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Happy Living on a Budget Best Affordable Suburbs in Perth

Happy Living on a Budget: Best Affordable Suburbs in Perth

Who says you need to spend an exorbitant budget to live a good life in Perth? While the massive rise in housing prices in the city can be a source of concern for some people, Perth still has many suburbs where you can buy a house for cheap.

A 2020 report made by the Real Estate Institute of Australia on housing affordability ranks Western Australia as the most affordable state in the country when it comes to housing.

Now, let’s see which are the best affordable suburbs in Perth and why they deserve to be on the list!

What are the best affordable suburbs in Perth?

The best affordable suburbs in Perth are Armadale, Nollamara, Cloverdale, Parmelia, Bentley, Osborne Park, Balcatta, and Westminster.

These suburbs were chosen based on a number of factors like their average house prices, accessibility to public transportation, and more. Most of these suburbs are only 15 kilometres away from the Perth CBD.

For farther suburbs in the list, rest assured that they have reliable public transportation that connects them to the city centre.


Highlight(s): Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre, Armadale Reptile & Wildlife Centre, Minnawarra Park, and Gwynne Park

Location: 28 km SE from the Perth CBD

Size: 8.4 km2

Population: 13,415

Let’s start it off with a suburb that’s quite far from the Perth CBD but still offers a lot of pros for residents-to-be. Located 28 kilometres southeast of the Perth CBD is the suburb of Armadale.

As the city centre of its local region, Armadale has high-quality amenities and infrastructure right within its borders. This suburb has hospitals, schools, and a train line, thus making it a prospective location for many young families in Perth.

So, how much would it actually cost someone to live here? As of July 2023, the average house price in Armadale is at an impressive $335,000!

If that gets you excited, continue reading to see what you’ll get for that price.

First off, Armadale has plenty of educational institutions you can enrol your kids in from primary school to college. Some of these schools are Challis Primary School, Armadale Senior High School, and John Calvin Christian College.

For your health and general well-being, the Armadale Health Service lets you access most medical services without having to travel to the Perth CBD. 

Speaking of the Perth CBD, Armadale has a train line that lets you travel to the city centre within only 30 minutes!

There are also many bus routes that pass through this suburb that can take you to many neighbouring suburbs like Brookdale and Kelmscott.

Armadale also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to recreation and relaxation. It has a couple of amazing nature spaces like Minnawarra Park and Gwynne Park where you can spend quality time with your friends and family.

During summer, you can also escape the hot temperatures by passing the time in the air-conditioned stores of Armadale Shopping City.

All of these amazing stuff is what led to Armadale becoming one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Perth.

However, the suburb’s rapid growth has also led to a huge spike in its crime rate. As of July 2023, the crime rate of Armadale is at 9.5 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: You don’t need to travel to the Perth Zoo to see exotic animals! Armadale has the Armadale Reptile & Wildlife Centre, which is a sanctuary for many rescued animals across the state.
A ticket here costs $22 for adults and $8 for children.


Highlight(s): Tony Marcon Park, Des Penman Reserve, Rye Place Reserve, and Hancock Karabli Reserve

Location: 10 km N from the Perth CBD

Size: 3.7 km2

Population: 12,779

If you prefer living somewhere closer to the Perth CBD, Nollamara might be just what you’re looking for. This quiet northern suburb is just ten kilometres away from all the action and excitement you’ll find in Perth’s city centre.

With its location, you’ll think the house prices in Nollamara will be among the highest in the city. Thankfully, the average house price in this suburb is still on the lower end, as it’s only $440,000 as of July 2023.

That price comes with a lot of perks! First off, your kids won’t have any problems attending school because Nollamara has a lot of schools both inside and outside its borders.

It has a primary school, but you can also choose to enrol your kids at prestigious schools near Nollamara like the Dianella Primary College. 

Another great reason why your kids will love living in Nollamara is its amazing list of nature spaces where they can run and play around. 

Parks like Woodchester Reserve also host little league games, and the said reserve is even home to the Tuart Hill Junior Soccer Club.

