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5 Things to Do in Kings Park Perth

5 Things to Do in Kings Park Perth

Kings Park, situated high on Mount Eliza, offers breathtaking scenery and is a must-see for Perth travellers. There are many things visitors can do in this park, including food, sightseeing and photography, hiking, tours, shopping and more.

If you want to see a clear view of the city and get your body moving and feet walking, this is the place to go. Read more below and explore tons of activities to enjoy at Kings Park in Perth.

Walking and Hiking

There are numerous walking trails for tourists to explore, with wilderness making up about two-thirds of the park. 

You may also walk through Federation Walkway, a treetop path over 600 metres long. It also has educational signages highlighting the park’s fauna and its European and Aboriginal heritage. 

On top of that, free guided walks are also available for visitors to gain insider knowledge from the Kings Park Volunteer Guides.

Just remember to take casual breaks to avoid body pain or fatigue. You’ll want to save energy to enjoy a day of fun and productivity.

Sightseeing and Photography

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer sunrise or sunset. This is because both views are amazing at Kings Park, which will get your hands to do a lot of camera-clicking.

The view is Instagram-worthy, with the morning sunlight illuminating the Swan River. Then in the evening, as the city lights twinkle, the sun sets behind the vast bushland.  

Not only that, but Kings Park is also home to Western Australia Botanic Garden. It spans 17 hectares and encompasses a wide selection of native flora, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. 


If there are more things you’d like to discover about the rich culture of Perth, the Indigenous Heritage Tour is a suitable choice. 

Here, you can learn about the indigenous history of Perth’s original inhabitants and local plants used for bush food and medicine. Additionally, you’ll even hear charming Dreamtime stories and learn excellent bush survival tips from this highly informative cultural experience.

Alternatively, you can find more memorials, statues, and honour avenues at Kings Park than in any other Australian park. 

Each plaque along the honour avenues lists the names of military men who perished while serving in a war. They were either buried abroad or had no known graves.

Eat and Drink

After a long, tiring day, you might want to replenish your systems with a nice meal and drinks. 

With picnic tables, grills, and playgrounds, Synergy Parkland is a perfect site for a family picnic. Spread down a blanket on grassy areas in the park to enjoy a slow, peaceful meal so your stomach doesn’t feel too bloated afterwards.

Other than the picnic areas, there are multiple other options too. Fine diners may like Fraser’s Restaurant, casual eaters may enjoy Botanical Cafe, while quick munchers can try out different kiosks such as Kings Park and Bovell. 


Of course, King’s Park visitors would want to keep some souvenirs of their day’s fruitful events. 

There’s an arts and crafts sale at Aspects of Kings Park gallery shop for accessories, books, tools, stationery, and the like. Also, the Aboriginal Art Gallery is a wonder to explore.

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