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Can you swim at Penguin Island

Can you swim at Penguin Island?

Did you know that Australia has penguins? These curious little birds, usually associated with cold Antarctica, can be found even on warm Australian shores.

Perth’s penguins can be found in the Shoalwater Island Marine Reserve, which is a protected area composed of tiny limestone islands. The largest one is called Penguin Island.

And yes, you can definitely visit the reserve and swim at Penguin Island. You can bring along your child too! 

But be sure to check with your GP or your child’s pediatrician if they’re fit for strenuous outdoor activities just to be certain.

Going there on a whim isn’t advisable, as you need to plan a day for it to fully immerse yourself in the amazing sun, sea, and wildlife found on the island. 

Save yourself from sunburn and listen to dermatologists when they say to use sunblock.

Is Penguin Island open?

Penguin Island is closed during winter, but visitors are allowed from September through June. However, the reserve can be closed even during summertime when the weather is bad.

How far is Penguin Island from land?

How far is Penguin Island from land

The Shoalwater Island Marine Reserve is in the south of Perth, Western Australia. The group of islands that include Penguin Island is about 660 metres from the town of Rockingham.

Penguin Island currently has over a thousand penguins in the wild. However, they are tame enough to stick around people, although it’s best not to disturb them in any way.

How to Get to Penguin Island

You can drive to Rockingham from Perth, which takes you around 45 minutes to an hour. Drive south for Rockingham by going through the Kwinana Freeway/State Route 2.

Another option is to take the train to Mandurah from Perth and then disembark when you reach Rockingham, where you’ll need to take a bus to Penguin Road. 

On board, make sure you’re seated comfortably with good body posture to maintain your spine health.

Ferry to Penguin Island

Pengo’s Cafe will greet you upon arrival. There, you can get your tickets from the office next to the restaurant. 

Your ticket will take you on a five-minute ferry ride toward Penguin Island.

Ferries depart hourly from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Return trips start at 10:10 AM and end at 4:00 PM.

Ferry transfers are $27 for adults while rates are lower for seniors, students, and children. Depending on your budget, you can even opt to get tour packages. 

You can even rent a kayak or a private boat to visit Penguin Island. However, it’s not advisable to swim to the island during low tide to avoid changing sea currents.

Walking toward the island is also highly discouraged to prevent accidents or injuries.

Things to Do Perth Penguin Island

Things to Do Perth Penguin Island

The Discovery Centre on Penguin Island has picnic benches outside for visitors to enjoy their food while on the island. 

However, food isn’t sold on the island, so it would be best to bring your own if you plan to picnic. Be sure to pack something healthy if you have gastroenterological issues.

You can swim and snorkel in Shoalwater Bay’s crystal clear waters after having a close look at the penguins at the Discovery Centre. Boardwalks and nature trails will take you through amazing marine views.

Pick up a pair of binoculars to watch for whales and dolphins, which tend to show up around September to December. You can even spot wild sea birds such as pelicans nesting and taking care of their young during this time.

But in case your eyesight is a little blurry, you might want to visit an eye clinic for a checkup.

Tips for an Enjoyable Trip

It’s always best to be prepared when visiting Penguin Island. Keep these in mind to have a safe time on the isle:

  • Bring your own food and medicine.
  • Don’t leave rubbish behind.
  • Protect yourself from the sun.
  • Don’t wander off the trails.
  • Respect the island’s wildlife.

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