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A Guide to Perth’s Most Colourful Street Art

A Guide to Perth’s Most Colourful Street Art

Want to embark on a visual journey through the colourful world of street art in Perth? Look no further, as we take you on a tour of the city’s most colourful street art scene! 

Let’s explore Perth’s alleys and lanes, uncovering captivating tales told through paint and spray cans below.

Where is the most colourful street art in Perth?

Wesley Centre in Wolf Lane

Wesley Centre in Wolf Lane
Image from Deeper Dazzle

Location: Wesley Centre, Wolf Lane, Perth

Maya Hayuk’s mural at the Wesley Centre in Wolf Lane, Perth, is a captivating display of her distinctive style. It features symmetrical compositions, intricate patterns, and electrifying colours. 

As a world-renowned street art guru, Hayuk hails from the bustling streets of New York City. Her artistry stretches across the globe, adorning cities with her iconic outdoor murals. 

We believe Hayuk’s psychedelic mural in Wesley Centre will transport you into a world of imagination and wonder since you might need to take a moment to absorb this visual feast.

Pro tip:

When visiting Maya Hayuk’s incredible piece of art in Perth, it’s best to bring your good camera like a professional photographer to capture it in the best quality. 

But if you’re using your phone, no worries! We just advise you to ensure the settings are adjusted for vibrant colours and high resolution to do justice to the mesmerising artwork.

Prince Lane

Prince Lane
Image from Expert Abroad

Location: 356 Murray St, Perth

You can find Clare McFarlane’s vibrant masterpiece on Prince Lane in Perth. This colourful street art, inspired by the city’s rich history and fashion industry ties, transforms the brickwork into a lively tapestry of art. 

Clare McFarlane, whose talent is the magic behind this vibrant masterpiece, has her roots traced back to the small town of Kojonup.

Since settling in Perth in 1990, we’re in awe that McFarlane has made her mark in the art world with numerous solo exhibitions in both Perth and Melbourne. 

In Perth, a burst of colour will greet you as you stroll down Prince Lane. We think McFarlane’s art here is a testament to her creative prowess – it’s like a visual symphony for your senses!

Moreover, Clare’s work draws inspiration from the King Street precinct’s rich history and strong ties to the fashion industry. For us, it’s as if you’re walking through a living, breathing piece of art, so make sure to capture it well.

Pro tip:

While you’re in Prince Lane, Perth, we suggest exploring the surrounding area as well! 

Prince Lane is nestled in the heart of the city’s Central Business District, so take the opportunity to discover nearby cafes, shops, and hidden gems to maximise your day.

Perth Central Business District (CBD)

Perth Central Business District (CBD)
Image from LesterLost

Location: 97 and 144 Murray Street, 189 William Street, or Pier Street, Perth

The awe-inspiring street art of Drew Straker can be found in Perth’s Central Business District. Straker’s neon-like murals, created with spray paint and a unique ‘neon glow’ technique, have made him one of Western Australia’s most beloved artists. 

As a local talent, Straker has a knack for making his murals come alive like neon signs. It’s incredible for us that he achieves this effect solely with spray paint and this cool technique involving white lines beneath transparent colours!

Straker’s distinctive style has earned him the status of one of Western Australia’s most beloved street artists, with his eye-catching works gracing numerous locations throughout the state. 

Pro tip:

To fully appreciate Drew Straker’s neon-inspired street art in Perth, we recommend visiting these locations both during the day and at night. 

We believe the transformation under different lighting conditions is truly magical. You’ll get to see how his artwork comes to life, whether it’s basking in the sunlight or glowing like neon under the city’s night sky.


Image from Anya Brock

Location: Behind Paramount Nightclub, Roe Street, Northbridge, Perth

You can find captivating and colourful street art by Anya Brock in Northbridge, Perth. Anya’s vibrant artworks, featured in various cities, have earned her a place among Aussie art icons, making Northbridge a must-visit for art enthusiasts. 

Initially drawn to the world of fashion, Brock ultimately returned to her true passion for painting and drawing, making a name for herself with her colourful and spirited artworks featuring faces, animals, and geometric patterns.

