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Termites Begone! 5 Best Termite Control Services in Perth

Termites Begone! 5 Best Termite Control Services in Perth

  • Treatments offered - We evaluated whether these companies have a huge range of termite treatments available. We also checked whether the treatments they use are environment-friendly and pose no threat to humans and animals.
  • Experience and certifications - We checked whether their employees have a certificate III or IV in pest management. We also checked whether they have at least a year of experience in the pest control industry.
  • Customer service - We also evaluated the attitude and punctuality of their technicians when carrying out their services. Their response time to calls or emails was also considered.
  • Availability - We also checked the number of areas these pest control companies can respond to and whether they are available on most days of the year.
  • Price fairness - We also looked at whether their services are priced fairly considering the effectiveness of their treatments and the quality of the equipment they use.

Termites are definitely the last thing you wood want in your house! These little critters are infamous for their ability to destroy wood.

Fun fact (well actually, no): termites eat non-stop! Their bodies demand a constant intake of cellulose, so they never tire of eating wood.

So if you’re seeing signs of termites in your home, don’t wait any longer and seek the help of the best termite control services that can deal with this issue quickly and efficiently.

How much do termite control services cost in Perth?
The typical price for termite control services in Perth starts at $250. However, take note that the price may significantly rise depending on the size of the property and the severity of the termite infestation.

1. Envirapest

Address: Perth, WA, Australia



Phone number: +61 1300 368 472

Business hours: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM (MON-FRI) 

Founded by Mark Brown, Envirapest is a pest control company that specialises in providing environment-friendly pest treatment methods with no-nonsense customer service.

Envirapest’s customer service and commitment to using only environment-friendly methods have led to them winning several awards, like AEPMA’s National Pest Manager of the Year 2022-2023.

For termite control, they will first conduct a thorough inspection of your property with their Termatrac T3i device, which uses radar to search for termites inside the walls of your home.

Once the termites have been found, they will then install bait stations on your property that contain special attractants to pull termites away from your home. 

Then, one of their technicians will collect the stations and dispose of the termites in a safe manner.

Termite barriers will then be applied to the wooden parts of your house to avoid any repeat termite infestations.


  • Winner of AEPMA’s National Pest Manager of the Year 2022-2023
  • Only uses environment-friendly chemicals and methods
  • No-nonsense approach to customer service


  • Unavailable on weekends
  • Small team makes them unsuitable for large-scale projects

Got the job done to a high standard and left nothing behind

“We used this company to install the original termite barrier after finding termites in our shed last year. The guy’s that came we all so friendly, professional and tidy. This year we were due an inspection to maintain the warranty and left it until the very last minute, luckily for us we had an appointment within 2 day’s. Again amazingly friendly, got the job done to a high standard and left nothing behind, also not a termite in site which means the original job was done right! So happy with the company and staff, will always be my go to.”

-Laura O’brien, Google Reviews

Every aspect of their delivery of service is top class!

“These guys are great! We’ve had them out a few times and each time the process to book has been easy, the communication from the team on arrival has been clear, and the service is professional, efficient and informative. So good to find a provider we trust. Highly recommend!”

-Kate Wearn, Google Reviews

2. Tom’s Pest Control

Tom’s Pest Control

Address: 67 Howe St, Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia



Phone number: +61 8 6219 8053

Business hours: 

6:00 AM – 6:00 PM (MON-FRI)

7:00 AM – 4:00 PM (SAT)

8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (SUN)

Tom’s Pest Control was founded by Tom North with the goal of providing long-term pest control solutions to residents and businesses in Perth. 

For termite control, their technicians can do a free inspection. Once termites are found, they will then use a combination of baits, termiticides, and repellants to eliminate them.

Then, the customer will be asked if they’re interested in the installation of a termite reticulation system to prevent another termite infestation. 

This system uses a combination of physical and chemical barriers by installing termite sheets and underground pipes that constantly deliver water-based termiticides, like Termidor and Altriset, at the perimeters of a property.

If you’re interested in doing termite control yourself, their website has a pest library that contains descriptions of each termite species, including their weaknesses.

Clients who contact them early enough will be serviced the same day without extra fees.


  • Offers same-day services at no additional cost
  • Website has a “pest library” you can use to learn more about termites
  • Free inspection and quoting service


  • Sometimes reschedules appointment at the last second
  • Misses appointment sometimes

Tom’s Pest Control has excelled in delivering A grade service

“From the initial contact via phone, Tom’s Pest Control has excelled in delivering A grade service. They kept me up to date with our scheduled appointment. Their team member, James was knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. This company is a breath of fresh air and should be applauded for maintaining high standards in a time where, unfortunately many companies are slipping. Well done and keep up the high standards.
Joe Orifici (a very satisfied customer)”

-Madeline Orifici, Google Reviews

So impressed with the professionalism and quality of service provided

“We are so impressed with the professionalism and quality of service provided by Tom’s Pest Control as they effectively and promptly banished the ants from our home and garden! Thank you all, your details are safely stored should we need you or have the opportunity to share with others in the future”

-Sue MacDonald, Google Reviews

3. 5 Star Termite & Pest Control

Address: Level 28/140 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia



Phone number: +61 423 600 555

Business hours: Available 24/7

For emergencies, 5 Star Termite & Pest Control is a company ready to help you 24/7. Its owner, Rick Roberts, wants to provide the residents of Perth with fast pest treatment solutions whenever they need them.

