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Your Guide to Finding the Best Perth Suburbs for Schools

Your Guide to Finding the Best Perth Suburbs for Schools

Are you a student or a parent looking to provide your kid with a quality education? Don’t fret because Perth is one of the best places to study and learn, ranking 34th in QS’s Best Student Cities.

Okay, now that we know Perth is an excellent choice for you, where exactly in the city are you supposed to stay?

Here, we’ll discuss five suburbs in Perth that offer the best schools.

What are the best suburbs in Perth for students?

The five best suburbs in Perth for students to live in are Claremont, Nedlands, Subiaco, Mount Hawthorn, and Leederville.

These suburbs are home to or are near the most prestigious schools in Perth, and they all offer an atmosphere where younger people can freely mingle and express themselves.


Nearby educational institution(s): University of Western Australia Claremont Campus, St. Thomas Primary School, Scotch College, Freshwater Bay Primary School, CELT UWA, and Claremont Community Garden

Location: 9 km WSW from the Perth CBD

Size: 3.6 km2

Population: 9,248

Let’s start off with Claremont, a small and affluent neighbourhood a few kilometres away from the University of Western Australia’s main campus.

Unfortunately, Claremont’s proximity to UWA has made house prices expensive. The median house price as of May 2023 sits at $1,800,000, and the median weekly unit rent is $500.

I strongly suggest that you rent a house or unit instead of buying one if you only plan to stay in the city while studying at UWA.

When it comes to public transportation, Claremont has convenient options. 

Residents can ride the train on either the Fremantle Line or the Airport Line. They can also catch a bus on any of the three bus routes that ply along Claremont’s streets.

Claremont is also one of the safest suburbs in the city. 2023 crime statistics provided by the WA Police Force show that this suburb has a low crime rate of 2.3.

Another thing this suburb is good at is providing enjoyment and fun activities to younger people. Spots like the Claremont Quarter offer students a great place to hang out and dine after classes.

Claremont is also where you’ll find Lake Claremont and The Goods Shed Art Gallery, where students can relax or reignite their creativity.

Pro tip: Make sure to mark your calendars for the Perth Royal Show, one of the biggest yearly events in Perth. It’s held at the Claremont Showground. This is one of my most anticipated events because of its fun rides, delicious food stalls, and exciting shows, which are a hit among kids and young adults.


Nearby educational institution(s): University of Western Australia, Nedlands School of Early Learning, Hollywood Primary School, Dalkeith Road School of Music, and Nedlands Primary School

Location: 7 km WSW from the Perth CBD

Size: 5.3 km2

Population: 10,561

Nedlands is the place to be if you want to live as close as possible to the main campus of the University of Western Australia. This mixed-character suburb is where you’ll find both affluent homes and low-cost housing for university students.

Just like in Claremont, it’s still better to rent in Nedlands than buy a house. House prices here are a bit pricier compared to Claremont, with the 2023 median house price sitting at $1,989,750.

The weekly median unit rent is similar to Claremont, with the price at $500 as of May 2023.

Because Nedlands is just east of Claremont, they share the same public transportation options. Residents can easily travel around Perth, whether by bus or train.

Another awesome thing about Nedlands is its low crime rate. Based on the data I gathered from the WA Police Force in May 2023, the crime rate in Nedlands is only 1.8.

Of course, students need to have some downtime and have fun. If you’re looking for fun things to do within Nedlands, don’t worry because it offers plenty.

My personal favourite recreational spots here are the Wilson Art Gallery and the Windsor Cinema. 

These cultural spaces allow me to discover things that aren’t mainstream. I love the arthouse films featured in the Windsor Cinema!

I also visit Nedlands from time to time to enjoy outdoor activities at Sands Sports Australia. There you can play popular beach games like beach volleyball and netball.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to study at UWA, then I highly recommend you check out this website. It contains a list of accommodation options in Nedlands that are partnered with UWA to provide low-cost housing to students.


Nearby educational institution(s): Subiaco Primary School, Perth Modern School, Bob Hawke College, Subiaco School of Early Learning, and Russian School of Western Australia

Location: 4 km W from the Perth CBD

Size: 3.2 km2

Population: 9,940

Subiaco’s developments over the past few decades have turned it into a highly diverse neighbourhood full of shops, parks, and museums that are very popular among students and young adults.

There are three distinguished educational institutions in Subiaco. These are the Subiaco Primary School, Bob Hawke College, and the Perth Modern School.

Subiaco is still a great choice if you’re a student at the University of Western Australia. It isn’t as close to UWA as Nedlands or Claremont, but it’s close enough that commuting every day to the university won’t be an issue.

Speaking of commuting, Subiaco’s close proximity to the Perth CBD gives it plenty of public transportation options. This suburb’s residents have easy access to the Fremantle train line and the Airport train line.

They also have access to five bus lines for travelling anywhere in Perth.

Sadly, this suburb’s house prices are on the expensive side due to its central location. The median house price in May 2023 is $1,550,000, and the weekly median unit rent is $600.

