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Beat the Heat Things You Can Do in Perth on a Hot Day

Beat the Heat: Things You Can Do in Perth on a Hot Day

Perth is no stranger to super hot days when you just want to crank up that air conditioning to the max. If you’re looking for things you can do to creatively beat the heat, don’t worry because I have some great ideas! 

Let me share with you what I love to do in Perth on a hot day, like going to the beach, visiting some sights, going for a drive, and more.

A Brief Look into Perth’s Climate and Weather

Perth has a Mediterranean climate, similar to countries like Italy and Greece. We experience all four seasons here: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Lucky for us, our temperate climate means that the summer season in Perth isn’t as hot as in tropical countries.

The hottest months here are December, January, and February, with average temperatures reaching as high as 30°C.

Despite this, I still recommend you take precautions while visiting Perth during the summer. Wear light clothes, wear sunscreen before going out, and stay hydrated.

Explore Perth’s waterfront

Going for a swim or staying close to the waterfront are effective ways to beat the heat. It’s a good thing, then, that Perth is blessed with beautiful beaches and a huge river running through it, so we don’t have to travel far just to visit a waterfront.

Here are the best waterfront spots in the city you should definitely check out on a hot summer day.

Go for a relaxing swim at Cottesloe Beach

Let’s start off our fun waterfront tour by visiting the most famous beach in Perth, Cottesloe Beach. This beach is known for its white sand and pristine blue water.

The beach’s beauty makes it a popular spot for swimmers, surfers, and snorkelers. It’s so easy to reach because there are regular bus routes running through the streets near it, and there’s a train station nearby.

If you’re tired of swimming and are looking for a place to wind down, then you can just visit any of the restaurants and cafes near the beach. A lot of these places can serve you from breakfast until dinner, so you’re free to enter them anytime.

I visit this beach from time to time, especially when I’m accompanying a friend from overseas. I recommend that you visit this beach in March, so you can also check out the yearly event here called Sculpture by the Sea.

Have a fun picnic with your friends at City Beach

If Cottesloe Beach is too mainstream for you, then why not check out City Beach? This beach also features the same white sand and pristine blue water but without a huge crowd.

City Beach features a more laid-back experience that’s so popular among us locals. This beach has a nice boardwalk, some playgrounds, and more, which makes it a fun experience for the family.

It even has two groynes built in specific parts of the beach that interrupt water flow, making them safe spots for kids to swim in.

However, a highlight of City Beach is its facilities, which are great for hosting a beachside picnic. This beach has its own barbeque spots, picnic tables, showers, and public toilets.

My friends and I regularly visit this beach on weekends during the summer season to host our own barbeque parties.

Explore the nearby reefs on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is the place to go snorkelling and diving. This island is blessed with many sheltered bays where visitors will have the chance to see the island’s diverse aquatic life.

It’s reported that there are more than 400 different species of fish, turtles, and lobsters around the island. Your diving experience here will certainly be an exciting and amazing one.

The most popular diving spots on Rottnest Island are The Basin, Parakeet Bay, and Henrietta Rocks. If you want to try out something a bit more exciting, then pick the Crystal Palace for its winding network of underwater caves.

My visit here was a fun one, as I got to snorkel at the shipwrecks near the island. There are a lot of historic ships you can check out here, including the famous Macedon and Denton Holme.

Go for a quiet stroll on the Lotterywest Federation Walkway

Address: Fraser Avenue, West Perth, Western Australia, 6005

Let’s slow down the pace a bit after an exciting day at the beach with a quiet stroll at the waterfront side of Kings Park and Botanic Garden. A great way to do so is by using the 620-metre-long elevated Lotterywest Federation Walkway.

This walkway will let you see an impressive view of the Swan River and the towns across it. Its height is 16 metres, which will give you a good view of the tall eucalyptus trees sprawling around the area.

It’s an excellent area to relax thanks to the trees surrounding the walkway, which make the air around here cooler compared to areas like the Perth CBD.

