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North vs South Perth Which Is Better

North vs South Perth: Which Is Better?

There’s been a long debate over whether it’s preferable to live north or south of the Perth river. This has split the residents’ opinions for decades, and maybe we can help you form your own.

Is North or South Perth Better?

To answer which side of Perth is better, many people from the north will tell you that their beaches, social life, and peaceful environment are better. On the other hand, a Southerner may likely defend their carefree way of living, adventurous nightlife, and stunning riverfronts. 

Still, it’s best to look at the differences in the city lifestyle, property market, environment, and the like to know which side best suits your needs and preferences. 

After all, the location is crucial to consider whether you plan to rent or buy a home. Check out more information below to make well-informed choices in the future.



Right off the bat, the inner-city part of the north provides a proper suburban environment with a wide variety of things to do, see, and eat. 

Moreover, the diversity of North Perth’s main streets is astonishing. It’s also home to various dining establishments, shopping centres, and entertainment venues.

On the other hand, the south suburbs are quite desirable as a place to live and visit because of their accessibility. 

In the year before the 2016 Census, 170,000 people or 10% of the population of greater Perth, moved homes. Among these, 85% remained on the same side of the Swan River.

This could mean that most Perth residents found contentment no matter where their side is. Northerners have found the location quieter and more peaceful, while Southerners live a more adventurous nightlife with various nightclubs

It may be easier to stay on one side if their family and friends are also situated there and already accustomed to its daily offerings.

Property Market

Property Market

Southern Perth contains larger lots perfect for family houses but with little growth potential. This is while the north has many low-maintenance villas and more affordable housing near the Central Business District. 

The property markets in the north and south are often relatively similar, even though it’s typically more expensive to buy and rent north of the river – mainly because the Western Suburbs are included. 

The north has seen a less dramatic decrease in home values. This is for areas including Wembley Downs, Mullaloo, and Karrinyup, recording significant annual increases in median home prices over the past year.

But, the south of the river checks many affordability boxes too. This is due to its lower median home price and average weekly rent than communities to the north.

According to, here’s a table to compare northern and southern Perth’s property market prices:

Northern PerthSouthern Perth
House Price (Median)$529,000
(a 5-year decline of 2%)
(5-year decline of 2.6%)
Average Days On The MarketSlightly less than 2 and a half monthsSlightly more than 2 and a half months
Weekly Rent Price (Median)$380$360
Average Days To Lease40 days40 days

7 out of the 10 Perth areas with the fastest yearly increase over the previous 12 months were south of the river suburbs. This strongly signals that purchasers in the south are becoming more interested.

Make sure to coordinate with a trustworthy property manager in Perth to get reliable information and the most of what you pay for.



Living close to the beach attracts many to stay in Fremantle up north. The coastal environment brings a relaxing feeling many wouldn’t want to trade.

Northerners are also close to the city. Most residents appreciate that getting to the Central Business District by car or public transportation takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Here, more apartments and multi-unit buildings would be ideal for young professionals, people downsizing, active people, or families with grown children. Nearby are excellent restaurant options as well.

In addition, there’s an abundance of heritage-style homes in the north for those with an old soul.

On the other hand, Southerners may take advantage of the family-friendly parts of the city. The south is home to some of Perth’s top schools, as well as several fun attractions like the zoo and ferries to Rottnest Island.

There are plenty of large, open lots for family houses and brand-new neighbourhoods for modern homes too. 

Plus, those who dislike crowds can benefit a lot here. In most parts of the south, there are fewer people, from the retail malls to the beaches (except perhaps Fremantle).

Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Your accommodation will be the main expense to consider for your cost of living in Perth. Besides the coastal suburbs, prices gradually climb the closer a property is to the Central Business District. 

Many can anticipate that things will become more inexpensive as you go outside the inner city, particularly the north. Of course, the north’s stunning beaches and laid-back way of life are also significant factors driving the housing market upwards.

Also, South Perth encourages an active lifestyle – its peaceful surroundings along the foreshore and a vibrant cafe culture are found up the road. This may push southern residents to spend more because of their plentiful options.

In the south, older townhouses and units are also less affordable than houses. It just depends on the resident’s budget, where they would mainly focus their expenses.



Perth undoubtedly features some of Australia’s top tourist and dog beaches. The lovely West Coast consistently receives top rankings and provides a wide range of sandy areas for beach enthusiasts.

Thankfully, most of Perth’s beaches are kept up properly and are free to use all year round. In addition to great swimming and water sports conditions, several include neighbouring cafes, restaurants, playgrounds for kids, public barbecues and picnic spots.

Scarborough, Trigg, Mettam’s Pool, and City Beach are some of the best beaches in the north. Apart from the waves and snorkelling, these locations may be surrounded by multiple bars, restaurants, skateparks, and other attractions.

As for the south, several top beaches include Cottesloe, Bathers, Leighton, Secret Harbour, and Rottnest Island. These options are well-known tourist spots which may be great for swimming, surfing, drinking with friends, and more.

Although neither side of the river is vastly superior, each is unique in its own way. Your personal choices will ultimately determine which one is better.

There you go! We hope this article helped so you can easily compare Perth’s northern and southern sides, in case you’ll eventually choose where to live or visit.

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