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Perth vs Hobart Which City Is Better

Perth vs Hobart: Which City Is Better?

Can’t decide between Perth and Hobart for your next adventure? Whether you’re craving the vibrant energy of a bustling metropolis or the cosy allure of a historic city, we’ve got you covered!

Just follow our guide below, where we show you how to pick the best city for your next trip!

Is Perth or Hobart Better?

Choosing between Perth and Hobart depends on your lifestyle and priorities. Perth offers a vibrant city life, stunning beaches, and a diverse job market, while Hobart charms with its historic ambience and unique cultural scene.

To learn more about these two cities, let’s dig deeper with the specifics below.

Perth vs Hobart: Geographical Location and Climate

Perth vs Hobart Geographical Location and Climate
Image from Canva

Perth’s geographical location, nestled alongside the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, provides a serene coastal atmosphere. In contrast, Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, boasts breathtaking mountains, verdant forests, and a temperate oceanic climate.

As Perth is situated on the southwestern edge of the Australian continent, we believe it boasts an enviable position along the picturesque Swan River and the stunning Indian Ocean coastline.

We think Perth’s proximity to the Indian Ocean gives it a relaxing vibe that’s hard to match. The city is known for its beautiful dog beaches, including South City Beach and South Fremantle Dog Beach. 

For us, its western location also lets Perth experience breathtaking sunsets over the ocean – this makes it a prime spot for romantic dates or magical twilight moments with loved ones.

Conversely, Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, presents a unique geographical setting. The breathtaking mountains, lush forests, and crystal-clear waters of the Derwent River surround Hobart, which is located on the southeast coast of the island. 

In our opinion, Hobart’s location at the foot of Mount Wellington also provides residents and visitors with unparalleled views of the city and the harbour below. 

This geography seems like a haven for outdoor enthusiasts too. The city is great for hiking, sailing, and seeing wildlife encounters in the nearby wilderness.

And when it comes to the climate, Perth enjoys long, hot summers and mild, wet winters. We think summers here are perfect for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 30°C (86°F). 

Perth’s winters are relatively mild too, with temperatures rarely dropping below 10°C (50°F). Rainfall is minimal during the summer months, making Perth one of the sunniest cities in Australia.

In comparison, Hobart has a temperate oceanic climate. Its proximity to the Southern Ocean means that temperatures remain cooler throughout the year compared to Perth. 

But if you want to spend your summer in Hobart, you’ll experience a mild one, with temperatures typically ranging from 17°C to 21°C (63°F to 70°F). 

The winters, while chilly, are not extremely cold either, with average temperatures hovering around 12°C (54°F). Hobart receives a more significant amount of rainfall compared to Perth, which keeps the landscape lush and green.

Pro tip:

If you’re a fan of warm weather and outdoor summer activities, we recommend visiting Perth during its dry and sunny season, which typically spans from October to April. This seems like the best time for beach trips, water sports, and outdoor events.

But if you enjoy cooler temperatures and want to explore Hobart’s wilderness without the heat, we suggest planning your visit here from late spring (November) to early autumn (March).

Perth vs Hobart: Demographics and Culture

Perth vs Hobart Demographics and Culture
Image from Canva

While Perth boasts a diverse demographic population and a thriving outdoor lifestyle with its stunning beaches and Mediterranean climate, Hobart embraces its small-town charm, rich colonial history, and flourishing arts scene. 

Perth, located on the western coast of Australia, is the country’s 4th most populous city. With a population of around 2.1 million people, it’s a bustling metropolis that continues to grow steadily. 

What’s fascinating about Perth’s demographics for us is its diverse cultural landscape. Thanks to its strategic location along the picturesque Swan River and the Indian Ocean, it has a significant immigrant population, contributing to the city’s cultural richness.

While you’re here, we believe you’ll typically find people jogging along the Swan River, surfing at Cottesloe Beach, or simply enjoying a picnic in one of the many parks.

In terms of arts and culture, Perth has a vibrant scene too! The Perth Cultural Centre, home to the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum, showcases the city’s commitment to the arts. 

The annual Perth Festival brings together artists from around the world as well, providing a platform for cultural exchange.

Hobart, on the other hand, is the capital of Tasmania and has a much smaller population, clocking in at around 250,000 residents. 

A mix of long-time residents and recent arrivals drawn to the city’s distinctive charm characterise its demographics, which are notable for a strong sense of community.

