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Seas the day with the best water activities in Perth

Seas the day with the best water activities in Perth

Perth is one of the sunniest cities in Australia, thanks to its Mediterranean climate. Its stable temperature and calm weather make it a great city to visit for fun water activities.

From fishing to scuba diving, Perth has it all! The city has an abundance of lakes, rivers, and beaches, so you definitely won’t run out of options here.

Let’s see where in the city you can experience these activities to the fullest.

Go snorkelling at Rottnest Island


Contact details: (+61 8) 9432 9300

It’s a must to visit Rottnest Island at least once while you’re in Perth. This beautiful island is just a few kilometres off the coast of Fremantle and features reefs, shipwrecks, and underwater caves you can explore.

For people new to snorkelling, The Basin is my recommendation because it’s a sheltered reef with shallow waters. It’s a reef worth visiting even for expert snorkelers thanks to its colourful corals filled with 400 different fish species.

Another awesome reef beginners can try out is Little Salmon Bay. This sheltered reef gives snorkelers a chance to learn more about the local ecosystem thanks to the information plaques installed on the reef’s sea floor.

If you’re a fan of maritime history, Rottnest Island also has 13 shipwrecks that you can dive into. Some of them, like the Uribes, lie just a couple of metres from the shore, so even beginner divers will have the chance to explore them.

Another awesome spot you should check out while diving is the Crystal Palace, located on Rottnest Island’s south-east coast. It’s an underwater cave filled with intricate tunnels that’ll definitely satiate your hunger for adventure.

Aside from snorkelling and scuba diving, you can also try surfing and ocen paddling on Rottnest Island.

Pro tip: You won’t need to pack your own diving gear for your visit to Rottnest Island. There are many rental shops you can visit there, like Pedal & Flipper Hire, where you can rent diving gear at reasonable prices.

Get the catch-of-the-day at Narrows Bridge

Address: Narrows Bridge, Kwinana Fwy, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Let’s take a quick break from all the intense water activities and do something a bit slower. It might come as a surprise, but underneath the Narrows Bridge is where you’ll find one of the best fishing spots in the city.

The waters below Narrows Bridge are home to many freshwater fish like mulloway, black bream, and cobblers. 

As someone who dabbles from time to time with fishing, this place is one of my favourites because it’s so easy to fish here thanks to its accessible location and high fish population.

You can fish either from the shore or on one of the concrete pylon bases of the bridge. You’ll obviously need a small boat if you’re planning on fishing from the second option.

Aside from fishing, the shore is also a great location to host a picnic with your friends and family. Spot the dolphins that occasionally swim in the Swan River in search of food!

Pro tip: The fish here are more active once the sun sets down. Make sure to plan your fishing trip between early evening and night.

Ride the waves at Scarborough Beach

As I’ve mentioned before, Perth’s calm climate makes it a prime spot for water activities. This is especially true for surfing because the city has a huge list of beaches you can visit to show off your surfing skills!

Let’s come down to Scarborough Beach, one of Perth’s prime locations for surfing. It features consistent waves with long, rideable swells suitable for experienced surfers to showcase their skills.

The beach also features smaller and calmer waves ideal for beginners learning how to surf. 

Aside from surfing, Scarborough Beach is also a good location for swimming and windsurfing. The beach is also great for hosting picnics and playing beach volleyball.

Pro tip: Still a beginner at surfing? Don’t worry because Scarborough Beach is home to many surfing schools that’ll help you become a pro!

One such school is the Scarborough Beach Surf School, which caters to both beginner and expert surfers. You can book a session with them on their website.

Kayak through the Swan River

For me, the best way to experience the 72-kilometre Swan River is with an exciting kayak ride!

Your experience may greatly vary depending on where you kayak. For those looking to experience a slower and more leisurely kayak experience, I highly recommend you try out kayaking between Narrows Bridge and Elizabeth Quay.

Another awesome kayak spot you can try out is the one in Swan Valley. It’s a bit far from the bright and noisy landscape of Perth, so you’ll definitely be able to do some wildlife spotting while kayaking here.

Aside from the Swan River, you can also enjoy an exciting kayak experience along Perth’s coastline. One of the best places to enjoy open-water kayaking is the one between Port Kennedy and Secret Harbour, which is located south of Perth.

