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Perth vs Auckland The Ultimate Showdown

Perth vs Auckland: The Ultimate Showdown

Both Perth and Auckland are two amazing cities where you can start a life in the Oceania region. While they have a lot in common when it comes to natural beauty and great people, there are also some things one city is better at than the other.

If your main concerns are cost of living and safety, then Auckland is the better city for you. However, Perth is the better option if your top priority is real estate prices.

Need more info? Don’t worry, as I’ll discuss the many factors I used to compare them, like cost of living, employment opportunities, and more below.

Cost of Living in Perth vs Auckland 

Cost of Living in Perth vs Auckland
The cost of living in Perth is 5.6% higher than Auckland’s. In Perth, it’s $2,251 per month, but in Auckland, it’s only $2,127.
The difference is especially noticeable if you look at their utility and rental costs.

For a more detailed look into the cost difference between Perth and Auckland, here’s a breakdown of common living expenses in both cities.

The data presented here are statistics provided by in October 2023. The prices featured here are in USD.

ExpensesAverage Cost in PerthAverage Cost in Auckland
Housing (Average Rent per Month)
1-bedroom apartment (downtown)$1,877$1,281
1-bedroom apartment (low-demand suburbs)$926$1,016
3-bedroom apartment (downtown)$1,918$2,394
3-bedroom apartment (low-demand suburbs)$1,435$1,802
Utilities (Average Monthly Bill)
Utility bill (one person per month)$124$96.1 
Utility bill (family of four per month)$216$148 
Internet plan (50 mbps per month)$55.2$48.1 
1-way ticket (local transport ticket)$3.09$2.55
Monthly pass (local transport ticket)$113$122
Gasoline (1 L)$1.3$1.75  
Milk (1 L or 1 qt)$1.62$1.83
Bread (0.5 kg or 1.1 lbs)$2.08 $1.62 
Rice (1 kg or 2.2 lbs)$2.06 $1.66  
Eggs (a dozen)$4.42$6.02
Cheese (1 kg or 2.2 lbs)$11.8 $10.9
Chicken breast (1 kg)$8.67 $10.2
Potato (1 kg or 2.2 lbs)$2.36$2.42
Eating Out
Fast food meal$10.1$9.17
Dinner in a mid-range restaurant (for two people)$73.3$65.6

As the table shows, Auckland generally has slightly cheaper goods and services. However, there are some expenses, like rent, where Perth has slightly lower prices.

But why are most goods and services in Perth pricier?

A big reason is the city’s isolated geography. It’s the only major city in Western Australia; in fact, the closest major Australian city, Adelaide, is more than 2,100 kilometres from Perth!

This means that most goods produced outside of Western Australia will cover thousands of kilometres to reach Perth. This results in higher transportation costs, which are then passed on to the city’s residents.

Cost of Living in Perth vs Auckland 2

As for Auckland, while the city enjoys fairly cheaper prices on most goods and services than Perth, it’s still undeniable that its rent prices are noticeably higher than the City of Lights.

A key reason for that is the city’s very limited supply of rental properties after the first half of 2023. According to Stuff, the rising number of floods Auckland has experienced has led to most of its properties being marked as unsafe for living.

There’s now a severe imbalance between Auckland’s rental supply and demand, as the supply of rental properties in the city dropped by 35% while demand rose to 55%.

As a result, Auckland has become the most expensive region in New Zealand when it comes to rent prices. Keep that in mind if you decide to live in Auckland.

Real Estate Prices in Perth vs Auckland 

Perth has lower real estate prices than Auckland.
According to reports published by Michael Yardney’s Property Investment Update, Opes Partners, and City Sales in October 2023, the average price for a single-family home in Perth is 36.1% lower than in Auckland.
An apartment unit is also 23.3% cheaper in Perth than in Auckland.

Here’s a table further comparing real estate prices in Perth and Auckland based on October 2023 data from the aforementioned sources. Take note that these figures are in USD.