Nollamara’s biggest nature space, Des Penman Reserve, is a great place to hangout with your family during the weekends. It features a soccer field and a tennis court where you can spend an entire afternoon playing with your kids.

Nollamara also has a couple of stores like IGA where you can buy your groceries and daily necessities.

When it comes to public transportation, this suburb also passes with flying colours. It may not have easy access to any train lines, but its close proximity to the Perth CBD means that a lot of bus routes pass through this suburb.

In fact, the nearby Wanneroo Road is a major road where tons of buses pass through daily. You can catch a bus here easily and arrive at your workplace at the Perth CBD within just a couple of minutes.

Safety-wise, Nollamara isn’t as safe as suburbs like Dalkeith, but it isn’t as dangerous as suburbs like Northbridge either. As of July 2023, the crime rate of this suburb is 5.4 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: If you’re a food lover who only wants to use the freshest ingredients in the market, make sure to check out Kakulas Sister, which is a whole food and gourmet goods store located north of the Nollamara Primary School.


Highlight(s): Grindleford Reserve, Macedonia Park, Rickman Delawney Reserve, and Richard Guelfi Reserve

Location: 10 km NW from the Perth CBD

Size: 7.3 km2

Population: 10,813

Aside from Nollamara, another northern suburb has made into our list. And that’s Balcatta, a suburb that also checks off many things on what makes a suburb awesome for young families living in Perth.

Houses in Balcatta are considerably pricier compared to Nollamara, but they’re still within what most people would call affordable. The average house price in this suburb as of July 2023 is $589,000.

For that price, you and your family will have easy access to many schools and nature parks within the suburb. Balcatta has five schools within its boundaries where your kids can receive their primary and secondary education.

When it comes to nature spaces, Balcatta has a couple of large reserves where you can have a picnic whenever you want. Its largest one, Rickman Delawney Reserve, is a popular venue for weddings and parties.

Balcatta is also an amazing suburb to live in if you’re a huge sports fan. This suburb has the Stirling Macedonia FC based in Macedonia Park and the Balcatta Cricket Club based in Jones Paskin Reserve.

Because Balcatta is right beside Nollamara, the number of public transportation options available to it is almost similar to what Nollamara has. It has no train lines, but it has access to three major roads that can take you to places like Perth CBD.

Aside from Wanneroo Road, this suburb’s residents can also use the nearby Mitchell Freeway and Reid Highway to travel to other suburbs in the city.

When it comes to safety, Balcatta is still doing somewhat okay but some improvements would be welcome. The crime rate of this suburb as of July 2023 is 3.9 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: It’s very easy to hit the beach from Balcatta! South of the suburb is where you’ll find the Karrinyup Road, which will take you straight to Trigg Beach within 15 minutes.


Highlight(s): Stirling Central, Esperanto Harris Gibb Reserve, and Salmar Edale Reserve

Location: 11 km N from the Perth CBD

Size: 2.4 km2

Population: 7,042

It might surprise you that another neighbouring suburb of Nollamara made it into our list. It’s Westminster, a small, quiet suburb located north of Nollamara and northeast of Balcatta.

Out of the three, Westminster has the lowest house prices available. As of July 2023, the average house price here is only $425,000.

That price is very impressive when you consider the fact that this suburb is only eleven kilometres away from the Perth CBD. Westminster also has a couple of good things that make living here worth it.

First off, this suburb has a small yet amazing place where you can hang out with your friends or buy groceries. Stirling Central may not be as big as Claremont Quarter, but it’s enough for a small suburb like Westminster.

Aside from a shopping centre, this suburb also has a couple of parks where you can relax after a long day at work. Some parks I highly recommend you visit are the Esperanto Harris Gibb Reserve and Salmar Edale Reserve.

When it comes to education, your kids can enrol in Westminster’s primary school or choose from any of the schools in the nearby suburbs of Balcatta and Dianella.

Moving on from the suburb’s amenities, you might wonder if going around Perth is easy to do from here. Luckily, Westminster has some amazing options for travelling around the city especially to the Perth CBD.