We believe Brock’s star shone even brighter when her monumental 10-foot-tall budgie mural earned a feature in the New York Times, catapulting her into the ranks of Australian art icons. 

Today, it’s amazing for us that anyone can admire her captivating creations gracing walls not only in her hometown of Perth but also in cities like LA, Sydney, and Melbourne.

If you want to see more of Anya Brock, you may visit the car park of Wolf Lane in the CBD, the side of Toni & Guy hair salon on Murray Street, and the facade of Etro Cafe on King Street.

Pro tip:

While exploring Anya Brock’s vibrant street art in Northbridge and beyond, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the local culture as well. 

Northbridge, in particular, is known for its nightlife, with plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars to enjoy. So, why not combine art appreciation with a delightful culinary experience for a perfect day out in Perth?

South Fremantle

South Fremantle

Image from Freo’s View

Location: 303 South Terrace, South Fremantle, Perth

South Fremantle’s South Terrace is a vibrant and creative hub, featuring a hidden gem in East West Design. Graeme Miles Richards’ enormous mural perfectly captures the essence of South Fremantle’s vibrant street art scene.

Picture this: you’re strolling through South Fremantle’s South Terrace, where the streets come alive with colour and creativity. And as you wander along, you’ll come across a unique and artsy furniture store in a sprawling warehouse – what a treat!

The expansive warehouse stretches continuously from South Terrace to Marine Parade. In our opinion, what makes this store’s street art truly unique is the 78-meter-long fresco that adorns its long, blind wall.

We think this mural transforms an ordinary facade into a huge canvas for artistic expression. And for us, there are tonnes of cute details here that adults and kids might love to stare at for a while. 

Pro tip:

While exploring South Fremantle for street art, it might be fun for you and your friends to engage with the local community. 

Strike up short conversations with residents and fellow travellers, and we think you might uncover even more hidden gems and lesser-known street art pieces that don’t always make it onto tourist maps.


Image from Streets of Perth

Perth’s Leederville is where street art weaves tales of creativity on every corner. Standouts include the Luna Leedy, the Bunn Mee, and the water artwork near the Water Corp building.

As you explore Leederville, we like that these dazzling murals decorate its back alleyways and side streets, each telling its own unique story.

One of which is the colossal mural of giant people gracing the facade of Luna Leedy along Vincent Street. We reckon this is a true spectacle that can’t be missed because of the intriguing designs that maximise the wall. 

Also, we think it’s a fantastic idea to take some photos of the whimsical pink-haired girl outside Bunn Mee and the swirling water artwork outside the Water Corp building. For us, they’re truly eye-catching!

But we believe your art adventure doesn’t stop there. You can wander along the laneway outside The 21st Amendment bar, and you’ll be treated to a visual feast of colours and creativity as well.

Pro tip:

Leederville’s street art scene in Perth is ever-changing, so we think it can be helpful to take a guided street art tour in this suburb. 

There are several local guides who can provide insights into the artists, techniques, and stories behind the murals, enhancing your appreciation of this dynamic art form and ensuring you don’t miss any treasured gems.


Image from RTRFM 92.1

Subiaco is a must-visit for colourful street art enthusiasts, with its delightful pink hues dominating the scene and standout pieces like Okudart’s vibrant geometric koala and kangaroo masterpiece and the walls of the Little Wing Corner Gallery.

In this suburb, we think a delightful pink hue seems to be a street art trend, and we’re here for it! We believe the touches of pink add a vibrant touch to this charming neighbourhood.

In our opinion, the Little Wing Corner Gallery is a standout. We like that it’s packed with artistic treasures such as cute animals and other icons on its pink walls.

Another top pick for us has to be the masterpiece by Okudart at Forest Square, where a bright, geometric koala and kangaroo come to life in a burst of colours. We feel that this visual treat embodies the spirit of Subiaco’s spunky street art scene.

Pro tip:

While you’re soaking in the colour-infused creativity of Subiaco’s street art, we recommend treating yourself to some retail therapy too!

For us, this neighbourhood isn’t only an artistic hub but also a shopping and culinary haven. So, go get some delicious bites and unique finds to complete your Subiaco adventure.

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