The nearby Swan River also lets the cool wind blow through the area, as there are no skyscrapers nearby that may block the wind.

Entrance is free, and you can visit the walkway from early in the morning until five in the afternoon. There are some signs scattered along the walkway that give you information about the plants in the area.

Visit indoor attractions around the city

If the outdoor temperature is still too hot for you, then it might be better to visit some indoor attractions that have air conditioning. It’s a good thing, then, that there are lots of places you can visit here in Perth that fit the criteria.

Here are some of my favourite places to visit in the city whenever I want to escape the outdoor heat.

See the unique coins made at the Perth Mint

Address: 310 Hay St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

Come down to the Perth Mint and see what made us one of the British Empire’s main producers of gold coins. The Perth Mint is still operational to this day and is currently Australia’s official bullion mint.

This mint is one of the most historic buildings in Perth, and it can tell you some important chapters of the city’s history. It’s a great source of information if you’re curious to learn more about the Gold Rush of Western Australia.

Nowadays, the Perth Mint also serves as one of the biggest holders of gold reserves in Australia. I highly urge you to check this one out if you’re a fan of limited-edition coins.

My last visit here was awesome since I got to see the largest gold coin ever produced in history. The 1-tonne kangaroo coin is 99.9% gold, has a diameter of 80 centimetres, and is 12 centimetres thick.

Address: Perth Cultural Centre, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Another indoor attraction you should visit is the Art Gallery of Western Australia. It’s located in the Perth Cultural Centre and is host to a wide range of artworks and sculptures made by the best artistic minds of Western Australia.

What I really love about the Art Gallery of Western Australia is the diversity of artworks you’ll see here. Exhibits are regularly changed every few months, so you’ll always see something new every time you visit here.

On their website, you can see what exhibitions are currently on display as well as upcoming ones. Entrance is free, so don’t worry about spending money here to see some great works of art.

Learn more about the city’s history at the WA Museum Boola Bardip

Address: Perth Cultural Centre, Perth WA 6000, Australia

After going to the Art Gallery of Western Australia, you won’t have to travel far to visit our next destination. Also located in the Perth Cultural Centre is the WA Museum Boola Bardip, a museum that exhibits various points of human history.

This museum’s exhibitions showcase artefacts from different cultures and nations, like Ancient Egypt. The museum is also known for its extensive collection of artefacts and documentation about the state’s indigenous peoples.

An exhibit that I’m particularly interested in is Meeyakba Shane Pickett: Six Seasons. This exhibit features works interpreting the six seasons of the Nyoongar people.

The WA Museum Boola Bardip also features new exhibitions from time to time, so make sure you check out their website. Unfortunately, this museum isn’t free, unlike the Art Gallery of WA and requires visitors to pay $15 to get in.

Hear the bells ring at the Swan Bell Tower

Address: Barrack Square, Riverside Dr, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Next up on our list is one of the most iconic structures in Perth, the Swan Bell Tower. This building is located in Elizabeth Quay and is a building you probably already saw in one of my city’s tourism ads.

The main highlight of this tower is its set of 18 bells. It’s the second-largest set of change-ringing bells in the world, next only to the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.

Another thing I love about the Swan Bell Tower is the scenic views you can get once you reach its top floor. The tower can provide you with a clear view of the Swan River and the nearby skyscrapers of the Perth CBD.

The entrance fee here only costs $10. However, if you’re interested in ringing the bells yourself, you can pay an extra $8 and receive your very own chiming certificate.

Shop and dine in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Address: 200 Karrinyup Rd, Karrinyup WA 6018, Australia

Visiting any of the shopping centres in Perth is another excellent way to escape the heat. For me, one of the best shopping centres to visit here is the Karrinyup Shopping Centre.

It has lots of amenities and stores that you can get lost in for the entire afternoon. Boutiques, restaurants, and cinemas—Karrinyup Shopping Centre has these and more.

