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The Most Flood-Prone Areas in Perth

The Most Flood-Prone Areas in Perth

Did you know Perth’s flood hotspots are often near big water bodies like the Canning and Swan rivers? 

If you’re living close to those waters, well, they’re irresistible. They’ve got scenic views, chill-out spots, and a cool vibe. But when rainy days come, you must be prepared!

Keep reading to see where flooding happens in Perth and the essential tips to tackle it like a pro.

Which regions in Perth are prone to flooding?

South Perth

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Land Area: 19.83 sq km

Population: 45,137 (as of 2022)



South Perth is one of the most flood-prone areas in Perth, where the charming scenery comes with an extra challenge. The main culprits? The area’s low-lying location next to the river and its jam-packed housing. 

In fact, Climate Valuation says almost 3,900 homes in the area might have to deal with riverine flooding in the next 30 years. Better be prepared, huh?

Not to mention, one of the spots with a big ‘flood me’ sign is the South Perth Esplanade, usually a peaceful spot by the river. 

During heavy rains, this river may unexpectedly mingle with the land, which we think could be a sight for some travellers too.


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Land Area: 31.47 sq km

Population: 55,212 (as of 2022)

Cannington is one of the most flooded spots in Perth. WAtoday says that by 2030, over 3,300 homes here could face climate change-driven floods.

For us, the suburb has an interesting relationship with water. If you’re wondering why it floods, heavy rains transform streets into rivers, offering a unique twist to suburban life. 

Cannington’s low-lying setup and proximity to water bodies also make it more prone to flooding when the rain really pours.

East Perth 

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Land Area: 1.77 sq km

Population: 8,027 (as of 2022)


East Perth is a sunny gem in Perth, but it occasionally plays with rain and becomes a flood-prone zone. Experts actually warn that East Perth could be at risk of being walloped with rain bombs as climate change messes with the weather.

Now, let’s talk about East Perth’s streets. They’re full of character and history, not to mention some awesome coffee joints. But guess what? Some of these places might be prepping for an unexpected pool party.

Take Claisebrook Cove, for instance. It’s a waterfront spot with cosy cafes, but when the rain decides to throw a tantrum, it can get a bit soggy. 

And if you ever find yourself near Victoria Gardens by the riverside, we feel it’s best to be on the lookout for some flooding too. It’s usually this serene spot until the rainclouds crash the party. 


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Land Area: 103.3 sq km

Population: 61,863 (as of 2022)

Baldivis is a suburb south of Perth that gets its fair share of flooding from time to time. Here, you might notice some roads turning into rivers and a few houses almost getting flooded. At times, car parks can even be 3 feet deep!

But, hey, don’t let that freak you out. In our opinion, Baldivis is an awesome, lively suburb that just occasionally likes to take a dip. This is thanks to the usual suspects: rain, stormwater, and now and then, a cheeky burst of water from the skies.

So, why does Baldivis sometimes flood? It’s a mix of things—the land shape, drainage systems, and sometimes just too much rain at once.


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Land Area: 26.8 sq km

Population: 11,934 (as of 2022)



Northam, just a chill 90-minute drive from Perth, sometimes deals with a bit of flooding. You can blame it on the heavy rains that decide to mess with the Avon River.

One time, when heavy rain hit, the Avon River took centre stage—it turned streets into temporary rivers! Now, folks in Northam have two options: either transform their homes into floaties or make a run for higher ground with their crew.

To combat the flood chaos, the local authorities strategically placed sandbags around the area. But you know how these stories go—there’s always that one house that ends up with a surprise visit from the water inside.

In our opinion, the occasional flooding in Northam is like a reminder of how wild and unpredictable the weather in and around Perth can be. 

Things to Do in Perth to Prepare for Flood

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  1. A family putting together an emergency kit with water, non-perishable food, flashlight, and first aid supplies
  2. Homeowners raising or securing furniture and electronics; safeguarding against potential flooding

As you know, flooding happens, whether you’re in Perth or any other city. Here’s a quick guide to prep you for potential flooding in your area:

Stay in the know.

Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and flood warnings to stay updated on any potential flooding happening in Perth.

Check your utilities.

Keep an eye on your gas, electricity, and water. Regular checks from a gas technician, electrician, or plumber can help you dodge problems when the floods start making waves.

Get your emergency kit ready.

Put together a handy kit with things like water, non-perishable snacks, meds, a flashlight, batteries, and your important documents. Oh, and keep it where you can easily find it when needed.

Check your insurance coverage.

Give your home insurance policy a look to make sure it’s got your back in case of a flood. If anything’s off, make those updates to play it safe.

Keep your docs safe.

Stick those important documents, like passports, insurance, and medical records, into waterproof containers. And don’t forget to stash digital copies somewhere secure.

Plan your escape.

Gather the fam, sit down, and brainstorm an escape plan. Figure out the safest routes and pinpoint where to hightail them for shelter when a flood comes knocking.

Protect your home.

Lift your valuable stuff and gadgets to higher ground. Consider using sandbags and barriers to fend off the water and keep the damage to a minimum.

Know who to call.

Find out who you can lean on or where to go in your community if you need help during a flood. Get to know the ins and outs of local shelters and support services.

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