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Where Should I Stop between Perth and Adelaide

Where Should I Stop between Perth and Adelaide?

Some of the best stops along Perth to Adelaide are the Perth Zoo, Cape to Cape Track, and Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. Other popular stops include the Nullarbor Plain and The MAC Boutique Hotel.

This Perth to Adelaide itinerary contains several top sights along the way. Before going this route, ensure that all your valuables are ready and your eyes checked for a safe and enjoyable drive.


Perth is a delightful city to start your day with. Although it’s smaller than some cities, you’ll enjoy the view and find places for food and entertainment nearby.

For instance, you should visit the Perth Zoo, which has more than 1,200 native and exotic animals. This place lets you learn about domestic and exotic animals for an exciting and educational day.

If you get hungry, some of the best restaurants in the area are Summit Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe, Dolce & Salato, and Wild Bean Cafe. While most items on their menu are delicious, eat slowly and moderately so you won’t feel bloated or hurt your teeth before your next stop.


Do you want a spacious place where you can smell the fresh air alongside confidently raising your arms and flaunting your beach body? 

Yallingup can give you fantastic beaches, wondrous cave formations, and convenient access to the breathtaking 135-kilometre Cape to Cape Track. This is also a crowd favourite among surfers and enthusiasts. 


For those who want to venture through a forest, the Walpole Wilderness Area is known for its Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. This popular attraction lets you walk 40 metres above the ground through the canopy of the red-tingle forest.

As you know, the Tree Top walk is regularly maintained and enclosed for the safety of adults and children. Still, it pays to be extra careful when walking through it or risk falling and being painfully injured.

Nullarbor Plain

Boring is subjective. And for selected sightseers, peace of mind may come from a drab drive while enjoying some alone time with their favourite music.

Like a hairless scalp, the Nullarbor, Latin for “no trees”, is monotonously 200,000 square kilometres of limestone bedrock. Here, you’ll encounter a lot of road trains, other visitors, and a few gas stations with cafes and overnight accommodation.


Finally, it’s time to stop by Adelaide. During this time, you might want to do something relaxing like drinking coffee, getting a massage, or just resting in a hotel.  

The MAC Boutique Hotel, a stylish 3-star accommodation, offers air-conditioned rooms with refrigerators and coffee makers. They also offer free wi-fi, a 24-hour reception, room service, and a spa for your utmost relaxation.

But for a more luxurious experience, you may also want to check out 4-star hotels like Novotel Perth Langley and Quality Hotel Ambassador Perth. Of course, the best ones also include the 5-star Hyatt Regency Perth and Pan Pacific Perth hotels.

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