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7 Best Things to Do in Cambridge, Perth

7 Best Things to Do in Cambridge, Perth

Photo credit: Town of Cambridge

Cambridge is a small town located on the westernmost side of Perth. This town’s quiet and calming atmosphere makes it my favourite place to go to whenever I’m looking to unwind after a hectic day.

The town is home to many parks and reserves. Its coasts and beaches are also a highlight among my friends, especially since some of them are surfers.

Activities to Try Out in Cambridge, Perth

A town with a population of less than 30,000, Cambridge isn’t one of the liveliest and noisiest cities in Perth. However, it has a rich amount of reserves and natural beauty, which sets it apart from the others.

Here are some activities you definitely should try out during your stay in Cambridge.

  • A relaxing walk in Lake Monger Reserve 
  • Surfing on Floreat Beach 
  • See the wildlife in Bold Park 
  • Check out the impressive view from Reabold Hill Summit Lookout 
  • Play a game of golf on the Wembley Golf Course 
  • Try out some exquisite wines at Coal Valley Vineyard
  • Enjoy a picnic at Perry Lakes Reserve

A Relaxing Walk in Lake Monger Reserve

A Relaxing Walk in Lake Monger Reserve 1

Photo credit: JustRunLah!

Address: Lake Monger Drive, West Leederville 6007

Opening hours: Accessible 24/7

Start your day with a relaxing walk through more than 3 kilometres of trail around Lake Monger.

Lake Monger Reserve is one of Perth’s major tourist spots, with more than 12,000 visitors every week. The lake is one of the biggest conservation areas in the city, hosting diverse wildlife and vegetation.

The reservation is open to recreational activities including walking, biking, birdwatching, and more. 

The trail has restrooms and drinking fountains scattered along the way, so you don’t need to worry about getting dehydrated or needing a bathroom break.

A Relaxing Walk in Lake Monger Reserve 2

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The reserve also has basketball courts, exercise equipment, playgrounds, and even gazebos where you can spend the afternoon.

During lunch and dinner, Lake Monger Reserve also has picnic and barbecue spots where you can safely light a fire and cook your meal.

However, the status of Lake Monger as a conservation area means that any water-related activities are prohibited. 

Fishing and boating are not allowed on the lake, and violators will be penalised.

A Relaxing Walk in Lake Monger Reserve 3

Photo credit: Town of Cambridge

The lake’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife made me forget that the towering skyscrapers of Perth are literally just a few kilometres away from the reserve.

After a calming walk, you might find yourself in the mood for something more exciting. Luckily, Cambridge’s seaside location allows easy access to a good beach.

A local’s suggestion: If you’re a fan of birds, make sure to watch out for Great Egrets, Great Crested Grebe, and Spoonbills in the area!

Surfing on Floreat Beach

Surfing on Floreat Beach 1

Photo credit: Domain

Address: West Coast Highway, City Beach 6014

Opening hours: Accessible 24/7

Looking for one of the best surfing spots in Perth? Look no further because Cambridge’s famous Floreat Beach has waves ready to challenge your surfing skills.

Floreat Beach is located just off the West Coast Highway next to the more popular City Beach. 

Surfing on Floreat Beach 2

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

This beach’s waves are rough but it is safe for both amateur and professional surfers. It’s regularly patrolled by three lifeguard groups, who diligently provide lifeguard services from 6 AM until 6 PM every day of the week.

Floreat Beach also has a wide range of other activities. It has beach volleyball courts and gazebos you can use as shelter to escape the noontime heat.

You can also enjoy a good barbecue session thanks to the barbecue spots scattered along the beach. Drinking water won’t also be an issue because the beach has drinking fountains available.

Surfing on Floreat Beach 3

Photo credit: Town of Cambridge

Floreat Beach also has great indoor dining restaurants like The Kiosk if you want to have lunch in an air-conditioned room.

If you’re a surfer or someone looking for a quieter beach experience, Floreat Beach might just be the place you need to visit.