How does Subiaco fare when it comes to safety? Well, not as impressive as the other two I’ve mentioned earlier.

The crime rate in Subiaco in May 2023 is 4.1, which is why I suggest you stay alert while travelling its streets during the night.

I think this suburb’s close proximity to the Perth CBD is a huge contributing factor as to why it suffers from a higher crime rate. The Perth CBD is one of the biggest hotspots for crime in the city.

Still, Subiaco is among my favourite suburbs for studying because it hits the perfect balance of learning and having fun. Places like the Regal Theatre and the restaurants along Hay St. are perfect hangout spots after classes.

Don’t forget that Perth’s biggest green space, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, is just south of Subiaco!

Pro tip: If you’re a medical student or someone who is interested in medical history, I suggest you check out Subiaco’s Western Australian Medical Museum. Its artefacts and exhibitions can help you learn more about how illnesses were treated back then.

Mount Hawthorn

Nearby educational institution(s): Mount Hawthorn Primary School, Aranmore Catholic Primary School, Bold Park Community School, Lake Monger Primary School, Nido Early School

Location: 5 km N from the Perth CBD

Size: 2.1 km2

Population: 8,183

Going a bit further north will lead us into the small suburb of Mount Hawthorn. This suburb is good for education because it has five great schools where your kids can enrol from kindergarten to primary school.

House and unit prices are a bit lower here. The median prices in May 2023 are $1,275,000 (house) and $490,000 (unit). 

If you’re planning to rent, the weekly median unit rent is $550.

Mount Hawthorn is a safe community to live in. The crime rate of this suburb, according to WA Police Force statistics in May 2023, is 1.8.

As for the transportation options here, there’s a train line serving Mount Hawthorn, which is the Joondalup Line. There are also two bus routes that ply along the major roads in this suburb.

If you’re planning to live here while studying at UWA, you’ll need to ride buses from Bus Routes 990 and 950 every day.

For those wondering if Mount Hawthorn is a great place to enjoy some downtime after a day of classes, they won’t be disappointed.

Unlike Subiaco, this suburb is more suited to students who prefer a more peaceful and quiet setting thanks to its many parks.

Some places you can relax in Mount Hawthorn are Lake Monger, Axford Park, and Braithwaite Park. Lake Monger, in particular, is one of my favourite places in Perth to jog and exercise in the morning.

Pro tip: Eager to sharpen your culinary skills? Why not check out Mount Hawthorn’s The Cooking Professor, a culinary school that offers both professional cooking classes and casual cooking workshops.


Nearby educational institution(s): West Leederville Primary School, Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy, Trinity Theological College, Business Success Educators, School of Isolated and Distance Education

Location: 4 km NW from the Perth CBD

Size: 1.4 km2

Population: 3,686

Leederville is an excellent place for students to live thanks to its central location and proximity to many schools and colleges.

The biggest perk you can get by living in Leederville is that it has the lowest house price among the five suburbs on this list. In May 2023, the median house price in this suburb is $1,090,000, while the weekly median unit rent is $560.

Moreover, buying your own apartment unit in Leederville isn’t a bad idea because the median unit price is only $550,000.

Unfortunately, this suburb suffers from the same issues Subiaco has when it comes to crime rates. Leederville’s central location and close proximity to the Perth CBD have led to a crime rate of 5.4 in May 2023.

On the bright side, being near the Perth CBD means that it won’t be hard to move around the city. Leederville is served by the Joondalup Line, and there are also two bus routes that go through this suburb every day. 

If you’re a student at UWA, it’s easy to just walk to or take a bus to the Perth CBD and then catch a bus there to UWA’s main campus.

As for entertainment options, there are lots of places near or inside Leederville that are sure to be hits among students.

You can watch the latest football action at the Leederville Oval or reconnect with nature at the nearby Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Leederville is also full of restaurants and cafes where you can study and hang out with friends.

There is also the Luna Outdoor Cinema, which is an awesome date spot for young couples.

Pro tip: You can stay fit and active while studying in Perth by signing up for a membership in the Beatty Park Leisure Centre, a few hundred metres east of Leederville. This massive complex has indoor swimming pools, saunas, and a gym.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Suburb for Schools

Accessibility to Public Transportation

Thankfully, Perth doesn’t lag behind when it comes to providing accessible and affordable public transportation to the students living in the city.

The three main public transportation modes in Perth are trains, buses, and ferries.

Most of them are owned and operated by different private entities under the supervision of Transperth. If you’re unsure which routes you should take to reach your school, I urge you to check out their website.

All routes and schedules for the day are listed on Transperth’s website. I used to check that website regularly back when I was in college to know in advance if there were any delays or cancellations on train lines and bus routes.

Most of the suburbs I listed earlier are centrally located and thus have no issues accessing Perth’s public transportation systems.

To help you compare these suburbs in terms of public transportation options, here is a small table summarising the data I gathered regarding this matter. These data came from Transperth and Moovit.

