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The 5 Best Debt Collectors in Perth

The 5 Best Debt Collectors in Perth

How We Picked the Best Debt Collectors in Perth


Years of experience, memberships, and other recognitions were considered to measure credibility.

Booking System

We looked at the efficiency of filling out their contact form and the overall booking system.


The debt collection services were reviewed based on their scope and sufficiency of results.


Their staff should be available in case of questions or clarifications. They should also be reliable and efficient throughout the service. 

1. Active Debt Recovery

Active Debt Recovery' Homepage

Services: Debt Collection


Address: 230/1101 Hay St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

Contact Details: +61 8 6555 1840, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Google reviews score4.8/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency4.6/5
Booking System4/5

With more than 3 million dollars collected annually, Active Debt Recovery is among our recommended debt collectors in Perth.

Since they’ve serviced over 5,000 Australian businesses, their extensive experience feels reassuring. It’s impressive that they have their own private investigation team for better focus and transparency.

We also like that they can provide a free consultation by filling out their short online form. Take this opportunity to ask as much as possible and compare their services to other debt collectors on your list.

Their special introductory offer is also incredible. Grabbing this deal could save prospects up to 33% off their standard commission rates (for debt amounts over $50,000).

However, these offers are only offered for a limited time – it may or may not be available by the time you check. Conveniently though, they require no membership or ongoing fees, which makes the collection process risk-free.

Now, it seems they get paid on results or commission on the money collected. With this kind of arrangement, we think they’ll be highly motivated to get you paid.

However, their debt collection success isn’t always guaranteed – a client told us he didn’t get results for as long as 6 months. But if you’re prepared to wait for that long, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

For more information, Active Debt Recovery is accessible in several offices in Australia – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.


  • Has serviced over 5,000 Australian businesses
  • Uses their own private investigation team
  • Offers introductory deals up to 33% off
  • Paid on commission (no recovery, no fee)


  • Clients may not get results for a long time
  • Unavailable on the weekends

2. Get Paid Debt Collection

Get Paid Debt Collection' Homepage

Services: Debt Recovery


Address: 3/14-16 Irwin St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Contact Details: +61 8 9220 4440, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency4.7/5
Booking System4/5

Get Paid Debt Collection is a debt collector in Perth that’s been in the business for almost 40 years. Their lengthy experience definitely adds points to put them up on our list.

It’s fantastic that they have a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, legal executives, accountants, and software developers. With this diverse team, we believe they can cater to different debt issues and better personalise their services.

Their new client registration process is also conveniently free of charge. We think their online registration is more efficient for sorting out transactions than doing them manually.

For them, the best way of getting paid is through their issuance of Legal Demand (with a lawyer’s letterhead). They issue this to your debtor anywhere in Australia, and it’s helpful for clients that they instantly send them a copy.

Several clients we spoke to also thought the company website was user-friendly. You can use this platform to track the progress of existing debt collections, making them easier to manage.

It’s great that clients can also expect electronic debtor payments within 7 days of their receipt. This shows a clear timeline of how Get Paid Debt Collection’s payment process works.

Moreover, this company’s debt collection manual is something that we find handy as well. This guide, conveniently written in plain English, explains legal debt processes for those unfamiliar with the technical jargon.

On top of that, Get Paid Debt Collection presents fixed upfront fees too. This helps clients avoid hidden charges. 

But if you need more clarification, it might be better to meet them personally. We suggest going to their office early since their parking is limited.


  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Has a multi-disciplinary team
  • Free new client registration online
  • Presents fixed upfront fees
  • Can provide a plain English guide


  • Limited parking slots outside
  • Closed on the weekends

3. First International Debt Collection

First International Debt Collection' Homepage

Services: Debt Collection


Address: 237 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Contact Details: +61 411 737 723

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4.2/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency4/5
Booking System4/5

First International Debt Collection has some of the top collectors in Perth who can also take care of international debts.

Like many other collection companies, we appreciate their upholding a ‘no collection, no fee’ policy. This could increase prospects’ confidence in acquiring their services, especially for the first time.

