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10 Things to Do in Cottesloe Beach

10 Things to Do in Cottesloe Beach

Perth boasts 19 charming beaches accessible from the city, but Cottesloe Beach takes the cake for its picturesque coastline, manicured lawns, and pine trees for shade.

Moreover, the beach offers plenty of activities suitable for many travelers, from laid-back tourists to adrenaline junkies. 

Let us help you finalize your next Cottesloe getaway with this guide.

Things to Do in Cottesloe Beach

  1. Swim in Cottesloe’s crystal waters
  2. Snorkel into the deep blue
  3. Learn to ride the waves
  4. Take a cycling tour from the beach to Hillary
  5. Enjoy picnics at the Esplanade
  6. Ogle at masterpieces at the Sculpture by the Sea
  7. Visit the Civic Centre
  8. Play golf by the seaside
  9. Watch the sunset by the beach
  10. Join the Rottnest Channel Swim

1. Swim in Cottesloe’s crystal waters

Swim in Cottesloe’s crystal waters

Its clear waters and pristine sand makes Cottesloe beach a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. Expect the spot to be crowded in spring and summer when the swells are gentle and the weather is generally fine. 

The beach has safety features to protect swimmers including flag bounds and a 170-meter shark net.  

We recommend swimming within the protected zones where you can see the Indiana Tea House and Surf Club. When the crowd is thinner, you can use the latter structure as a stunning backdrop for your in-the-water photos!

Is Cottesloe’s shark net safe?

Cottesloe beach’s shark net is safe for both swimmers and the environment. Its 170-meter length and concrete disc anchors make for a wide-coverage and sturdy swimming enclosure.

Meanwhile, the shark net’s design factors in sustainability, durability, UV performance, and lower maintenance to ensure it won’t have negative effects on the water quality and marine life of the beach.

The shark net is installed during the peak season from October to March.

2. Snorkel into the deep blue

Cottesloe beach’s rocks and reefs and a maximum snorkeling depth of 11 meters open opportunities for wonderful underwater discoveries. Expect to see plenty of reef species including buffalo breams, tarwhines, and rays.

Snorkeling on the beach is generally okay all year round, but it’s safest during summer when the swells are low.

Where can I snorkel in Cottesloe? 

North Cottesloe offers one of the best snorkeling spots in town. It’s also one of the safest, as it’s only in front of the surf club. 

If you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the endangered leafy sea dragon in the area.

Cottesloe beach’s shark net also attracts a few fish around the groin when the swells are gentle.

3. Learn to ride the waves

Learn to ride the waves

Cottesloe has clean waves that beginners and enthusiasts will love to practice on. These swells form during autumn, particularly in April.

Take note of the offshore winds from the east-southeast combined with a southwest swell to experience thrilling and consistent breaks. 

It’s worth knowing that surfable waves do not form all the time at the beach. During the best month in April, there’s over a 40% chance of clean waves ideal for longer rides.

Another 39% of the time, blown-out waves prevail. These swells are also surfable but not as conducive as the clean ones and more ideal for kitesurfing.

How big are the waves at Cottesloe?

Cottesloe beach’s waves can go as high as two meters during autumn when the swells are best for surfing. There is a small chance of waves reaching up to three meters in winter too.

4. Take a cycling tour from the beach to Hillarys

You can also enjoy Cottesloe beach out of the water by taking the cycle path overlooking Perth’s stunning coastline. 

We recommend covering the 25-kilometer ride starting from the beach to Hillarys. The route offers scenic views and plenty of cafes and restaurants for stops to keep you energized.

If the 25-kilometer distance seems daunting, you can always decide to start and stop at any point.

5. Enjoy picnics at the Esplanade

Enjoy picnics at the Esplanade

Cottesloe Esplanade features wide grassy areas with Norfolk Pines for shade, making it a perfect picnic spot. The manicured lawns overlook the ocean so you can also enjoy the views while bonding with family and friends. 

The ideal spot for picnics is nestled between the Rock Groyne and the Indiana Tea House.

Look out for schedules of outdoor concerts to add entertainment during picnic time. 

6. Ogle at masterpieces at the Sculpture by the Sea

Cottesloe Beach becomes a giant outdoor art exhibit every March. Artists both old and new put up thought-provoking installations and sculptures along the coast and the grass areas for the public to enjoy at no cost!

The exhibit usually begins on the first week of March and lasts for about three weeks.

We recommend visiting at sunrise and sunset during the golden hour so you can capture the artwork in the most beautiful natural lighting possible. 

How long is the Sculpture by the Sea walk tour?

You will cover a distance of about two kilometers to see all the artwork in the Sculpture by the Sea.

The coastal exhibit runs from the south of Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach, with your access being mostly walkways and stairs.

