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Cabinet Couture Top Custom Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Perth

Cabinet Couture: Top Custom Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Perth

  • Variety of design options offered - We picked cabinet makers that offer a wide range of cabinet styles, materials, and finishes.
  • Cabinet quality - We also chose those that can create sturdy and aesthetically pleasing custom cabinets based on their portfolios and the opinions of their past clients.
  • Experience and certifications - We looked at whether these companies employ professional cabinet makers with more than a year of experience in the industry and with certifications like Certificate III in Cabinet Making.
  • Customer service - We also evaluated whether their staff members treat customers with respect and respond honestly to any enquiries. We also checked whether they respond quickly to calls and emails.
  • Price fairness - We considered whether their prices are fair based on the number of design options they offer and the quality of their custom cabinets.

When it comes to kitchen design, you can never go wrong with going with custom kitchen cabinets. These custom storage solutions not only enhance functionality but also add an artistic flair to your culinary space.

In fact, going for custom kitchen cabinets is what’s trending nowadays. According to the Woodworking Network, sales for custom cabinets were up by 27.2% in 2021 alone.

So if you’re planning on following the trend or you’re just interested in giving your kitchen a more personalised look, reach out to these amazing custom kitchen cabinet makers in Perth!

How much do custom kitchen cabinets cost?

The average price for a custom kitchen cabinet in Perth is $1,000. Please take note that this is an estimate, and the price may vary based on your specific requirements and the cabinet maker you choose.

1. Alltech Cabinets

Alltech Cabinets' Homepage

Address: 6 McIntyre Way, Kenwick WA 6107, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 9459 0632

Business hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (MON-FRI)



Alltech Cabinets, located in Kenwick, is a custom cabinet maker with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Founded by Ruben Zandman and Micheal McDonald, they have a team of specialists composed of cabinet designers, makers, and installers. These professionals will help you with every step, from the initial consultation to the final installation of your custom cabinet.

Customers are free to choose their cabinet size and style. They can also pick which material to use, like wood, stainless steel, or laminate.

For those who are on a tight budget, Alltech Cabinets is willing to model their custom cabinets to be fully DIY-friendly. 


  • Has over 30 years of experience 
  • Offers consultation and cabinet installation
  • Offers DIY-friendly custom kitchen cabinets
  • Offers free quotes


  • May take more than 3 days to respond to concerns
  • Services unavailable on weekends

It’s been fantastic working with Alltech Cabinets

“It’s been fantastic working with Alltech Cabinets. From the getgo they have offered fantastic advise on the best layout and also the best materials to choose, not only make the kitchen and laundry look stunning but also keeping the cost down.

Thanks everyone at Alltech for the fantastic kitchen and laundry.”

-Euan Wilson, Google Reviews

I absolutely love my new kitchen!

“A massive thank you to all the team at Alltech Cabinets! I absolutely love my new kitchen! Your world class treatment from start to finish was admirable, and with the outstanding customer service throughout the entire process, I thank you again!”

-Stephanie Poutu, Google Reviews

2. Master Cabinets

Master Cabinets' Homepage

Address: 54 Callaway St, Wangara WA 6065, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 9309 3691

Business hours: 

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (MON-THURS)

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM (FRI)



Master Cabinets is a cabinet making company founded in 1988 by Walter Ferrari. A skilled craftsman himself, Walter began his career in cabinet making when he left high school to become an apprentice at Costello’s Furnishers.

After several years working for other companies, he decided to open this business so he could provide high-quality custom cabinets at affordable prices. 

When it comes to their custom kitchen cabinet making process, the customer is treated first to a free on-site consultation and measuring service so their experts can discuss possible design options, budgets, and requirements.

Then, the customer will be asked to visit their showroom so they can pick what materials and colours to use for their dream kitchen cabinet. After that comes the actual construction and installation.

Furthermore, their cabinets are covered by a 7-year warranty.


  • Has over 40 years of experience 
  • Offers free on-site design consultation
  • Covers their cabinets with a 7-year warranty


  • May sometimes forget to respond to calls and emails
  • Limited business hours on Fridays and closed on weekends

Very professional in design, manufacture and installation

“Great new kitchen. Good advice from the outset. Very prompt adherence to schedule. Very professional in design, manufacture and installation. Master Cabinets do their own stone bench tops which will save a fair bit of time. Our kitchen replacement had a turn-around time of less than 2 weeks. The company was also very prompt in performing small adjustments and generous in including small modifications at the end of the project. Geraldine and Gerhard”

-Gerhard Baumann, Google Reviews

Outstanding job in bringing the vision we had for our kitchen to life

“We have just finished building our house in Yokine and the team at Master Cabinets have done an outstanding job in bringing the vision we had for our kitchen to life. We are constantly getting compliments from visitors to our new home on the quality of not only our kitchen but the rest of the work Master Cabinets have completed (Laundry, Bathroom, etc). The team went above and beyond to get everything done to a high standard. Will definitely recommend Master Cabinets to family and friends.”

