinosaurs, and quokkas. Some lessons allow students free reign to create whatever they wish with Lily offering guidance and support throughout the process.


  • Offers long-term classes
  • Hosts classes most days of the week
  • Unique themes in pottery classes
  • Friendly instructor


  • Limited throwing classes
  • Limited slots in classes

Potteroo is the go to place for pottery

“Potteroo is the go to place for pottery! Lily is warm, generous and kind and a wonderful small business owner I love to support. Her gorgeous art is unique, unlike so much else out there. Her passion for potoroos and other native animals gives such a special vibe in potteroo palace. My personalised bowl for my puppy is one of a kind!”

– Amy Cunningham, Google Reviews

Fab place for pottery classes

“Fab place for pottery classes! Its small and friendly with quant classes for beginner potters.”

– Zoe Lyttle, Google Reviews

5. Rediscover Ceramics

Rediscover Ceramics' Homepage

Address: 6 Jack Road, Wattle Grove WA 6107, Australia



Phone number: 04 2298 6129

Business hours: 

Depends on workshop dates or appointment (TUES to THURS, SAT AND SUN)

Established in 2005, Rediscover Ceramics is the fruit of Danica Wichtermann’s love for ceramics and pottery. 

Danica’s diploma in Secondary Education, BA in Fine Arts, and more than a decade of teaching experience help guide students in their pottery journey. While her classes primarily cater to beginners, she also offers advanced workshops for those with more experience.

Currently, Rediscover Ceramics offers wheel throwing classes and a sgraffito shaped plate potter workshop. The latter focuses on teaching students how to paint and carve designs onto almost-dry clay to create beautiful and unique designs.

Private classes are also available for groups of five to ten people with a duration ranging from two and a half hours to three hours. The class hours mainly depend on the type of class and number of participants.


  • Offers both wheel-throwing and hand-building classes
  • The instructor has over 15 years of experience in teaching pottery
  • Provides private lessons to parties
  • Long class hours


  • No walk-ins
  • No long-term classes

Danica’s a great teacher

“Total beginner, had a really good time. Danica’s a great teacher and I had a blast. Would definitely recommend to everyone great for couples, groups and solo.”

– Phillip Sharp, Google Reviews

Clear and engaging guidance

“Had THE BEST time creating my first platter … clear and engaging guidance, experienced artist and teacher, generous with materials and refreshments, and the studio was a cool oasis in the Perth summer … loved it! Thanks Danica – can’t wait to pick up my piece when it’s fired and do another class with you!”

– Erika Jacobson, Google Reviews

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