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Your Guide to Attractions around Perth’s Eastern Suburbs

Your Guide to Attractions around Perth’s Eastern Suburbs

The eastern suburbs of Perth are the ideal locations for many locals. Close to the CBD and Swan River, East Perth is currently the hub for apartments and charming two-storey residences.

City professionals are attracted to these homes due to their proximity to restaurants and cafes, which suit their relaxed social lives. Take note of these attractions and visit them when you get to Perth.

Gloucester Park

Gloucester Park

The racing horses of Gloucester Park Trots will keep you cheering with excitement every Friday night. Two-wheeled carts are attached to horses on which jockeys ride.

Horse trotting started gaining popularity around 1910, and the course was eventually developed in 1929. 

The thrill of the race can be particularly exhilarating, so you might want to check with a cardiologist if you have any heart concerns.

At Gloucester Park, you can find three restaurants to choose from. The Beau Rivage Restaurant showcases grand views of the Swan River aside from the racecourse.

Sitting atop the JP Stratton Grandstand, the restaurant allows you to dine and place your bets simultaneously. You can also opt for their seafood buffet to keep your night even more special.

For a more relaxed mood, try Steelos on the ground floor. The private outdoor dining facilities and bar offer casual food menus, including kids’ meals.

JP’s Bar offers the most casual sporty ambiance. Enjoy pizzas and pint specials while cheering on your favorite sports teams on their three giant TV screens.

If you’re going with your kids, they have Family Firework Nights. Events include face painting, cute animal farms, and a bouncy castle followed by fireworks.

Make your visit as safe as possible by consulting with a podiatrist for all your walking activities. Better yet, you can also ask your pediatrician if the activities are perfectly safe for your kids.

Matagarup Bridge Zip and Climb

Matagarup Bridge Zip and Climb

The 370-meter suspension bridge for pedestrians is the newest icon for Perth. Connecting East Perth and Burswood, the Matagarup Bridge is often colorfully lit up to support major international, state, and local events.

The flowing architecture of the bridge represents one or two animals for many people. Some see a water serpent that is sacred to the native Noogar population, while others see a pair of graceful swans in motion.

As an added attraction, there’s a zip line from the Matagarup Bridge. Adventurous people enjoy the thrill of climbing and zipping down the line while taking in the scenic views all around.

To take in the breathtaking sights, care for your eyesight well. You might want to visit the nearest eye clinics to make sure your vision is clear and sharp.

The Burswood Peninsula

The Burswood Peninsula

Some of Western Australia’s largest attractions are found in the Burswood Peninsula. These include the Optus Stadium, Crown Perth, Camfield, the State Tennis Centre, and the Belmont Park Racecourse.

Crown Perth

Formerly called the Burswood Island Complex, this area hosts the Burswood Island Casino. The facility was opened in 1985, making it the largest casino in Australia.

Several additions were developed over the years. Notable ones include the Burswood Convention Centre as well as several international hotels within the complex.

The Optus Stadium

Perth’s newest sports stadium was inaugurated in 2018, quickly gaining the reputation of being the Most Beautiful Sports Facility in the world. The recognition was given by the Prix Versailles international architecture award in 2019.

Home to local and international sports teams, entertainers, and their fans, the Optus Stadium is modern yet honors history. Enjoy food from over fifty outlets found in the stadium, and you’ll be glad you visited this amazing place.

In case you have a delicate stomach, you can consult with a gastroenterologist for digestive concerns. 

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