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Livin’ the High Life The Richest Suburbs in Perth

Livin’ the High Life: The Richest Suburbs in Perth

Looking for a great place to settle down someday? Or are you just curious about where Perth’s richest people live? 

This piece will take a look at the richest suburbs in Perth and why they are so popular with the city’s most affluent people.

A Quick Comparison of Perth’s Most Expensive Suburbs

As you’ll see in the table below, Perth’s most expensive suburb is Dalkeith. The two next most expensive suburbs are Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove.

South Perth is the most inexpensive suburb on the list. 

Surprisingly, City Beach has the most expensive rent. Meanwhile, Swanbourne has the most expensive unit prices.

SuburbMedian House PriceMedian Unit PriceMedian Rent Price
Peppermint Grove$3,000,000$610,000$780/week
City Beach$2,700,000$800,000$1,500/week
East Perth$1,840,000$470,000$600/week
South Perth$1,580,000$540,000$600/week

The Most Expensive Suburbs in Perth

Now, let’s explore Perth’s most expensive suburbs. I’ll provide the average house prices, the reasons why they’re expensive, and a bit of my own experience visiting these neighbourhoods.



Photo credit: Custom Homes Magazine

Median house price: $3.4 million 

Median unit price: $915,000 

Median rent price: $1,300/week

One of the richest suburbs of Perth, Dalkeith is home to the city’s most successful and richest people. 

We, locals, consider it part of Perth’s Golden Triangle, a collection of the city’s most affluent suburbs and towns close to the Swan River and the Indian Ocean.

A big reason why Dalkeith is so popular among the wealthy is its almost isolated geography. 

It’s flanked by the Swan River on the east, west, and south. Its northern side is the only land connection it has with the rest of the city.

The West Australian

Photo credit: The West Australian

I drove through this suburb one time and found out why Dalkeith is so popular with the rich. It’s one of the quietest areas in Perth and has a calm atmosphere, which can be surprising for some due to its proximity to Perth’s busy metropolitan area.

Dalkeith not only has a great view of the Swan River, but it also has great natural reserves, like the David Cruikshank Reserve, which let its residents unwind after a long day of work.

All in all, Dalkeith offers beauty and convenience, which is why its land prices continue to grow sharply every year.



Photo credit: Wiki Australia

Median house price: $3.1 million 

Median unit price: $920,000 

Median rent price: $1,100/week

Cottesloe is home to one of the city’s most famous beaches, Cottesloe Beach. As a frequent visitor to this beach, I can see why this suburb has risen to become one of Perth’s richest.

This suburb is one of the most beautiful places in the city. The beach itself offers a picturesque view of the Indian Ocean, and it offers a lot of activities like snorkelling, surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.

Lonely Planet

Photo credit: Lonely Planet

Cottesloe itself is a quiet and peaceful area where we can sometimes find ourselves forgetting that the busy area of Perth is just a few kilometres away. Cottesloe Beach is one of my prime destinations during the summer season.

In conclusion, the reason why Cottesloe is an expensive suburb to live in is it gives its residents easy access to the city’s most beautiful beach. 

Just like Los Angeles has Pacific Palisades, we have Cottesloe.

Peppermint Grove

Peppermint Grove

Photo credit: Shellabears

Median house price: $3 million 

Median unit price: $610,000 

Median rent price: $780/week

Peppermint Grove is what most of us locals will immediately think of when we talk about Perth’s richest suburbs. It’s one of the most beautiful suburbs of the city, with huge houses and sprawling greenery.

It’s part of our city’s Golden Triangle and is located to the east of Dalkeith, with both suburbs separated only by the Karrakatta Bank. 

As you can probably tell by now, the Swan River almost always makes properties close to it shoot up in value.

MJA Studio

Photo credit: MJA Studio

This suburb is highly popular with affluent families thanks to its fair share of prestigious schools and recreational activities. Peppermint Grove is home to the Presbyterian Ladies’ College and the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

This suburb may not be something I’ll have the chance to live in, but it’s a place I can enjoy on visits. This suburb is one of my favourite places to go for a morning jog or walk.

City Beach

City Beach

Photo credit: World Beach Guide

Median house price: $2.7 million 

Median unit price: $800,000 

Median rent price: $1,500/week

Are you a beach lover? Well, most of Perth’s richest residents are. 

City Beach is home to two of Perth’s famous beaches: its namesake City Beach and Floreat Beach.

This suburb is heaven for those who heavily enjoy the beach lifestyle. City Beach’s calm waves are the perfect place for swimmers, while Floreat Beach’s rougher waves make it a popular spot among our city’s surfers.

City Beach is also where you’ll find the City Beach Foreshore. This is a vast green space where visitors can relax and participate in some local events regularly held there.

The West Australian (2)

Photo credit: The West Australian

However, as a local, the biggest reason I find this suburb to be so popular is because of its famous restaurants and bars. On some weekends, I invite my friends here to unwind after a long week of work.

City Beach is a popular suburb for families too. In this suburb, you’ll find great schools like Holy Spirit Primary School and John XXIII College.



Photo credit: Neil Cownie Architect

Median house price: $2.1 million 

Median unit price: $1 million 

Median rent price: $1,000/week

Swanbourne is a suburb highly coveted by many affluent people thanks to its distinctive houses. 

The suburb is well-known for its newly renovated red Federation-style houses, which were a popular type of architecture between 1890 and 1915.