After a pleasant trip to the beach, you might be itching for more interaction with nature. Thankfully, Cambridge still has a few more spots that will be able to satisfy that itch.

A local’s suggestion: Floreat Beach has a parkland nearby which has its own playground and barbecue spots. This park’s a great spot if you want to relax in the shade and avoid the scorching heat of the sun.

See the wildlife in Bold Park

See the wildlife in Bold Park 1

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

Address: Perry Lakes Drive, City Beach WA 6015

Opening hours: Accessible 24/7

Looking to spend the day admiring nature? Look no further because Cambridge has Bold Park, one of the largest remaining bushlands in urban Perth, which is home to a diverse range of animals and plants.

Bold Park is also a reserve, like Kings Park, that is directly managed by the state of Western Australia. It shares the same status as Kings Park due to its highly diverse ecosystem, with more than 1,000 species identified in the area.

See the wildlife in Bold Park 2

Photo credit: Janna Schreier Garden Design

Unlike the Lake Monger Reserve, which we mentioned earlier, Bold Park is still mostly underdeveloped to protect its local wildlife. 

The park offers guided tours for visitors to help them navigate the undeveloped trails. During your trek across the park, you’ll be able to see rare birds, wildflowers, and wildlife that can only be encountered in Bold Park.

There are designated spots within the park where amenities like public toilets and drinking fountains are available. These spots can also host barbecue parties and picnics because they have good lighting and easy access to electricity.

See the wildlife in Bold Park 3

Photo credit: Janna Schreier Garden Design 

Bold Park also allows visitors to trek through the trails at night.

The park is free for small groups and individuals. However, large groups of more than 30 people need to ask permission first from the management before visiting.

Overall, the rugged nature of Bold Park is certainly something most would not expect to see in the middle of Perth. Make sure to listen well to the park’s guides so that you’ll only have the best experience when visiting Bold Park.

A local’s suggestion: Bold Park doesn’t have many artificial light sources especially deep within the park. Make sure you carry a strong flashlight if you want to visit the park at night.

Check out the impressive view from Reabold Hill Summit Lookout

Check out the impressive view from Reabold Hill Summit Lookout 1

Photo credit: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority

Address: Scenic Dr, City Beach WA 6015, Australia

Opening hours: 

5:30 AM – 8:00 PM (for vehicles)

 Accessible 24/7 for pedestrians

Before leaving the majestic Bold Park, why not make a little detour first and visit one of the best lookout spots in the town?

Reabold Hill Summit Lookout is a viewing area that can be found within Bold Park. With a height of 85 metres above sea level, this viewing deck can give you a great view of Perth and the Indian Ocean.

Check out the impressive view from Reabold Hill Summit Lookout 2

Photo credit: Australia For Everyone

The lookout features a walkway leading to the viewing area, with some shade provided for guests to stay under during rainfall.

The best thing about Reabold Hill Summit Lookout is the almost unobstructed view you’ll get on the viewing deck. This place is where I always go to get some great photos of the city.

Check out the impressive view from Reabold Hill Summit Lookout 3

Photo credit: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority

Reabold Hill Summit Lookout and the great view it provides have made it highly popular for wedding shoots too. 

Entrance is free, and the lookout is open to pedestrians and cyclists 24/7. Make sure to bring a torch when visiting the lookout at later hours because the path is not well-lit.

A local’s suggestion: This lookout provides one of the best spots to see the night lights of downtown Perth.

Play a game of golf on the Wembley Golf Course

Play a game of golf on the Wembley Golf Course 1

Photo credit: Wembley Golf Course – Facebook

Address: 200 The Blvd, Wembley Downs WA 6019, Australia

Opening hours: 5:30 AM – 8:00 PM (MON-SUN)

So after swimming on the beach and visiting exotic wildlife, you might be wondering if Cambridge can still offer more. 

Wonder no longer because Wembley Golf Course is another spot in Cambridge you should definitely check out, even if you’re not a fan of golf.

