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Reasons Why People Think Perth Is Boring

Reasons Why People Think Perth Is Boring

Now and then, Perth is thought to be ‘boring’ compared to other cities in Australia. Do you believe the same, or are you curious why people think this way?

Perth is considered boring compared to other big Australian cities because of its serene and spread-out locations. This may also be related to Perth’s higher cost of living and limitations in healthcare, transportation, and other aspects.

To be more specific, we compiled several reasons behind this misconception of why Perth is so ‘boring’.

Is Perth a Boring City?

Is Perth a Boring City

Some people may prefer a laid-back experience. For lack of a better word, a few may interchange peaceful with ‘boring’.

So, if you like serene views, some places to visit are Kings Park, Sorrento Quay, Perth Mint, Cottesloe Beach, and the like. Driving could also be therapeutic with medium to long road trips in the city.

‘Boring’ may not be necessarily bad either. If you’re a working professional with an 8 to 5 job, the stressful work environment may encourage you to look for a quiet vacation – and Perth is a lovely option for a good rest.

On a daily basis, people get around Perth easily through reliable and cheap transportation. Nevertheless, the public transport system has its own limits too.

This could be why people in the outermost parts may not be able to see much of the city’s best. Even if there are ridesharing and taxis available, these may also be pricier than taking the bus or train.

What Are the Misconceptions of People about Perth?

What Are the Misconceptions of People about Perth

Since Perth is known as an isolated city, this might make it seem like there’s nothing much to see here. But the truth is, Perth as a city is just spread out and requires more usage of transportation.

Perhaps, the Google search algorithm may also be to blame. The perception of Perth being boring is likely just a long-term misconception that still appears regularly.

This is whenever someone types ‘Why is Perth…’ on the Google search bar, and this hasn’t changed for quite a while.

Tourism Western Australian chief executive Stephanie Buckland says while Perth may have been dull then, it’s a different story nowadays.

The cost of living on the surface may be higher in Perth, which could influence how people think as well. However, the residents’ purchasing power is also high on average since the salary here is also higher.

How Does Personal Taste Affect What People Think of Perth?

How Does Personal Taste Affect What People Think of Perth

Thinking if Perth is boring depends on individual perspectives at the end of the day. Perth may not be as lively as other Australian cities, but some would counter that it isn’t as boring as they say either.

Your surroundings and the places you visit will determine this. There are a lot of undiscovered cafes, restaurants, hiking trails, and other activities to discover.

Perth pretty much offers everything, unless you’re interested in things like grand theme park resorts. Awe-inspiring beaches for dogs and humans, vibrant nightlife and clubs and breathtaking scenery are all right outside your door.

Just a few kilometres outside the city, you’re welcomed into a new environment, and every area of Western Australia you visit has a distinctive and vibrant spirit.

The benefits of living in a remote city like Perth are plentiful and, in our opinion, definitely not boring.

How Is Perth’s Tourism Now?

How Is Perth’s Tourism Now

According to the 2022 Tourism Research Australia data, Perth has experienced the largest rise in visitors of any capital city. 

This is with the Western Australian government projecting a 12% increase in domestic tourist spending over pre-pandemic levels.

From the same report, 35,000 more visitors from other states visited in comparison to pre-pandemic numbers.

The record-breaking growth in interstate tourists is the largest for any state. It also supports the ‘aggressive tourism policy’ that the state government says has been put in place to support local jobs and companies.

Perth’s domestic visitor spending in June of 2022 totalled $426 million, which was the biggest result since the pandemic began. 

The amount was 48% more than the data from June 2019, surpassing spending growth in other capital cities like Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

Here’s a table about the domestic visitor spending in Perth compared to several cities from

Australian CityDomestic Visitor Spend Increase or Decrease (Since 2019)
PerthIncreased by 48%
BrisbaneIncreased by 39%
AdelaideIncreased by 28%
MelbourneIncreased by 10%
SydneyDecreased by 7%

Perth also outperformed all other cities in June 2022, with tourist numbers returning to 87% of pre-pandemic numbers.

So if you ask again, ‘Is Perth boring?’, the current numbers don’t seem to give a solid yes.

What Can You Do to Enjoy Perth?

What Can You Do to Enjoy Perth

First off, Perth’s city proper isn’t very big. Yet, there are still many things to do and explore – if you haven’t already.

White sand beaches, wildlife parks, shopping districts like Watertown (formerly known as Harbour Town), and numerous other attractions make Perth a destination well worth your time.

An option is travelling or having a road trip to the southern part. This might be best if you only have a few days to explore.

The north requires longer travels to the towns, and the attractions you wish to see are farther apart.

We think even the most apprehensive first-time travellers can handle the southern route’s recommended driving duration of 2 to 3 hours to each stopover town.

In addition, Perth is rich in cuisine and arts, making it just as interesting as the other cities.

This is alongside pursuing breweries and bars. You may also sample some of the best local produce, from seafood to seasoned fresh vegetables.

And there you go! We hope that by the end of this article, you can see Perth in a new light. Have fun and explore the city with an open mind!

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