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Perth vs Brisbane Which Is the Better City

Perth vs Brisbane: Which Is the Better City?

You can’t go wrong with a trip to Perth or Brisbane if you plan to visit Australia. Both are oceanfront cities and provide a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities.

Is Perth or Brisbane the Better City to Visit?

Though both cities offer wonderful opportunities, Brisbane may provide less expensive utility expenses and beverages, huggable koalas, and more. Meanwhile, Perth residents may find more white sand beaches, get higher wages, rent cheaper apartments, study more science courses, and the like.

Still, several factors must be considered while deciding between Perth and Brisbane. Everybody leads a different lifestyle, and this can have a big impact on your costs and savings.



Besides being the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is also the third largest city in Australia. Although, it’s frequently overlooked as a tourist destination. 

It’s a young, energetic city with lively nightlife and a laid-back, friendly vibe. If you have the chance to visit, it’s a modern and economically successful city with lots to offer. 

One of Australia’s fastest-growing cities, Brisbane offers stunning scenery and a great, warm climate all year round.

If you’ve ever wanted to cuddle a koala, this city is for you because it’s home to numerous wild kangaroos, koalas, and other lovely animals.

On the other hand, Perth is a city that can be found where the Swan River meets the sea. There are several activities on and off the water due to its proximity.

Despite the skyscrapers sprouting up resulting from a mining boom, the city has a charmingly relaxed atmosphere. There are also many tourist attractions and activities in the city.

On top of that, nothing compares to a Perth sunset. There are plenty of places to watch the sun set into the Indian Ocean, with 19 magnificent beaches bordering the city’s shoreline. 

The sun setting below the horizon, bending the light spectrum as it does so, and turning the sky into a brilliant hue of pink, red, and orange is a gorgeous sight.



Within Brisbane, there’s a plethora of things to do – from historic structures to modern glass skyscrapers.

You may go from visiting crowded retail malls to taking riverside strolls. You may also dine at upscale restaurants or drink at laneway bars.

Another choice is to shop at the Queen Street Mall, where there are hundreds of shops to choose from. 

For foodies, try fine dining at the Blackbird Bar and Grill, Donna Chang, or Moo Moo, or simply plan the ideal picnic at the area’s enormous green space.

Meanwhile, Perth’s white sand beaches, parks and gardens, or cruises are also great places to spend the day. 

Locals and Perth visitors usually head over to Swan River when the weather is nice. They enjoy swimming, paddling, fishing, boating, skiing, picnicking, or simply taking in the surroundings.

Other well-liked pastimes in Perth include taking advantage of the beaches, taking day trips, strolling around the parks, learning about nature and wildlife, riding mountain bikes, and more.

This city also serves as the state’s primary centre for culture. The surrounding area serves as the ideal setting for festivals and other events all year long. 

You may also visit art museums or watch a show in a theatre, dance, concert, comedy, or movie. The city’s diverse population is most pronounced in its cuisine too, which offers something for every mood and palate.

There are numerous places to go for amusement, such as hip lounge bars, clubs, and pubs. These places are where you can dance, take in live music, and watch sports.



Brisbane is likely your best bet if you’re looking for a reasonably priced area to reside. The atmosphere in the city is very relaxed and pleasant.

However, renting a 1-bedroom apartment inside and outside the city centre is slightly more expensive here. This is the same for renting 3-bedroom apartments.

Note that if you plan to buy an apartment, the pricing per square meter can be higher here, as well as the mortgage rates. 

Nevertheless, basic utilities such as electricity, heating, water, and the like are a bit cheaper in Brisbane. 

Internet services with 60 Mbps or more, unlimited data, cable, and ADSL broadband connection may also cost more in Brisbane. It’s more economical to use mobile phone data with local prepaid calls more frequently.

However, renting a one or three-bedroom apartment is cheaper in Perth on average. It can also save you money to buy an apartment inside or outside the city centre – the mortgage rates are also lower.

Though, keep in mind that purchasing power is higher in Perth than in Brisbane. 

Even with higher prices for utilities like electricity, heating, and water, many people would still be able to afford them in Perth – they earn more here on average.

Accommodation & UtilitiesBrisbanePerth
1-Bedroom Apartment Rent (In City Centre)$1,820.00$1,626.40
1-Bedroom Apartment Rent (Outside City Centre)$1,300.00$1,277.69
3-Bedroom Apartment Rent (In City Centre)$3,017.78$2,638.47
3-Bedroom Apartment Rent (Outside City Centre)$2,017.89$1,816.67
Apartment Purchase per square meter (In City Centre)$7,957.14$6,900.00
Apartment Purchase per square meter (Outside City Centre)$5,125.00$4,274.57
Mortgage Rates3.25%3.08%
Basic Utilities (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage for a 85 meter squared Apartment)$170.12 per month$194.82 per month
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)$80.38 per more$77.44 per more
Mobile Phone Data (One-Minute Local Prepaid Call with No Plan or Discount)$0.55 per month$0.56 per month



Experience the many regional cuisines while you’re in Brisbane. You can eat everything, including modern Australian and American cuisine, as well as Japanese and Chinese food. 

Taste the flathead lobsters for something more unusual. It’s also a good idea to try local foods and macadamia nuts.

Friendly advice: you might be able to save more for domestic beer in a Brisbane restaurant than ones bought in the market. 

But if you just want coffee, that’s fine too. Regular-sized cappuccino is slightly cheaper in this city, anyway.

On the other hand, fast-food lovers may spend a little more for a Mcdonald’s meal here. A combo meal may be somewhat pricier in Brisbane than in Perth.

If you’re doing the cooking, several cheaper ingredients in Brisbane are dairy (eg. milk, eggs, and local cheese), and fruits (eg. apples).

