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Stay connected 247 Top Mobile Plan Providers in Perth

Stay connected 24/7: Top Mobile Plan Providers in Perth

  • Network coverage - We picked mobile plan providers that cover all suburbs in the Greater Perth Area and its outlying towns. We also chose those that can connect you to 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.
  • Connection quality - We looked at whether these companies can maintain strong and reliable network signals based on whether they’ve reported any connection outages in Perth and on the opinions of their users.
  • Extras and perks offered - We evaluated whether they offer a wide range of additional services and perks their customers can enjoy, like unlimited calls, data rollover, data roaming, and more.
  • Customer service - We considered whether these companies have customer support teams that can assist you whenever you need it. We also assessed whether their staff members treat customers with respect and respond honestly to enquiries.
  • Price fairness - We also considered whether their prices are fair based on their connection quality and the number of additional services they include in their mobile plans.

Over 55.19% of Australians connected to the Internet rely on their mobile devices to do so (Red Search).

However, keeping your phone connected 24/7 is expensive. That’s why it’s a smart solution to subscribe to a mobile plan.

So if you’re buying a new smartphone or are looking to switch mobile carriers, consider these reliable mobile plan providers in Perth!

How much does a mobile plan cost?

The average cost for a mobile plan in Perth is $30 per month for prepaid and $42 per month for postpaid. Please take note that this is an estimate, and the price may vary depending on your data needs, your plan’s additional features, and your carrier’s network coverage.

1. Belong

Belong's Homepage

Address: 242 Exhibition St L 38, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Phone number: +61 1300 235 664

Business hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM AEDT (MON-SUN)



Belong is a low-cost broadband and mobile plan provider launched by Telstra directors Gerd Schenkel and Monty Hamilton in 2013. To keep their prices affordable, they avoid anything that may add more overhead costs to their business, like brick-and-mortar stores and exclusive deals with phone manufacturers.

Piggybacking on Telstra’s infrastructure, they can reach more than 98.8% of the Australian population, including the entirety of Perth. Their mobile SIMs can utilise all modern cellular networks, including 5G.

Currently, they offer mobile plans that include data caps of 25 GB, 40 GB, 100 GB, and 160 GB. All these plans provide unlimited standard calls and texts, and Belong allows customers to bank their data as long as they pay on time every month.

Furthermore, you may choose to include unlimited international calls and texts for only $5. This service includes 30 different countries, including the USA, Japan, and China.


  • Competitive prices
  • Can connect to 5G networks
  • Allows data banking and sharing
  • Offers unlimited calls and texts to other countries for only $5


  • Mobile download speeds are capped to 150 Mbps on most plans
  • Has no prepaid plans 

Belong is by far the best telecom to deal with

“Amazing again with a fast fix to my stupidity and service staff available on the phone. I am surprised at the mid range rating here but think that is an indictment of the generally poor service in the industry in Australia. Belong is by far the best telecom to deal with. Sure there have been some let downs but overall Belong systems, service, and speed is way beyond that of all the other telcos I have/had accounts with.”

-Bean Counter, Trustpilot Reviews

I’ve never had a problem with Belong

“I’ve never had a problem with Belong.

I love the top up deal & love the fact they don’t automatically keep giving me data when I run low, leaving me in control. I received a $600 bill from another company that automatically tops you up when you’re below 2 gigs. I love Belong!”

-Anna Szalays, Trustpilot Reviews

2. Circles.Life Australia

Circles.Life Australia's Homepage

Address: 383 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone number: +61 1300 863 004

Business hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM AEDT (MON-FRI)


Circles.Life is a digital telecommunications company based in Singapore. Founded in 2016 by Rameez Ansar, Abhishek Gupta, and Adeel Najam, they’ve recently expanded their operations in Australia and Taiwan.

Utilising the Optus network infrastructure, they can provide stable connectivity to all parts of the Greater Perth Area. They offer a wide range of mobile plans, starting with their 6 GB mobile data plan, which includes unlimited standard calls and texts for only $15 per month.

Other plans they offer are 60 GB, 150 GB, 300 GB, and 650 GB. All of their plans have no lock-in contract, and customers are free to choose whether they’ll get an eSIM or a physical SIM that’ll be delivered to their address for free.

In case you’re still looking for a new phone, Circles.Life is working with OzMobiles to provide refurbished phones that you can buy with your mobile plan at reduced prices.


  • Has no lock-in contracts
  • Offers free delivery services for physical SIM cards
  • Provides discounts when you’re buying a refurbished phone from OzMobiles


  • Data banking is only available for their 650 GB mobile plan
  • Customer support is unavailable on weekends

No issues with quality or coverage

“Always quick with service. No issues with quality or coverage. If you like their prices go for it. There’s certainly nothing wrong with them in any aspect of what you’d want from a provider.”

-Meseret, Reviews

Never had any issues with anything

“Never had any issues with anything. Super easy to communicate with, cheap for the amount of data, easy to add on extras if required. Customer service is friendly and responds quickly.”

