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What Is the Lifestyle in Perth

What Is the Lifestyle in Perth?

Wondering what kind of lifestyle awaits you in Perth? Here, you’ll see what the city can offer, from soaking up the sun at gorgeous beaches to sipping flat whites at hip cafes!

What kind of lifestyle does Perth offer?

Perth is great for outdoor living because of its open layout and spacious area. There are many parks, long walking and cycling pathways, and entertainment facilities. Overall, the city accommodates both exciting and laid-back lifestyles.

Ready to live in Perth? Sit back, relax, and grab your coffee, tea, or beer before you check our guide in detail.

What is the culture in Perth?

What is the culture in Perth

Do you want to live where there’s a lot of colour and culture? You can check a lot of things off your bucket list with Perth as your next destination.

For one, Perth has a number of popular locations for dining, shopping, and nightlife. The city’s cultural centre is located in Northbridge, which is also where most of the pubs and bars are located. 

Want a fun headstart? Our favourite bars serve wine at Whisper Wine Bar in Fremantle, as well as pizza, chicken wings, and arcade games at The Palace Arcade in Victoria Park.

Weekends are also busy in Perth’s inner-city suburbs like Mt Lawley and Highgate, as well as in Fremantle. 

Also, you don’t need to search far to find amazing musical and movie theatres in this city. For us, these places will allow you to fully destress from work.

Perth is a year-round festival and event destination too! This makes the city excellent for a vibrant music scene! 

Travel tip: Some events are seasonal, though. Watch out for the fantastic Perth Festival, which takes place every February and includes performances by both local and foreign artists. 

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, note that Perth is also home to the West Australian Symphony Orchestra as well as famous acts like The Triffids and Pendulum. There’s a lot of live music to take in, so we feel that you won’t run out of choices.

Not only that, but the city is dotted with amazing art galleries, as well as museums and other lively creative spaces.

During your spare time, you may also visit the State Theatre Centre of WA, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, and the WA Museum Boola Bardip. 

Of course, finding the best things to do in Perth doesn’t have to break the bank. There are numerous affordable (or even free!) activities to look out for every day of the year.

For instance, Perth has gorgeous forests, marine parks, and nature areas. In these places, you can bike, camp, and have a picnic close to the lovely plants and animals.

Otherwise, you may go to different golf courses, watersports, and fishing spots for more sports and excitement. Kids and kids at heart may also explore fun family-friendly choices like visiting the zoo.

What are the people of Perth like?

What are the people of Perth like

Feeling shy or having difficulty making new friends? No worries! The majority of West Australians are generally welcoming and amiable people. 

There’s no need to stress yourself at work or in public places because Perth has a much more laid-back way of life. 

A more relaxed vibe surrounds the city too. In fact, there are fewer intersections on the roads, so we feel like there’s less of a constant rush for commuters to get somewhere else. 

Friendly tip: If you want to expand your social circle, we recommend taking your hobbies to the next level by joining clubs! You may also have fun while getting fit by taking group yoga or Pilates classes.

Overall, we feel it’s a smart choice to reside and work in Perth if you’re planning a life with ‘chill’ new friends in Western Australia.

Is Perth family-friendly?

Is Perth family-friendly

Do you plan to get married and have kids in Perth? Or, are you a family person looking to relocate your little ones?

Based on some studies, Perth actually has a low crime rate. So, moving to Perth may allow you to raise your young family in safety and security.

This makes Perth a family-friendly city with a bunch of sports and leisure opportunities for kids and teens. For us, this is an excellent way for families to bond while keeping themselves healthy.

The city also has a top-notch educational system, first-rate medical services (including a children’s hospital), and a lot of green spaces for them to enjoy exploring.

From Perth, you can set out on a fun family adventure almost anywhere you wind up. There are countless locations to take them on weekends or during school breaks! 

Travel tip: Try visiting the North’s renowned historic attractions, going to the picturesque South West, or touring historic inland towns like York.

Also, there are many water parks, amusement parks, activity centres, private and public swimming pools, and wildlife sanctuaries to choose from. We think these places would diversify your experience in the best way.

There are some fantastic walking and biking paths to try out for a simpler, yet more active itinerary too! 

But if walking or commuting doesn’t interest you much, we advise you to purchase a new or used car. In Perth, your car may be your lifeline to avoid any foot pain, so it’s best to acquire one.

Moreover, there are dozens of neighbourhood parks to keep kids busy while you read your favourite book under some shade. 

What food is Perth famous for?

What food is Perth famous for

We think Perth’s culinary scene will make your mouth water. This is whether you’re eating at a restaurant with a view of the river, savouring fish and chips by the beach, or sipping cocktails with friends at a bar.