I visit this mall whenever I’m in the mood to check out the latest blockbusters. The Hoyts Cinema here offers a great viewing experience thanks to its comfy seats and immersive screens.

Take a scenic drive

If staying in one place the entire day doesn’t feel right to you, then why not go on a road trip? There are a lot of roads here in Perth where you can just go for a scenic drive and admire the view.

Let’s discuss where these roads are and what attractions you might come across along the way.

Enjoy the seaside view by driving on Sunset Coast Drive

Total distance you can drive: 40 kilometres 
Attractions along the route: Scarborough Beach, Trigg Beach, City Beach, Mindarie Marina, and Hillarys Boat Harbour

Let’s start our road trip with a relaxing drive through Sunset Coast Drive. This trip will take you through most of Perth’s coastline, including popular beaches like Cottesloe Beach and City Beach.

To start, you should drive along the West Coast Highway to City Beach. You should make a quick stop at Reabold Hill so you can get a sweeping view of City Beach and the surrounding suburbs.

Keep going through the highway until you reach Scarborough Beach. Once you get past this beach, you should turn left off the highway and drive through the West Coast Scenic Drive to continue your journey.

From here, you’ll be able to continue straight on and see the other attractions like Trigg Beach and Hillarys Boat Harbour. The end destination of this road trip is the Mindarie Marina.

Drive along the banks of the Swan River

Total distance you can drive: 30 kilometres 
Attractions along the route: Old Mill, Elizabeth Quay, Blue Boathouse, and Fremantle Harbour

A good thing about Perth is that it has plenty of waterside drives that you can try out. The next road trip we should do is the one that’ll take us along the roads alongside the Swan River.

There are a lot of attractions to see along the river. I suggest that you start the road trip near the Old Mill in South Perth.

From Old Mill, you can drive to Mends Street, turn left onto Mill Point Road, and then drive straight to Canning Highway. Cross the river through Causeway Bridge, then stop for a moment on Riverside Drive so you can watch the river for a few minutes.

Once you’re ready to hit the road again, you should set your car’s GPS to Mounts Bay Road. Along the journey, you’ll come through Elizabeth Quay and the Swan Bell Tower.

After passing through Elizabeth Quay, you’ll reach Mounts Bay Road. Keep driving through this road and feast your eyes with some spectacular views of the Swan River. 

At the end of this road is another attraction you should check out, the Blue Boat House.

A great way to finish our road trip is by visiting Fremantle Harbour. Mark it on your GPS for easy navigation. Throughout your drive, you’ll come across the beautiful suburbs of Claremont, Dalkeith, and Nedlands.

Explore the Perth Hills by driving through the Zig Zag Scenic Drive

Total distance you can drive: 40 kilometres 
Attractions along the route: John Forrest National Park, Rocky Pool, and Darlington Estate

Still itching for a fun road adventure? Then let’s talk about my favourite driving route, the Zig Zag Scenic Drive.

I love this place because it has an amazing view of the entire city. Navigating the roads here can be a bit tricky due to the hairpin turns you’ll be encountering along the narrow roads, so proceed with caution.

To start the road trip, you should begin your drive at John Forrest National Park. You should check out this park first before driving on so you can visit the beautiful Hovea Falls.

The first major road you’ll be driving on is the Great Eastern Highway. Keep moving, then turn right onto Scott Street to begin your drive through the Zig Zag Scenic Drive.

Please take note that the Zig Zag Scenic Drive has a switchback road which is open only from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Once you’ve reached the Zig Zag Scenic Drive, you’re immediately welcomed by the spectacular views of Perth. Feel free to stop along the way and take some photos so you can remember the moment.

Keep going until you reach Kalamunda National Park. Here, you’ll need to park your vehicle and walk on to be able to take a quick swim at the Rocky Pool inside the park. 

Consider it your reward after a challenging drive through the narrow roads of Zig Zag Scenic Drive.

From here, I recommend that you make your way to the Darlington Estate. There are lots of options on how you can go to this estate from Kalamunda National Park, so I advise you to use a GPS guide.