Property TypePerthAuckland
Single-family home (inside the metropolitan area)$407,540$586,996
Apartment unit$275,914$348,711
Single-family home (outside the metropolitan area)$278,321

Diversity and Demographics in Perth vs Auckland 

While Perth and Auckland have diverse populations, there are slightly more people in Auckland who were born overseas.
According to statistics from Stuff and Population U as of October 2023, only 36% of the residents living in Perth were born overseas, which is smaller than Auckland’s 39%.

I should also mention that Perth has a larger land area and population size. However, Auckland has a higher population density, meaning there are more people living per square kilometre there than in Perth.

For a detailed look at the demographics of Perth and Auckland, here’s a table that shows their geographic location, land area, and more. 

The data listed here was provided by Statistics New Zealand and the Australian Bureau of Statistics in October 2023.

Geographic LocationWestern Australia, AustraliaNorth Island, New Zealand
Size (Area)6,417.9 km2 607.10 km2
Population 2,224,4751,695,200
Female Population 50.6%50.6%
Male Population 49.4%49.4%
Median Age 32 years old34.7 years old
Life Expectancy at Birth 83.8 years old82.7 years old

Another demographic factor we should also discuss is the racial diversity in Perth and Auckland. For this section, we’ll use the ancestry records provided by Statistics New Zealand and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Take note that the data presented here was gathered in October 2023.

Nominated AncestriesPerthNominated AncestriesAuckland
English36.8%New Zealander47%
Indian3.6%Cook Islands Maori3%
South African1.4%Middle Eastern1.1%
Maori1.1%Fijiean 0.7%
Vietnamese1.1%Latin American0.7%
New Zealander1.1%
Sri Lankan0.6%

While it’s true that both cities have diverse populations, Auckland is still more culturally diverse, as a larger portion of its population was born outside of New Zealand.  

But why are these two cities so popular among immigrants?

In the case of Perth, the city was once an important gateway for European immigrants arriving in Australia via ships after the Second World War. Instead of moving further east, most of them chose to settle down in Perth.

That’s why a noticeable portion of Perth’s population identifies themselves as having European ancestry like German and Italian.

Nowadays, Perth still enjoys a high immigration rate thanks to its booming economy. According to ABC News, Perth’s home state, Western Australia, is still experiencing strong economic growth despite the ongoing worldwide recession.

I should also mention that Perth has the lowest inflation rate among capital cities in Australia (Financial Review).

Aside from European immigrants, Perth is also starting to attract many immigrants from other regions such as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

In fact, some of the most used non-English languages in the city are Mandarin, Filipino, Arabic, and Afrikaans (Leba).

As for Auckland, the city experienced a sharp rise in immigration when the national government amended its immigration policy in 1986 to remove immigration restrictions based on race (World Population Review).

This sudden shift in immigration policy has allowed Auckland to enjoy rapid growth in its population in the following decades. Nowadays, a significant portion of its population comes from Asian countries such as Korea, China, and the Philippines.

Furthermore, Auckland’s amazing work culture is another reason why it’s one of New Zealand’s most preferred cities among immigrants. In fact, it ranks fifth among cities around the world with the best work-life balance (Human Resources Director).

Career Opportunities in Perth vs Auckland 

According to data provided by Infometrics and Informed Decisions in October 2023, Auckland is slightly more favourable for job seekers than Perth.
Perth has an unemployment rate of 3.6%, while Auckland has an unemployment rate of 3.5%.

However, those living in Perth have a higher net income compared to those in Auckland.

According to, those living in Perth earn $3,379 per month on average after taxes, while Auckland’s residents earn $3,290 per month. The local purchasing power in Perth is also 5.6% stronger than in Auckland.

As for what possible jobs you can get in these two cities, we can get a rough idea based on what industries are the biggest in Perth and Auckland.

In Perth, mining is the city’s most dominant industry as of October 2023. It’s then followed by oil extraction, construction, scientific services, and healthcare (Informed Decisions).

Meanwhile, the scientific and technical industry is the largest one in Auckland. Closely following it are wholesale trade, transport, healthcare, public administration, and construction (Infometrics).

