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Is Perth a Good Place for Surfing

Is Perth a Good Place for Surfing?

Looking to catch some waves in Perth? We’ve got you covered! Here, we can explore the best surfing locations and other beachside activities you can enjoy.

Reasons to Go Surfing in Perth

Most beginner and intermediate surfers suit Perth’s surf beaches. The city beaches are also beautiful, clean, and well-patrolled. Additionally, the magnitude of the waves typically varies and provides a lot of excitement and learning opportunities for travellers.

Ready to surf? Check out more information and tips on making the most of your surfing experience in Perth below.

Is surfing popular in Perth

Ahoy there, aspiring Perth surfers! If you’re wondering whether surfing is great in this coastal city, then we heartily recommend giving it a go! 

You can probably guess that surfing is one of the go-to activities in Perth. Many beach enthusiasts adore the waves, so we know that surfing is among its main tourist attractions. 

But besides the beaches, we also think the city’s serene atmosphere and magnificent surroundings make it the best spot to unwind.

In our opinion, Perth has every quality a surfer could ask for. Pleasant weather, stunning coastlines, and some of Australia’s best waves – the works!

Many of these beaches have consistent and manageable waves as well. We feel this makes Perth a suitable location for any type of surfer. 

Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a newbie, we believe you and your loved ones can enjoy the thrill of surfing either way!

If you’re still hesitant, you might like to know that the city is home to several surf schools where beginners can enrol in classes and hire gear. So, don’t make any more excuses, and just have fun!

Not only that, but the warm temperature and sunshine also make it easy to dry off after spending all day in the ocean.

But don’t just stand there wondering! It’s best for you to experience this yourself, so go to Perth’s stunning shores with your board asap!

Friendly tip: Don’t forget to put on sunblock! We’re guessing you don’t want to go straight to your dermatologist (dermatologist Perth) after your surfing trip with nasty burns!

Is it safe to surf in Perth?

Is it safe to surf in Perth

The short answer is yes – it’s generally safe to go surfing in Perth. But certainly, there are still some risks associated with surfing, just like with any water sport.

Before heading out, we feel it’s best to know the beach and the wave’s conditions in advance. We advise you to check the weather and surf reports too. 

The strong currents and rips on Perth’s shores occasionally catch even experienced surfers off guard, in our opinion. 

It’s important to follow basic surfing guidelines as well. This involves surfing with a leash, not going too far off the shore for your skill level, and having a surfing buddy. 

Most beach staff would also likely recommend swimming between the flags. It also won’t hurt to remember that you can always call the lifeguards on duty for assistance in case of an emergency.

Lastly, we suggest keeping a cell phone on you (that’s waterproof or water-resistant, of course) at all times.

Though rare, sharks may also be another thing to consider. Though there’s a small possibility of coming across one, we think it’s still best to be vigilant and avoid surfing at dawn or twilight – when sharks are more active. 

Just note that if you do see a shark, try your best to keep calm and slowly swim back to land. Cramping out of panic would definitely be of no help to you.

Overall, as long as you exercise care and regard for the waters, surfing in Perth can be a safe and pleasant activity.

Where can I surf in Perth?

Where can I surf in Perth

We think picking just one surf location in Perth is difficult because there are so many options available. Having said that, a few locations are ideal for beginners.

Here are the best locations for your next surfing experience in Perth: Cottesloe Beach Trigg Beach Rottnest Island Margaret River Scarborough Beach Leighton Beach, Fremantle Yallingup Swanbourne Beach Mandurah Brighton Beach

While we feel any of these options could give you a fantastic time, there are some considerations that you may want to think about.

For one thing, Scarborough is a great choice for newbies who want to surf near the Perth Central Business District. Some people may want to start somewhere near or easy, and we find that reasonable too.

Trigg Beach, a lengthy stretch of white sand, also receives a decent amount of surf. When your skills have advanced from beginning to intermediate or beyond, we feel you may already be able to surf a rocky outcrop at the northern end of the beach.

Though when it comes to summer surf instruction, Brighton Beach is among our top choices too – it’s even less crowded than Trigg or Scarborough!

But if capturing the best photos is your priority, Cottesloe Beach may be the one to prioritise on the list. It may sometimes get crowded, but we like that it has crystal-clear water and brilliant white sand in various forms.

What month is best for surfing in Perth?

What month is best for surfing in Perth

We heard Perth residents are happy to experience some of the best weather in all of Australia. The climate, which is best called ‘Mediterranean’, keeps the winters mild and the summers hot and sunny. 

This means that when it comes to scheduling a surf session in Perth, the time of year you choose to book largely depends on your schedule and personal preferences. 