After a quick lunch at the Darlington Estate, it’s up to you if you want to continue on and see more vineyards in the Swan Valley.

Enjoy outdoor activities in the morning or evening

The temperature doesn’t stay hot all day. There are times during the day, especially in the early morning and at night, when we’re free to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities.

Here are some suggestions I can give you on how you can enjoy the day during those hours.

Cycle through the famous bike trails in Perth

Let’s start off the day by biking on some of Perth’s famous bike trails. There are lots of bike trails you can visit in the city as well as in the nearby towns and national parks outside it.

A great bike trail if you want to go for a scenic route is the one in Swan Valley. This route will take you through the parks near the valley and also through the famous vineyards in the area.

However, I tend to just go for the bike trails along the Swan River in the city. These trails are so easy to reach, and I can finish them in as little as under an hour, giving me enough time to go for a shower before going to work.

These shorter bike trails are perfect on a hot day because you can finish them quickly before noon.

Hike at the nearby Yanchep National Park

Address: Yanchep Beach Rd &, Indian Ocean Dr, Yanchep WA 6035, Australia

Another awesome outdoor activity you can try out in the early morning is hiking along the bushlands in Yanchep National Park. This national park is located north of Perth, near the suburbs of Wanneroo and Joondalup.

There are a lot of trails you can walk on here that will lead you to diverse flora and fauna. Yanchep National Park is one of the best places to visit if you want to see a kangaroo or a koala.

You can also visit the Crystal Caves if you want to experience a subterranean adventure.

What I really love about Yanchep National Park are the cool temperatures in the area, even during the summer. The park’s trees and bushland lower its temperature compared to the urban landscape of metropolitan Perth.

Join a stargazing tour at the Pinnacles Desert

Address: Nambung WA 6521, Australia

Let’s continue travelling further north to experience our next activity. Located in Nambung is the Pinnacles Desert, which is known for its impressive limestone formations.

A popular activity held here is the Pinnacle Stargazing Tour. These tours provide visitors with a chance to see the night sky better without metropolitan Perth’s light pollution.

Most of these tours are offered all year, so you can try out this activity any time you visit Perth. However, they are often fully booked during the winter because many astronomers believe that winter is the best time to see the night sky.

This is a big reason why I sometimes consider joining one of these tours during the summer season. Not only will I be able to enjoy an outdoor activity on a hot day, but I’ll also be able to see the night sky with fewer people around.

Visit a summer night market in Perth

Another great way to finish a hot summer day is by visiting any of the night markets in Perth. A lot of these markets are held during the summer because it’s the season when rainfall is least likely to occur.

The main highlight of night markets is the unique food and beverages you’ll get to try from food stalls and food trucks. These night markets also regularly host live performances and parties to keep their visitors hyped up.

A lot of towns in Perth have their own night markets that you can visit. Here are some markets I highly recommend you visit sometime:

  • Kalamunda Night Market 

Available on: Select Friday nights in months between October and April

The Kalamunda Night Market is my favourite night market since it’s full of fun activities and delicious food you can try out. There’s always live music, which is a good reason to spend the night here.

  • Inglewood Night Markets 

Available on: Every Monday night during the summer season until April

Inglewood Night Markets is another solid option for foodies looking to experience the Perth food scene in one go. This market is full of food trucks and stalls ready to serve you a delicious hot meal and some snacks.

  • Scarborough Sunset Markets 

Available on: Every Thursday night between the months of May and October

Enjoy an energetic beachside vibe while watching the sunset at the Scarborough Sunset Markets. Like the other night markets on the list, this place is also full of food trucks and souvenir shops worth visiting.

  • South Perth StrEATS 

Available on: Every night from Thursday to Sunday between the months of November and April

Enjoy a night picnic at StrEATS, a night market located at Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth. This market is positioned close to the Swan River, which lets you see an unobstructed view of the night skyline of the Perth CBD.

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