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Why Is Perth Isolated

Why Is Perth Isolated?

Perth is known as one of the most isolated cities in the world. Do you sometimes wonder why this is?

Perth is considered isolated because of its distance from other major cities. Aside from its remote location, its population, history, modes of transportation, and the people’s perception also affect the city. 

Still, Perth has a lot of advantages in its isolation. To know more in detail, check out some possible reasons why Perth is isolated below.

What Makes Perth an Isolated City?

What Makes Perth an Isolated City

Perth is often seen as isolated due to its distance from other big cities. To give an example, Adelaide (the next and nearest large city) is a 3-hour plane ride away!

Here’s a table for your quick reference:

City in Western AustraliaDistance from Perth
Adelaide2,693.2 km
Sydney3,290.45 km
Melbourne3,404.4 km
Brisbane4,352.4 km

How Does Perth’s History Influence Its Isolation?

How Does Perth’s History Influence Its Isolation

Let’s go back to the 1800s to better understand the implications of Perth’s isolation.

Back then, the government chose to ship prisoners of war in 1850 to populate Perth. The prisoners’ first painful chore after disembarking from the ship was to construct their own prison.

The Fremantle Prison, Western Australia’s oldest heritage property, still stands today after more than a century. Today, you can even go there overnight as a prison inmate if you’re up for it.

Nowadays, we’re lucky to have various transportation options to get from one place to another. Maximise the use of these to refrain from too much walking. 

Avoid injuries needing pain specialists and podiatrists, though going to a chiropractor might do you some good to recover your bones, muscles, and joints on your daily adventures.

How Does Perth’s Population Compare with Other Cities?

How Does Perth’s Population Compare with Other Cities

Perth is in Australia, one of the least populous countries in the world. This makes the city an unusual candidate for being one of the most isolated cities on Earth.

It’s ironic how travelling to Indonesia (around 2,579 km in distance) from Perth is quicker and more affordable than travelling practically anywhere else in its own country.

Actually, after the introduction of European immigration and increased mining activity during the late 19th-century Gold Rush and after the Second World War, the population skyrocketed in Australia.

But despite a sizable population of 2 million in Perth, this particular city hasn’t seen the most increase. 

Here are some of the largest city populations in Australia for easy reference:

Rank (From the Largest Population)Urban Area in AustraliaPopulation in 2021
1SydneyOver 4.95 Million
2MelbourneMore Than 4.9 Million
3BrisbaneOver 2.49 Million
4PerthMore Than 2 Million
5AdelaideOver 1.35 Million

There’s no other city of comparable size to Perth that’s as remote, bordered by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Australian Outback on the other.

We think the residents of Perth would be left stranded if all kinds of transportation would cease to exist – the city is too spread out.

Is Transportation Difficult in Perth?

Is Transportation Difficult in Perth

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The free Central Area Transit (CAT) bus services, which run on regular loops through the city, is an ideal way to see Perth’s Central Business District (CBD).

Additionally, a few parking spots offer 3-hour free parking on weekends and holidays. 

Some of these are His Majesty’s Car Park (377 Murray Street Perth), Cultural Centre Car Park (2 Roe Street Northbridge), and Pier Street Car Park (87 to 89 Pier Street Perth).

There are numerous kinds of transportation accessible for you to explore the CBD. This is regardless of whether you’re landing in Perth for the first time or are planning a day excursion.

Exploring the city’s bustling neighbourhoods and bar scene would be a breeze through these options: buses, trains, boats and ferries, cycling, walking, and taxis.

But even though Australia is regarded as a fairly safe country, it’s still advisable to stay out of risky circumstances. 

Avoid dark public spaces and hitchhiking alone. Keep a trusted family or friend updated about your whereabouts, and take care when using automated teller machines (ATMs).

Still, the everyday commute may take a toll on some. If you want to move away from the usual hustle and bustle of city life, Perth is a parkland paradise with its 26 park areas and reserves.

One-tenth of the city is made up of exquisitely designed green open spaces that combine history and art. We recommend spending some time experiencing the peace of Perth’s open areas.

What Are People’s Perceptions of Perth as an Isolated City?

What Are People’s Perceptions of Perth as an Isolated City

Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen, a linguist from Murdoch University says that thinking Perth is isolated could be self-limiting.

This knowledge of Perth being the most isolated in the world is technically inaccurate – Honolulu, not Perth, is the world’s most isolated city. The closest major city to Honolulu is San Francisco, which is 3,841 km away.

She believes that this mentality ignores the fact that we reside in the Indo-Pacific region’s geographic centre. This is probably one of the world’s most advantageous locations.

More specifically, the northern neighbours of Perth are mainly in the same time zone. Additionally, the countries to the west are among those with the fastest-growing developing economies.

Residents of the city are thus in an ideal location. People here can work together to achieve mutual success and progress over the long term.

What Are the Perks of Living in an Isolated City like Perth?

What Are the Perks of Living in an Isolated City like Perth

Perth is among Australia’s most picturesque cities, sprawling along the Indian Ocean and centred on the Swan River. 

Despite being the 4th largest city in the nation with over 2 million residents, Perth has a far more relaxed atmosphere than Sydney or Melbourne. 

Perth is known for its appreciation of fine coffee and has hundreds of coffee houses where the craft of creating delicious coffee creations is celebrated. 

Great markets and shopping places can be found throughout the city, including Kings Street, London Court, and Northbridge. Its great environment also makes it an excellent place to visit several neighbouring beaches.

Perth arguably features some of Australia’s most stunning resorts and dog beaches. And due to its location on the West Coast, the sunsets are always spectacular. 

In fact, if you enjoy the magnificent sights, you have enough compelling reason to travel to Perth and Western Australia. While the East Coast may offer both, the West Coast excels at both.

With these in mind, Perth’s isolation isn’t all that bad after all.

And there you go! We hope you now have a better idea of why Perth is such a remote city, and its advantages despite this fact.

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