-TJC, Reviews

3. Amaysim

Amaysim's Homepage

Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Phone number: +61 1300 808 300

Business hours: 

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM AEDT (MON-FRI)

10:00 AM – 5:30 PM AEDT (SAT and SUN)



Amaysim is a mobile plan provider headquartered in Sydney and was founded in 2010 by Peter O’Connel and three other partners.

Relying on Optus network infrastructure, they can provide SIM-only mobile plans to every suburb within Perth. They offer 7-day, 28-day, and 12-month plans that provide data allowances between 10 GB and 240 GB.

All of these plans have no lock-in contracts, and they include additional perks like unlimited calls and texts. They also allow unlimited data banking as long as payments are made on time.

For those on a tight budget, Amaysim is working with Zip to provide an interest-free buy now, pay later payment option for their mobile plans. Visit this link to apply. 


  • Has no lock-in contracts
  • Allows unlimited data banking on all plans
  • Offers buy now, pay later payment plans


  • Has a tedious cancellation process
  • May sometimes forget to respond to calls and emails

Their prices are super reasonable compared with the bigger players

“I joined Amaysim in 2012 and am a very happy customer. Their prices are super reasonable compared with the bigger players, it’s pretty reliable and I’ve always found the customer service guys respond quickly if there’s ever a problem (which is rare).

I’ve encouraged my family and a couple of friends to move to them and none have opted to leave, which says it all I think. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

-Debbie, Trustpilot Reviews

Their service has always been first class

“I have been an Amaysim mobile customer for some 10 years now, and their service has always been first class. During this covid-19 pandemic, they have repeatedly increased my data limit without any request from me, which has made working from home so much more convenient.

Great customer service approach, well done.”

-John Pernu, Trustpilot Reviews

4. ALDImobile

ALDImobile's Homepage

Address: PO Box 73, Chatswood, NSW, 2067, Australia

Phone number: +61 1300 989 000

Business hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM AEDT (MON-SUN)



ALDImobile is a mobile network operator launched in 2013 in Australia by their parent company, ALDI, and its headquarters are in New South Wales.

With the help of Telstra’s infrastructure, they can guarantee full 4G and 5G network coverage in all suburbs in Perth. Currently, they offer a wide range of standard prepaid mobile plans, like 10 GB, 22 GB, 25 GB, 65 GB, 120 GB, and 175 GB.

These plans include additional features like unlimited standard calls and texts and unlimited data banking. The cheapest one you can buy is their 10 GB plan, which only costs $19 per month.

Aside from their standard plans, they also offer family plans that let you share your mobile plan with two people. For those who use their phones rarely, ALDImobile also has the Pay-As-You-Go Plan, which charges you only for the data you’ve used.


  • Can connect to 5G networks
  • Allows unlimited data banking on all plans
  • Has family mobile plans that let you share your plan with two other users
  • Has the Pay-As-You-Go Plan that charges you only for the data you’ve actually used


  • Charges an extra $5 for the SIM card
  • May sometimes forget to respond to calls and emails

The price is really great including the good options they have

“I have been with Aldi Mobile and have had the best service compared to 3 other telcos. The service is outstanding, and the price is really great including the good options they have. I highly recommend Aldi Mobile, including putting my extended family on Aldi Mobile.”

-Dennis, Trustpilot Reviews

Great value for money

“Great value for money with heaps of data and calls. The data rollover offer is incredible. The network coverage is very good.”

-Marty Whitby, Trustpilot Reviews

5. Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile's Homepage

Address: PO Box 464 Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006, Australia

Phone number: +61 1300 566 673

Business hours: 

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM AEST (MON-FRI)

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM AEST (SAT and SUN)



Moose Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator founded in 2017 by Scott Edwards, and it uses Optus’ 4G and 5G infrastructure.

Currently, customers can subscribe to their 15 GB, 25 GB, 40 GB, 100 GB, and 200 GB mobile plans. Their cheapest plan, 15 GB, costs $19.80 per month, and it includes unlimited standard calls and texts.

Furthermore, these plans allow data banking and are offered to customers without any lock-in contracts. If you’re a new customer, you’re entitled to a special discount on the first 8 to 12 months of your subscription.

If you’re switching from another network, Moose Mobile allows their customers to transfer their number to their new SIM cards. Simply activate your new SIM card on their website or contact their support hotline to successfully transfer your old number.


  • Can connect to 5G networks
  • Offers special discounts to new customers
  • Has no lock-in contracts
  • Can transfer your old number to your new SIM card


  • Data banking up to 200 GB only
  • Charges a $15 fee for late payments

By far on the top shelf of mobile phone companies

“Moose is by far on the top shelf of mobile phone companies. The service is outstanding and I would honestly say the best. The fact that they do not hide their phone number down the bottom on their website says it all. And when you call you speak to someone who actually cares and wants to help. Please from my personal experience and opinion there are only 2 incredibly good customer service focused phone companies and they are both very very good but moose wins.”

-John Berrington, Google Reviews

By far the most affordable SIM out there

“Always been easy to talk to and never had any issues. By far the most affordable SIM out there, and I like knowing they’re a local team 😊 Highly recommend”

-Alex Sage Green, Google Reviews

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