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The 5 Best Things to Do in Perth during Winter

The 5 Best Things to Do in Perth during Winter

Whether you’re from Perth or just visiting, winter in this amazing spot is surprisingly but wonderfully mild. With so many activities during the holidays, here are some of the things you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Perth for the winter!

What is on in Perth winter?

The best things you can do in Perth during winter are

  • Staycation for some relaxation.
  • Massage the stress away.
  • Explore Elizabeth Quay and swing out to Subiaco.
  • Channel your inner Olympic champion on ice.
  • Relax and grab some wine.

Take some time off with a staycation

Take some time off with a staycation

Book a few nights alone, with your partner, or some of your friends at some of Perth’s hotels. If you’re looking for a bit of luxury, we suggest going to COMO The Treasury, which has elegant and opulent amenities.

Rates at the COMO start around $1,115 per night, although you should remember rates can change depending on a lot of factors. 

If you’re going for a more casual vibe, the Alex Hotel in Northbridge has almost everything within reach at its in-house terrace and garden. Small rooms start around $245 per night, but keep in mind rates can change at any time.

Enjoy artisanal spirits, craft beers, and wines along with local coffee at the Alex Hotel, but don’t forget to care for your stomach. 

All these in excess can cause upset stomachs, and you might need to look for a gastroenterologist unexpectedly.

Get a massage

There’s nothing better than getting a massage to keep the holiday stress away. Try Bodhi with its various outlets in Westin Perth, Wembley, Highgate, and Cottesloe.

An hour’s massage goes for $150, but we suggest getting the Marta Kodo massage for that unique indigenous Australian touch. 

Don’t forget to consult with a pain specialist beforehand if you have any issues that need to be addressed before a massage.

The Crown Spa at Burswood and the Tara Massage in Northbridge are our next top recommendations. Crown Spa has two-hour packages that start at $475, while Tara Massage has one-hour couples packages that start at $190.

Explore Elizabeth Quay and Subiaco

Explore Elizabeth Quay and Subiaco

Walk through the attractions found in this amazing development right in the heart of Perth. Entertainment spots entwined with dining experiences are sprawled all over, which is perfect for people to wander around.

If you’re looking to explore more, visit Subiaco, which is approximately three kilometres away. Enjoy the farmer markets as well as charmingly unique restaurants, bars, and cafes.

But if you’re concerned about too much walking, you might need to look for a good podiatrist for some good advice or treatment.

Channel your inner Olympic champion on the ice

Channel your inner Olympic champion on the ice

If you’re looking for something stronger than a nip in the air, then you’ll enjoy gliding on the ice at the Perth Ice Arena in Malaga. 

Rates start at $18 if you bring your own skates, but you can also pay $23 for the general skating fee which includes skate rental.

But if you’re itching to go for lower rates, try visiting Cockburn Ice Arena on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get their “Cheapskate” sessions at $15 per person, skates included. 

The experience can be exhilarating but exhausting too. If you have any heart concerns, you might need to consult a cardiologist for a go-signal.

Relax and chill with some wine

Relax and chill with some wine

If you’re adventurous, you can make your own wine discoveries among the many wineries found in Perth. But if your hours are precious, we suggest booking wine discovery tours with Up Close and Local Tours for convenience and fun.

A half-day afternoon wine tour around Swan Valley starts at $85 per person. You can also check d’Vine Wine Tours for $95 per person for an afternoon sundown tour.

Just because it’s winter season doesn’t mean you have to neglect your sunscreen! Dermatologists say that even in mild weather, sun protection should always be present.

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