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18 Fun Things to Do in Perth to Release Your Inner Child

18 Fun Things to Do in Perth to Release Your Inner Child

Sometimes there’s nothing better than throwing your cares to the wind and being a kid again. Here are some of our top picks to do when Perth is your playground.

How can I have fun in Perth?

From physical activities like Segwaying to more mental activities like solving escape rooms, there’s something for your inner child here. Here are the average prices for exciting activities when you want to have fun like a kid in Perth:

Segway rentalRates start at $89 for adults and $79 for children and seniors
Arcade gamesRates start at $1 to $2 per game, depending on the machine
Go-kart rentalRates start at $35 for one race around the tracks
Water slidesAdd-on rates to casual swim entry fees start at $7.75
Indoor skydivingRates start at $79.95 per person
TrampolineRates start at $11.00 for toddlers and preschoolers
RollerskatingRates start at $14 per person
Ice skatingRates start at $13 for toddlers and $22 for adults
BowlingRates start at $14 per game for students and pensioners
Mini golfRates start at $18 for kids 5 to 15 years old
ArcheryRates start at $25 for children under 18 and $30 for adults
Indoor rock climbingRates start at $18 for children under 13 years old
Paint ballRates start at $20 per person upon entry
Laser tagRates start at $12 for standard entries, $11 for members
Escape roomRates start at $45 per person
Fly a Tiger MothRates start at $299
Ride ATVsRates start at $249 per person good for 8 hours
Ride a carouselRates start at $6 per person or $15 for three tickets

1. Segway around Perth

Cruise around Kings Park on your Segway, and rekindle your childhood memories. Just listen to neurologists when they advise strapping on that helmet to protect your head from injuries.

2. Play arcade games

Palace Arcade is everyone’s favorite place to play retro console games. There’s also Planet Royale in Northbridge if you’re in the mood for some burgers, shakes, and pinball machines.

Maybe your hand-eye coordination is a little bit off? A visit to your eye clinic can help you play better.

3. Go-Karts


Play out your Grand Prix fantasies and fix your need for speed at go-karting tracks at Kart World, Mega Fast Karts, and Indoor Kart Hire.

The rides can be extremely exhilarating, so check with a cardiologist in case your heart is racing too fast!

4. Water Slides

Swoosh through the waterslides found in the Cockburn ARC. and plunge yourself into the refreshing pool. You can also slide your way at the Outback Splash in Bullsbrook and Adventure Lake in Bibra Lake during the warm summer months. 

5. Skydive Indoors

If you’re in the mood to be blasted by a big vertical wind tunnel, then iFly in Rivervale is your indoor skydiving splurge. The winds can be intense, so you might want to check with your ENT specialist right after your thrilling flight.

6. Trampoline Jumping

Bounce up and down without care like the big kid you always have been! Hit up Just Jump in Wanneroo and Bounce in Cannington, among other trampolining centres in Perth.

Don’t bounce too hard though unless you want to visit a pain specialist right after.

7. Rollerskating


Go back to the 80s, and try the skating rinks at Morley Rollderdome, Rolloways in O’Connor, or Rollerzone in Malaga. Keep yourself safe though as podiatrists agree that rollerskating can strain your feet.

8. Ice Skating

Go for your ice skating moves and spin like a champion at the Cockburn Ice Arena in Bibra Lake, the Xtreme Ice Arena in Mirrabooka, or the Perth Ice Arena in Malaga. Strap on those skates and show off your skills.

9. Bowling

Strike those pins down at the several bowling centres found in Perth. But if you’re going for that retro feel, Rosemount Bowl is right up your alley in North Perth.

10. Mini Golf

Mini golf facilities are plenty in Perth. But if you’re going for that unique vibe, then Glowing Rooms 3D Mini Golf & VR Escape Rooms will be a hole-in-one for you.

11. Archery


Channel your inner Robin Hood or Katniss at the WA Archery Centre found in Whiteman Park. Aim, focus, and hit that target!

12. Indoor Rock Climbing

The Hangout in Bayswater, Portside Boulders in O’Connor, and Adrenaline Vault in Belmont are your best bets if you want to hang on to rocks without the risks.

13. Paintball

Act out your video role-playing games in real life by picking up a paintball gun at the Delta Force Paintball Perth in Baldivis, WASP Paintball in Joondalup, and Paintball Skirmish in Henley Brook. 

Get ready to duck, cover, and hit your targets while defending your base camp.

14. Laser Tag

Do you prefer a different kind of game? Get ready to tag your assigned opponents with lasers while running around in crazy light shows, heart-pounding music, and hazy fog.

You can find laser tag facilities like Lazer Blase in Malaga and Darklight Laser Games in Joondalup.

15. Escape Room

Escape Room

Use your brains to get out of a locked room by solving clues and puzzles inside. 

See if you can escape from centres specialising in these activities like Time’s Up in Wanneroo, Realmz Escape Game in Morley, Ultimate Roomscape in Malaga, and Mystic Clue in Cannington.

16. Fly a Tiger Moth

Get airborne in a Tiger Moth while your pilot turns, loops, and twists around, viewing Perth upside down. The open-cockpit ride can be exhilarating, so make sure your thrill threshold is high!

17. Ride ATVs

If the ground is more your thing, explore the beautiful parts of Western Australia on powered and revved-up ATVs. Speed along and stop to admire the scenes around while you relish in Perth’s open playgrounds.

Go around the merry-go-round for a bit of fun for all ages! The Elizabeth Quay Carousel has authentic handcrafted rides from Venice just for you to ride on weekends as well as public and school holidays.

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