This golf course has an impressive range of facilities. They’ve got 36 holes for regular golf, a mini-golf course, and a driving range

Play a game of golf on the Wembley Golf Course 2

Photo credit: Buggybuddys

Wembley Golf Course also offers lessons to those interested in learning the sport.  

However, even if you’re not a big golfer, Wembley will welcome you warmly. They have a full-course restaurant called the 300 Hectares, and the golf course is also open for guests who just want to relax and pass the time.

Kids can also enjoy the playgrounds they installed on the golf course.

As a public course, their fees are cheaper compared to those at privately owned golf courses. For example, their mini-golf course only costs AUD 20 per adult and AUD 14 per child.

A local’s suggestion: If you want to learn the game, they have a PGA Centre for Learning and Performance. Unlike your typical golf coaching programs, this one uses the latest technology to augment a player’s ability to learn the game.

Try out some exquisite wines at Coal Valley Vineyard

Try out some exquisite wines at Coal Valley Vineyard 1

Photo credit: Best Restaurants of Australia

Address: Coal Valley Vineyard, 257 Richmond Rd, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia

Opening hours:

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (MON-FRI)

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (SAT and SUN)

Closed on TUES and WED

One of the most exquisite locations in Cambridge, the Coal Valley Vineyard offers delicious wine and a great view to its customers.

Their vineyard is located on Richmond Road, overlooking the Coal River Valley. The location offers an excellent view to guests while they enjoy their wine-tasting course.

Try out some exquisite wines at Coal Valley Vineyard 2

Photo credit: Qantas

For AUD 15 per “flight,” you can taste four wines and enjoy the view. Coal Valley Vineyard focuses on producing Pinot Noir, but they also produce Riesling, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you find their wine to your liking, you can purchase it on-site or through their online store. Purchases made through the online store will be delivered to the address set by the buyer.

Try out some exquisite wines at Coal Valley Vineyard 3

Photo credit: Ageing Barrel Tours

This location is one of the best spots to rock a new profile photo for your social media. I have to admit that a significant part of my Instagram album is just photos I got from this area.

The next spot on the list is a great relaxation spot to check out and can serve as the perfect conclusion to your visit to Cambridge.

A local’s suggestion: Coal Valley Vineyard offers accommodation services, too. You can stay for the night and continue to admire the beautiful vineyard and the scenery around it. 

Enjoy a picnic at Perry Lakes Reserve

Enjoy a picnic at Perry Lakes Reserve 1

Photo credit: Town of Cambridge

Address: 1 Bold Park Dr, Floreat WA 6014, Australia

Opening hours: Accessible 24/7

Finish your trip around Cambridge with a picnic in Perry Lakes Reserve. Although not as big as Lake Monger, the Perry Lakes is still a relaxing sight to see and offers a quiet atmosphere where you and your friends can relax and have fun.

I always rest my feet here after a trip to Bold Park. It’s got great amenities including drinking fountains, gazebos, public toilets, and picnic tables.

Enjoy a picnic at Perry Lakes Reserve 2

Photo credit: Out & about in Perth with Bub, Moo and Char

Kids can also spend the afternoon playing in the huge playgrounds, which are shaded. The park also features exercise equipment where you can work out and a dog exercise space where dogs can run freely without a leash.

The best thing about Perry Lakes Reserve is that most of its area is shaded both by trees and man-made structures which keeps the place cool, especially during noon.

Enjoy a picnic at Perry Lakes Reserve 3

Photo credit: Urban Bushland Council WA

Perry Lakes Reserve is also home to a vibrant ecosystem of plants and animals. It may not have the ecological diversity that Lake Monger or Bold Park has, but its size and amenities still make it a great park to visit.

The entrance is free, and the park can be visited anytime. 

A local’s suggestion: Perry Lakes Reserve is just beside Bold Park. Its location and amenities make it a popular resting and hangout spot for visitors of Bold Park.

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