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What to Do, Eat, and See When You’re in Denmark WA

What to Do, Eat, and See When You’re in Denmark WA

Western Australia’s Denmark may seem a bit further, but its tranquility is what makes it a great getaway spot. Whether you’re looking for some alone time, romantic escapades, or some exploration with a friend, Denmark should be on your list.

Here are some of the best things you can do when you’re in looking to visit or stay in Denmark.

How do I spend a day in Denmark WA?

1. Get some solitude in these peaceful accommodations

Get some solitude in these peaceful accommodations

Stay in one of the three cabins found at the Upland Farm. Each cabin is beautifully appointed, but our favorite is its Guest House with its outdoor areas and two-bedroom and two-bathroom features.

Nestled among majestic karri trees and giant granite boulders, The Tree House is perfect for some alone time. Separate showers and double spa baths are some of the luxurious features while the outdoor deck and the loft bed add a bit of excitement.

The solitude can be a great time to spend talking your hearts out. Psychologists recommend taking some time off from your routine to contemplate.

William Bay Cottages is the perfect tranquil lodging as you explore the nearby attractions like Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool

You can choose from the seven cottages available but our favorite is the Settlers Tavern due to its double spa amenities that look out into the peppermint forest.

The Ark of Denmark has two acres of lush bushlands while being only three kilometres from the beach and the town centre. Enjoy the amazing amenities like the claw-footed tubs, Wi-Fi connection, and efficient kitchen layout to keep your stay easy yet fun.

Head out to The Birches with a couple of your best buds and enjoy the views across Mount Shadforth. You’ll love whipping up a feast from the fully stocked kitchen while your gaze lingers on the scenery from the balcony.

You can’t enjoy the views if your vision is a bit blurry though. We suggest visiting an eye clinic before you head out to Denmark.

The Aiyana Retreat has four villas, each uniquely appointed with luxurious but personal touches. We recommend this retreat for the perfect romantic getaway with its massage services, private yoga sessions, and personal spas.

2. Eat, drink, and be merry at these food spots

Eat, drink, and be merry at these food spots

Overlooking a large scenic dam, Denmark’s latest distillery and restaurant, The Dam, offers tempting morsels to fit any palate. Try the drinks at the in-house Cannabis Botanical Distillery for a bit of alcoholic novelty.

The Lake House offers wine tasting sessions along with artisanal bread, frittatas, antipasto, prawns, and chickens. You can even ask the offerings to be packed for a picnic at the nearby beach.

Ravens offers specialty coffees along with their meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re looking to eat healthier, this is the best spot in Denmark.

Mrs Jones Cafe is fantastic for breakfasts and lunch meals. Try the full English breakfast or breakfast staples like eggs benedict. You’ll definitely be looking to eat more.

Enjoy the grand sweeping views from Ajar Restaurant in Shadforth. Hearty lunch and dinner offerings like braised beef briskets and pork and truffle dumplings will make your day so much better.

You’ll have to indulge your meals moderately though. Gastroenterologists recommend taking care of your stomach health first and foremost.

Try the glazed pork belly with some spiced aged beef fillet from Pepper & Salt. After these decadent dishes, you can’t help but fall in love with the lemon curd tart or the chocolate ganache as your dessert.

For some beer tasting, visit Boston Brewing Co. Take time out to nibble on their woodfired pizzas as well.

But if wine is your preferred drink, Denmark has several bars that offer them. MJ’s Wine Bar and Rockcliffe both come to mind with their stunning selections of premium and specialty wines.

Just remember that wines can stain your teeth. You’ll have to have them whitened by the best dentists in Perth.

3. Have fun in the sun at these beaches

Have fun in the sun at these beaches

Denmark is home to some of the most spectacular stretches of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. 

Hop on over to Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks or explore the William Bay National Park. You can even head on to Madfish Bay and Waterfall Beach and surf your heart out at Ocean Beach and Parry Beach.

Discover the jagged outcrops of Shelley Beach, or take a long walk along Lights Beach and Prawn Rock Channel. Just remember that your podiatrist will always advise you to always tread carefully to avoid injuries.

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