We suggest entering from Marks Park, as it’s the most convenient access point. Starting from this area also offers easier walking tours with fewer stairs to address accessibility concerns.

7. Visit the Civic Centre grounds

AddressNapier St, Cottesloe, WA 6011

The beautiful Civic Centre grounds can provide more space for picnics thanks to the barbecue facilities dotting the grassy zones. Moreover, families with kids can bring the young ones to the area’s playground.

The grounds, with their beautiful stoneworks, polished lawns, and a rotunda area, make for a perfect wedding shoot location. You won’t be turned away when a photo shoot is ongoing, but the administration asks for visitors to respect and not disturb the activity.

Alcohol is also prohibited within the grounds, making the place a family-friendly spot.

8. Play golf by the seaside

AddressJarrad St, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(08) 9384-8879 | [email protected]
RatesWeekday 9 holes: $26
Weekday 18 holes: $36
Weekend / public holidays 9 holes: $31
Weekend / public holidays 18 holes: $41
Hire clubs: $15 – $20 

You can spice up your Cottesloe Beach tour by trying out your swings at the Sea View Golf Club.

The nine-holer is a bit challenging with its huge bunkers and small greens, but you can have some respite from the stunning views of the ocean as you go on with the course.

The golf club is open for use to the public at a fee, provided that there’s no ongoing competition.

We recommend booking your visit to avoid delays.

9. Watch the sunset by the beach

Watch the sunset by the beach

Western Australia is known for its beautiful sunsets, and Cottesloe Beach offers one of the prettiest views. 

The Esplanade (with its elevated grass lawns) and the cycle path overlooking the coastline are easy-to-access vantage points for witnessing the sun as it kisses the horizon.

You can also choose to take the sunset watching a notch higher by dining in seaside restaurants as you overlook the ocean—preferably with a beer or wine on hand!

10. Join the Rottnest Channel Swim

Contact Details(08) 6555-3970 | [email protected]
Registration FeesSolo: $410 + booking fee
Duo: $660 + booking fee
Team: $1,200 + booking fee
Lavan Charity Challenge: $1,200 + booking fee

Cottesloe Beach bears witness to thousands of swimmers as they begin their journey here to Rottnest Island every February. The open swimming event covers a whopping 19.7-kilometer distance, a challenge athletes love to be a part of annually.

You can choose to swim solo, with a partner, or as a member of the team, provided you’re eligible and promptly registered before the event.

Spectators can also enjoy the event as activities and entertainment are provided throughout the day.

The Best Restaurants at Cottesloe Beach

  1. Barchetta
  2. Indigo Oscar
  3. Il Lido
  4. Ocean Beach Hotel (Bar & Restaurant)
  5. Vans

While picnicking at the Esplanade is a must-try (and more budget-friendly), dining in restaurants while overlooking the Indian Ocean has its unique charm.

Here are the restaurants we think you’ll need to stop by after soaking up all the beach activities in Cottesloe.


Address149 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(0451) 324-139 | [email protected]
Opening HoursSunday to Tuesday: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Wednesday to Thursday: 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Friday to Saturday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
MenuMuffins: $5
Buttermilk pancakes: $17
Big breakfast: $28
Bibimbap: $26
Pan fried market fish: $42
Pizza: $10 – $24
Coffee: $3.70 – $4.50
Breakfast cocktails: $14 – $16

Its Mediterranean cuisine and glass walls overlooking the Indian ocean make Barchetta the top spot for elegant seaside dining. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks for all tastes from coffee to cocktails.

The restaurant has been serving hungry patrons for 20 years, making Barchetta an institution in the area.

Their breakfast menu and tasty coffee are uber popular, so we recommend booking a table before visiting to avoid hassles early in the morning.

Indigo Oscar

Address99 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(08) 6118-8611
Opening HoursWednesday to Thursday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday to Saturday: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM,
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 9:30 PM
MenuAvocado arepa: $7
Crispy cod taco: $9
Roast chicken: $38
Wood-fired lamb shoulder: $54
Chocolate mousse: $14
Cocktails: $18 – $24
Wine by the glass: $13 – $26
Tap beer: $10 – $11

Indigo Oscar’s wide selection of sumptuous Latin cuisine and its playful interiors are everything you’d ask for in a pop-up restaurant. Moreover, it’s located in the Indiana Tea House, so you get prime ocean views while sipping your margarita.

You can enjoy dining and chatting with friends inside or make the experience more dramatic by going al fresco (you know, where the sea breeze blows through your hair as you hold a wine glass). Either way, you’re sure to be treated to a burst of flavors.

Ensure to book your lunch or dinner with them before they go, as they’re bound to pack up once the next redevelopment takes place.