Like Nollamara, this suburb is also connected to the Wanneroo Road, so any bus routes that pass through Nollamara will also likely pass through here. Aside from Wanneroo Road, Westminster also has access to the Reid Highway north of it.

When it comes to safety, Westminster has a crime rate of 5.1 crimes for every 100 residents as of July 2023.

Pro tip: I recommend you check out the Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant and Cafe on Ravenswood Drive, Westminster, if you’d like to try something different!
Here, you’ll be able to taste some delicious Ethiopian dishes like kitfo and misir wat. They even offer traditional Ethiopian-style coffee served in clay pots!


Highlight(s): Chisham Oval and Parmelia Dog Park

Location: 34 km S from the Perth CBD

Size: 4.1 km2

Population: 6,184

Aside from Armadale, Parmelia is another amazing suburb far from the Perth CBD you should definitely consider. Located within Kwinana, this suburb has seen massive growth thanks to its affordable houses and access to great amenities.

So, how much exactly would it cost someone to live here? As of July 2023, the average house price in this suburb is an affordable $380,000.

This suburb is good for those looking to invest in properties. It’s a good idea to buy now, as Parmelia has seen a continuous increase in its average house prices during the past few years, with an increase of 16.4% just within 2022–2023. 

Aside from affordable houses, there are also a couple of reasons why this suburb is among the most popular suburbs in Perth. 

One such reason is its location. Parmelia is located right beside the city centre of Kwinana, which means you’ll have easy access to almost anything you need or want.

The nearby Kwinana Mall offers groceries and daily necessities. Its department store also sells the latest apparel and gadgets, so you don’t need to travel to the Perth CBD for these.

You also won’t have a hard time sending your kids to school while living in Parmelia. The suburb has plenty of schools both inside and near its borders like St. Vincent’s School, North Parmelia Primary School, and Gilmore College

Aside from schools, your kids can also have some fun playing in Parmelia’s nature spaces like Chisham Oval and Parmelia Dog Park. Adults can also have a fun time here by going to nearby recreation centres like the Kwinana Golf Course.

You might wonder if living 34 kilometres away from the Perth CBD is a good idea if you have a job there. Thankfully, the Mandurah Line has a station located northeast of Parmelia that’ll take you straight to the Perth CBD.

The entire train ride will only take you somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes, so it’s definitely doable to live in Parmelia while having a nine-to-five job in Perth CBD.

For travelling to other suburbs in the City of Kwinana from Parmelia, the suburb has multiple bus routes that can take you to places like Bertram and Medina.

The only concern I have when it comes to living in Parmelia is its crime rate. The suburb has a crime rate of 5.1 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: Interested in taking up a vocational course? The City of Kwinana has a TAFE branch near Parmelia where you can learn the necessary skills to work in important industries like agriculture and mining.


Highlight(s): Curtin University, Perth Hockey Stadium, Wyong Reserve, and John Curtin Gallery

Location: 8 km SE from the Perth CBD

Size: 5.5 km2

Population: 9,051

Home of the prestigious Curtin University, Bentley is a suburb where you can get an affordable house while living only a mere eight kilometres away from the Perth CBD.

It’s honestly amazing how affordable the houses are here despite the number of perks this suburb can offer you. As of July 2023, the average house price in Bentley is $510,525.

Aside from Curtin University, this suburb also has other amazing educational institutions where your kids can enrol including Canning College and Morling College.

Another reason why living in Bentley is an awesome idea is there are lots of fun places to visit near this suburb. One such example is Waterford Plaza, a huge shopping mall located to the west of Curtin University.

The suburb is also filled with great restaurants and cafes, which serve as hangout spots for the students of Curtin University.

When it comes to nature spaces, Curtin University itself already has some amazing parks like Edinburgh Oval and Curtin University South Oval. On the other side of Bentley, you’ll also find other parks like Wyong Reserve.

Also, let’s not forget that Bentley is just a few kilometres away from the beautiful banks of the Swan River.