Crime and Safety in Perth vs Auckland 

Perth had more crimes than Auckland from January 2022 to December 2022, according to data from the Western Australian Police Force and New Zealand Police.
Perth had 184,194 crimes recorded, while Auckland had 106,230.
Unfortunately, both Perth and Auckland have experienced an upward trend in their crime reports over the past few months after the lifting of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Knowing the number of crimes recorded in Perth and Auckland is useful, but we can also compare these two cities through their crime rates.

Between January 2022 and December 2022, the crime rate in Perth was 8,280.34 for every 100,000 residents. 

Meanwhile, Auckland’s crime rate during the same time was 6,266.52 for every 100,000 residents.

Based on this data, we can now conclude that Perth experiences more crimes than Auckland.

Lifestyle in Perth vs Auckland 

Perth is the better city if you love warm weather and doing outdoor activities. 
However, Auckland is better if you prefer a more efficient healthcare system and shorter daily commute times.

To help you understand how I arrived at that conclusion, let’s compare Perth’s and Auckland’s healthcare, weather, and public transportation.

Weather in Perth vs Auckland 

Perth is better if you love warm and sunny weather on most days of the year. Meanwhile, Auckland is great for those who prefer mild weather all year round and lower average temperatures.

Perth has a Mediterranean climate, while Auckland has a subtropical oceanic climate.

Thanks to Perth’s Mediterranean climate, the city usually enjoys mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The city has an average annual maximum temperature of 24.6°C (76.3°F) and an average annual rainfall of 733 mm.

These conditions are why the city became known as the sunniest city in Australia. With Perth’s low chance of rainfall on most days except the summer season, you’ll definitely have many chances to enjoy outdoor activities in Perth!

However, Perth’s lack of rainfall and extremely hot average temperature during the summer season have led to the city experiencing intense heat waves from time to time.

Not so fun fact: On February 23, 1991, Perth recorded its hottest day in history as the temperature inside the city peaked at 46.2°C. 

Unfortunately, climate change has played a huge part in Perth’s rising temperatures over the past few decades. According to the Climate Council, the number of heat wave days in Perth has increased by 50% since 1950.

As for Auckland, its subtropical oceanic climate lets the city enjoy mild, damp winters and warm, humid summers that aren’t as hot as those in Perth. Auckland has an average annual maximum temperature of only 19°C (66.2°F).

However, compared to Perth, Auckland is definitely the wetter city, as it has an average annual rainfall of 1,210.7 mm.

Due to its higher amounts of rainfall, Auckland is less enticing when it comes to enjoying outdoor activities.

Still, Auckland’s colder climate can be a huge plus if you want to avoid the terrifying heat waves that Perth tends to experience during its summer seasons. 

Unfortunately, climate change has also severely affected Auckland. One of its most devastating natural disasters was the 2023 North Island floods, which cost the city almost $1.8 billion in property damages (The Guardian).

Healthcare in Perth vs Auckland 

In a survey by Numbeo, Perth has a healthcare system index of 67.70%, which is lower than Auckland’s 68.36%. 

However, please take note that these indices were based on Numbeo’s visitor input.

If you want to know how the healthcare systems of Auckland and Perth were compared, here’s a table showing the aspects that were used to evaluate the healthcare systems of these two cities.

The data presented here was gathered in October 2023.

Skill and competency of medical staff74.52%70.72%
Speed in completing examinations and reports67.83%62.41%
Equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment81.49%73.71%
Accuracy and completeness in filling out reports70.48%68.25%
Friendliness and courtesy of the staff71.52%80.24%
Responsiveness (waitings) in medical institutions52.24%50.34%
Satisfaction with cost57.95%68.18%
Convenience of location75.32%73.21%

Aside from the perceived efficiency of their healthcare systems, let’s also discuss the initiatives launched by Perth and Auckland to improve their healthcare systems and infrastructure.

The national government of New Zealand has launched several initiatives that aim to improve the well-being of all its citizens, including those in Auckland.

An example is the construction of an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Court in Auckland, which aims to reduce drug addiction and reoffending rates in the city by offering support and mentoring to offenders rather than imprisonment (Ministry of Health NZ).

