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The 5 Best Psychiatrists in Perth

The 5 Best Psychiatrists in Perth

How We Picked The Best Psychiatrists in Perth


When you’re seeking out a doctor for your mental wellbeing, it’s best to stick to someone who can conduct themselves with compassion, understanding, and professionalism. We made sure every psychiatrist listed checks those boxes in treatment.


As with any medical professional, timeliness and availability can be crucial. We chose psychiatrists that have reasonable clinic hours and enough days to accommodate a variety of schedules. 


It’s not hard to find a psychiatrist in Perth, but only a few really stand out as the best options. With all the choices out there, we streamlined our list to those with the expertise and specialties needed to treat a variety of conditions. 

1. Dr Nick De Felice

Dr Nick De Felice Homepage


Address: 3/46 Parliament PI, West Perth WA 6005

Specialties: Dementia-related disorders, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

Contact Information: 8 9389 2300 / 8 9481 4174

 [email protected] (request the proper doctor as they have different private practices under their umbrella)

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4. 5 / 5
RateMDs reviews score4.8 / 5
Total reviews 2 / 5
Score consistency3 / 5
Availability4 / 5
Responsiveness4 / 5
Demeanour4 / 5


  • Returns calls promptly and with clear answers
  • Thorough and gentle approach
  • Location is less upfront than others


  • Clinic staff can be hit or miss
  • Conducts ECT at Perth Clinic, which isn’t always reliable
  • Can be pricey without proper financial aid

Dr Nick De Felice stands out as an understanding and professional psychiatrist that is capable of dealing with even the darkest of places. He knows exactly when compassion is needed most and when it’s time to use a more rigid approach. 

One thing we like is that the entrance to his practice is also a little secluded, which can be a comfort for patients that want privacy. Since he also deals with dementia-related issues, it can also be less stressful in terms of foot traffic.

We should note that he is also affiliated with the Perth Clinic, whose in-house services we honestly can’t recommend. 

Although Dr De Felice is great at visiting patients that are admitted, even his jovial bedside manner and knowledge aren’t enough to make up for the shortcomings of the actual clinic.

We do recommend meeting Dr De Felice for visits and any ECT as recommended. Since you need to connect through Perth Clinic, make sure that you are specifically connected to his clinic so that you don’t get passed around by their occasionally messy system. 

Once you have a direct line with Dr De Felice, it’ll be easier to have consistent treatments with him. He maintains a gentle nature that can be helpful for individuals who experience some turmoil around others.

2. Dr Raj Tanna

Dr Raj Tanna Homepage


Address: Perth Clinic Medical Suites, L2/46 Parliament PI, West Perth WA 6005

Specialties: Adult ADHD, ADD

Contact Information: 8 9486 5800

[email protected] (request the proper doctor as they have different private practices under their umbrella)

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4.1 / 5
RateMDs reviews score4.7 / 5
Total reviews 5 / 5
Score consistency4 / 5
Availability3 / 5
Responsiveness4 / 5
Demeanour4 / 5


  • Provides in-person and telehealth options
  • Gives subsidised options for rural and remote patients
  • Has a holistic approach to treatment


  • High volume of referrals makes for unavailability to urgent cases
  • Clinic staff can sometimes be uninformative and brusque
  • Patients need to get a direct line to avoid complications with Perth Clinic services

Dr Raj Tanna is a great psychiatrist in Perth to visit for thorough assessments and treatment, particularly for ADD or ADHD. Although he has the knowledge for general psychiatry, too, these are the fields where his help is most felt. 

He is very kind and will make sure that you don’t leave your consultation empty-handed. We should note that he is also very direct and sticks to his plans.

Don’t expect him to be the type of person that will accept a lot of pushback or disagreement. Although you won’t feel any aggression, we feel that this is an important factor to note so that new patients don’t get shocked or intimidated.

We do appreciate how Dr Tanna isn’t simply a “yes man”. Despite his supportiveness, he will challenge you if he deems it is needed for your own growth or development. 

Throughout the process, he treats patients with respect. Because he is thorough, his evaluations do inspire confidence. 

That said, he does also work with a clinic staff that isn’t always the warmest. Although a high volume of patients can make this understandable, it isn’t something you want in a vulnerable state.

Although getting through to him means dealing with less favourable interactions, we do recommend sticking it through if you really need an expert in adult ADHD and ADD. 

Just make sure you check ahead for booking availability, as his practice can sometimes be so full that there’s a month-long wait for slots.

3. Dr Katrina Marshall

Dr Katrina Marshall Homepage


Address: n/a (indefinitely remote and available via video conference)

Specialties: anxiety, mood disorders, PTSD, trauma, family therapy, sexual disorders, ADHD, relaxation training

Contact Information: (02) 8003 7668

[email protected]

Clinic Hours: Booking or appointment is dependent on both GP and patient referral

RateMDs reviews score5 / 5
Total reviews 2 / 5
Score consistency5 / 5
Availability4 / 5
Responsiveness4 / 5
Demeanour5 / 5


  • Flexibility of schedule that fits the patient best
  • Speaks English and Greek
  • Works directly with GP clinics for smooth booking


  • No in-person clinic
  • No direct line aside from Dokotela platform
  • Bookings cannot be done directly by patient

Dr Katrina Marshall handles a wide array of conditions and problems, and she does so with truly comforting ease. What we most appreciate about her is the warmth and non-judgemental understanding that she exudes, even through a screen.

