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Understanding Air Quality in Perth Concerns and Solutions

Understanding Air Quality in Perth: Concerns and Solutions

Wondering about the quality of the air in Perth? We’ve got you covered, so just relax, sip your favourite coffee, tea, or beer, and feel the breeze!

Perth generally has good to moderate air quality because of its location away from major industrial centres and the influence of oceanic winds. Still, factors like temperature inversions and bushfire activity can temporarily affect it.

Keep reading to learn more about the quality of the air in the city below!

Does Perth have good air quality? 

Does Perth have good air quality

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Perth’s air quality index (AQI) rating can vary depending on the day and location. All we know is that its PM2.5 concentration (tiny particles in the air that reduce visibility) doesn’t exceed the World Health Organization’s guideline of up to 10 μg/m³

In short, we think the current air quality in the city seems pretty good. However, this hasn’t always been the case because the air quality used to be quite poor due to industrial pollution. 


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Thankfully, Perth has made significant improvements over the years through better regulation and cleaner technologies. We believe this has resulted in a healthier environment for all. 

With Perth’s distance from industrial hotspots and its coastal advantage, we also think this city is a breath of fresh air (literally!). For us, Perth boasts air quality that would make even the fussiest of oxygen connoisseurs crack a smile. 

More specifically, the pristine Indian Ocean breezes sweep over Perth. We think this likely sweeps up a bunch of pollutants that dare to infiltrate its boundaries.

But of course, we know that Perth won’t be immune to the occasional atmospheric quirks that can taint the purity of its air today. 

For one, temperature inversions and stagnant weather conditions (What is the weather like in Perth, and how does it affect daily life?) can play tricks, allowing some pollutants to misbehave temporarily. 

But fear not! We believe these instances are mere hiccups in an otherwise harmonious symphony of clean air in the city.

But while Perth’s air quality is generally stellar, we can’t ignore the fiery tango of the hot summer months (is it hot in Perth). The occasional bushfire may cast a smoky haze over the city, challenging the pristine air.

Yet, these situations are as fleeting as the summer breeze, leaving behind an air quality in Perth that we think is still worth boasting about.

What are the main sources of Perth’s air pollution? 

What are the main sources of Perth’s air pollution

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There are several sources of air pollution in Perth. Before we discuss each of them, here’s a summary table based on the Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s 2019 Air Quality report:

Sources of Air Pollution in Perth:
Industrial emissionsTrafficBurning activitiesNatural sources (e.g., bushfires)Construction dust and fumesWaste disposalOther

One of the notorious suspects in Perth’s air pollution case is industrial emissions. The factories and power plants release a smoky haze into the air, which can tarnish the pristine blue skies. 

Another major culprit on our list is traffic. The hustle and bustle of vehicles can clog our streets and contribute to air pollution. 

For example, cars, trucks, and motorcycles release exhaust fumes that linger in the air, creating a hazy atmosphere. 

Of course, we mustn’t forget about all the burning activities that add fuel to Perth’s air pollution. 

From backyard bonfires to agricultural burns, we believe these release more smoke and pollutants into the air, creating a hazy spectacle. 

Not only that, but there are also many home builders and construction sites that cause dust and debris. These, in turn, become mischievous agents of air pollution. 

Of course, as buildings rise and roads are built, dust particles take to the air, creating a dusty atmosphere that fogs our views. 

How does Perth’s air quality compare with other large Australian cities? 

How does Perth’s air quality compare with other large Australian cities

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As mentioned, we think that Perth enjoys a distinct advantage when it comes to air quality because of its stunning coastal setting and wide-open spaces. 

The ocean breeze sweeps away pollutants, leaving the air crisp like a freshly picked Granny Smith apple. So for us, Perth confidently claims its place as a top contender in the air quality ring among other Australian cities.

Here’s a table comparing Perth’s air quality with several other Australian cities for the year 2023, based on data from the Air Quality Index (AQI) website

Australian City2023 Average Air Quality Index (AQI)
(The World Health Organization’s standard: not exceeding 10 g/m3)
Perth0 µg/m³
Melbourne2 µg/m³
Sydney1 µg/m³
Brisbane5.4 µg/m³
Adelaide3 µg/m³
Hobart11 µg/m³

To compare, we have Melbourne, which we think is the city of art, culture, and a touch of mystique. While we believe its air quality might not match Perth’s pristine reputation, Melbourne has its own charm too. 

Melbourne seems to have a slight mist or a touch of atmospheric allure that creates a unique ambience. In our opinion, looking at this city is like stepping into a sepia-toned photograph with a hint of whimsy in the air.

Next up is Sydney, the vibrant city that never sleeps. We think that this is also a heavyweight in the air quality competition. 

But with its bustling streets and iconic landmarks, we feel that Sydney’s air quality also faces some challenges. 

Yet the city compensates with its resilience and dedication to sustainability. In our opinion, the government and NGOs’ efforts to reduce emissions and promote cleaner transportation options give Sydney’s air quality a fighting chance in this match.

Not only that, but Brisbane dances to its own subtropical beat as well. For us, its warm climate and coastal vibe create a refreshing atmosphere that improves its air quality. 

The occasional brush with humidity makes its air a tad clingy. Still, we think Brisbane’s commitment to green initiatives and outdoor spaces ensures that fresh air is not too far away. 

Then we also have Adelaide, nestled on the picturesque southern coast, which we feel unveils a coastal bliss that permeates its air quality. 

We believe Adelaide’s proximity to the Great Southern Ocean breathes life into its atmosphere, resulting in refreshing air quality. 

