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Pros and Cons Is Moving to Perth a Good Idea

Pros and Cons: Is Moving to Perth a Good Idea?

Moving to Perth is a good idea because of its magnificent parks, world-class beaches, musical events, tasty food, regional wineries, breathtaking wildlife, and much more.

Of course, relocating has its advantages and disadvantages that we’ll present below. But overall, it’s up to you to decide whether starting a new life in Perth would be the most favourable for your physical and mental health.

Pro: Beaches

Many people who move to Perth do so since they want to bask in the beautiful scenery. This especially comes from their lovely beaches, soft white sand, and gorgeous sunsets. 

Conveniently, it only takes 20 minutes by train to Cottesloe Beach from Perth city centre. Or, it’s just a little further to Scarborough Beach, City Beach, and the like.

Here, you can make regular appointments at your preferred IPL clinic because there are a lot of opportunities to flaunt your beach bodies and summer outfits now and then.

Con: Isolation

Though Perth has a beautiful climate and beaches, it’s still one of the world’s most remote major cities. Moreover, Adelaide is over 2,000 kilometres away, even if it’s the nearest big city to Perth.

Newcomers are usually surprised that Perth is closer to Indonesia than Sydney and Brisbane. 

Still, other West Australians there don’t feel lonely or isolated.

This is because the location is closer to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and other Asian tourist destinations. For example, Bali is just a 3-hour plane ride away from Perth, so you can also explore other countries from where you live. 

Pro: Food

If you love to discover different kinds of food, you can get used to Perth. Various international cuisines are served at hip little bars, cafés, food trucks, and restaurants in the city’s laneways.

In Perth, quality food can be bought at cheaper prices. What’s more, you can also travel three hours south to the Margaret River region to check out its top-tier wineries like chardonnays and cabernets.

You’ll get to eat a bunch of delectable dishes and treats when dining out. To manage, you’ll also have to plan your lifestyle to maintain a healthy body and good teeth.

Con: Medical Queueing

Even if Perth hospitals are usually efficient, expats or migrants may experience a long wait for medical care.

This may be frustrating, especially if you’re new in town and suddenly have a medical emergency. To avoid the hassle, scout your area for potential hospitals or clinics to visit whenever necessary.

Pro: Transportation

Perth experiences a fair amount of traffic jams during rush hour. It’s not like what drivers in many other major cities encounter.

Although walking can be therapeutic, too much of it can cause several problems for the feet or lower legs. This is why having access to seamless transportation is essential when you’re considering moving.

Luckily, Perth has a comprehensive transportation network that’s simple to use. Just note that a Transperth travel card, which you load with credit and scan to board and exit buses, trains, and ferries, is also required.

Con: Rent

There may be a limited number of residential housing in Perth. That’s why it’s best to plan early if you want to rent for a while or purchase a house there.

But if you go with the former, just note that rent prices in Perth can be higher than in other cities in Western Australia.

Pro: Housing

Perth offers lower-priced housing partnered with good quality. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people decide to stay in Perth for good.

Other than that, some units offer professionals immediate access to the stock exchange, a pedestrianized shopping area, and office buildings – ideal for career-driven individuals.

Additionally, a lot of the homes in this city are often newer than those on the East Coast. Because of this, there’s a good chance to have a more modern or stylish home.

Pro: Education

Moving to Perth for good also means considering your potential kids’ future with their education. Luckily for many, Perth offers good education opportunities comparable to those on the east coast.

Although kids here aren’t required to attend kindergarten, those who do get some advantage. This will increase the chances of the child being able to enter their preferred public school.

Moreover, Perth has numerous universities to choose from. Some notable ones include Curtin University in Bentley, the University of Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle, and the University of Western Australia in Crawley.

Of all the cities in Western Australia, Perth also boasts the highest concentration of students. Many of them come from other countries too.

Pro: Employment

With the excellent education offered in Perth also comes wonderful work prospects. Different employers from various industries have tens and thousands of employers.

Because of this, you don’t have to rack your brain applying to lots of jobs and trying to stand out. There will likely be a suitable job for you here with just the right amount of effort.

Of course, people with in-demand skills could get their desired jobs quicker. With a booming mining industry in Perth, the skills shortage here is just waiting to be filled up quickly.

It also helps that Perth companies provide highly competitive salaries to make up for their high prices. Many would surely benefit from choosing to live and work in Perth for a long time.

Pro: Safety

The stability of Perth’s low crime rate is reasonable enough to give migrants peace of mind. This city is also deemed to be among the safest neighborhoods to live in.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that raw data and popular opinion may not be enough to determine which suburb is the safest place. This depends on the type of environment around you as well.

As a possible situation, more crimes may happen around the nightlife areas due to the influence of alcohol, which can be controlled by your own will or with the help of hypnotherapy.

Many say that the friendliness of Perth citizens, compared to most places in Western Australia, can also be reassuring to newcomers. The vast population occupied by students probably contributes to the helpfulness and reliability of their community.

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