However, take note that kayaking on open seas can be challenging, especially for beginners. Make sure to wear safety gear and have a kayak buddy to help you paddle across the waves.

Pro tip: Looking to capture your best moments while kayaking? Make sure to place your phone or camera in a dry bag to keep it safe.

Have a fun jet ski ride at the Harvey Estuary

Let’s keep the ball rolling with another fun water activity: jet skiing! These powerful machines can surely tear up the waves.

However, riding a jet ski across the rough waves of the Indian Ocean isn’t something a total beginner should do. For this reason, we’ll go instead to the calm waters of Harvey Estuary, located at the southern edge of Perth.

The sheltered waters of the estuary ensure that your jet ski ride will remain comfortable and safe. 

Don’t worry; you won’t need to start saving up to buy your own jet ski. Harvey Estuary is home to many jet ski rental companies in Perth that offer a wide range of jet skis to choose from!

Their jet skis can accommodate up to three people, so you can definitely enjoy this water activity with your friends or family.

Pro tip: Aside from jet skiing, Harvey Estuary also offers a ton more fun activities you can enjoy with your family.

Another activity your kids will definitely love is The Pirate Cruise, which is a small ferry designed to look like a pirate ship. The boat’s crew members are dressed in pirate outfits to better immerse their passengers in the experience.

Go catamaran sailing along the Swan River

Catamaran sailing is another fun activity you can enjoy with your friends and family. These sailboats have different sizes, but most of the ones allowed on the Swan River can carry up to three or four people.

Thanks to the river’s calm currents near the Perth CBD, catamaran sailing is an activity even young children can join. You can rent a sailboat from any of the rental companies located along the banks of South Perth and Nedlands.

If you’re an absolute beginner at sailing, I strongly suggest you rent a Hobie Wave sailboat. These ones are very easy to use because they are extremely buoyant and hard to topple over.

In my opinion, dusk is the best time to start sailing across the Swan River. It’s a breathtaking moment to see the sun starting to go down just as the colourful city lights of Perth start to light up.

Pro tip: Catamaran sailing in the Swan River is an activity not only beginners can enjoy but experts too! Some rental companies, like Funcats Watersports, host their own sailboat racing tournaments that anyone can join.

Join a whale-watching tour from Hillarys Boat Harbour

Address: 86 Southside Dr, Hillarys WA 6025, Australia


Do you know that the seas near Perth are a favourite spot for whales? All year round, you’ll have many opportunities to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures while you’re in the city.

And the best way to see them is by signing up for a whale-watching tour! There are many places in Perth that offer this service, but the best one for me is Hillarys Boat Harbour.

The reason for that is that, aside from whale watching tours, there are a lot of both water- and non-water-related activities you can check out here. It’s also very accessible with public transportation.

A typical whale-watching tour lasts two hours. The most common whale species you’ll see are humpback whales and blue whales. 

Depending on the tour agency you signed up with, your ticket may also include admission to The Aquarium of Western Australia. Some agencies even include discount coupons for the waterparks and restaurants in Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Pro tip: The best time to join a whale-watching tour is between the months of March and May or August and December. These months are when whale migration is at its highest, so you’ll have lots of chances to see them in action.

Go for a relaxing swim at Cottesloe Beach

Of course, how can we forget this water activity everyone can indulge in—swimming? Perth’s long coastline means you’ll have plenty of chances to go swimming, but for the best experience, Cottesloe Beach is the place to be.

Its white sandy beaches, pristine blue water, and accessible amenities make it an excellent spot to spend the entire day.

The waves at Cottesloe Beach are also calm enough that beginner swimmers can comfortably swim in them on most days. Aside from swimming, visitors can also enjoy some light snorkelling or surfing.

After a long day of swimming, treat yourself to some delicious grub in any of Cottesloe Beach’s restaurants. Its famous boulevard features all kinds of restaurants, bars, and cafes that you can eat at from breakfast to dinner.

Another awesome reason why you should visit Cottesloe Beach is the Sculpture by the Sea event, which is held in March every year. It features amazing sculptures made by the best local artists in Western Australia and is totally free to check out!

Pro tip: Getting to Cottesloe Beach is very easy. Bus Line 102 has multiple stops near the beach.

Alternatively, you can also ride the train and alight at the Fremantle Train Station, which is only 600 metres away from Cottesloe Beach.

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