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Perth’s Business Climate Major Industries and Companies

Perth’s Business Climate: Major Industries and Companies

If you’re interested in starting a business in Perth, it helps to have an idea about its business climate to learn the ropes first.

Perth is a wealthy city with a favourable business climate. There are many major businesses here, including top international resource and energy companies.

Check out our handy guide below to get you started on your business journey in Perth.

What are the major business industries in Perth?

What are the major business industries in Perth

Curious about the booming businesses in the city? Perth is a dynamic place filled with industries that make the city’s business economy thrive. 

From the rough world of mining and the exquisite flavours of the food scene to staying fit and healthy, we believe there’s something for everyone to work on.

These are some of Perth’s most prominent business industries:
Information Technology
Food and Beverage
Health and Wellness

In Perth, mining isn’t just a job – it’s practically a way of life. With an abundance of mineral resources, we believe the mining industry plays a significant role in the local economy. 

You’ll find mining executives strutting around town in their hard hats and high-visibility safety vests, negotiating deals over coffee

Mining may be a risky business. Still, we believe that someone’s got to supply the world with all those shiny rocks, and we believe Perth is pretty good at it!


Next up is tourism. Perth’s pristine dog beaches, stunning landscapes, and vibrant city life make it a top destination for tourists. 

Whether you’re a nature lover, a culture enthusiast, or just looking for a good tan, we know that Perth is the place to be. From cuddling koalas to sipping wine in the picturesque Swan Valley, there’s rarely a dull moment here! 


Agriculture is also a major industry that many business owners take a chance on. 

Perth may be known for its stunning coastline. But we believe that if you venture a bit further inland, you’ll discover fertile land that’s also a farmer’s paradise. 

The agricultural industry in Perth produces everything from juicy fruits to mouth-watering vegetables. With wide-open spaces and plenty of sunshine, the farmers here have it made. 

So, next time you bite into a delicious apple or enjoy a crisp salad, it’s best to remember that it might have come straight from the bountiful fields of Perth.


Moving on, though we feel Perth may not have Silicon Valley’s status yet, it sure is making a name for itself in the tech world. 

The information technology industry in Perth is growing at a rapid pace, attracting many tech-savvy entrepreneurs and startups. 

With their eyes glued to computer screens and brains full of coding jargon, we think these tech wizards are shaping the future one line of code at a time. Who knows, the next big tech innovation might just be brewing in a Perth-based startup’s garage!


And if you got hungry from all that work, Perth is a haven for cafes and restaurants for foodies too! This is especially true with its bustling food and beverage industry, which serves up a mouth-watering array of culinary delights. 

From trendy places serving smashed avocado on toast to fine dining establishments showcasing the best of local produce, we believe there’s no shortage of gastronomic experiences in the city. 

Feeling more curious and wanting to learn more about this sun-kissed city? 


Actually, the education industry in Perth (What is the education system like in Perth, and are there any highly-regarded schools or universities?) is also popular with local and international students. 

Perth is home to several prestigious universities and colleges, making it a thriving education hub. From cutting-edge research facilities to innovative teaching methods, its educational institutions attract students from around the world.


As Perth’s skyline is constantly evolving, we feel the booming construction industry should also be taken into account. 

From residential developments to commercial complexes, construction projects seem to pop up like mushrooms after the rain. 

When you walk, commute, or drive around the city, you may see lots of cranes and hardworking construction workers. For us, Perth is truly a city that is always under construction.


Speaking of walking around on a daily basis, Perthians take their health and wellness seriously. This is why we think that their health industry is becoming more successful.

From fitness centres and Pilates studios to wellness retreats and alternative therapies, Perth offers a plethora of options for staying healthy, both physically and mentally. 

So, if you’re looking to rejuvenate your body and soul, we believe Perth has just the right prescription for you.

What are the major companies in Perth?

What are the major companies in Perth

As we know, Perth is among the cities where the big players roam and fortunes are made! 

But what do these major companies have that makes them thrive and dominate the business landscape? To learn more, let’s dive into a few of them here.

When it comes to mining giants, we think BHP Billiton is the king of the hill. Known for its insatiable appetite for digging up the earth’s treasures, this company has left an indelible mark on Perth’s economy. 

Moreover, BHP’s mining operations have created jobs, fueled economic growth, and contributed significantly to the city’s prosperity. 

With their pockets filled with minerals and their boardrooms bustling with high-stakes negotiations, BHP Billiton helps keep Perth’s economy on solid ground.

Though not to be outdone, we believe Rio Tinto is another heavyweight in the mining sector that has left its mark on Perth. 

With its iconic red logo and a thirst for metals and minerals, Rio Tinto’s operations seem to have become synonymous with economic prosperity in the region, in our opinion. 

From iron ore to aluminium, their mining activities have put Perth on the global map as a major player in the resources industry. For us, it’s safe to say that Rio Tinto rocks the mining world, one excavation at a time!

And as the energy industry continues to power the world, Woodside Petroleum also stands tall as a leading player in the oil and gas sector. With its headquarters in Perth, we think this company has become a driving force behind the city’s economic growth. 