These homes line up the streets of Swanbourne, giving the suburb a unique homely feeling one can’t normally find in suburbs with modern homes.

This suburb is another popular spot for families looking to enrol their children at some of the best educational institutions in the city. 

Surf Life Saving WA

Photo credit: Surf Life Saving WA

One of its most well-known educational institutions is Scotch College, where one of my friends is a recent graduate.

Aside from great schools, Swanbourne is also where you’ll find Swanbourne Beach. This beach isn’t as famous as City Beach, but its white sand and scenic ocean view give the residents of Swanbourne a view they’ll never get tired of.



Photo credit: Domain

Median house price: $2 million 

Median unit price: $640,000 

Median rent price: $970/week

Nedlands is now experiencing a sharp demand for its properties thanks to numerous factors. It’s a place full of things to do, and its location is what led to it being one of the hottest suburbs to buy a house in for the last few years.

For starters, Nedlands is the closest suburb to the University of Western Australia, the state’s most prestigious university. Most of the residents of this suburb are students and staff at this university.

Western Independent

Photo credit: Western Independent

This suburb is also where you’ll find some of the best hospitals in our city, including Perth Children’s Hospital and the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. 

Aside from these, Nedlands offers a lot of fun activities too. My favourite spots to visit in Nedlands are the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery and Windsor Cinema. 

It’s also right beside the famous Kings Park, where residents can enjoy a Sunday walk or a trip to Western Australia’s famed botanic garden.



Photo credit: Domain

Median house price: $1.8 million 

Median unit price: $641,000 

Median rent price: $990/week

The third point of Perth’s Golden Triangle, Claremont, is a suburb that is famous for its lively commercial spaces and recreational areas. 

Combined with a peaceful suburban environment, Claremont has been a long-time favourite among homebuyers in the city.

This is actually my favourite suburb to visit because of the reasons above. The Claremont Quarter is my go-to place for gifts, and The Goods Shed is a great place too for some sweet deals on daily necessities.


Photo credit: WAtoday

Another reason Claremont is so popular among homebuyers is it’s where one of Western Australia’s biggest events, the Perth Royal Show, is held yearly. 

This is one of our most-awaited events every year, as it’s full of fun activities and rides to enjoy.

Lastly, this suburb is popular because it’s part of Perth’s railway network. The Claremont train station can easily connect Claremont’s residents to the Perth CBD and towns on the eastern side of Perth.



Photo credit: Wikipedia

Median house price: $1.8 million 

Median unit price: $750,000 

Median rent price: $840/week

Applecross is another highly sought-after riverside suburb, famous for its scenic river views and relaxing natural reserves. 

Located on the southern banks of the Swan River, Applecross provides its residents with a great view of the CBD’s skyline.

What makes Applecross so famous among homebuyers is its tranquil atmosphere. It’s one of the quietest suburbs in Perth, and it provides its residents with the chance to enjoy a peaceful sleep despite being so close to metropolitan Perth.

Averna Homes

Photo credit: Averna Homes

As I mentioned before, Applecross is home to great natural reserves like the Heathcote Reserve and Tompkins Park. These parks are too far from my home to be one of my go-to places, but I had a great time on all my visits to these.

Another great thing about this suburb is that it has easy access to commercial spaces too. Just outside the suburb, you’ll see the Canning Highway commercial area, where residents can buy all their needs.

East Perth

East Perth

Photo credit: WA Achievers

Median house price: $1.84 million 

Median unit price: $470,000 

Median rent price: $600/week

East Perth is an expensive suburb to live in because it strikes the perfect balance between suburban life and city life. 

Located just two kilometres away from the Perth CBD, this suburb is a favourite among those who prefer to not miss out on the very best of what Perth can offer.

Its close proximity to major commercial spaces and offices is a big reason why this suburb is so popular. It also has easy access to most of Perth’s public transportation, making it a great place to live if you’re not a fan of cars.


Photo credit: ABC

Residents of East Perth also have the best front-row seats to watch Perth’s New Year’s Eve celebration fireworks. 

One of my friends had hosted many New Year’s Eve parties at her home in East Perth so we could all watch the fireworks go off from the comfort of her home.

This suburb is also close to some of Perth’s biggest attractions. Some of these attractions are the vibrant Elizabeth Quay and the HBF Stadium, where most major events and sports matches are held.

South Perth

South Perth

Photo credit: City of South Perth

Median house price: $1.58 million 

Median unit price: $540,000 

Median rent price: $600/week

South Perth is hot on the property market right now for a reason. As one of Perth’s oldest districts, it’s chock full of tourist attractions, commercial spaces, and parks, which most homebuyers will love.

You’ll already see the wide array of restaurants and bars in this city the moment you enter its boundaries. Places like Mindeerup and Mends Street Jetty offer a lot of places I love to come back to for some great meals and drinks.

As I mentioned before, South Perth is a well-known tourist spot. In this suburb, you’ll see the famous Perth Zoo and the iconic Old Mill. 

Visit Perth

Photo credit: Visit Perth

It even has Sir James Mitchell Park, a vast green space where its residents can relax and have a picnic with their families.

South Perth is also a great place to live if your job is in the Perth CBD. The Narrows Bridge connects South Perth to the towns on the northern side of the Swan River. 

Residents can also ride the ferry at Mends Street Jetty to reach other places quickly.

FAQs about the Rich in Perth

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