We think Hobart boasts a rich cultural heritage that’s deeply connected to its history too. The city’s colonial past is evident in its well-preserved architecture and historic sites. 

The Salamanca Market, held every Saturday, looks like a testament to this heritage as well. It offers visitors a taste of Tasmania’s arts, crafts, and local produce.

The city’s thriving arts scene is showcased at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), an avant-garde institution that has garnered international acclaim. 

If you have more time in your hands, we reckon you might also like that Hobart’s cultural calendar is peppered with festivals like the Dark Mofo. This celebrates the winter solstice with art, music, and food events.

Pro tip:

If you’re visiting Perth, we encourage exploring Fremantle, a charming port city just a short drive away. Here, you’ll find historic architecture, lively markets, and excellent seafood

And in Hobart, we think it’s great to see its natural beauty! Consider taking a trip to Bruny Island for its rugged landscapes, pristine beaches, and delectable local food, including fresh oysters.

Perth vs Hobart: Healthcare 

Perth vs Hobart Healthcare
Image from Canva

In terms of healthcare, Perth boasts world-class medical facilities and a strategically distributed network. Meanwhile, Hobart offers quality care with accessible medical services, though travellers might need to consider getting insurance for peace of mind.

For us, Perth is home to some of Australia’s top hospitals and medical centres. We believe this makes the city an excellent destination for those concerned about accessibility. 

Perth’s public healthcare system, Medicare, ensures that Australian citizens and permanent residents have access to essential medical services. 

Plus, we think Perth’s advantage is its geographical layout when it comes to its medical institutions. 

Hospitals and clinics, such as Fiona Stanley Hospital, Royal Perth Hospital, and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, are strategically distributed throughout the metropolitan area, ensuring that many people have relatively easy access to top-notch medical care.

Of course, Hobart may be smaller in size compared to Perth, but we think it doesn’t skimp on healthcare quality either. 

For example, the Royal Hobart Hospital, the biggest hospital in Tasmania, offers a wide range of medical services and is one of many hospitals in the city. 

And like the rest of Australia, Hobart’s healthcare system relies on Medicare for its citizens and permanent residents.

But we feel it’s good to remember that if you’re exploring remote areas of the state, healthcare facilities may be less accessible at times due to Tasmania’s unique geography.

Pro tip:

Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, including hospitalisation and medical evacuation. 

Perth’s larger population and status as a major city means it has a wider range of healthcare facilities and specialists. In contrast, while Hobart has reputable medical facilities, its smaller size may mean longer wait times for non-urgent care.

Perth vs Hobart: Education

Perth vs Hobart Education
Image from Pexels

When it comes to education, Perth shines with its diverse range of prestigious universities and multicultural environment, while Hobart offers a robust education system and unique hands-on learning experiences.

We love that Perth has a diverse range of educational institutions. The city is home to prestigious universities, including the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin University, known for their research excellence and high academic standards. 

Another of Perth’s standout features for us is its multiculturalism, which extends to its education sector. The city attracts students from all over the world, creating a rich tapestry of cultures. 

In our opinion, Perth’s educational institutions also seem well-distributed throughout the city, making it convenient for students to access various campuses. 

Whether you’re pursuing a degree, attending a language school, or enrolling your child in primary or secondary education, we think you’ll likely find a suitable institution nearby.

On the other hand, Hobart may be smaller in size compared to Perth, but it also offers a robust education system. For one, the University of Tasmania (UTAS), with its main campus in Hobart, is a respected institution with a wide range of programmes. 

Students in Hobart also have the opportunity to explore history and natural sciences through hands-on experiences, thanks to the city’s proximity to historical sites and Tasmania’s stunning natural landscapes.

In addition, educational institutions are within easy reach of most residents in Hobart. Whether you’re living in the heart of the city or in one of the charming suburbs, we think you’ll find schools and campuses nearby. 

If you plan to study in remote areas of Tasmania, educational facilities may be limited though, so we feel it’s essential to plan accordingly.

Pro tip:

Both Perth and Hobart offer unique educational experiences that can enhance your visit. In Perth, we advise attending public lectures or cultural events at the universities, where you can engage with the local academic community. 

In Hobart, we encourage visiting museums and historical sites to gain insights into Tasmania’s rich history and natural wonders.

Perth vs Hobart: Jobs

Perth vs Hobart Jobs
Image from Canva

Looking for employment opportunities in Perth or Hobart? There are tonnes of options because Perth’s robust job market thrives in resources, technology, and diverse industries, while Hobart offers unique roles in arts, culture, and tourism. 

