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5 Reasons Why Perth Is the Best Place to Live in Australia

5 Reasons Why Perth Is the Best Place to Live in Australia

Perth, being the capital of Western Australia, is an exciting city that offers a variety of adventures for local and international tourists. Here are our five reasons why Perth is the best place to live in Australia.

The Climate

Perth is blessed with a beautiful tropical climate beloved by people living in colder regions. With warm summers and mild winters, Perth is the perfect destination if you’re looking to get away from the bitter cold.

Countless visitors have thronged through the streets of Perth, enjoying their idyllic days away. Perth averages around 18℃ during winter and typically gets around 30℃ in the summer. 

Add some cool sea air and you’ve got the perfect recipe for that balmy holiday vibe. Have fun but stay safe. 

In case you feel any unforeseen pain during your holiday, visit a specialist immediately.



Perth has some of the most attractive beaches in the world, with the largest one being Scarborough Beach. The seaside sights are what surfers and beach-lovers dream about.

Beautiful white sand beaches await everyone everywhere, ranging from popular sunbathing spots to more reclusive waters. You can hop to other beaches for some surfing, sand, or snorkeling, or just enjoy the wonderful sea breeze. 

And don’t forget to listen to dermatologists when they say to apply your sunblock frequently!


We never thought we’d see a modern city with a casual and urban lifestyle, yet Perth embodies it all. Perth is a great hub for all outdoor activities, watersports, and indoor dining. 

Before you drink more coffee or red wine, remember that both can stain your teeth. You might want to visit a dentist to keep your teeth white and healthy.

Looking to shop? Head off to the Piccadilly Arcade and Harbour Town or stroll along the streets of Murray and Hay. The Midland Shopping Centre houses two supermarkets for your grocery needs as well as some of the best retail shops in Perth.

Perth also plays host to some of Australia’s top sports teams like the Western Warriors or the Perth Scorchers. If you’re a fan of cricket or rugby, check out tournaments held at the WACA Stadium.



While Perth might seem like the ideal spot for a vacation, it’s also a bustling city that’s increasingly growing its local economy. Job opportunities are all over, with many entrepreneurs setting up shop and growing the city bit by bit.

Perth welcomes people of all nationalities into its city by providing ample job opportunities. Public and private institutions offer varied work in manufacturing, retail, education, transportation, and agriculture.

The historical neighborhoods in the Fremantle area offer a glimpse into Perth’s history. If you prefer to look into the future, then Northridge and Subiaco are the perfect spots for new talents.

Preparing its future workforce, Perth has some excellent schools. Many prominent medical professionals, like plastic surgeons, obtain their degrees at the University of Western Australia and Curtin University.


If you’re up for some adventure, Perth is just the city for you. Explore the unique limestone mountains of Pinnacles Dessert by day and get some stargazing moments at night. 

You can even bike away from your stay at Rottnest Island or take the day tour of the Margaret River region!

Make sure that you get to see the best of everything. Vision a little blurry? You might need to get your eyes checked out first before your trip.

View the fascinating creatures found only in Australia by visiting the Perth Zoo. If you prefer tamer environments, walk around some of the magnificent parks in Perth.

Visit Langley Park to view Perth’s skylines. Kings Park is the perfect spot for families with its lake, island, and children’s playgrounds.

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