We like that they deal with various debts like general (one-off), tenancy, multiple, and overseas. This shows they have experience in small to big debt collections.

On top of that, it’s reassuring that it’s an option for them to locate and personally approach the debtor. This is an example of how they can go the extra mile to ensure the client’s concerns are fixed.

Yet, there’s no guarantee the debts will always be paid. Thankfully, many can vouch for how they can weigh the situation and negotiate a payment plan within the debtor’s means.

Nevertheless, a considerable part of their debt collection methods is kept a secret. They told us they do this to keep their opposition or competition guessing.

Of course, this can look dodgy to some without knowing in full transparency how they work.

Before you can get a quote from First International Debt Collection, there may be a lot of questions to answer first. This may take 10 to 15 minutes to complete before submitting your initial information.


  • Employs a no collection, no fee policy
  • Can locate and personally approach the debtors
  • Deals with various debts, including overseas
  • Excellent in making a compromise


  • Their debt collection methods are kept a secret
  • Getting a quote may require tons of questions

4. BCA Debt Collection

BCA Debt Collection' Homepage

Services: Debt Collection


Address: 24/77 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Contact Details: +61 8 9221 6098, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency3.8/5
Booking System4/5

If you’re tired of constantly following up and not getting anywhere, BCA Debt Collection is one of our favourites – they’ve already helped thousands of large and small businesses as a debt collector in Perth.

We think it’s delightful that they can accept debts under $1,000! This is because many debt collectors won’t take small debt sizes.

Moreover, unlike others, they offer a membership option as well. We find this helpful so clients can send them as many debts as they like over 12 months.

If that’s not enough, they don’t charge hidden fees either. We appreciate that they simply require an admin fee and then a “success fee” upon completion.

Other than that, they give 24-hour secure access to the status of debts via their website. We believe this is handy for clients to keep track of their progress without worries.

In addition, their online client access system is user-friendly and has multiple uses which allows users to send updates on levies, additional contacts, and payments received. It’s also a platform to contact your collector via the query system.

We feel they take most of the work off their clients’ backs, making them a hassle-free option!

Still, not every debt collection of theirs was a success. On a few occasions, some debts were deemed uncollectable.

One client also experienced having to wait long before getting his final payment. So it’s advisable to keep your lines open and communicate with their team now and then for updates.


  • Can accept debts under $1,000
  • Offers a membership option
  • Doesn’t charge hidden fees
  • User-friendly online client access system


  • A few debt collections were unsuccessful
  • Waiting for the final payment may take a while

5. Cloud Payment Group

Cloud Payment Group' Homepage

Services: Debt Collection, Payment Management, Legal Services


Address: Level 2/2 Edward St, Perth WA 6004, Australia

Contact Details: +61 1300 549 191, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score3/5
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency3/5
Booking System4/5

Cloud Payment Group has been a debt collector in Perth for over 50 years. They’re one of our picks for payment management services across Australia and New Zealand too.

We like that they assign a dedicated collections staff per client. This keeps them focused and motivated to make their task successful without many distractions or delays.

It’s great that they bring a unique and dynamic approach to the antiquated debt collection industry – they use a bunch of innovative technologies to make their services more efficient. 

This includes Debtview, Payment Hubb, analytical reporting, and API integration. Conveniently, clients may also connect with their debtors 24/7 for constant collaboration.

We believe using these automated processes would minimise mistakes. Their modern services would also make the processes transparent and seamless overall. 

Besides saving costs, this would also help reassure their accountability to clients and stakeholders. 

While others won’t reveal how they demand payments, we like that this company is open about their ways: written, telephone, SMS, email, or face-to-face.

When necessary, we also find their legal services valuable. This is primarily during inevitable situations when payment demands aren’t successful.

Cloud Payment Group is available for a call, except on Saturdays and Sundays. They also offer limited parking space on site, which could quickly be filled later in the day.


  • Over 50 years of experience
  • Assigns a dedicated collections staff per client
  • Uses many innovative technologies
  • Transparent with their processes


  • Limited parking space
  • Unavailable on Saturdays and Sundays

FAQs About Debt Collector in Perth

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