But in Perth, grocery prices for white bread, white rice, chicken breasts, round beef, vegetables (like potatoes, lettuce, and tomatoes), and fruits (like oranges and bananas) are usually cheaper.

Meal-for-twos in inexpensive restaurants cost about the same in the two cities. However, it might cause more savings if you dine at a mid-range restaurant in Perth.

Alcoholic beverages such as domestic and imported beer from the market are cheaper in Perth too. Luckily for homebodies, this means celebrating and drinking at home could be more efficient for your time and resources.

White Bread$2.88$2.51
White Rice$2.85$2.66
Chicken Breasts$11.33$10.78
Beef Round (1 kg)$19.08$18.57
Local Cheese$9.95$11.67
Meal For Two (Inexpensive Restaurant)$40.00$40.00
Mid-Range Restaurant$100.00$85.00
McDonalds McMeal$14.00$12.75
Restaurant Domestic Beer$8.00$10.00
Market Domestic Beer$5.63$5.06
Restaurant Imported Beer$20.00$20.00
Market Imported Beer$7.05$4.89
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range from the Supermarket)$18.00$15.00



Brisbane is simple to navigate. There are numerous choices for public transportation, driving, and walking throughout the metropolitan region.

It’s advisable to buy a TransLink Go Card if you plan to travel to Brisbane by bus, train, or ferry. 

At Brisbane International and Domestic Airports, as well as in the city’s convenience stores and train stations, you may buy a Go Card. This card also has specific offers for visitors and tourists.

The rail system in Brisbane also makes it easy to get to nearby suburbs and downtown attractions. Daily train services run from early in the morning until late at night – Central Station and Roma Street Station are two of the city’s important stations. 

Take a train from either of these stations to get to places like South Bank or Fortitude Valley, as well as sights like the Queensland Museum or the Gallery of Modern Art.

If you hate traffic, Brisbane has several busways that isolate buses on the highways. The bus system is a convenient way to travel between Brisbane’s neighbourhoods.

As for the other city, travellers can get around Perth via the Transperth public bus system. But first, they must buy a Smartrider card. 

These cards are offered at many newsstands, convenience stores, and a few bus and train stations.

There’s also the CAT bus, a free bus service that makes numerous loops between Perth and Fremantle. This makes it easy to get from Perth’s downtown hotels to many of the city’s attractions.

If you wish to go within Perth city limits and out to the suburbs, taking the train is another suitable choice. One can reach practically anywhere from the two biggest stations: Perth Station and Elizabeth Quay Station.



Brisbane is a great place to study because of its top-tier educational institutions, wonderful climate, and closeness to some of nature’s most stunning sights.

The city is also home to several of Australia’s top universities. This includes Griffith University, the award-winning University of Queensland, and the internationally famous Queensland University of Technology. 

There are numerous institutions, colleges, and organisations that offer vocational education in English as well. Brisbane is a popular study destination for people of all backgrounds and is known as a secure community. 

International students have shown a great deal of interest in events too. 

An example is the Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony, which allows students to meet Brisbane’s Lord Mayor and have their picture taken with him. 

Another is the City Welcome Festival, a city orientation day with free music, food, and networking opportunities.

Then as an alternative, international students also find Perth welcoming. This city enrols more than 42,000 students annually from more than 140 different nations.

Actually, Western Australia is the ideal location for ambitious scientists. 

Studying science in Perth, in particular, can provide you with the chance to work on important initiatives like creating clean water, creating new vaccines, and finding ways to stop global warming. 

The fact that Prof. Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren received the 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine is a testament to the calibre of scientific research carried out in this city.

Alongside being academically responsible, many students always need a little bit more money. In Perth, students may work part-time for up to 20 hours a week if they’re on a student visa. 

This can help generate spending money and allow students to engage with the neighbourhood. It’s a fantastic way to sharpen their English skills as well if needed.

Administrative, communication, hospitality, housekeeping, retail, and tourism occupations are also widely accessible. 

But if extra money isn’t a big concern, volunteering at one of Perth’s many nonprofit organisations or community initiatives is also an option.



Brisbane people have great access to hospitals, general practitioners, dentists, and other allied healthcare providers in the public and private healthcare sectors. 

There are various public and private hospitals too, like the Mater Hospital network, the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, and the Princess Alexandra Hospital. 

Everyone has access to immediate and emergency medical treatment as well.

Though of course, Perth has the same universal healthcare system that covers all of Australia. 

Numerous hospitals and medical centres, as well as specialised services, are available in Perth’s private and public healthcare facilities.

This includes physiotherapists, dentists, cardiologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, paediatricians, neurologists, podiatrists, and prosthodontists.



Brisbane is a lively city that’s usually safe. It’s a fantastic city to visit and live in due to the warm and inviting nature, lovely subtropical lifestyle, and culturally diversified people.

Certainly, crime does occur in big cities, which is normal. For this, the Brisbane City Council highly focuses on the safety of all residents and tourists.

Still, locals and guests must take their safety seriously and have a presence of mind whenever possible. 

For instance, travellers must exercise caution and awareness in areas like Fortitude Valley. The population and nightlife activity are some factors to blame for this.

Similarly, Perth is also a safe city to visit and live in. Out of 140 cities, it was ranked sixth least stressful by the Global Living Project in 2022.

Expedia’s data also reveals that Perth has the best medical care and one of Australia’s lowest rates of road deaths.

Additionally, research from Numbeo states that the rates for Perth residents worrying about being mugged or subject to a physical attack because of skin colour, ethnic origin, gender, or religion are pretty low.

There you go! We hope you find which among the cities of Perth or Brisbane best suits your preferences for short visits or long-term stays.

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