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8 Stand Up Paddle Board Classes in Perth

8 Stand Up Paddle Board Classes in Perth

With Perth’s beautiful coastline and beaches, we’d be more surprised if you haven’t thought about learning how to stand up paddle board!

You’ll be happy to learn that stand up paddle board—or SUP for short—is easy to learn and can be done by most people, even those without prior experience!

It’s a great way to introduce a new fitness regimen while enjoying one of the great activities you can do in Perth and exploring other ways to enjoy the water outside of swimming, surfing, kayaking, or whale watching.

Of course, you’ll need a few lessons to regain full confidence to SUP on your own, and we’ve found the places to learn SUP in Perth.

1. Stand Up Surf Shop


Location: Unit 3, 82-84 Stirling Hwy North Fremantle

Contact Details: +61 8 9335 5636

Stand Up Surf Shop has all the products you’ll need for both SUP and wing foil, which is great if you have yet to purchase any equipment for your new hobby. 

They offer both wing foil and SUP lessons, and they can accommodate individuals, groups, kids, and people with special needs.

You can also try their demo SUP service, especially when you’re still trying to find the best gear for your new hobby.

2. Yob Australia


Location: 3 82-84 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle, Perth, WA

Contact Details: +61 8 9335 5636

Yob Australia has been offering both individual sessions and groups with their accredited SUP instructor since 2012.

The group sessions are not only fun and less intimidating to have people around you learn at the same time, but also cheaper at $50 to $65 depending on the group size.

And the best bonus? They provide all SUP equipment you’ll need.

3. Perth SUP School


Location: 82/84 Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle WA 

Contact Details: +61 430 441 600

Perth SUP School offers all kinds of SUP classes for different levels, and they even have kids’ SUP parties for your child and their mates to enjoy! But if you’re a big kid at heart, they can still find ways to accommodate you.

Their range of classes includes beginner classes, private classes, SUP fitness, SUP yoga, and neuro paddle for those with neurological conditions.

4. Sunset SUP


Location: Shelley Beach Park WC, Opposite 267 Riverton Drive North, Shelley, WA

Contact Details: +61 409 666 653

Sunset SUP prioritises private individual group classes that can run either for one hour or two. If you’re by yourself, one hour should be enough, but if you’re in a small group of mates, two hours would be better.

Because of their beautiful Shelley Beach Park location, you may even spot a school of dolphins in the ocean while you take your lessons!

5. SoulKite


Location: 21 Melville Beach Rd, Applecross WA 

Contact Details: +61 413 275 058

SoulKite’s name may not give hints that they offer SUP lessons, but they do! And that’s on top of kite surfing and wing foil lessons.

They have individual classes that can last anywhere between an hour, 90 minutes, or a full two hours. They provide the leash and the paddle, and you can hire a SUP board if you don’t have your own.

And once you’re done learning how to SUP, then maybe you can give kite surfing and wind foil a shot.

6. SUP Tonic


Location: 2 Hardey Road, Maylands, WA

Contact Details: +61 499 973 995

SUP Tonic’s SUP lessons cater to beginners, and instead of holding lessons on the ocean like other businesses, SUP Tonic holds all their lessons on the Swan River from three different locations.

Their locations are at the Sandy Beach Reserve in Bassendean, Garvey Park in Ascot, and the Claughton Reserve in Bayswater. Each location has its advantages and quirks, but availability would depend on the season and class.

7. SUP Central WA


Location: Hackett Drive Car Park, Crawley WA

Contact Details: +61 417 911 311

SUP Central holds all its lessons at the beautiful Matilda Bay, with classes ongoing seven days a week during the summer.

You have the option to choose among an individual SUP class, a class of two, or a group class. Most of their classes run for 90 minutes with prices starting at $60.

And once you’re done with your lessons, you can hire their kayaks, water mats, or water bikes for other activities to do on the water.

8. Seabreeze Kitesurf School


Location: Melville Beach Rd, Applecross WA 

Contact Details: +61 426 987 655

Seabreeze Kitesurf School offers both beginner classes for those just starting out and advanced riders for those who want to hone their skills. You can choose between their private and group classes and kids’ classes.

Outside of their classes, they offer SUP fitness, SUP yoga, and even a SUP tour of Shoalwater Marine Park or the Swan River. Should you join one of their retreats, you can also enjoy breathwork and floating meditation on your board!

Tips for SUP Beginners

Tips for SUP Beginners

While getting SUP classes would be the best option to learn, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to prepare yourself before you attend your class.

  • Brush up on your swimming skills

It’s most important to know how to swim because it is possible that you’ll tumble on your first try. It can also boost your confidence and sense of safety if you know you can rely on swimming skills if you fall from your board.

  • Hone your balance with physio balance boards

You can also work on your balance—yes, even on flat land!—by using physio balance boards or BOSU balls at home.

It won’t be quite the same as when you’re trying to balance on water, but it’s a good way to introduce yourself to stability exercises.

  • Rent equipment first

Of course, you will need your equipment, but if you’re unsure as to whether you want to pursue this hobby after your first class, we recommend that you hire equipment or take classes from businesses that provide full equipment for their classes. 

  • Look up

Once you’re on the paddle board for the first time, we have one last vital tip for you: look up and not down! Not only can it help you with your balance, but it will save you from your imagination of what’s in the water!

And if you’re looking for a way to wind down once you’re done with your SUP lessons, you can always go for a relaxing walk by the beach with your dog.

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