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Tips to Know before Moving to Perth

Tips to Know before Moving to Perth

Perth is a popular destination for tourists and expats. The city continues to draw visitors with its stunning natural surroundings, developing cuisine, and exciting city adventures.

Moving to a new city requires proper planning. Before moving to Perth, it’s advisable to look for in-demand jobs, suitable housing, comfortable modes of transportation, and even the right weather to move for your convenience. 

Are you thinking of staying in the city longer or for good? Here are more tips for moving to Perth.

What Are the Best Industries for Job Seekers in Perth?

What Are the Best Industries for Job Seekers in Perth

For competent expats, the job market in Western Australia is currently promising.  

We recommend exploring professional services like retail, healthcare, and social assistance. These are crucial and in high demand for Western Australian citizens. 

More than 80% of jobs here are created by the service industry. As a result, this industry generates numerous positions for competent expats relocating to Perth.

Perth is also a popular tourist destination like Melbourne and Sydney because of its lovely weather and sunny beaches. Because of this, the tourism sector is a great option for job seekers.

When Do You Rent or Purchase a Property in Perth?

When Do You Rent or Purchase a Property in Perth

Summertime sees the highest demand for rental accommodation (i.e. between November and March). If you intend to move to Perth during these months, brace yourself for a more intense rental market competition.

The Perth real estate market changes quickly. When you see a property you like, we advise taking action right away. 

Many are looking for cosy, affordable housing. That’s why bringing convincing proof of your present financial stability could give you an advantage.

This may include your most recent tax return bank information, proof of your residency permit or visa, and perhaps a reference letter from your previous landlord.

Altogether, we suggest refraining from buying a house until you’re familiar with any city. 

Purchasing a property can be expensive. You can find some great deals, but you must conduct research beforehand.

What Do Perth Residents Usually Spend On?

What Do Perth Residents Usually Spend On

Perth is one of the world’s most remote cities. Despite this, the cost of living there’s surprisingly low to average – at least when compared to other Australian cities.

Perth continues to be less expensive than other major cities like Singapore, New York, Shanghai, and Oslo. Many residents also have a high purchasing power in Perth since they earn enough for spending.

Moreover, according to, here’s a typical Perth resident’s distribution of expenses:

Expense ItemPercentage by Priority
Rent Per Month28.8%
Sports & Leisure4.3%
Clothing & Shoes2.3%

Of course, this data may vary. Though, we advise using this table as a basis for where to prioritise your expenses more.

In the end, it’s practical to have a stable income first. You’ll need this alongside health or business insurance to prepare for unforeseen events.

Check if you also need a financial advisor or expert to guide you make well-informed decisions prior to moving.

How Do You Travel Easier in Perth?

How Do You Travel Easier in Perth

Some say it’s best to rent within 7 kilometres of Perth – this makes life easier if you wish to use public transportation and have an easy commute. 

But if commuting doesn’t interest you, we suggest buying a new or secondhand car. In Perth, your car may be your lifeline, so it’s best to acquire one.

This is mostly because Perth is pretty spread out. You don’t want to need a podiatrist consultation a few weeks after moving because you hurt your feet from walking.

However, single professionals may think that owning a car may only be optional. 

When depreciation is factored in, the annual cost of a car reaches thousands of dollars. For that sum of money, you can take a lot of taxi rides without worrying about parking, maintaining the car, and the like.

This depends heavily on your envisioned lifestyle, so plan wisely.

What Is the Best Season to Move in Perth?

What Is the Best Season to Move in Perth

Perth has the most sunshine among any large city in the country, averaging over 2,300 hours a year. So, this is probably where to go for a gorgeous tan with your loved ones or dogs at the beach.

Here’s a summary of the weather and temperature in Perth:

SummerDecember to FebruaryBetween 17.5°C and 30°C (but can go to 40°C)
AutumnMarch to MayFrom 13°C and 26°C
WintersJune to AugustBetween 8°C to 19°C
SpringSeptember to NovemberFrom 11°C and 23°C

In short, those who aren’t summer enthusiasts are advised to move to Perth in the spring or autumn. This allows the advantage of not having to adjust so much during the hot summer days.

Is It Expensive to Have Fun in Perth?

Is It Expensive to Have Fun in Perth

Finding the best things to do around Perth doesn’t have to be expensive. All year long, day or night, there’s a bunch of affordable or even free enjoyable things to look out for.

Perth is huge and home to beautiful nature reserves, marine parks, and forests. These places are where you can get close to the beautiful flora and fauna and go biking, camping, or picnicking.

For more sports and adventure, try various fishing spots, golf facilities, and watersports. Otherwise, there are family-friendly options too, such as having fun at the zoo and parks.

Food enthusiasts also won’t get bored. Perth has it all from low-cost meals and coffee to high teas and weekend markets.

In addition, Perth is buzzing with an amazing fusion of visual art, dance, theatre, comedy, and music. The city offers year-round rich artistic and cultural events.

What’s more, you could always buy a souvenir. Perth has a wide range of shopping options like gift shops and markets. 

Throughout the city, you could stock up on contemporary clothing, purchase one-of-a-kind art and crafts, or find quirky gifts for your loved ones.

Befriending new people may also not be as hard as you think. So, go out in bars and pubs, join groups, and visit libraries – simply open yourself to everything Perth has to offer.

And there you go! We hope you find these tips for moving to Perth valuable to make your experience more seamless and enjoyable.

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