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A Local Foodie’s Ultimate Guide to Perth’s Food Scene

A Local Foodie’s Ultimate Guide to Perth’s Food Scene

Curious about Perth’s food scene? Looking to try out the very best on your visit to the city? 

Then let me show you what I believe are some of the best things visitors must try while in our city.

What’s the food scene like in Perth?

What’s the food scene like in Perth

Photo credit: Swan Valley

The food scene in Perth is highly diverse and influenced by the city’s melting pot of cultures.

A lot of our restaurants here are heavily inspired by cuisines all over the world. Some of our most famous restaurants feature dishes from Italy, the UK, Vietnam, China, and more.

Perth’s diverse food scene also features tasty and unique dishes made by the indigenous people of Australia.

The city has lots of options to offer which makes it a solid choice if you’re looking to enjoy a wide variety of dishes in a single trip.

Why is it important to try out the local food scene during my travels?

Why is it important to try out the local food scene during my travels

Photo credit: Entrepreneur

Trying out the local food scene during your travels can give you a good idea about the place’s culture and traditions.

By tasting the popular dishes of an area, you’ll be able to learn more about the locals’ preferred tastes and culinary styles. Applying this logic to Perth, you can immediately see the city’s identity by checking out its dishes.

It’s a city of diversity where people from different places can and are encouraged to show the best dishes their culture can offer.

Perth’s food scene clearly tells the story of a city that is open and welcoming to all, no matter where they came from.

Perth’s Biggest Cultural Influences in its Food Scene

As I mentioned before, Perth is a melting pot of different cultures. We don’t have a prominent style of cuisine here because we love trying out dishes from all over the world.

Here are some of the biggest contributors to Perth’s diverse food scene:

Indigenous Culture

Indigenous Culture

Photo credit: Scoop

Perth’s indigenous peoples have a profound effect on the city’s food scene. In recent years, a lot of dishes invented by the Aboriginal people, like the bush tucker and witchetty grub, have begun appearing in a lot of restaurants in the city.

This is due to the rising popularity of “low food miles” among us locals. Food miles is the distance travelled by the food before it reaches a consumer. 

Food with low miles is most likely made using ingredients sourced locally.

More people have started to appreciate dishes that are sourced locally instead of those made from ingredients that were shipped halfway across the world.

Because indigenous cuisine only uses ingredients readily available in Western Australia, it’s now one of the most well-loved cuisines in our city.

Asian Culture

Asian Culture

Photo credit: Prevention

Australia is a nation of immigrants. This fact can’t be truer for Perth, as it has become one of the most popular places for immigrants to settle, especially those from Asian countries.

Perth’s Asian population makes up more than 12% (312,000) of the total population of the city. A lot of them are of Chinese and Indian descent, which is why you’ll see a lot of restaurants serving up these cultures’ most popular dishes.

European Culture

European Culture

Photo credit: Nomad Paradise

Let’s not forget that Australia was originally a colony of the British Empire. Throughout the centuries, European settlers have brought their nations’ finest dishes with them into the Land Down Under.

Perth is one of the hottest places to try out the best of what Europe has to offer. Here you’ll be able to taste dishes from Italy, Germany, the UK, and more.

Perth’s Most Unique Dishes

Perth’s Most Unique Dishes

Photo credit: Big 7 Travel

Pizza, ramen, and burgers are already familiar foods. Is there anything Perth can offer you that you haven’t tried yet?

The answer I’ll give you is a resounding yes! My city has its own unique dishes that visitors must definitely try out.

Here are some of Perth’s unique dishes you’ll see during your visit:



Photo credit: The Better Fish

Where to try:

Juniper & Bay

Address: 3 Preston St, Como WA 6152, Australia

Business hours: 5:30 AM – 9:00 PM (TUES-SAT)

Matilda Bay Restaurant

Address: 3 Hackett Dr., Crawley WA 6009, Australia

Business hours:

5:00 PM – 11:00 PM (MON-FRI)

11:00 AM – 12:00 AM (SAT)

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM (SUN)

Let’s start off by introducing the barramundi, a fish that is highly common in the waters of Australia. It’s one of Perth’s mainstay seafood ingredients.

The fish itself has a mild flavour and smell, which makes it easy to eat for almost anyone. It can be prepared by baking, grilling, or pan-frying.

Barramundi’s flaky and light texture makes it super easy to prepare meals with. Some even use it as a good ingredient substitute to give recipes a unique twist.