If we’re talking about public transportation options, Bentley’s almost central location means it enjoys easy access to many bus routes that travel from the southern suburbs of Perth to the city centre.

Riding the train is also possible for residents of Bentley. On the eastern border of this suburb is where you’ll find the Welshpool train station, which connects this suburb to the Armadale Line.

Bentley is somewhat okay if we’re going to talk about safety. As of July 2023, the crime rate of this suburb is 5.3 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: If you’re a coffee lover, I strongly urge you to check out the Victoria Park Cafe Strip located at Albany Highway northeast of Bentley. This part of the highway is full of amazing cafes you should definitely try at least once!
Some of my personal favourites here are Crepes Cafe and Modus Coffee.

Osborne Park

Highlight(s): Herdsman Lake Regional Park, Osborne Park Shopping Centre, and Main Street

Location: 8 km NW from the Perth CBD

Size: 5.1 km2

Population: 4,463

Going back to the suburbs north of the Swan River, Osborne Park is another suburb that has recently gained massive attention during the last few years. Its location places you right in the middle of the action, giving you a lot of stuff to do every day.

Living here will let you experience an exciting life near the Perth CBD and Perth’s famous beaches. It’s no surprise that Osborne Park has seen a massive surge in the demand for its houses and apartment units.

As to be expected, house prices here are a bit higher compared to the other suburbs mentioned here. As of July 2023, the average house price in Osborne Park is $617,500.

But for that price, you already have a lot of amazing things to see and visit in this suburb. 

Osborne Park is full of cafes and restaurants so you don’t need to travel to other suburbs to taste the best of what Perth has to offer. Its Main Street is filled with amazing places like Little Lebanon Restaurant and Caffe Amaretto.

Aside from great food, this suburb is also home to a couple of huge stores, like the Osborne Park Shopping Centre, where you can buy groceries or luxury goods.

In my opinion, the best thing about Osborne Park is the Herdsman Lake Regional Park located south west of the suburb. This massive nature space is the perfect place to exercise, relax, or have a picnic with your friends and family.

It even has plenty of bike lanes which are perfect for beginners because the lands around Herdsman Lake are mostly flat.

As I’ve mentioned before, Osborne Park is right in the middle of the Perth CBD and some of Perth’s best beaches. A drive from the city centre or to Scarborough Beach and Brighton Beach will only take you 10 minutes.

However, if you prefer to take a bus, Osborne Park has plenty of bus routes that can take you to the locations I mentioned earlier.

This suburb has no train station of its own, but the nearby suburbs of Innaloo and Glendalough have theirs, which connects them to the Joondalup Line. You can ride the bus to get to these stations and use the train to travel to other parts of Perth.

Unfortunately, being between many of Perth’s most popular attractions puts Osborne Park at risk. As of July 2023, the crime rate of this suburb is 8.5 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for extreme indoor action, visit the Portside Boulders rock climbing gym located between Osborne Park and Herdsman Lake Regional Park.
A day pass here costs $22 for adults and $15 for children.


Highlight(s): Belmont Forum, Forster Park, Faulkner Park, Reading Cinemas Belmont, and Perth Airport

Location: 10 km E from the Perth CBD

Size: 3.9 km2

Population: 8,864

Do you have a job in or near the Perth Airport? Then you might find living in Cloverdale an interesting idea, as it is located west of the airport with only the Tonkin Highway separating the two.

This suburb, located only 10 kilometres away from the Perth CBD, has an amazingly low average house price despite the huge list of positives it offers to its residents.

As of July 2023, the average house price in Cloverdale is only $500,000. For that price, you already have access to some amazing schools, medical centres, recreational centres, and more.

A few examples of primary schools you can choose to enrol your kid in Cloverdale are Notre Dame Catholic Primary School, Belmay Primary School, and Belmont City College.

Within Cloverdale’s borders, you also have the Belgravia Medical Centre and Fulham GP, which can help you with your yearly medical checkups and other basic medical services.

Cloverdale also offers many places where you can relax and have a good time. For your shopping needs, the Belmont Forum is a huge shopping centre you can visit west of the suburb.

