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Why is Mondo Nougat so popular in Perth

Why is Mondo Nougat so popular in Perth?

Mmm…nougat. Just writing about it is already making me crave some. 

I’m excited to talk to you about one of the best makers of nougat in the country: Mondo Nougat. I’ll tell you why it’s so popular among Australians and why you should try it on your next visit to Perth!

Mondo Nougat is an Italian nougat factory that you can find at Herne Hill, just northeast of urban Perth. It produces fresh nougats and other popular Italian desserts like gelato and biscotti.

What’s in Mondo Nougat’s products that make them special?

The biggest reason that makes Mondo Nougat’s products special is that most of their ingredients are sourced locally.

The climate of Australia has actually worked in favour of the sweets manufacturer. The dry climate makes it really easy for them to grow their own almonds and collect high-quality honey.

Most of their ingredients come from farms in Western Australia. This makes quality control so easy for them since they can easily convey to their suppliers their desired quality level.

Still unconvinced or you’re interested in seeing how they make nougat themselves? I encourage you to visit their factory in Herne Hill. 

Their factory has a special viewing area where you can see how their workers create nougats in real-time.

I was so delighted to be given the chance to see the process in person. And you know what the best part is? 

I was able to enjoy a free tasting session of their nougats, fresh from the production line!

Why does Perth love Mondo Nougat?

So, why do we love Mondo Nougat? Two answers: locally made and always fresh.

Mondo Nougat’s factory is just a few kilometres away from Perth. Its location allows it to deliver its nougats fresh from the production line straight to its partner retailers in the city within a few hours. 

If you want, you can even drive straight to their factory and buy the nougat yourself.

Is Mondo Nougat the only provider of nougat and other Italian desserts in town? Of course not. 

However, Mondo Nougat can almost always beat them when it comes to providing fresh products.

The second thing I’d like to point out is that it’s a local brand. Mondo Nougat is a source of pride among us Perth locals, especially since the brand is now starting to get recognised internationally.

I’m happy and excited to see that Mondo Nougat continues to grow as a brand. Their growth helps us as well since they’ll need to hire more local residents to help them produce more of their quality nougats.

They also help improve the economy of Western Australia as a whole because they work with many local farms for their ingredients. 

Farmers and beekeepers in our state can earn more money if they always have reliable customers like Mondo Nougat.

I truly wish for this brand to gain more worldwide recognition in the coming years. For now, we sandgropers will continue to support them by buying their delicious nougats and other Italian desserts.

History of Mondo Nougat

This nougat factory actually has quite a story to tell about its origins and development throughout the decades. 

1989 – New Beginnings 

The story of Mondo Nougat started in 1989 when its owner, Alfonso Romeo, his wife, and their three sons immigrated to Australia from Italy. 

Alfonso and his brothers were already famous in their hometown of Taurianova for their delicious homemade desserts.

He began making his family’s delicious desserts again as soon as he arrived in Australia. 

Word quickly spread about how delicious his desserts were, and after three years, Alfonso and his wife Antonietta opened the Mondo Patisserie in Midland.

Initially, Mondo Patisserie was committed to producing a wide variety of Italian desserts. Some of those included cakes, biscuits, ice cream, and more. 

Nougat was only produced in limited quantities and only during the Christmas season, per European tradition.

1997 – Increase in Nougat Production 

However, in 1997, Mondo Patisserie found out that their traditional honey-based nougat was so popular. Ever since then, they’ve increased their production of nougat and made it available for sale all year round.

2000 – Transformation into Mondo Nougat 

The real change for Mondo Patisserie happened in 2000 when it decided to fully shift its focus to making nougats entirely. The demand for their nougats grew so rapidly that their shop in Midland was no longer able to meet the demand.

Mondo Patisserie moved out of Midland and into a new factory in Morley, WA. This move gave it the opportunity to drop its old name and use the new one we all know today: Mondo Nougat.

2005 – A New Home and Mondo Nougat’s Expansion 

However, demand was still growing, and the Romeo family knew that it needed to continue improving the company to meet it. Thus, in 2005, Mondo Nougat once again opened a new factory in Swan Valley.

By this point, Alfonso’s children had grown and were heavily involved in the company. They saw the potential of Mondo Nougat being located in Western Australia’s oldest wine-growing region and decided to innovate further.

Mondo Nougat’s factory in Swan Valley was made open to the public. It features its own cafe and retail outlet where visitors can buy and enjoy their nougats.

The company also reintroduced other Italian desserts into its lineup, like gelato and biscotti. It also has desserts spiced up with liquor called Rum Baba and Rum Balls.

Where can I buy Mondo Nougat in Perth?

Have I finally convinced you to try out a Mondo Nougat yourself? Then allow me to help you look for the best spots to get one of their delicious nougats.

Please take note that Mondo Nougat has a lot of partner retailers; most of them I can’t share here just because of the sheer amount I’ll have to add.

I’m just going to share the most popular spots where you can get one of their nougats, which you’ll probably pass by during your visit to Perth.

  • The Floreat Market
    Shop 79, The Floreat Forum Shopping Centre – 1 Howtree Place Floreat

Contact number: (08) 9244 4466

  • Jack’s Fresh Wholesalers in Claremont
    23 Quentin Avenue- Claremont Quarter

Contact number: (08) 9384 5486

2 Vittoria Road, Glen Iris 

Contact number: (08) 9724 2999

  • Canning Bridge IGA in Applecross 

916 Canning Highway, Applecross

Contact number: (08) 9316 3533

  • The Mondo Nougat Factory at Herne Hill
    640 Great Northern Highway, Herne Hill 6065, Western Australia

Contact number: (08) 9296 0111

That’s the end of my list. Please take note that there are more than 30 retailers who sell Mondo Nougat in the entire state of Western Australia.

If you’re living overseas or in another Australian state, you can still get their delicious nougats by having them delivered to your home. Just check their online store.

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