My personal favourite is the grilled barramundi burger mixed with jalapenos and lemon slices.

Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo Meat

Photo credit: Ilonka Foods

Where to try:

Outback Jacks

Address: 124 James St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Business hours: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM

The Meat & Wine Co Perth

Address: Ground Floor/108 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Business hours: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

The thought of consuming one of Australia’s most unique animals might sound weird to some people. However, Western Australia is known for its delicious dishes based on kangaroo meat.

Kangaroo meat is one of Perth’s most popular dishes. You can find kangaroo meat on the menus of everything—from our most expensive fine dining restaurants to simple food stalls on the side of the road.

I highly recommend you try out grilled kangaroo meat. The gamey flavour of this lean meat provides a unique experience you normally don’t get from farm animals like cows and pigs.

You don’t need to worry about potential environmental concerns. A very high kangaroo population poses a threat to farmlands in Western Australia, and this is our way of controlling their population.

Blue Swimmer Crab

Blue Swimmer Crab

Photo credit: The Guardian

Where to try:

TheCray Seafood & Grill Restaurant

Address: 86 Great Eastern Hwy, Belmont WA 6104, Australia

Business hours:

12:00 PM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM (TUES-FRI)

5:00 PM – 9:30 PM (SAT)

Art of Seafood

Address: 306 Birdiya Drive, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

Business hours:

5:30 PM – 9:30 PM (TUES)

11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM (WED-FRI)

11:30 AM – 10:00 PM (SAT)

11:30 AM – 9:30 PM (SUN)

The blue swimmer crab is another seafood delicacy of Perth. These crabs are caught off the coasts of Western Australia and are known for their nutty flavour and firm texture.

Most seafood restaurants in the city typically cook it with spices added like curry powder or chilli sauce. The end result is seafood with a mild spicy flavour which is excellent when paired with your favourite wine.

My favourite way of eating the blue swimmer crab is with pasta. The most popular crab pasta dishes in the city are pappardelle with blue swimmer crab and creamy crab pasta mixed with chilli and basil.

Bush Tucker

Bush Tucker

Photo credit: Swan Valley

Where to try:


Address: COMO The Treasury Level 4, 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia 

Business hours: 

12:00 PM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM (WED-FRI) 

5:30 PM – 10:00 PM (TUES and SAT) 

Closed on SUN and MON

Remember when I said that indigenous food has started to gain massive traction in Perth? One of these is traditional bush tucker, which is composed of foraged ingredients in Western Australia.

The bush tucker only uses ingredients that are locally available. This may include unique ingredients like crocodile meat, emu, and kangaroo meat. It is also heavy on fruits and vegetables native to Western Australia.

It’s one of the healthiest dishes you can try in Perth. Most restaurants in the city offer their own versions of bush tucker, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see which version is best for you.

For those new to this dish, I recommend you try out the kangaroo curry with macadamia flatbread. It offers a great twist to the bush tucker recipe and lets first-timers try out the dish with a taste they’re already familiar with.



Photo credit: Broadsheet

Where to try:

Veggie Mama

Address: 5/567 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Australia 

Business hours: 

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM (SUN and MON)

10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (TUES-FRI)

10:00 Am – 4:00 PM (SAT)

Mister Walker Restaurant

Address: 80 S Perth Esplanade, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

Business hours: 8:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Vegemite is not entirely exclusive in Perth; it’s a food spread that is part of the overall Australian culture. It’s a thick, dark-brown substance made with leftover brewer’s yeast mixed with malt and vegetable extracts.

We typically use it as a spread for our toast and biscuits. It’s got a strong salty flavour which might remind you of some salty condiments like soy sauce or umami.

This particular dish won’t be too hard to find during your visit to Perth. Chances are you’ll see this at your hotel’s breakfast service, right beside some slices of white bread.

Top Must-Try Restos in Perth

After knowing more about Perth’s local food scene, it’s time to test the best restaurants in the city. Here are my top three must-try restaurants that you should definitely not miss.


Price range: $$$ 

Address: 6 The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000, Australia 


Business hours: 

12:00 PM – 12:00 AM (MON-FRI) 

6:00 PM – 12:00 AM (SAT) 

Closed on SUN

Balthazar is one of Perth’s best fine-dining restaurants. It’s so easy to find because it’s just a three-minute walk from Elizabeth Quay, one of Perth’s most famous attractions.