SuburbPublic Transportation Available
ClaremontTrain: Fremantle Line and Airport LineBus: Route 27, 28, and 998
Nedlands Train: Fremantle Line and Airport LineBus: Routes 24, 25, 998, and 999
SubiacoTrain: Fremantle Line and Airport LineBus: Route 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 97, 81, and 82
Mount HawthornTrain: Joondalup LineBus: Route 15 and 990
LeedervilleTrain: Joondalup LineBus: Routes 15 and 96
Pro tip: It’s a must for a student to have their own Transperth Smartrider Card. This reusable smart card provides a seamless way to switch modes of public transportation anywhere in Perth. It’s very useful because you won’t need to buy a ticket or card every time you ride another bus or train to go to school.

Availability of Housing Options

Availability of Housing Options

You’d want to live as close to your university or school as possible while studying. The less time you need to commute, the more time you’ll have to do things during the day aside from studying and attending classes.

Unfortunately, because of this demand, land prices in suburbs near prestigious universities like UWA have risen sharply for the past few years.

Here is a quick summary of the data I gathered from Reiwa regarding median house and unit prices of the five best suburbs in Perth for schools.

NeighbourhoodMedian House PriceMedian Unit PriceMedian Unit Rent (Per Week)
Mount Hawthorn$1,275,000$490,000$550

As the table shows, Claremont and Nedlands, the nearest suburbs to the University of Western Australia, have the most expensive house prices.

Take note that these are median prices, which means it’s possible to find cheaper house and unit prices in these suburbs.

Pro tip: It can be frustrating trying to find a living space that you can afford as a student. Luckily, StudyPerth has compiled a list of websites that can point you to student accommodation options.

Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Thankfully, the cost of living here in Perth is decent. Our city is cheaper to live in compared to other major cities in Australia, like Sydney and Melbourne. 

Although we are the sixth-most expensive city to live in Australia (according to Budget Direct), that is mitigated by our high local purchasing power, which is 8.70% higher than the nationwide average.

To give you a brief summary of what to expect while living in Perth, here is a table listing the most common expenses, their local prices, and their average prices nationwide.

ExpensesPerth AverageAustralia Average
Rent (monthly)$1,626$1,733.08
Basic utilities (monthly)$194.82$216.50
Internet (monthly)$77.44$76.88
Mobile plans (monthly)$0.56$0.42
Public transportation (monthly)$139$150
Eating out (2 meals)$40$40
Fitness club (monthly membership)$69.20$66.39
Cinema (1 ticket)$19$18
Clothing (chain store)$73.38$59.82
Eggs (1 dozen)$4.82$4.80
White bread (500 g)$2.51$2.84
Milk (1 litre) $1.69$1.68

While there are many things that you can buy cheaper here, there are also some things that are more expensive compared to the nationwide average.

Things that are produced in Western Australia are obviously cheaper to buy. However, our isolated status also means that things that aren’t produced locally are more expensive.

Pro tip: A good way to support yourself while studying in Perth is to become a part-time employee. I suggest you check out recruitment websites like Indeed and Seek to earn a bit of money in your downtime.

Safety and Crime Rates

Safety and Crime Rates

Crime is an unavoidable problem you’ll face while living in any major city. Fortunately, Perth ranks high when it comes to liveability and safety, placing 6th in the 2021 Global Liveability Ranking by the Economic Intelligence Unit.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you can afford to be complacent when travelling the streets of Perth at night.

To help you compare the five suburbs better based on crime rates, here’s a table with data from the May 2023 crime statistics published by the WA Police Force.

SuburbCrime rate per 100 residents
Mount Hawthorn1.8

It’s a good thing that these five suburbs are among the safer places in Perth. Other parts of the city like Fremantle (9.5) and Perth CBD (14.4) have a much higher crime rate than these five.

Pro tip: I always make sure to keep emergency numbers on speed dial so I can call for help anytime I need it. Save the number 000 on your phone’s speed dial. This number is the emergency hotline for Perth and can send help to you if you need the police, paramedics, or firemen.

Quality of Schools and Universities

You might be curious how Perth became the 34th best student city in the world.

A huge reason why is it’s home to four top global universities. Here is a table detailing what those universities are, their ranking, and which of the five suburbs is closest to them.

UniversityQS World University RankingClosest Suburb
University of Western Australia90thNedlands (2.27 km)
Curtin University193rdNedlands (15.76 km)
Murdoch University561stClaremont (18 km)
Edith Cowan University601stLeederville (3.56 km)

Perth is also ranked as the 23rd most desired city for students to live in, according to QS Top Universities. The reasons most students listed are Perth’s natural beauty, world-class education, and high quality of living.

However, one thing that keeps Perth from ranking higher is its high university tuition fees. According to QS Top Universities, the average annual tuition fee for international students in Perth is $22,900.

Did you know? Perth is one of the most diverse cities in Australia, with over 200 different nationalities living in the city. There are also 170 languages spoken here every day and more than 100 religions practised.

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