Il Lido

Address88 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(08) 9286-1111 | [email protected]
Opening HoursDaily: 6:30 AM – 12:00 AM
MenuBread and pastry: $4 – $10
Breakfast: $15 – $23
Home-made pasta: $29 – $34
Mains: $28 – $43

Italian cuisine lovers are sure to love Il Lido’s pasta, wine, coffee, and cheese! Every plate is a delight to the senses, amplified by the vibe of the place and the views of the ocean.

The restaurant switches up its menu periodically, so expect surprises when you visit multiple times. 

Ocean Beach Hotel

Ocean Beach Hotel
Address140 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(08) 9384-2555 
MenuMains: $24 – $44
Salads: $14 – $24
Pizzas: $22 – $30
Coffee: $4.50 – $5
Tea: $4
Wine (glass): $7 – $11
Cocktails: $14 – $19
Tap beer: $5 – $12.50

Ocean Beach Hotel’s bar and restaurant offer memorable pub feed and a laid-back atmosphere for catch-up meals and unwinding. 

It has a saloon bar with large windows providing you scenic Indian Ocean views and a public bar for watching and playing pool.

Meanwhile, the restaurant’s beer garden deck is the perfect spot if you want to savor your drinks while enjoying the sea breeze.

The restaurant is also an ideal venue for Cott’s Sunday Sessions. 


Address1 Napoleon St, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(08) 9384-0696 
Opening HoursDaily: 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM
MenuButtermilk pancakes: $22
Vans fry up: $33
Today’s burger: $28
Singapore style mee goreng with tofu: $29
Vans vegan burger: $25
Tap beer: $11 – $13
Cocktails: $16 – $22
Wine (glass): $12 – $25
Coffee: $4.50 – $5.20

Vans is a family-owned, long-running eatery that offers plenty of surprises with its ever-changing menu. The good news is that the restaurant goes out of its way to cater to all kinds of customers, including vegans.

The place opens as early as 6:30 AM daily and offers meals from morning until sundown. Don’t miss their phenomenal fried rice and seasonal dishes!

Top Hotels at Cottesloe Beach

  1. Cottesloe Beach Hotel
  2. Ocean Beach Hotel
  3. Cottesloe Beach Chalets

Check out these top accommodations if you’re staying a day or two at Cottesloe Beach.

Cottesloe Beach Hotel

Cottesloe Beach Hotel
Address104 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(08) 9383-1100 | [email protected]
RatesFrom $185

Sunlit and airy rooms with views of the ocean define the Cottesloe Beach Hotel. Even the economical suites are provided with sufficient amenities and decent sunshine.

Their current special offer focuses on accommodating couples in an Ocean View Room with a bottle of champagne.

It also has the Verandah Bar and the Beach Club offering a wide range of cuisine and drinks, allowing you to stay in the hotel for lunch and dinner fixes.

Ocean Beach Hotel

Address140 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(08) 9384-2555
RatesFrom $110

Four-star Ocean Beach Hotel along Marine Parade has spa rooms with ocean views from all windows for the ideal seaside stay. Other rooms are just as lovely with their complimentary tea and coffee-making facilities.

If you book on a weekend, you can also experience how deft the hotel is at hosting Sunday Sessions (complete with music and good food!).

Cottesloe Beach Chalets

Address6 John St, Cottesloe, WA 6011
Contact Details(08) 9383-5000 | [email protected]
RatesFrom $250

Those who prefer a home away from home setting will find Cottesloe Beach Chalets’ fully equipped kitchen and living rooms reminiscent of their residential comfort. Add to that the accommodation’s outdoor swimming pool and barbecue facilities.

Just a minute’s walk from the beach, this accommodation option is the epitome of a seaside holiday. 

When is the best time to visit Cottesloe Beach?

When is the best time to visit Cottesloe Beach

The best time to visit Cottesloe Beach is from October to April if you’re going for water activities such as swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. The weather and swells in these months are best suited for visitors to hit the shore.

March is also when the Sculpture by the Sea is on, an event that art lovers shouldn’t miss. Meanwhile, April is the best month to ride the most surfable waves on the beach.

Are dogs allowed at Cottesloe Beach?

Dogs are allowed to exercise and play in some parts of Cottesloe Beach. Dog-friendly areas include South Cottesloe Beach (bordered from the small groin at Beach Street to the south of Mosman Beach) as well as Vera View Beach.

Is Cottesloe Beach safe?

Cottesloe Beach is generally safe, provided that you stay within the protected zones. 

The area is safest from October to March when it’s the peak season and Cott’s shark net is in place. This is also the time when the beach is heavily patrolled.

We recommend being extra cautious during the winter when rip channels are deeper and waves are higher. 

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