This restaurant is praised for its generous servings despite its status. It serves a great variety of dishes featuring seafood, beef, pork, and Western Australia’s special kangaroo meat.

The establishment itself is oozing with style because it’s located in the Lawson Apartments, an original Art Deco building. Its spacious interior has plenty of seating available, so you don’t need to worry too much about reservations.

Every visit I had with Balthazar was fantastic. However, the establishment charges a 15% surcharge during public holidays, so watch out for that.



Photo credit: sus-ten-ance 

Price range: $ 

Address: 191/580 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia 


Business hours: 

11:30 PM – 3:00 PM (MON-THURS) 

11:30 PM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM (FRI) 

11:30 PM – 6:00 PM (SAT and SUN)

Now I’ll show you my favourite ramen spot, Nao. It isn’t a fancy spot like Balthazar, but it offers some of the most authentic ramen in the city.

Nao offers a lot of Japanese dishes, including ramen, tempura, curry, and karaage. However, the best thing about this Japanese restaurant is its noodles, which it makes in-house.

Yes, you heard me right! Nao’s excellent chefs make their ramen noodles inside the establishment. For a few pennies more, you can even enjoy their egg noodles infused with spinach, squid ink, or red chilli.

As a fan, I highly recommend you try out their cold ramen. It’s super cheap (only $19 for a large bowl) and tastes really great. 

My only problem with Nao is its very short business hours.


Price range: $$$ 

Address: COMO The Treasury Level 4, 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia 


Business hours: 

12:00 PM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM (WED-FRI) 

5:30 PM – 10:00 PM (TUES and SAT) 

Closed on SUN and MON

Remember when I said that foraged dishes are the hottest right now in Perth? Well, let me introduce you to one of the most famous restaurants at the forefront of this trend, Wildflower.

Wildflower is a must-try restaurant, especially if you’re a fan of trying out new things. Located at COMO The Treasury, this restaurant has one of the best views of the city skyline and the majestic Swan River.

All of the dishes served by Wildflower are foraged locally. Its biggest strength is its unique seasonal menu, which follows the six seasons of the indigenous Noongar calendar. 

Chances are you’ll have a different menu on every visit.

My personal favourite is the Manjimup Marron because it has sweet corn and desert lime. 

The place is too pricey for me to become a regular, but I still find myself going back if my budget allows it because the food here is so good.

Other Food Places You Should Visit in Perth

After trying out must-try restaurants, you might still be itching for more. Here are some other places you can visit to learn more about our city’s food scene.

Food Trucks

Looking to try out Perth’s best food trucks? Check these out; you’ll likely encounter them during your trip around the city.

Franny’s Moving Kitchen

Franny’s Moving Kitchen

Photo credit: Franny’s Moving Kitchen


Business hours: 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM 

Usual spot(s): 

Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth

Burswood Park 

Sorrento Night Market

Franny’s Moving Kitchen is well-known for its Asian fusion cuisine. Most of its menu revolves around famous Korean dishes, including bulgogi, rice bowls, chicken wings, and more.

You can check out their weekly schedules on their Facebook page, which shows where they will be on a specific date and time. I often see these guys at Sir James Mitchell Park.

Ninja Cuisine

Ninja Cuisine

Photo credit: Ninja Cuisine


Business hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM 

Usual spot(s): Crimea St, Perth, WA, Australia 6062

Ninja Cuisine is a food truck that specialises in famous Japanese street foods. Some of its dishes are gyoza, yakisoba, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki. All these dishes are easy to eat and can even be consumed while standing or sitting without a table.

My personal favourite is the yakisoba, as I’m a big fan of noodle dishes. 

Their food truck is usually on Crimea Street, but you can check out their Facebook page so you’ll know if they’ll be someplace else during your visit.



Photo credit: Facebook


Business hours: 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM 

Usual spot(s): 

Burns Beach Twilight Market 

Scarborough Sunset Markets

Are you a big fan of chicken wings? Then don’t worry because you got a Wingman to help you out! 

This is my go-to spot whenever I’m peckish for some good old chicken wings.

Wingman’s chicken wings are cooked using traditional Malaysian recipes. They prepare their dishes either by grilling them on charcoal or by frying them. 

Most of their meals are bundled with French fries to make sure you’re filled up.

I usually find this food truck at night markets like the Scarborough Sunset Markets. You can check their Facebook page for more information about their weekly schedule and location.