Although Dr Marshall previously held in-person sessions as a psychiatrist in Perth, she is now solely available in a Telehealth capacity. This is a bit of a downside if it’s really important for you to have that in-person approach.

The good news is that she works very closely with your GP, so any physical issues and other relevant health concerns are still monitored consistently. This also gives your GP the freedom to set appointments that work best with your own schedule. 

As long as you have internet connectivity, a camera, and audio, then you can have your psychiatric session. We do appreciate how this adds some more flexibility in terms of where you can stay during treatment. 

It’s a boon for privacy and comfort. Because Dr Marshall is so helpful and caring, you don’t really feel shortchanged by the lack of her physical presence. 

In every session, she listens well and is very responsive. We do recommend specifically telling your GP to request her services because the Dokotela platform has a lot of specialists that they might pair you with.

If you want to make sure you are matched with her, then you will have to note this to your GP because patients cannot directly book on the platform. It can truly be worth it because of her continuous compassion for every patient. 

Finally, we really like how she remains professional when it comes to issues that patients might feel uncomfortable with. Because she simply shares her expertise and guidance on the subject, you don’t feel any shame opening up to her. 

4. Dr Malcolm Roberts

Dr Malcolm Roberts Homepage


Address: 19 Rheola St, West Perth WA 6005

Specialties: General psychiatry, behavioral disorders

Contact Information: 8 9485 0688

[email protected] (request the proper doctor as they have different private practices under their umbrella)

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score5 / 5
RateMDs reviews score4.5 / 5
Total reviews 3 / 5
Score consistency4.5 / 5
Availability4 / 5
Responsiveness3 / 5
Demeanour4 / 5


  • Decades of experience and knowledge
  • Unintimidating for new patients
  • Approachable to both patients and companions 


  • Perth clinic can be troublesome to deal with
  • Can be pricey without medical financial aid
  • Bookings need to be streamlined 

First things first, the reason we recommend reaching out to Dr Malcolm Roberts is because of his absolute dedication to his patients and helping each one find the right treatment. 

We appreciate his kind and knowledgeable approach to new patients, and he won’t prescribe you anything until you’ve had a thorough talk.

Although he may eventually take on complicated cases with a firmer hand, it’s always in the best interest of his patients. We also appreciate that he maintains the same compassion when speaking with any relatives or companions of a patient.

One thing we don’t love is that he operates from Perth Clinic, which is quite notorious for referring patients to other doctors and charging hefty prices. Make sure you specifically get in touch with Dr Roberts and get connected to his practice. 

Although the Perth Clinic staff is generally friendly and comforting, bookings can be a hassle if you’re trying to get through quickly. 

This is because they handle incoming requests for a significant number of doctors, hence the need to actively request for your specific psychiatrist to keep things going smoothly. 

We should note that the shortcomings of the clinic aren’t admonitions of Dr Roberts’ practice himself. In fact, you can even request that he treat you as an outpatient and have any scans or tests done at other facilities like Hollywood Private Hospital. 

His knowledge and approachability are worth reaching out to, even if you do have to contend with the complications of the Perth clinic. Just make sure to get your booking, and you’re likely to find relief from the first consultation.

5. Dr Vishawdeep Gulati

Dr Vishawdeep Gulati Homepage


Address: 4/850 North Lake Road, Cockburn Central, WA 6164

Specialties: autism spectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, ECT, OCD, psychosis, PTSD, schizophrenia, neuropsychiatry

Contact Information: (02) 8 6118 1670 / 6555 3662

[email protected]

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Every second Saturday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Google reviews score4.9 / 5
RateMDs reviews score3.8 / 5
Total reviews 4 / 5
Score consistency3.5 / 5
Availability3 / 5
Responsiveness4 / 5


  • Thorough and explains every detail well
  • Less reliant on medication
  • Proactive and concise


  • Reception’s responsiveness is inconsistent
  • Very busy and prone to overbooking
  • Directness and conciseness can be intimidating for some

Dr Gulati won’t take forever to get a diagnosis. He is very swift and yet it doesn’t feel rushed or less than thorough. 

We find that his concise approach is the most striking factor about him. Patients that want to figure out their next steps but don’t necessarily have a wealth of time or resources may find this most favourable. 

Although he also practices with the Perth Clinic, we recommend booking a visit with him at Murdoch Psychiatry. His bookings here tend to be more strictly managed, so you won’t contend with as much wait time or hasty sessions. 

He may sometimes come off as rushed, but he doesn’t overlook important details or makes you feel dismissed. We should note that patients that get anxious over time may feel some discomfort if you happen to catch Dr Gulati during one of his busier schedules.

That said, he is always sure about his treatment plans and easily explains the process. The way he speaks to patients is also very proactive and relaxed, so this can temper any nerves about dealing with his direct and succinct sessions.

We also appreciate that he doesn’t resort to upping medication as quickly as others in the field. In fact, he even often finds other methods of treatment for cases where medication is deemed unnecessary. 

A downside to booking Dr Gulati is the inconsistent tone and responsiveness of his reception staff. They can be very expedient and effective on good days but can be a slog to deal with during busier times.

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