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Perth vs Gold Coast Which Is a Better Place to Live In

Perth vs Gold Coast: Which Is a Better Place to Live In?

Choosing to live between Perth and the Gold Coast requires considering the cost of living, food, accommodation, transportation, education, entertainment, and other aspects. 

The rent, food, groceries, and consumer prices on the Gold Coast are lower than in Perth on average. Of course, salary and financing in Perth are higher, depending on how individuals spend their earnings.

Check out our guide below for a better understanding of the differences between the two cities.

Cost of Living

Perth’s Global Livability Index ranking fell to 32 in 2022, despite being part of the top 10 in 2021. This ranking is based on stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education, and infrastructure.

The fall is likely due to the effects of the pandemic and closed borders. Nonetheless, many are confident that Perth will perform much better in the following years.

Furthermore, Perth has a greater average net salary than the Gold Coast. It has a greater local purchasing power level too.

But while the Gold Coast isn’t on the top list, it’s still considered highly liveable with a low population density, offering people more chances for sustainable living.

Of course, while the Gold Coast’s average wage is not as high as other Australian cities, theirs is still much higher than in many countries worldwide. Even its interest rate on mortgages is lower than in several European nations.

To save money in either Perth or the Gold Coast, you may also get medical insurance to assist your financial needs for physical and mental health.


Living on the Gold Coast may be more affordable than dining at restaurants and buying groceries in Perth.  

More specifically, eating at cheap or mid-range restaurants in both cities is more affordable on the Gold Coast. This goes the same way for eating fast food and drinking beer, soda, and water there.

On average, one of Perth’s few beverages that could be purchased slightly cheaper would be their coffee.

As for buying your groceries, a bunch of items like milk, eggs, local cheese, chicken fillet, beef, and fruits like apples and bananas are lower-priced on the Gold Coast. At the very least, you can munch on a lot of food to maintain your teeth and bones.

On the other hand, buying bread, rice, and some vegetables like potatoes, onions, and lettuce could save you a little more money in Perth.    


Renting an apartment in the city centre is also cheaper on the Gold Coast. However, doing so outside the centre may work more in Perth’s favour.

Alternatively, those who want an apartment would save more in Perth by around half of Gold Coast’s average pricing.                                                                               


Flight costs to Perth and Gold Coast fluctuate frequently depending on travel demand and chosen dates.

To save yourself from painful legs and feet, one must be able to manage their daily commute from home to work, as well as other places of necessity and entertainment.

As for the transportation in Perth, buying a one-way ticket, purchasing a monthly pass, and riding a taxi for 1 kilometre typically cost less.

However, refilling your car’s gasoline is more economical on the Gold Coast. Prices of vehicles may also slightly vary for both cities depending on the brand and model. 

You may also hire cars and shuttles in Perth or Gold Coast to make moving around easier. These transportation services include group bookings for airport transfers, private departure transfers by chauffeurs, private sedan transfers, and the like.


Perth and Gold Coast offer many activities because of their tourist-friendly locations.

Due to Perth’s lovely bodies of water like the Swan River, locals and visitors frequently spend the day at their natural attractions. This may involve boating, fishing, skiing, paddling, swimming, picnicking, or just taking in the scenery.

Other popular activities in Perth include enjoying the beaches, having day cruises, walking in the parks, discovering nature and wildlife tours, riding mountain bikes, looking at art galleries, and more.

On the other hand, the Gold Coast is also one of Australia’s top tourist attractions because of its stunning beaches, pleasant climate, watersports, and a wealth of activities for people of all ages.

Adventurers on the Gold Coast could also explore jet ski rentals, theme parks, wine tastings, beer and breweries, sporting events, and the like.

Everyday Leisure

Make sure you don’t strain your vision, or you might need to get your eyes checked after watching numerous internationally-released movies on the Gold Coast. This is because you’ll save more for a ticket there than in Perth. 

As for health buffs who enjoy sports, the monthly fees for fitness clubs and tennis courts are cheaper in Perth.

Regarding shopping expenses, this may vary as some items of clothing like jeans and shoes are lower-priced in Perth. This is while chain store dresses could be better purchased on the Gold Coast.


If you have children in Perth, your visa status as a parent would likely affect how much to pay.

Foreign nationals in Perth with permanent visas are generally allowed to enroll their children in public schools without paying tuition. But if a temporary visa holder wants their child to attend a public school, they’ll probably spend an annual tuition cost.

Perth also has Catholic and non-Catholic (independent), international, special needs, and tutoring options. Remember that slots could be filled rapidly, especially in renowned, well-liked schools.

Then for older international students to get sponsorship in Perth, they must comply with Western Australia’s strict graduate stream requirements to get sponsorship. This isn’t only limited to having proficient English skills, 6 months of work experience related to their studies, and ample settlement funds.

On the Gold Coast, the quantity and quality of public and private schools have significantly increased along with the city’s rapid population growth. This city is home to over 100 elementary schools that provide top-notch instructional resources.

Like Perth, Gold Coast has had several Catholic and independent schools to choose from since the early 1900s. Thousands of international students also enroll in the city’s universities every year.

Just consider that as an international student, there may be a limited number of occupations to choose from as a requirement before getting sponsorship for either city.

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