Travelling around the city can get tiring very fast. Thankfully, Perth has a lot of cafes where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Here are some of Perth’s best cafes you should check out:

Someday Coffee Co

Someday Coffee Co

Photo credit: Restaurant Guru

Address: 445 Cambridge St, Floreat WA 6014, Australia 


Business hours: 6:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Someday Coffee Co is one of the best spots for a good breakfast. It offers a great menu full of tasty meals, including toast with eggs, corn fritter, cold ramen, and more.

Besides its food, the best thing about Someday Coffee Co is its ambience. I love the light pink theme of its tables and chairs. 

The place is also well-lit and lets customers bask under the rays of the early morning sun.

If you’re going to ask me for some must-tries, then I urge you to get one of their avocado smash meals coupled with a tall glass of iced latte.

Chinta Cafe

Address: 29 Scarborough Beach Rd, North Perth WA 6006, Australia 


Business hours: 

7:00 AM – 2:30 PM (MON-FRI) 

7:00 AM – 3:00 PM (SAT and SUN)

Chinta Cafe is offering a unique experience to its guests with its Southeast Asian cuisine for breakfast and lunch. This cafe consistently wins me over with its cool interior design and relaxing atmosphere.

The moment you walk in, you will be greeted by bamboo plants and small Buddha statues. 

Its menu is full of regular breakfast dishes and some special dishes from Indonesia.

I always visit the place at noon, so I’ve explored their lunch menu. In my opinion, Chinta Cafe serves some of the best Nasi Goreng in the city. 

Get yourself one of their iced lattes which have ice cream and are perfect at noon.

Local & Aesthetic

Address: 769 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Australia 


Business hours: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM (TUES-SUN)

Local & Aesthetic is a great place to unwind and inspire your creative spirit. The place features some good artworks inspired by the local indigenous culture and has a minimalist yet welcoming interior design.

What separates this cafe from the others is its retail store. Inside the cafe, you’ll find the Rhubarb Records vinyl store, where you can buy both old and new records for great prices.

If you’re a coffee and music lover, then this might be a cafe worth checking out. The last time I visited here, I got myself one of their delicious white chocolate desserts filled with shaved macadamias.


Keen to try out and make Perth’s popular dishes by yourself? Then don’t worry, as I’ve got you covered.

Check out my recommended markets where you can score the freshest produce from the proud farmers and fishermen of Western Australia.

Subi Farmers’ Market

Subi Farmers’ Market

Photo credit: Perth Mums Group

Address: 271 Bagot Rd, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia 

Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 12:00 NN (SAT)

Come and see one of Perth’s oldest farmers’ markets, the Subi Farmers’ Market. Located in the town of Subiaco, this farmers’ market has become a Saturday staple for a lot of Perth residents.

Many farmers here sell the freshest produce from their farms. You can get everything you need like fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy, and more. The market also has live entertainment for visitors to enjoy while shopping.

Every time I buy here, I make sure to visit some of the breakfast stalls. One of its stalls makes some of the best Spanish tapas I’ve ever tasted in the city.

Kalamunda Farmers Market

Kalamunda Farmers Market

Photo credit: City of Kalamunda

Address: Nestobrae La, Kalamunda WA 6076, Australia

Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 12:00 NN (SUN)

If you missed the Subi Farmers’ Market, then you don’t need to worry. Kalamunda hosts its own farmers’ market every Sunday. 

There, you can also get the freshest produce from farmers all around the state.

I don’t visit the morning market too often since I already buy most of my weekly necessities from Subi Farmers’ Market. 

However, I become a frequent visitor there between the months of October and April because of the Kalamunda Night Market.

During the night, the busy farmers’ market transforms into a lively night market full of stalls where I can buy a lot of things for great prices. The night market also regularly hosts live performances of some of Perth’s best local talents.

Seafresh Fish Markets

Seafresh Fish Markets

Photo credit: Scoop

Address: 388 Scarborough Beach Rd, Innaloo WA 6018, Australia 

Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Looking to emulate the dishes of the best seafood restaurants in Perth? Then let me tell you a secret: a lot of them get their catch of the day from one of the city’s biggest seafood markets, Seafresh Fish Markets.

Here you can buy the freshest seafood in the city. Seafresh Fish Markets are in three locations in Perth, but I highly recommend you visit the one in Innaloo.

This is the place where I buy my seafood whenever I want to impress a house guest. The market is open every day, so you don’t need to plan your visit here, unlike the other two markets I’ve mentioned.

FAQs about Perth’s Food Scene

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