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Settling Down in Perth Is it ideal for raising a family

Settling Down in Perth: Is it ideal for raising a family?

Nestled along the beautiful western coast of Australia, Perth is one of the top travel destinations in the country. Its dreamy beaches, dazzling lights that can be seen from space, and sunny weather draw tourists from all around the world.

But here’s a question many continue to ask: Is Perth just a great place to visit every now and then, or could it be an awesome place to raise a family?

In this guide, we’re exploring Perth and the things that make it more than just a tourist’s paradise. We’re uncovering why Perth might just be the perfect place to raise your family.

Is Perth a good place to raise a family?

Perth is a good—if not an amazing—place to raise a family. It offers a high quality of life, a safe environment, a good quality of education, accessible healthcare, and several indoor and outdoor activities for families.

The city was hailed as the 32nd best city to live in for families in 2020, the second highest-ranking city in Australia. Adelaide came in 22nd, Brisbane was 39th, while Sydney and Melbourne were 47th and 50th, respectively.

Ipsos also ranked Perth as the most liveable city in Australia in 2022, scoring a 64.7 livability index. It’s slightly higher than Sydney’s 64.1 livability index.

Reasons Perth Is a Good Place to Raise a Family

Cost of living is cheaper than other major cities

Cost of living is cheaper than other major cities

The average monthly cost of a family of four in Perth is around 6,456.5A$ without rent (Numbeo), which isn’t cheap but is still generally more affordable than other major cities in Australia and the world. 

You can lower your overall monthly expenses based on where you rent and what you rent. Monthly rent for a 3-bedroom apartment outside the city centre typically costs 2,897.40 A$, 1,031.33 A$ cheaper than 3-bedroom apartments in the city centre.

Perth’s consumer prices, including rent, are around 9.9% cheaper than Sydney’s. You’d need about 7,165.9A$ in Sydney to maintain the same standard of life 6,456.5A$ can provide your family in Perth.

Safe for Families and Children

Safe for Families and Children

Greater Perth is generally considered a safe city for families and children. Perth City only recorded 8,789 offences per 100,000 people from 2022 to March 2023, which is still considered low despite it being the highest in the metropolitan area (PerthNow).

Numbeo shows residents feel safe in Perth. The city was regarded as the 6th safest city to live in Australia, with a crime index of 42.45 and a safety index of 57.55. 

Of course, there are other cities in the world with lower crime rates and higher safety index than Perth, but you and your family will still feel safe and secure in the city. 

High Quality of Education

High Quality of Education

Perth is home to reputable primary and secondary schools, both public and private, providing a high standard of education

In a 2022 ranking done by Better Education, Perth Modern School was ranked 10th best secondary school in Australia, the highest-ranking non-New South Wales school in the list. As for primary schools, Oberthur Primary School ranked 38 overall.

In the 2022 NAPLAN, a national test taken by children under Years 3 to 9, Caladenia Primary School in Canning Vale, a Perth suburb, topped the rankings for schools in West Australia (9News). 

Even in 2023, the school performed exceptionally well in the NAPLAN and even made it to the front page of the West Australian newspaper.

Accessible and Comprehensive Healthcare System

Accessible and Comprehensive Healthcare System page

Perth has a well-developed healthcare system that’s highly accessible. It’s home to major medical facilities, like Royal Perth Hospital and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, which are equipped with highly trained staff and modern technologies.

The city also has several general practitioners or doctors who can help you with various treatments in their clinics. They can take care of both the physical and mental health of your family. 

Perth also has a universal healthcare system called Medicare, similar to other cities in Australia. Through this, the Australian government will cover a significant portion of your medical expenses, making healthcare more accessible and affordable for the residents.

Booming Economy and Job Market

Booming Economy and Job Market

Perth’s economy, including the entire state of Western Australia, has bounced back from the pandemic and has been actively growing. A growing economy means more jobs for its residents, as evidenced in Perth’s low unemployment rate of 4.1% (.id).

The job market in Perth is currently thriving, and there are a lot of job opportunities for both Australian citizens and expats. According to TAFE, the industries that have the best job opportunities in Perth include

  • Mining
  • Accounting
  • Aged and disability care
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Education

With good experience and qualifications, you can land an excellent job in Perth to support your family.

Plenty of Activities for Family

Plenty of Activities for Family

Perth offers a wide range of family-friendly activities. It has several parks, play areas, beaches, lakes, and cycling tracks, perfect for spending a fun day with your family.

For kids who love nature and wildlife, you can visit Kings Park, Perth Zoo and AQWA to get up close and personal with animals and plants. You can also enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides at Adventure World or a relaxing day at Cottesloe Beach.

The city is also brimming with museums, such as the Western Australian Museum and Art Gallery of Western Australia. You can take art and history-loving kids and enjoy a fun day of learning and discovery.

Good Weather All Year-Round

Good Weather All Year-Round

Perth is one of Australia’s sunniest cities, perfect if your family loves engaging in outdoor activities. The city is sunny almost all year round and doesn’t get as cold as other cities, such as Melbourne, during the winter.

Summer in Perth runs from December to February and is usually hot and dry, with temperatures ranging from 17.5°C to 30°C. Spring and autumn in the city are also warm and sunny, with temperatures of 11.7°C to 23°C and 3.7°C to 26°C, respectively.

Winters in Perth can get cold with occasional rain and thunderstorms, but it’s not freezing and is considered moderate compared to other Australian cities. The temperature typically stays at around 8°C to 19°C from June to August.

Diverse Demographic

Diverse Demographic

Perth has one of the most culturally diverse demographics in Australia, making it an ideal place for foreign families looking to immigrate. 

According to The Office of Multicultural Interests, 54% of those living in Perth City and 36% of the whole Perth Metropolitan region are born abroad.

Multicultural neighbourhoods like Perth promote inclusivity, so your family will feel welcome even in a foreign place. Exposure to various cultures will also help kids learn to interact with people from various backgrounds at a very young age. 

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