We believe Perth has long been an economic powerhouse in Australia, thanks in large part to its thriving resources and mining sector. 

This city is a hub for major mining companies, which has led to a boom in engineering, geology, and logistics. Also, Perth boasts a growing technology sector, offering opportunities in software development, IT, and data analytics.

We also appreciate that Perth is strong in its economic diversity. Beyond the resource sector, the city has a thriving retail, hospitality, and healthcare industry to cater to more residents and travellers. 

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Perth is home to a burgeoning startup scene too, providing job opportunities in innovation and technology.

For us, Perth’s infrastructure and transportation networks also make it relatively easy for residents to commute to work. The city’s layout allows for efficient travel to job locations, with well-connected public transport options and a network of highways and roads.

And while Hobart is smaller than Perth, it provides a unique job market driven by its distinct industries. We like that this city is a centre for arts and culture, with opportunities in galleries, theatres, and creative fields.

Other than that, we reckon that tourism also plays a significant role in Hobart’s economy, with jobs in hospitality, tourism management, and ecotourism readily available.

One more reason people are drawn to work in Hobart is its exceptional quality of life, in our opinion. The city’s pace is more relaxed, and its residents often enjoy a better work-life balance. 

Hobart’s local culture also values community, which we feel makes it an attractive place for those seeking a more peaceful and idyllic lifestyle.

Its compact size means that many job opportunities are within walking or short commuting distance from residential areas. 

This can contribute to a more stress-free daily routine, as you spend less time on the road and more time enjoying work.

Pro tip:

We believe networking is essential when searching for job opportunities, whether you’re in Perth or in smaller communities like Hobart. It’s helpful to attend local events, join community groups, and engage with the local population. 

By doing so, you might discover job openings that aren’t advertised publicly and build meaningful connections along the way.

Perth vs Hobart: Housing

Perth vs Hobart Housing
Image from Pexels

On the lookout for new accommodations? If you compare the housing situation in Perth and Hobart, the latter generally offers lower rental costs, especially outside the city centre, making it budget-friendly for renters. 

Still, we think there’s more depth to explore in this matter. To help us out, we compared Perth and Hobart’s housing data in this table gathered from Numbeo and various online sources:

Monthly Rent (1-Bedroom Apartment)$2,538 (in city centre)$1,849 (outside city centre)$1,575 (in city centre)$1,250 (outside city centre)
Monthly Rent (3-Bedroom Apartment)$3,810 (in city centre)$2,737 (outside city centre)$2,437 (in city centre)$1,890 (outside city centre)
Apartment Purchase per Square Metre$10,465 (in city centre)$8,376 (outside city centre)$9,233 (in city centre)$6,600 (outside city centre)
Mortgage Interest Rate5.99%6.50%

As presented above, Hobart generally offers lower rental costs, especially outside the city centre, making it a budget-friendly option for renters. Overall, we recommend living outside the city centre in both cities for more budget-friendly options.

In terms of buying an apartment, Hobart also shows more affordable options both in and outside the city centre. 

However, Perth has a lower mortgage interest rate, which we think provides some financial advantage to potential homeowners. It’s best to factor in the slightly higher mortgage interest rate in Hobart when planning your property purchase.

Of course, you’ll need to take your daily needs and preferences into account before making a big decision on your accommodations, whether short or long-term.

Pro tip:

Before finalising your accommodation choice in Perth or Hobart, we encourage reading reviews and checking online forums or social media groups related to these cities. 

We think hearing from fellow travellers or residents can also provide valuable insights into specific neighbourhoods, rental experiences, and even property purchase considerations.

Perth vs Hobart: Cost of Living

Perth vs Hobart Cost of Living
Image from Canva

When it comes to cost of living, Hobart offers more affordable options, making it good for the budget-conscious. However, Perth’s vibrant culinary scene, modern amenities, and job opportunities might provide some people with a more diverse experience.

Now, let’s take a look into the estimated living expenses in Perth and Hobart, drawing data from Numbeo and various sources:

Meal (Inexpensive Restaurant)$30$25
3-Course (Meal for 2, Mid-Range Restaurant)$150$100
One-way Ticket (Local Transport)$4.50$3.40
Monthly Pass (Regular Price)$175.25$91.45
Monthly Utilities (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, and Garbage) for an 85 sq m Apartment$340$300
Mobile Phone Monthly Plan and 60 Mbps Internet or Unlimited Data$152$135
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax)$4,927$5,183

From the table, Hobart provides more affordable dining options, which we feel makes it an excellent choice for many foodies.

