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Where should I not live in Perth

Where should I not live in Perth?

Perth is considered one of Australia’s greatest cities and the second most liveable city in the nation. The rise of development brings its own problems, however.

Progressive cities usually attract highly competent professionals such as dentists, cardiologists, and even plastic surgeons

Their presence only serves to indicate that Perth is a serious contender for the top spot for Australia’s best city.

While the city has its great suburbs, it also has its fair share of neighborhoods that have higher incidences of reported crime. However, just because these areas are known to have higher crime rates doesn’t mean that they’re completely unsafe.

What Makes Perth Neighbourhoods Unsafe

Safety is always a concern when looking for homes to live in, even more so when young children are involved. Whether you’re buying or renting, here are some neighborhood red flags you need to consider in selecting your home.

  • Crimes pertaining to individual cases, such as homicide, assault, and robbery
  • Home safety issues in terms of burglaries, theft, and property damage
  • Social concerns such as the presence of drugs, graffiti, and fraud

Top 5 Perth Suburbs with High Crime Incidence Reports

The safety level of an area can be gauged by determining how many people come and go as well as the types of crimes committed. Crime is usually proportional to the number of hospitality venues available in the area.

Top 5 Perth Suburbs with High Crime Incidence Reports

For example, a suburban area with a large number of hospitality services and venues can attract a high crime rate. However, if the same crime rate occurs in a residential suburban area, then the residential neighborhood can be considered more unsafe.

Here are some of Western Australia’s neighborhoods with the highest reported incidents, as noted by The Life in Australia Index for 2019.

1. Perth

Perth, with 9,255 reported incidents, is Western Australia’s capital city. It’s logical for Perth to have a high rate of reported incidents due to its urbanization.

The presence of modern transportation, high population density, economic conditions, and cultural differences can increase crime rates. These factors make crimes easier to perpetrate while allowing criminals to easily hide in the masses of people and buildings.

The presence of luxury or premium facilities like clinics that offer microdermabrasion, laser tattoo removal, and lip fillers doesn’t automatically mean the neighborhood is completely safe.

If you’re planning to visit any, always check that they’re located in a safe commercial complex or a peaceful neighborhood.

2. Fremantle

Fremantle takes second place with 3,413 reported incidents. The port city is a part of Perth’s metropolitan area. 

Dotted with Victorian architecture, Fremantle is famous for its maritime history and rich Australian history. 

Despite this, the nightlife can get a little rowdy at times. It’s best to exercise caution and walk away from possible harmful situations.

3. Armadale


Armadale has the third highest number of reported incidents at 3,395. This suburb can be found in Perth’s southeastern metropolitan area and is mostly known for its historic architecture and wide open parks with meandering trails.

However, the train system has had incidents involving gang violence in the past. People are advised to be cautious when travelling at night, especially near Burswood and Carlisle.

4. Northbridge 

Northbridge has 3,256 reported incidents despite its high number of modern art galleries, trendy boutiques, and delicious Asian restaurants. This area is a popular tourist spot during the day.

At night is a different story, as the people tend to feel unsafe in the presence of unpredictable people out in the streets. They seem to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and other illicit substances.

5. Mandurah 

Mandurah is in fifth place with 3,035 reported incidents. Known for its scenic waterways and casual vacation atmosphere, Australia’s largest regional city offers plenty of accommodation for comfort and restaurants for dining.

However, a growing homeless population is present in this area. Aside from this, one of the most perceived fears of visitors to the area is the presence of drugs and theft.

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