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North vs South Where Should I Live in Perth

North vs South: Where Should I Live in Perth?

If you’re on the fence between settling in the north or the south of Perth, then this article may just help you out.

Perthies divide the north and south of the city through the Swan River, which cuts through the center of the metropolis.

Whether you’re planning to rent or buy a place, location is an important thing to consider. We’ve broken down the most appealing factors of each area to help you make more informed choices.

Living North of the River

Living North of the River

People living north of the river enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with several nightspots drawing in crowds all over Perth. Northerners will tell you that you’ll be seeing the best beaches and have better social and professional connections in the area.

Some perks you’ll probably enjoy are moments of self-improvement. 

Subiaco, one of the northern suburbs, hosts plenty of professionals offering self-enhancement services such as non-surgical facelifts and lip fillers.

Services for oral health, skin health, and body enhancements are some of the most popular and in-demand north of the river.

Scarborough has recently seen significant growth in terms of attractions and infrastructures such as Brighton Beach and the Scarborough Amphitheatre. 

These developments have started a new and reinvigorated lifestyle boom that has attracted new residents.

Real Estate in the North 

If you’re planning to buy a property, the median house price north of the river averages at $529,000 at a two-percent decline over five years. Houses usually spend around 71 days on the market before being sold.

The rates are decidedly more expensive than those found in the south. If you’re looking for properties with great access to coastal beaches, you might want to consider living here.

Renters will find that the average weekly rent in the northern suburbs averages around $380. The average length of days for a lease is 40 days.

In case you are on the fence about living here, you can rent for short to mid-term stays. This way, you get to see if the location is just the right one for you.

Karrinyup, Mullaloo, and Wembley Downs are some of the northern suburbs that experience high annual growth year after year.

South of the River Lifestyle

South of the River Lifestyle

The southern suburbs are popular among families due to the presence of better parklands and greater academic options. 

The lifestyle is decidedly more casual with a laid-back attitude backed by gentle riverfront attractions and beaches in Fremantle and Leighton.

The urban appeal and historical charm of Fremantle bring a lot of people from all parts of Perth. The number of residents makes this southern suburb one of the most populous cities in the region.

While the north can be considerably livelier, the southern parts of Perth are catching up. New restaurants, nightclubs, and trendy bars are constantly being built to entertain local residents.

Families will be glad to know that some of the best healthcare facilities can be found south of the river. Here, they can find pediatricians, fertility clinics, and even psychologists.

Real Estate in the South

For home buyers, living in the southern parts of the river can be the ideal solution for their families. The median house price goes around $460,000 at a decline of 2.6 percent over five years and spends an average of 78 days on the market.

The real estate prices are ideal for starting families that have a more modest income range. 

For people looking to rent, the average weekly rent goes for $360 with the lease running for 40 days. Renting properties would be ideal living arrangements for families who have yet to decide on a permanent residence.

Attadale, Carlisle, and Parmelia are just some of the suburbs in the south that have seen significant growth over the years.

While each region provides different advantages, you’ll always find the best of both worlds if you choose to spend some time in each area. Whether you intend to buy, rent, or visit, you’ll always enjoy your time in the best places in Perth.

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