If you’re interested in seeing the latest blockbuster movies, Cloverdale also has the Reading Cinemas Belmont, which is famous for its very large screens and state-of-the-art audio equipment.

Cloverdale also has a couple of nature spaces you can visit to relax after a busy week at work. Some parks I recommend you check out are Faulkner Park and Forster Park.

If you want to visit the Perth CBD, a fast way to do so is by catching a bus to the airport and then riding the train from there straight to the city centre. 

Alternatively, you can also make your trip to the Perth CBD far simpler by using a bus route that connects it to Cloverdale. Aside from bus routes to the Perth CBD, this suburb also has a couple that’ll take you to the nearby suburbs like South Perth.

Safety-wise, Cloverdale has an average crime rate of 5.9 crimes for every 100 residents as of July 2023.

Pro tip: You can actually enjoy a great view of the planes taking off and landing at Perth Airport. Northeast of Cloverdale is where you’ll find the Perth Airport Public Viewing Area, which is open everyday between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Suburb in Perth

Now that you know which suburbs in Perth are light on the wallet, it’s time for us to compare them based on a couple of important factors.

Public Transportation Options

Let’s start off by discussing the number of options you have in these suburbs when it comes to public transportation. 

Public transportation is a big deal for us Perthites, as a 2021 study by Informed Decisions found that a quarter of the city’s population relies on public transportation to get to work.

Lucky for us, Transperth, Perth’s public transportation system, has continuously improved to keep up with the city’s rising population.

To help you decide better, here’s a quick table showing the suburbs and the possible public transportation options you can ride from them. The data presented here was gathered from Transperth and Moovit.

SuburbPublic Transportation Available 
ArmadaleTrain: Armadale LineBus: Routes 210 and 220
NollamaraBus: Routes 371, 384, 386, 389, and 415
BalcattaTrain: Joondalup LineBus: Routes 414, 415, and 428
WestminsterBus: Routes 371 and 386
ParmeliaTrain: Mandurah LineBus: Routes 540, 541, and 549
BentleyTrain: Armadale Line and Thornlie LineBus: Routes 72, 75, 100, 960, 998, and 999
Osborne ParkTrain: Joondalup LineBus: Route 990
CloverdaleTrain: Armadale LineBus: Route 38, 39, 998, and 999
Pro tip: I suggest you get yourself a Transperth SmartRider card if you’re planning on riding public transportation as your main method of getting around the city.
This card grants you a couple of benefits like an automatic 10% discount on your ticket fares.

Crime and Safety

Another important matter to consider when choosing a suburb is how safe it is to live in. Perth is a pretty safe place to live in for a major city, but some areas of it still suffer from criminal activities.

To help you choose a suburb better, here’s a table showing the latest crime rate for each suburb we talked about earlier. Please take note that the data featured here came from the latest statistics provided by the WA Police Force as of July 2023.

SuburbCrime rate per 100 residents
Osborne Park8.5
Pro tip: The best way to stay safe while living in Perth is to remain vigilant wherever you go. Here are some tips you should always keep in mind while you’re outside:
Never walk alone in dark public spacesKeep your valuables closeAlways inform a trusted friend or family member where you’re goingAvoid hitchhikingWhen using an ATM, make sure you only do so in crowded spaces with good lighting

Availability of Housing Options

Of course, a major factor you should consider when choosing a suburb is if the house prices there are suitable for your current budget.

Most suburbs in Perth have seen a huge rise in house prices due to the city’s rapid population growth during the past few years.

To help you stay in the loop, here is a table showing the latest average property prices in the suburbs I mentioned earlier. The data is from REIWA’s statistics as of July 2023.

NeighbourhoodMedian House PriceMedian Unit PriceMedian Unit Rent (Per Week)
Osborne Park$617,500$305,000$450
Pro tip: It’s important to let a professional house inspector take a look at the state of the house you’re interested in before committing to purchasing it! The average price for a thorough house inspection in Perth is $400.

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