You can also get some seafood, European food, and a mix of east and west flavours – all of which are served with high-quality local wines!

People with fancier taste buds may also love Perth’s high tea establishments and fine dining, as well as its vineyards and breweries. 

If you don’t know how to cook, we believe this city is the best place to start. A bunch of cooking classes, food and drink events, and workshops are held around Perth, and it only takes a few online searches to find one!

Friendly tip: Want to save more money and eat at home? You may get all of your fresh vegetables (with a bit of haggling) from the neighbourhood farmer’s market on Sundays. 

Does Perth have many beaches?

Does Perth have many beaches

Want to frequently have a nice tan? You’re in luck, because there are 19 gorgeous beaches to discover along the coast of Perth!

As the sunniest city in all of Australia, it’s safe to say that beach weather prevails every day in Perth. Take a dolphin swim and dive, take in an Indian Ocean sunset, or enjoy a spontaneous picnic or meal by the water. 

Perth’s beaches are also filled with pristine waters and snow-white sands, and there are lots of attractions both above and below the surface. 

Travel recommendation: Are you feeling adventurous? We suggest fishing, snorkelling, surfing, or sailing at least once during your visit!

Overall, we believe you can find your own piece of heaven – whether it be the uncrowded beaches of Mandurah or Mandjoogoordap, the glitzy Cottlesloe, the family-friendly Scarborough, or Rockingham.

Just note that if your furry friend is coming with you, make sure you go to dog-friendly beaches to ensure they have some well-deserved fun too!

Here are some of the top dog beaches in Perth that we recommend: Rockingham Beach Peasholm Dog Beach at Floreat South Beach at Fremantle Quinns Rocks Beach Mosman-Leighton Beach

Does Perth have affordable housing?

Does Perth have affordable housing

Worried about your finances? Don’t fret because Perth’s reasonable cost of living is among the things that attract new residents.

For your reference, here’s a typical Perth resident’s distribution of expenses, according to

Expense CategoryPercentage (from top to least priority)
Rent Per Month28.8%
Sports & Leisure4.3%
Clothing & Shoes2.3%

So, we believe you should prioritise managing your expenses before heading to the market to do some groceries or shopping.

In addition, the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIWA) states that the most recent Housing Affordability Report showed that Perth had the lowest median selling price in the country.

Perth rents out homes on average for $420 per week, while Canberra has the highest median rate in the country at $590 per week.

For us, this may be a bit of bad news for Perth homeowners who want to rent their homes – but it’s excellent news for people who want to move to the city!

Friendly tip: The peak season for rental demand in Perth is during the summer. (i.e., between November and March). Prepare yourself for a competitive rental market if you relocate to Perth during these months.

Still, keep in mind that Perth’s real estate market is dynamic. We suggest acting quickly when you spot a property you like. 

Also, the suburbs in Perth with the lowest cost of living were Mandurah, Medina, Armadale, Camillo, Orelia, and Parmelia. So, perhaps you can try finding a place in these areas first if you haven’t already.

Are there lots of jobs in Perth?

Are there lots of jobs in Perth

Are you curious why young career-minded peeps flock over to Perth? This is because the city has a lot going for it in terms of job prospects, making it a very stable city with plenty of roles to fill in.

Perth also has a strong mining sector that has protected it from recent economic downturns, so there seems to be no shortage of work there. 

Plus, Perth hasn’t seen any significant layoffs or job losses. In fact, the unemployment rate is just 4.3%, or a full percentage point lower than the national average.

Western Australians also rank among the highest compensated people in the nation. The typical annual salary for mine workers who fly in and out for weeks at a time is $160,000.

This is why it’s not that big of a deal if other expenses are high in Perth at times – most employees’ salaries more than make up for it!

Is it safe in Perth?

Is it safe in Perth

Many believe Perth is an extremely safe city to visit and reside in. The population is amiable and welcoming, and crime rates are minimal. 

In our opinion, this makes it a wonderful place to stay permanently – we heartily recommend it! 

It has been named one of the safest towns in the world, with even safer suburbs. This is thanks to its low crime rate and ‘liveable’ rankings from the UN. 

But as in any large city, petty theft can still occur anywhere – especially at night in isolated areas.

Safety tip: No matter where you are, maintaining presence of mind is key. When using public transportation like trains and buses, make sure your valuables are out of sight.

Not only that, but the Global Living Project rated it as the 5th least stressful city out of 140 cities in 2022. Expedia’s data also shows that it has one of Australia’s lowest rates of traffic fatalities and the best medical treatment.

For us, this can be helpful to those who want to start over and have a happier and healthier disposition in life.

And there you go! We hope you find great reasons to visit or stay in Perth. Enjoy the new, fun, and exciting lifestyle waiting for you in the city!

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