Their termite control service relies on Trelona baiting stations, which are designed to form a ring of protection around your property and block termites from entering.

Trelona intercepts any termites that may stray near your property by feeding them bait with an active killing ingredient that has a time delay long enough for the termite to carry the bait back to their colony for other termites to feed on it.

This results in the colony dying off before they can even touch any wooden parts of your house. 

Should their treatment methods fail to live up to expectations, customers are entitled to a full refund as part of their money-back guarantee.


  • Available 24/7
  • Has a money-back guarantee
  • Uses Trelona baiting stations for its termite treatment service


  • Sometimes forgets to reply to calls and emails
  • Slightly above-average prices

Always goes above and beyond my expectations

“I have used the services of this company twice now – and I shall definitely be returning to them whenever I need pest control in the future – Bill is extremely professional and very knowledgeable – he has gone out of his way to provide a quality service both times and always goes above and beyond my expectations – I will always recommend this company to my friends and Family whenever they are in need of professional pest control. Great job!!!! Thank you once again!”

-Tyler St James, Google Reviews

Very knowledgeable and always happy to come out quickly when requested

“Bil is very knowledgeable and always happy to come out quickly when requested. I’ve seen great results every time he has been by to do a treatment! I would recommend to anyone.”

-Kelly Grant, Google Reviews

4. Pesti Pest Control

Address: 574 Light St, Dianella WA 6059, Australia



Phone number: +61 412 485 957

Business hours: 

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (MON-THURS)

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (FRI)

Pesti Pest Control was started by Dror Snir in 2010 with the goal of making their services efficient yet affordable for many residents and businesses in Perth.

One of Pesti’s biggest services is its long-term pest management service for businesses. For $99, your business will receive monthly visits from their technicians all year to search for and eliminate pests before they become a problem.

You can get a personalised pest management solution for your business by contacting them at [email protected].

When it comes to termite control, their technicians rely on termite baits and chemical barriers, like Termidor, to get rid of termite colonies quickly. They will then apply termite repellents around your property to avoid further termite infestations.

Pesti Pest Control has a satisfaction guarantee and will conduct follow-up visits to ensure your property is totally termite-free.


  • Offers long-term pest management solutions for businesses
  • Competitive prices
  • Has a customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Unavailable on weekends
  • Sometimes forgets to answer calls and emails

Provided us with peace of mind in protecting our home from pests

“Drew resolved our pest problem in a thorough and professional manner. He also provided sound advice on longer term control mechanisms and had a genuine good attitude. The price was competitive which added value as the service provided us with peace of mind in protecting our home from pests. Highly recommend to others seeking assistance from pests.”

-Djole, Google Reviews

My go-to guy for all pest problems

“Can not recommend highly enough. Prompt, efficient and friendly service. Will be my go-to guy for all pest problems from now on, and will be recommending Pesti to all family and friends.”

-Laura Chidgzey, Google Reviews

5. Antipesto Pest Control Perth

Antipesto Pest Control Perth

Address: Joondalup, WA, Australia



Phone number: +61 430 099 430

Business hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-FRI)

Antipesto Pest Control Perth is a pest control company that places an emphasis on making its services affordable for everyone. 

Their pest control services are offered in packages with an all-inclusive price so clients don’t need to pay for each service separately.

Their most popular package, the Termite and Pest Treatment package, costs $390 and covers not only termites but also other common household pests like ants, rats, cockroaches, and spiders.

For termite control, they use water-based termiticide solutions, like Biflex Aquamax and Fipforce Aqua, to destroy termite colonies immediately. These termiticides are odourless and safe to use in the presence of humans and pets.

They will then install a chemical termite barrier around your property to prevent further termite infestations.


  • Offers pest control packages at affordable prices
  • Uses reputable termiticides, like Biflex Aquamax, to destroy termite colonies
  • Easy-to-use online booking system


  • Unavailable on weekends
  • Few reports of rude behaviour from staff

Great and efficient service at a very reasonable price

“Termites gone! Great and efficient service at a very reasonable price. Thank you!”

-James Deypalan, Google Reviews

The chemical used by Antipesto for Pest Control is far superior

“I’ve used Antipesto since 2014 except for 2016 while I was away, and my husband used another company and my, the difference was visible after only a month. I could tell that the chemical used by Antipesto for Pest Control is far superior in comparison to those used by other pest exterminators as it is extremely effective for keeping away pests for almost a year. They are also reasonably priced. Ashley was punctual and did such a thorough job that even a perfectionist like me can find no fault with someone who has pride in his work. I highly highly recommend this company.”

-KW Chang, Google Reviews

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