Overall, this city’s commitment to sustainability and green initiatives seems to bolster its air quality standing. This makes it a fine contender in this air quality showdown, in our opinion.

Finally, we have Hobart, the charming capital of Tasmania, which also adds a harmonious spirit to the air quality competition in Australia. 

We think that Hobart enjoys a tranquil atmosphere due to the majestic mountains and pristine wilderness surrounding it. 

Moreover, the city’s dedication to preserving its natural beauty and fostering sustainable practices reassures us of its good air quality.

What are the health effects of poor air quality? 

What are the health effects of poor air quality

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We believe that a couple breaths (or more) of fresh air can make a difference in your mood or health over the long term. But polluted air certainly makes this tough, as it poses a significant threat. 

Picture this: tiny, invisible villains swirling in the air, waiting for the perfect opportunity to bother our unsuspecting bodies. Bad air quality can contain a cocktail of pollutants like fine particles, allergens, and toxic gases. 

People who breathe polluted air may find themselves gasping for air, struggling to fill their lungs with the purity they crave. But it can sometimes cause more than just discomfort – this can be a matter of life and death. 


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We think it’s important to know that poor air quality is actually responsible for millions of premature deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.

However, the consequences don’t stop at our lungs. Polluted air has a heart-wrenching effect on our cardiovascular health as well. For easy reference, here are some of the effects of poor air quality in the city: *

Potential Effects of Poor Air Quality in Perth:
Cardiovascular issues (e.g., high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke)Respiratory diseasesIrritation and allergiesDisruption of physical balancePoor sleep qualityWeaker immune system

Research has linked exposure to dirty air with an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. We think it’s unfortunate that the very air we breathe can betray our hearts.

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But let’s not forget that the impact of poor air quality extends beyond our respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It infiltrates every nook and cranny of our bodies, wreaking havoc on our well-being. 

Poor air can cause our eyes to become irritated (like a sandstorm), while allergies act up like an orchestra of sneezes. It can also disrupt our body’s delicate balance, affecting our energy levels, sleep quality, and immune function. 

Altogether, breathing in polluted air is a troublesome situation. If you’re not careful, we think this might soon require immediate medical attention.

What are the initiatives taken to improve air quality in Perth?

What are the initiatives taken to improve air quality in Perth

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It seems that Perth’s government has taken a proactive stance on addressing air pollution. We think you don’t have to worry too much because, through their various initiatives, they strive to reduce emissions and create a healthier environment. 

For example, stringent emission standards for vehicles, along with support for sustainable transport options, are among the measures being implemented. 

In our opinion, these efforts show their commitment to combating air pollution and promoting a greener future.


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Alongside government initiatives, we like that non-governmental organisations have also stepped up as champions for cleaner air in Perth. 

They actively engage the community, raise awareness about the importance of reducing pollution, and encourage sustainable practices. We believe their dedication reminds us of the collective responsibility we all share in protecting our air quality.

To be more specific, we can also shed some light on some of the specific programmes and policies that are shaping Perth’s air quality landscape. 

First, the Clean Air campaign stands out as a call to action, urging citizens to adopt energy-efficient practices and responsible waste management.

Also, the Clean Transport Revolution promotes the use of electric vehicles, cycling infrastructure, and public transportation, contributing to a reduction in vehicle emissions and congestion. 

One more notable air quality campaign in Perth is the Breathe Easy Perth campaign. 

We like that this initiative focuses on raising awareness about air pollution. This is done through exercise classes and pulmonary rehabilitation.

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Photo source: Pexels

These activities encouraged individuals of all ages, as well as businesses and communities, to take action to improve air quality.

For us, these combined initiatives help to have a positive impact on Perth’s air quality. We think these initiatives should continue, and it would be great for more people to participate.

How can I protect myself from poor air quality?

How can I protect myself from poor air quality

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When you feel that the air quality takes a nosedive wherever you may live, we feel it’s best to stay ‘low key’ for a while. During periods of high air pollution, we believe it’s advisable to limit your outdoor activities and seek refuge indoors. 

Of course, if someone is smoking at home or using other hazardous chemicals to pollute the air, you might want to consider staying somewhere else.

In our opinion, this could be like going incognito during the recent pandemic – when you were protecting yourself from harmful pollutants lurking in the air. When you become the master of evasion, the air quality pollutants won’t stand much chance!

In situations where air quality is severely compromised, wearing a protective mask can also provide an extra layer of defence. 

We suggest looking for masks that are specifically designed to filter out fine particles and pollutants. Just like what many of you have probably seen in the news these past few years, N95 masks are often recommended for this purpose.

You can also transform your home into a fortress of freshness by using air purifiers. For us, these trusty sidekicks filter out pollutants, ensuring the air you breathe is as crisp as a freshly pressed cape. 

For us, they’re like little air quality superheroes. They battle allergens and harmful particles to keep your sanctuary clean and cosy.

Not only that, but drinking plenty of water also helps flush out toxins from your system and keeps your respiratory passages moist. 

Many doctors would say that hydration is particularly important during times of poor air quality, as it can help minimise any irritation or dryness in your airways.

Of course, it’s advisable to keep an eye on local environmental agencies and meteorological websites that provide real-time air quality data. 

This way, you can plan your escapades when the air quality is at its finest, like a savvy superhero plotting their next move.

Mobile apps and handy gadgets also exist to help you monitor air quality on the go! 

We think these tools are like utility belts, equipping you with the power to make informed decisions about your activities and protect your precious lungs.

All in all, knowledge is key! Stay updated on air quality levels in Perth by tapping into the vast resources available, either online or by talking to experts. 

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