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Insanely Fun Things to Do When in Joondalup

Insanely Fun Things to Do When in Joondalup

Joondalup is one of the best spots north of the river to explore for great culinary experiences and great bargains. You can hit the stunning nature trails if you prefer a more laid-back approach too.

Here’s where you can do some of the most exciting things in Joondalup.

Eat your heart out

Got a yen for authentic Japanese food? Drop by KATSUYA for some crispy tempura and fresh sashimi.

Get some dimsum and then some more at the Dragon Palace. We suggest the Szechuan style fish although their popular dish is the black pepper wagyu beef.

Go on a culinary trip to Thailand by visiting Thai Thyme. Grab some chopsticks and take bites of their yellow curry and pad see awe noodles for that spicy flavorful kick in your tastebuds.

Is pizza more your pace? Drop by the Old Piccadilly to get pizza Margherita with all the trimmings. For adventurous diners, try the spicy sriracha chicken with your choice of dressing.

You can never go wrong with a classic burger. Drop by Varsity Burgers and try their cheeseburgers and crispy chicken with jalapeno popper sides.

You might want to eat moderately to avoid heartburn. Visit a gastroenterologist if you experience one.

Time for Coffee and Desserts

Time for Coffee and Desserts

Coffee connoisseurs will love Moments Cafe for its talented coffee masters in latte art. Try their salted caramel cold brew, or ask their baristas to surprise you with their special concoctions.

Peppermint Green is famous for its brew. But did you know they also sell body scrubs, clothes, and accessories at their gift shops? We bet you didn’t.

Drop by Paper Avenue for some brew, Biscoff cheesecake and maybe two peanut butter cups. If you have more time to spare, try the grilled halloumi and poached eggs on top of the signature sweet potato rosti.

Is coffee making your teeth yellow? Consult a dentist to have your teeth professionally cleaned and whitened.

Shop til you drop

Shop til you drop

Joondalup’s mega shopping centre houses brand-name stores and specialty boutiques. Check out the best international and local clothes and accessories to show off your unique personality.

Feet a little tired? Maybe a podiatrist can help your feet stay healthier.

Take a trip to Ok Oriental Mini Mart, and you just might be surprised at what you’d end up buying. Bring some zing to your ramen dishes with their frozen dumplings with red, green, or yellow curry paste.

The Earth Market Wholefoods will keep your wellness lifestyle in tiptop shape. Fresh produce, natural body care products, and eco-friendly household items will have you coming back for more.

Sore from all that shopping? Have a talk with some pain specialists for some advice.

Stay active outdoors or indoors

Stay active outdoors or indoors

Walk or bike to Neil Hawkins Park to get some fresh air, enjoy a picnic, or even explore the surrounding bushland. You might just get up close to some local birds, turtles, and kangaroos!

Just remember to apply sunscreen so your dermatologist knows you’re serious about taking care of your skin.

If indoor activities are your thing, then try Inflatable World for some harmless bouncing sessions. You can also get some amazing workout at the Indoor Beach Volleyball and maybe meet new friends.

Golf lovers will love the 27-hole greens at the Joondalup Resort, while active kids at heart will love laser tagging at the Darklight Laser.

To avoid an unexpected visit to a physiotherapist, always play safe and have fun!

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