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Perth vs Queensland Which One Is Better

Perth vs Queensland: Which One Is Better?

You may be wondering whether Perth is better than Queensland. For most people outside Australia, it can be difficult to determine, as each has its own appeal.

One glaring difference, however, is that Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia. Queensland, on the other hand, is a state with Brisbane as its capital city.

It would be quite unfair to compare a city to a state. In this article, we’ll consider comparing the city of Perth, Western Australia versus the city of Brisbane, Queensland.

Discovering Perth, Western Australia

Discovering Perth, Western Australia

Perth is known as one of the most isolated major cities globally. This is due to the geographic location of the city being bound by the Australian Outback and the Indian Ocean. 

This city is home to pristine sandy beaches, luxurious homes, prestigious neighbourhoods, and beautiful parks and reserves. 

Perth is also known for its metropolitan lifestyle, despite its population density. With several schools, universities, commercial centres, and art galleries, this quiet city is one of the most admired locations in Australia.

Exploring Brisbane, Queensland

Exploring Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland. It ranks third as the city with the most population in Australia.

The city has a diverse number of people, with over 32% being born in other countries. Brisbane is a centre of innovation and research and is consequently classified as a global city.

Brisbane is a great tourist spot for many tourists. Notable attractions and landmarks include the City Botanic Gardens, the Story Bridge, and King George Square and City Hall.

Comparing Perth and Brisbane

While both have similar qualities, each has its edge over the other. Let’s look at what makes each different from the other.

Job Opportunities

Both Perth and Brisbane are competitive when it comes to offering job opportunities to their residents. As a state, however, Western Australia comes out slightly higher than Queensland as of May 2022.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has noted that with businesses reporting vacancies, Western Australia has a 28.3% vacancy rate, while Queensland has 22.8%.

The figures mean that Western Australia has more vacant positions for interested workers. 

If you’re looking for work opportunities, you might want to check the top dentists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic clinics that may be looking for new employees.

Is it cheaper to live in Perth or Brisbane?

Is it cheaper to live in Perth or Brisbane

Perth costs less to live in than Brisbane. While fruits and vegetables may be more affordable in Brisbane, how you live your life as a whole can come a long way in terms of cost.

Around $6,925 would be needed for residents in Perth to live the same lifestyle that Brisbane residents have with $7,200. This amount is assumed after net income tax.

It’s also easier to find homes to live in Perth than in Brisbane. Plus, Perth has better access to beaches, which is a large factor in its appeal.

While the beach is fun, too much fun in the sun can hurt your skin. You can check with a good dermatologist to get the right protection from the Australian sun.

Is Perth weather better than Brisbane?

Despite both being in Australia, their climates are quite different. Perth tends to have drier and hotter weather conditions, while Queensland is more humid and has more rain.



Both cities are pretty much the same. The lifestyle is relaxed, fun, and still upbeat. Museums, restaurants, cafes, and bars all offer residents of both cities vibrance and entertainment.


The crime index for Perth is 41.6 with a safety scale of 58.40, suggesting that the city has a medium crime rate. However, Brisbane has lower figures with the crime index at 35.15 and a safety scale of 64.85.

Comparison between the two implies that Perth has a higher risk of crime while Brisbane has a higher safety level. 

However, you can always consult your psychologist or psychotherapist to resolve your anxieties about safety.

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