-Jamie Peles, Google Reviews

3. Casvino Kitchen

Casvino Kitchen's Homepage

Address: 31 Harlond Ave, Malaga WA 6090, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 9249 6501

Business hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (MON-FRI)



Casvino Kitchen is a kitchen design and renovation company operating in Malaga. A family business with over 10 years of experience in the industry, they work with trusted suppliers that can provide them with high-quality materials. Their timber is sourced locally from sustained forests, and their stone is sourced from reputable companies like Caesarstone and Stone Ambassador.

As for their custom kitchen cabinets, their skilled designers can create classic designs like wood carvings to give them a more luxurious look. Furthermore, they are skilled in creating cabinets with smart storage solutions to ensure that no space is left unused.

You can learn more by asking them for a free consultation where you’ll receive a 3D render of your custom kitchen cabinet design.


  • Sources their materials from reputable companies like Caesarstone
  • Offers free design consultation
  • Their designers are skilled in smart storage solutions
  • Has over 10 years of experience


  • Doesn’t have a clear warranty policy
  • Sometimes take more than 24 hours to respond to enquiries and concerns

The workmanship was first class

“Cassandra and the team did a great job.  Professional team that delivered ahead of schedule.  The workmanship was first class – the joins are neat and tidy, and the polishing of the edges was excellent.  The fit was nice and tight, with nice even edges along the back (even though it would be covered by silicone and tiling, it still is something that separates a good job from an ordinary one). I trusted my handmade German sink to them and they took good care of it.  Still waiting for my new tap to be fitted, tiling to be done and overheads (I may use Casvino Kitchens for the overheads and I will update everyone).  Overall, a happy customer.”

-Shelley Cao, Google Reviews

Their service was beyond amazing

“WOW WOW WOW, what an amazing company not only is their product stunning, their service was beyond amazing. The installation is flawless, the installation guys were professional, polite and so skilled, I am so happy with everything, thank you for an amazing job Casvino Stone.”

-Lorin Oatley, Google Reviews

4. eKitchens

eKitchens' Homepage

Address: 34 Haydock St, Forrestdale WA 6112, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 9456 3108

Business hours: 

7:30 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-FRI)

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM (SAT)


eKitchens is a custom cabinet maker located in Forrestdale. Founded in 2010 by Adam Smith, they offer a diverse range of products, including custom cabinets, doors, benchtops, and panels.

For their cabinets, they rely on Australian-made materials, like the cheap yet sturdy Laminex 16-mm HMR (high-moisture resistance fibreboards).

Furthermore, they also use the tongue and groove construction method to ensure their cabinets use as few fixings as possible. 

You can easily customise your cabinet’s size, colour, and hinges when you order via their website.

Thanks to their well-established manufacturing centre in Perth, they can guarantee to have your custom kitchen cabinet ready within 72 hours of receiving your order. 


  • Has over 14 years of experience
  • Competitive prices
  • Can have your custom kitchen cabinet ready within 72 hours


  • Few reports about rude staff
  • Online store has poor interface and isn’t user-friendly

The quality of product and the finish from eKitchens is amazing

“We used Chris from NSC Installs and are very happy with his craftsmanship. He was punctual, quick, neat and tidy. The quality of the product and the finish from eKitchens is amazing. Would recommend him to anyone looking at getting new cabinets installed.”

-Aaron Wheeler, Google Reviews

From start to finish the process with these guys was a dream

“From start to finish the process with these guys was a dream. We started with our designer Heidi and she was so helpful and informative. Gave great feedback and suggestions when we were stuck for ideas and brilliant constructive criticism about why something in a design wouldn’t work. The quality of the finished product was outstanding. We are so very happy with our finished product. They designed Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom for us.”

-Julie McPherson, Google Reviews

5. Kitchen Craftsmen

Kitchen Craftsmen's Homepage

Address: 23 Ruse St, Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 6558 2330

Business hours: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (MON-SAT)



Kitchen Craftsmen is a kitchen renovator and cabinet maker based in Osborne Park. Founded in 1999, they produce a wide range of eco-friendly products designed for kitchen, alfresco, and laundry room renovations.

They work with select suppliers that harvest timber from managed and replenished forests in Western Australia. Furthermore, their manufacturing processes are certified to the cleanest emission classifications of E0 and E1.

When it comes to their custom kitchen cabinets, they offer a diverse range of materials and finishes you can pick from. Customers are also free to choose the layout, size, and features of their dream kitchen cabinet.

For those on a tight budget, Kitchen Craftsmen has partnered with Humm90 to provide interest-free buy now, pay later payment plans for their custom cabinets. You can use this link to apply for this plan.


  • Has more than 20 years of experience
  • Is committed to using environmentally sustainable practices
  • Offers buy now, pay later payment plans


  • May sometimes forget to respond to calls and emails
  • Few reports of rude behaviour from staff

Fantastic from start to finish

“Fantastic from start to finish. Rod in sales was brilliant, good ideas, not pushy, great experience, open to offer alternatives if he didn’t think something would work, super happy with his designs. Nik that managed the project responded promptly to everything, Job done on time and I’m thrilled with the works”

-Geoff Donaldson, Google Reviews

Got the job done very quickly and it’s amazing

“Kitchen craftsmen were very professional and got the job done very quickly and it’s amazing. We are so happy with our new kitchen.”

-Amy Walton, Google Reviews

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