Another amazing initiative launched by the Ministry of Health NZ is the Zero-Fees for Under-14s program, which makes a standard visit to a doctor or a nurse completely free for those who are aged 13 and below.

As for Perth, its residents also enjoy many health initiatives launched by both their local and state governments.

One of the biggest initiatives launched in Perth is the “Do I need the ED?” campaign to educate Perthites on what alternative healthcare options they can avail of instead of going straight to the emergency room.

This program aims to reduce the number of non-critical cases that clog up the emergency rooms in the city’s hospitals so that their staff can better treat those with actual life-threatening cases (WA Department of Health).

The WA Department of Health has also started the Safe Haven program at Perth Royal Hospital. The goal of this program is to provide a safe and supportive environment for those who are suffering mental health distress or crisis.

Transportation Options in Perth vs Auckland 

While both cities have well-developed public transportation infrastructures, Auckland has a slight advantage when it comes to average daily commute times.

A survey on Numbeo reveals that residents of Perth have longer daily commutes than those in Auckland.

Those living in Perth on average have to spend 47.17 minutes on their daily commute, which is almost 7 minutes longer than the 40.43 minutes for those living in Auckland.

Both cities have trains, buses, and ferries as their primary forms of public transportation. However, Auckland’s local government is planning to add a light rail system to further bolster its infrastructure as of June 2023 (Auckland Light Rail).

As for Perth, the state and city governments have also given the go-ahead for the construction of a new rail line that will connect Perth’s northeastern suburbs to the city centre (METRONET).

Thankfully, public transportation usage is strong in these two cities. According to Informed Decisions, 23.1% of Perth’s population primarily relies on the city’s public transportation network to go to their workplaces.

Meanwhile, at least 23.53% of Auckland’s population prefers to ride the city’s buses, trains, and ferries to travel around the city (Our Auckland). 

Moving on, let’s also discuss the smartcard ticketing systems offered in these two cities. In Perth, there’s the SmartRider card, while in Auckland, there’s the AT HOP card.

These cards can be used on any public transportation you’ll find within their respective cities. However, a key difference between the two is the fare discounts they offer to their users.

Users of the standard SmartRider card are entitled to an automatic 10% discount on their cash fares (Transperth). Meanwhile, the AT HOP card provides a bigger 20% discount to its standard users (Auckland Transport).

However, that 20% discount doesn’t apply to Skybus and Waiheke ferry services.

Before we end our discussion on the public transportation options of Perth and Auckland, let’s quickly talk about the possible options the residents of these two cities can use to quickly travel to places outside of their cities.

For those in Auckland, New Zealand’s small land area makes it easy for residents to travel to other major cities in New Zealand via bus or train. In fact, a bus or train ride from Auckland to New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, will only take you eleven hours.

If you prefer a quicker method of travel, Auckland has an international airport. A nonstop flight from Auckland to Sydney will take you less than four hours.

Sadly, Perthites don’t enjoy the same number of options as Aucklanders. Perth’s isolated geography means it will take residents days to travel by bus or train to other major cities in Australia.

The only way Perthites can travel to other places within a reasonable timeframe is by catching a flight from Perth International Airport. 

Perth vs Auckland: How They Stack Up

FactorsThe Better CityWhy
Cost of LivingAucklandThe cost of living in Auckland is 5.6% cheaper than in Perth.
Real EstatePerthThe real estate prices in Perth are lower compared to Auckland.
Diversity and DemographicsAucklandBoth cities have diverse populations, but Auckland has a higher proportion of residents who come from overseas, resulting in a richer mix of cultures.
Career OpportunitiesTieAuckland has a lower unemployment rate, but Perth’s residents enjoy a higher monthly average net salary compared to those in Auckland.
Crime IndexAucklandAuckland has fewer crimes recorded and a lower crime rate than Perth.
LifestyleAucklandPerth has a warm and calm climate that makes it a better place for outdoor activities, while Auckland has a cooler climate.
Residents of these two cities believe Auckland has a more efficient healthcare system than Perth.
Residents of Auckland experience shorter commute times and enjoy a larger discount on their fares through their smartcard ticketing system.

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