But while dining at an inexpensive restaurant in Perth might cost more, this city offers a wide culinary experience. You can go from enjoying freshly caught seafood at Fremantle to indulging in delectable Asian fusion dishes at Northbridge.

Hobart’s local transport and economical utility costs seem more budget-friendly too. Still, we believe Perth has some modern amenities we reckon you might want to splurge on now and then, like upscale waterfront dining experiences or luxurious spa treatments.

In our opinion, your choice should align with your financial goals and lifestyle preferences, ensuring a satisfying and balanced living experience in either city.

Pro tip:

If you have the time and resources, we encourage you to visit both Hobart and Perth to maximise your travel experience – why not have the best of both worlds (even for a short time)?

This way, you can experience the budget-friendly delights of Hobart’s dining and cost-effective amenities while also indulging in Perth’s vibrant culinary scene and modern offerings.

Perth vs Hobart: Transportation

Perth vs Hobart Transportation
Image from WAtoday

Perth boasts transport efficiency with extensive road networks, making it easy to get around whether you prefer trains, cars, or even cycling and walking. Hobart also offers well-maintained public buses and roads good for exploring on foot or by bike.

Overall, we think Perth boasts a well-organized and efficient public transportation system. Transperth, the city’s public transport authority, operates buses, trains, and ferries that cover a vast area. 

We appreciate that the Transperth SmartRider card simplifies fare payments and offers discounts for regular commuters.

The city’s road network is also extensive, making it convenient for those who prefer to drive. We also think Perth’s wide streets and well-maintained highways ensure smooth traffic flow, even during rush hours. 

But if you’re not up for driving, we recommend using ride-sharing services like Uber, since these are readily available.

Additionally, Perth is known for its commitment to sustainability. The city offers an array of cycling lanes and walking paths, making it a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly place – you can explore the city at a leisurely pace while taking in the sights and sounds!

Meanwhile, Hobart’s public transportation system is smaller in scale compared to Perth, but we still think it’s efficient for getting around the city. 

Metro Tasmania operates buses that cover most urban areas. The Greencard provides a convenient way to pay for bus fares too.

Hobart’s road network is well-maintained as well, with scenic drives that showcase Tasmania’s natural beauty. While we feel it’s not as extensive as Perth’s road system, it serves the city and its suburbs effectively. 

Just keep in mind that Hobart’s charming but narrow streets in some areas may require extra attention when driving.

Moreover, Hobart’s compact size and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal city for cyclists and pedestrians. 

You can explore the city centre on foot, discovering historic sites and waterfront attractions. For us, the scenic backdrop of Mount Wellington also provides ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Pro tip:

To make the most of your city experience, we suggest using combinations of transportation modes. Then, write these down and see which ones work the best for your daily routine.

In Perth, you can hop on a train to reach distant destinations quickly, then explore the local neighbourhood on foot or by bike. In Hobart, you can start your day with a bus ride to the city centre and take leisurely walks to discover hidden gems.

Perth vs Hobart: Tourist Attractions and Activities

Perth vs Hobart Tourist Attractions and Activities
Image from Pexels

In Perth, you can enjoy iconic tourist attractions like the Bell Tower, Cottesloe Beach, and the Perth Cultural Centre. Meanwhile, Hobart also offers unique charm at Salamanca Place, Mount Wellington, and the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). 

For starters, we think the Perth Central Business District (CBD) is home to iconic landmarks like the Bell Tower, where you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the city. 

We also recommend taking a stroll along Elizabeth Quay, a modern waterfront precinct with dining, entertainment, and art installations.

In addition, Perth is famous for its stunning beaches, and we believe a visit to Cottesloe Beach is a must. You can sink your toes into the golden sands, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoy the beachside cafes and restaurants. 

For water sports enthusiasts, we also think Scarborough Beach offers excellent opportunities for surfing and kiteboarding.

Later, you can escape the hustle and bustle by heading to Kings Park and Botanic Garden, one of the world’s largest inner-city parks. For us, it’s a tranquil oasis with extensive native flora, walking trails, and captivating views of the city.

If you love art, you may immerse yourself in Perth’s cultural scene at the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum in the Perth Cultural Centre. 

