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5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Perth

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Perth

It’s never too early to start planning for the most important woman in your life. Whether it’s a day of relaxation or an exciting adventure, you’ll want to try at least a couple of our suggestions to spend a memorable time with mom!

What is something special to do for Mother’s Day?

Here are some ways to show your love for Mother’s Day:

  • Help her garden.
  • Bring her to botanical parks.
  • Find your zen with yoga.
  • Learn new cuisines.
  • Wine and dine.

1. Help her garden

Help her garden

Love starts at home, and what better way to show your mom some love than with a bit of gardening help? Give her the day to relax while you putter around while she sips on her favorite beverage.

If you’re going to be out in the sun, remember what dermatologists say: put on sunblock!

2. Bring her to botanical parks

Bring her to botanical parks

Perth has amazing botanical gardens to choose from. Select one that you know your mom would love and make it the main event or the precursor to more special treats!

Simply pay $10 per person to enter the fascinating Araluen Botanic Park, or visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden for free.

Walking around can be tiring on your feet. Podiatrists recommend resting every now and then.

3. Find your zen with yoga

Find your zen with yoga

Maybe your mom loves a good body stretch to keep her flexible and nimble. Find the nearest yoga studio, and get your muscles and tissues in shape.

Visit The Yoga Vine at Perth CBD for a free 7-day trial if it’s your first time. You can also visit Rooftop Yoga at Northbridge for a season pass for $180 for 200 days of use.

Got your muscles strained? Chiropractors suggest learning the best posture to keep your body pain-free.

4. Learn new cuisines

Learn new cuisines

Book a cooking class and watch your mom beam with pride. The Cooking Professor at Mount Hawthorn offers international cooking classes from Japanese to Italian and Middle Eastern!

Gluten-free Italian classes start at $95 while types of cuisine workshops average around $130. We recommend Chef Rikki for Spanish tapas class and Chef Sunny for Thai cooking classes.

If you or your mom have delicate stomachs, remember to check with a gastroenterologist first.

5. Wine and dine

Wine and dine

Wine can be drunk any time of day since technically, it’s time for some wine somewhere in the world. Take your pick from Perth’s wine bars, and get ready to bond over a glass or a bottle with mom!

Chateau Guildford has great selections to choose from regardless of your price range. Another must-try is La Vigna, where you can also taste the wines in the store first.

Careful with wine though since it can stain the teeth. Head over to the nearest dentist if your pearly whites start to yellow.

Bonus: Don’t Forget the Basics

Don’t Forget the Basics

Our moms can always enjoy a quiet day without all the pomp and pageantry. Try one, several, or all of them to make Mother’s Day a little more peaceful and memorable for your mom.

6. Prepare her favorite breakfast. This classic gesture of love never goes out of style.

7. Get her favorite drinks. Some mothers love coffee, some love tea, and some love mimosas!

8. Write her a card or a letter. She’ll love how creative and expressive you can secretly be.

9. Do all her chores for her. You’ll never fail to impress her this way, although you need to do them correctly!

10. Bring her flowers. Whether you get her a big bouquet or some flowers from your garden, blooms are one of your mother’s weaknesses.

11. Take her on a picnic. You can choose whether you want to picnic at the park, the beach, or even your home garden.

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