Even if you can only come during the winter, we find it incredible that some beaches can still get you a board! Some facilities even have a collection of wetsuits to keep you warm when the water temperature drops to 19 degrees Celsius.

Since you’ll likely only be riding smaller waves as a beginner, we don’t think there’s a lot to worry about booking during the busiest ‘swell season’. 

Let’s give you a quick reference to the Perth seasons to give you a decent sense of the weather when booking a surfing session.

Firstly, the city experiences hot, bright weather from December until the end of February. It rarely rains, and while thunderstorms occasionally happen, they’re at most sporadic. 

Also, the water in the ocean can be anywhere from 21 to 23 °C, which we think is fine for bikinis and boardshorts. Furthermore, the waves always rise above waist height, so these swells are almost always ideal for newbies. 

But if you happen to miss summer, we feel Perth’s temperatures in autumn are actually quite comfortable too. At the start of the season, the water is still rather warm. 

Beyond that, just note that the likelihood of rain increases as winter approaches. This also means that we have beneficial offshore winds and a greater swell of waves than in the summer. 

Of course, Perth experiences its coolest weather from June to August, both on land and in the water. It frequently rains, and the nights are quite cool. 

Despite this, we occasionally have days with temperatures higher than 20 °C to provide some relief from the morning chill. We think the winters here are mild compared to many other locations in Australia and throughout the world. 

Yet for us, the nicest part about winter is that there are plenty of waves for you to put your skills to the test in. As long as you don’t mind wearing a wetsuit, this makes scheduling a surf session in Perth at this time of year fantastic. 

Perth’s spring can occasionally be a touch erratic, though. During this time, rain and chilly mornings and evenings are still possible. 

When wind swells happen close to shore, they can cause waves that are great for surfing. The temperatures of the water start to rise once more too. 

And when November rolls around, the temperature feels more like summer than spring, with a few days reaching 25 °C or higher. 

At the end of the day, each season has its own pros and cons. So, it’s still up to your surfing skills and preferences to decide when you’re fully ready to surf.

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Perth?

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Perth

Before you surf in Perth, you can decide whether a wetsuit is your new best friend – or if you can shed the neoprene and show off those Aussie tan lines.

For those who hate the idea, wetsuits essentially function as an additional layer of skin. It traps your body heat between you and the suit while allowing a small layer of water to pass through – which also adds more warmth!

Though wetsuits are made to keep you from feeling the cold, note that they must be flexible enough to allow the surfer to move around without discomfort. 

We advise you to ensure the wetsuit is a good fit (tight but not unpleasant). Too much water will be trapped inside the wetsuit if it’s too loose, making it much heavier.

And when you do buy a wetsuit, it might be a little bit tighter. Just remind yourself that after you use it in the water a few times, it will start to relax a little.

Wetsuits are typically black too, so it’s best not to get too picky when you shop. In addition, black better absorbs solar heat than other colours.

Where to eat and drink after surfing in Perth?

Where to eat and drink after surfing in Perth

We believe Perth has amazing views of the Indian Ocean, sunsets over waters that look too beautiful to be real, and a beautiful coastline. 

After a full day of surfing, we also think it would be a pity to not kick back, unwind, and have a refreshing beverage in the nearby restaurants and cafes.

Here are the best beachside dining spots to visit after surfing in Perth: Coast Port Beach in North Fremantle Bib & Tucker in North Fremantle Madalena’s Bar in South Fremantle Bathers Beach House in FremantleIl Lido in CottesloeIndigo Oscar in CottesloeThe Little Bay in Watermans Bay The Beach House in JindaleeIsland Market and Canteen in Trigg El Grotto in Scarborough Odyssea in City Beach The Shorehouse in Swanbourne

Just pick any among these options because these beachside establishments won’t let you down, in our opinion.

Whether you want to stroll in with sandy feet to enjoy a beer on the terrace, have a leisurely brunch, or dress up for a night of delectable meals and beverages, you can let your hair down and enjoy the views.

If you want something fresh, Odyssea uses seasonal produce in a modern Aussie style to keep your meals light, fresh, and healthy. But if you prefer, you can always balance this out with one of their desserts!

Certainly, you also don’t want to miss out on Bathers Beach House’s seafood platter. Partner this with your favourite cocktail, and we think you’re good to go!

Meanwhile, those who just can’t live without coffee may also try the Island Market and Canteen for breakfast, poke bowls, fish and chips, and burgers.

Some of the restaurants, like Bib & Tucker, also offer some fun alcoholic drinks. Why not try a burnt orange or a pineapple margarita to help wash all the stress and inhibitions away?

All in all, having an excellent meal with matching views can be the perfect end to your surfing adventures.

And there you go! We hope you find these tips helpful in making surfing in Perth one of your most fun and memorable experiences ever.

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