The Perth Zoo is another family-friendly attraction for those with kids too! The zoo features a diverse range of animals from around the world that you shouldn’t miss.

On the other hand, Hobart is a city steeped in history, and you can feel it as you wander through Salamanca Place. This historic waterfront precinct is lined with 19th-century sandstone buildings and is now home to cafes, boutiques, and galleries. 

We believe you shouldn’t miss a visit to Battery Point as well. For us, it’s a charming neighbourhood filled with beautifully preserved colonial-era cottages.

Another famous Hobart attraction is Mount Wellington, a towering peak that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes. Whether you hike, cycle, or drive to the summit, we reckon the experience will be unforgettable. 

For a closer encounter with wildlife, we encourage you to visit the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can meet Tasmania’s unique creatures. This might include kangaroos, wombats, and the elusive Tasmanian devil.

Hobart’s vibrant arts scene also shines through at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), in our opinion. This innovative museum houses a remarkable collection of contemporary and ancient art, often pushing the boundaries of traditional art spaces. 

Other than that, we feel Hobart’s proximity to nature means outdoor enthusiasts have endless options to love. 

If you have the energy for it, you may also embark on a cruise to explore Bruny Island’s rugged coastline, embark on a kayak adventure along the Derwent River, or even go fishing in some of the world’s cleanest and most pristine waters.

Pro tip:

Both Perth and Hobart offer fantastic culinary delights. In Perth, you can try fresh seafood at the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour or indulge in multicultural cuisine along Northbridge’s vibrant streets. 

In Hobart, don’t miss the chance to try local specialties like Tasmanian salmon, cheeses, and world-renowned cool-climate wines too!

 Perth vs Hobart: Nightlife and Entertainment

Perth vs Hobart Nightlife and Entertainment
Image from Pexels

Good nightlife and entertainment are highly accessible in both Perth and Hobart. Perth offers a range of colourful experiences, from chic cocktail lounges to lively nightclubs, while Hobart’s historic pubs and waterfront dining provide cosy evenings. 

We love that Perth’s nightlife is a kaleidoscope of experiences catering to all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a chic cocktail lounge, a lively nightclub, or a cosy pub, we reckon you’ll find it here!

For one, Northbridge, a vibrant cultural and entertainment precinct, is the epicentre of Perth’s nightlife. It’s teeming with bars, clubs, and live music venues, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.

We reckon music lovers will be in their element in Perth as well. The city has a thriving live music scene, with regular gigs and performances happening throughout the week. 

For example, The Astor Theatre and Amplifier Capitol are iconic venues known for hosting local and international artists.

It’s also great for us that Perth’s Mediterranean climate encourages al fresco dining and rooftop bars year-round! You may head to venues like The Reveley or The Aviary for stunning skyline views, handcrafted cocktails, and a relaxed ambiance.

For a more refined evening, we think you might also like the Perth Cultural Centre. It houses the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, which hosts a variety of performances, from ballet to theatre.

Of course, we feel Hobart’s nightlife carries a unique historical charm too! The city is dotted with historic pubs, many of which have been serving patrons for over a century. 

You and your friends can enjoy a pint of locally brewed beer in establishments like the New Sydney Hotel or the Shipwrights Arms, where the ambience takes you back in time.

Furthermore, Hobart’s picturesque waterfront seems like the perfect setting for a leisurely evening. You can indulge in a seafood dinner at one of the many relaxing restaurants overlooking the harbour – just make sure you don’t have any food allergies!

Hobart’s cultural scene also extends into the evening hours. The Theatre Royal, Australia’s oldest working theatre, hosts a variety of performances, including plays, concerts, and ballets. 

Alternatively, the city’s galleries and art spaces often have evening events and exhibitions. For this reason, we believe you can easily plan a whole day of fun in this small city.

Lastly, we think you should consider a night tour to explore Hobart’s historic sites, ghost stories, or the nocturnal wonders of local wildlife. 

For us, these guided tours provide an intriguing perspective on the city’s history and natural beauty. Plus, this could be a memorable activity to have with your group of friends!

Pro tip:

Before your trip, or even while you’re in the city, we advise checking local event listings, social media, or city guides for special events, concerts, or festivals happening during your stay. 

Who knows? You might stumble upon a fantastic live performance, a themed party, or a cultural event that aligns with your interests, adding an extra layer of excitement to your night out – you might make some friends for life too!

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