Its exploration, production, and distribution of energy resources have created numerous job opportunities. For this reason, we believe Woodside has positioned Perth as a key hub in the energy sector. 

Based on this information, we feel that these 3 companies (BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Woodside Petroleum) haven’t been resting on their laurels. They continue to shape Perth’s business climate with recent developments and strategic moves.

In fact, BHP Billiton recently expanded its mining operations and invested in advanced technologies. This hasn’t only increased job opportunities but has also boosted Perth’s reputation as a centre for innovation in the mining industry. 

With their ever-expanding reach, this shows us that BHP Billiton isn’t slowing down and continues to leave their mark on Perth’s economic landscape.

Moreover, Rio Tinto has been focusing on sustainable mining practices, embracing environmentally friendly initiatives, and investing in renewable energy projects. 

In our opinion, their commitment to responsible mining not only positions Perth as a responsible global player but also attracts environmentally conscious investors and fosters a positive business climate.

Lastly, Woodside Petroleum has been diversifying its portfolio by exploring renewable energy options. With investments in solar, wind, and hydrogen projects, we think Woodside is shaping Perth’s transition to a greener future. 

For us, all these companies’ initiatives contribute to environmental sustainability and attract investors who are keen on supporting clean energy solutions. 

Their focus on sustainable practices aligns with the global shift towards responsible business operations, putting Perth on the map as a city that combines economic success with environmental consciousness.


The presence of such major companies in Perth creates a ripple effect throughout the local business ecosystem. Their operations create demand for various goods and services, leading to the emergence of supporting industries. 

Moreover, we believe their contribution reaches beyond financial gains as they invest in sustainable practices, support local communities, and foster innovation. So, who says you can’t be successful while also being sustainable?

How can I do business in Perth?

How can I do business in Perth

Ready to take your business to Perth? From navigating regulations to tapping into resources, we’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to join the ranks of Perth’s business elite.

For us, starting a business in Perth is like going on an exotic safari (unlike an organised zoo). You must be prepared for unexpected twists and turns, just like encountering a kangaroo hopping across your path while filling out paperwork. 

First, you’ll need to choose your business structure – do you want to be as agile as a wallaby with a sole proprietorship or as mighty as a crocodile with a company?


It’s best to be careful, though. Choosing the wrong structure might leave you feeling like a lost tourist, so we suggest consulting trusted people in your network or experts in the field if possible.

Now, Perth’s business environment has its fair share of rules and regulations. Navigating through them can be as challenging as deciphering koala sounds. 

From obtaining licences to registering for taxes, it’s best to brace yourself. We don’t want to scare you, but it might feel like going through a maze full of unexpected twists. 


You might find yourself caught in a whirlwind of forms, permits, and compliance requirements. In these situations, just remember that persistence is key and keep pushing forward like a determined emu.

And on top of that, Perth’s tax system can feel like a cheeky kookaburra bird laughing at your expense. 

Depending on your business structure and industry, you’ll need to navigate a series of tax obligations. This includes Goods and Services Tax (GST), income tax, and payroll tax, among others.


If you’re not careful, you might end up in a financial boomerang. In our opinion, it’s wise to consult with a savvy bookkeeper to ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the taxman’s wrath.

Don’t worry too much, though. Perth offers a treasure trove of resources to help you along your business journey. 


For example, the city is buzzing with networking events where you can mingle with fellow business-minded folks, swap tales of triumphs and failures, and build valuable connections. 

There’s also a wealth of online resources and government support programmes designed to give you a boost as you scale the business mountain.

What is the social and environmental responsibility of a business?

What is the social and environmental responsibility of a business

Perth isn’t just about sun, sand, and good vibes. We believe it’s a city committed to environmental and social responsibility, and it’s making waves in the business world. 

From protecting native habitats and wildlife conservation to promoting social equity and diversity, Perth is taking significant strides to create a greener and fairer future.

With initiatives like rooftop gardens and eco-friendly practices, Perth has embraced sustainability. 

For us, the city is a go-to destination for environmentally conscious travellers. Fun fact: The adorable quokkas on Rottnest Island have become the unofficial mascots of Perth’s commitment to biodiversity!

Perth’s policies further reinforce its dedication to sustainability. From incentivizing renewable energy adoption to implementing waste management programmes, we like that the city encourages businesses to prioritise green practices. 

In our opinion, this positions Perth as an attractive destination for conscious consumers, employees, and investors, ultimately impacting the business climate positively.

Moreover, Perth’s focus on social equity builds a diverse and innovative workforce, creating a culture of collaboration and resilience. By nurturing an inclusive business environment, we believe the city lays the groundwork for success.

In a nutshell, Perth’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility goes beyond superficial gestures. It has tangible impacts on the business climate by attracting conscious businesses and fostering a culture of innovation. 

And there you go! With perseverance, a touch of humour, and a dash of Aussie spirit, you’ll be ready to conquer the Perth business scene. Good luck!

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