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Enjoy Retirement in the Best Suburbs in Perth for Retirees

Enjoy Retirement in the Best Suburbs in Perth for Retirees

You’ve done it! You finally reached the end of your long and prosperous career and now it’s time to slow down and enjoy the golden years of your life.

But where exactly should you settle down? Where in Perth can you enjoy a relaxing and simple retired life away from the noise and chaos?

Well, don’t worry, for we compiled the best suburbs in Perth for retirees, and we’ve listed the reasons why they are!

What are the best suburbs in Perth for retirees?

The best suburbs in Perth for retirees are Claremont, Murdoch, East Perth, Leederville, Kensington, and Burswood. 

This list is based on the survey for retirees conducted by the WA Apartment Advocacy in 2018. Based on the data they gathered, most retirees prioritise the following when choosing a suburb to live in:

  • Public transportation options
  • Proximity to major city centres like the Perth CBD
  • Has cafes and retail outlets
  • Has or is near natural landscapes like parks and lakes

Without further ado, let’s discuss in detail how these suburbs satisfy the preferences of most retirees in Perth.


Highlight(s): Claremont Quarter, FORM Gallery & Cafe, Lake Claremont, and Claremont Museum, Claremont Showground

Location: 9 km WSW from the Perth CBD

Size: 3.6 km2

Population: 9,248

Let’s start it off with Claremont, a beautiful suburb located southwest of the Perth CBD. The suburb’s healthy mix of natural beauty, cafes, malls, and public transportation is why it made the list.

Retirees won’t have to travel far to shop for the latest goods because the Claremont Quarter, a premier shopping mall, is available right in the middle of the suburb. 

Aside from retail stores, the mall also has a mix of restaurants and cafes open every day.

Aside from Claremont Quarter, another excellent place to taste delicious coffee is the FORM Gallery & Cafe located a few metres away from the Claremont Train Station.

And this place isn’t just your typical cafe. As you’ve probably guessed from its name, it’s also an art gallery filled with artworks made by Perth’s local artists.

When it comes to natural spaces, Claremont also won’t disappoint thanks to its parks and lakes. Northeast of the suburb is where you’ll find Lake Claremont, full of wildlife especially birds, making it a great place for birdwatching.

It should also be noted that Claremont is a riverside suburb, so it won’t be difficult to visit the Swan River whenever you choose to do so.

How about Claremont’s house prices? Well, they aren’t exactly cheap.

Buying a house in this suburb will cost you $2,000,000 on average while renting one costs $912 per week. Getting an apartment unit is a more cost-effective solution as it only costs $650,000 to buy one and $575 per week to rent one.

A big reason why house prices in Claremont aren’t cheap is it’s one of the safest places to live in Perth, especially for retirees. 

The latest crime statistics published by the WA Police Force show that this suburb only has 2.3 crimes per 100 residents as of July 2023.

It’s also very easy for its residents to move around thanks to its many public transportation options. Residents have easy access to three bus lines, and the suburb has its own train station connecting it to Fremantle and the Perth CBD.

Pro tip: If you’ve decided to settle down in Claremont, don’t miss the Perth Royal Show, one of Perth’s biggest annual events held at the Claremont Showground.
The event is held during the last week of September every year.


Highlight(s): Beeliar Regional Park, Piney Lakes Reserve, Bull Creek Central, and Fiona Stanley Hospital

Location: 12 km S from the Perth CBD

Population: 3,352

Let’s continue on to Murdoch, a lovely little suburb located right in the middle of two major city centres, Fremantle and the Perth CBD. This suburb can arguably be considered the best place to live for retirees that prioritise convenience.

This is because you won’t have to travel far to buy everything you need. For most groceries and daily necessities, the Bull Creek Central shopping mall will have what you need.

The mall is also filled with restaurants and cafes, so you won’t have any difficulties looking for a good place to spend the afternoon in.

For daily walks and exercises, there are two awesome nature reserves you can visit. One is the Beeliar Regional Park located west of Murdoch and Piney Lakes Reserve, which is north of the suburb.

Another great reason to stay in Murdoch is you’ll have easy access to quality healthcare. You’ll find here the Fiona Stanley Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals in Perth.

Murdoch also has the St. John of God Murdoch Hospital, which is a non-profit private hospital located beside Fiona Stanley Hospital.

House prices are also quite affordable at the moment in Murdoch. The average house price in the suburb as of July 2023 is $935,000, while the average house rent price is $595 per week.

Murdoch is also a safe place to retire in since it has a low crime rate of 2 crimes per 100 residents as of July 2023.

This suburb also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to public transportation options. Murdoch is directly connected to the Mandurah Line, so you won’t have any problems visiting the Perth CBD anytime you want.

Going to Fremantle also won’t be an issue because there are bus routes that can take you there from Murdoch.

Pro tip: Murdoch hosts a lot of fun activities you can try out as a retiree like lawn bowls, mini golf, and swimming. These take place in great social spaces where you can make friends with other retirees in no time!

East Perth

Highlight(s): Elizabeth Quay, The Bell Tower, Optus Stadium, Heirisson Island, Ozone Reserve, Swan River, and Perth Mint

Location: 2 km E from the Perth CBD

Size: 3.3 km2

Population: 11,681

Looking to enjoy the excitement of the Perth CBD but without the noise and bustle? Then look no further than East Perth, a place where the lively city and quiet suburban lifestyles meet.

You definitely won’t find it difficult to enjoy some of the best attractions of Perth while living here. Just a few kilometres away from it you’ll find the Elizabeth Quay and The Bell Tower.

Another popular tourist attraction you can visit nearby is the Perth Mint, which is actually within the boundaries of East Perth. 

Also, let’s not forget that you’re only a few blocks away from the Perth CBD’s most popular restaurants and cafes like the Wildflower and Petition.

East Perth is also great for retirees who are fans of footy because the Optus Stadium is just a short bus ride away across the Swan River!

This suburb also delivers when it comes to parks and nature spaces. Located south of the suburb near the Swan River is where you’ll find the Ozone Reserve, a place where you and your dog can relax and have some fun.

Another awesome nature space you can visit is Heirisson Island, located underneath Causeway Bridge. This island has its own kangaroo sanctuary that you can visit and spend the entire afternoon in.

Now that we’ve covered why East Perth is an awesome place to live in, we need to talk about the cost of buying a house there. As of July 2023, the average cost to buy a house here is $1,450,000.

Meanwhile, renting a house will cost you $590 per week.  

Buying an apartment unit is probably a better option, as unit prices are currently at $460,000 on average. 

Despite the suburb’s close proximity to the Perth CBD, East Perth is still a somewhat safe place to live in at the moment. The crime rate of this suburb as of July 2023 is 6.3 crimes per 100 residents.

Of course, this suburb passes with flying colours if we’re going to talk about public transportation options. Its proximity to the Perth CBD means you’ll have easy access to train and bus routes that can take you to other places in Perth like Fremantle.

Pro tip: Cycling is an effective way to stay fit at retirement age. In East Perth, there’s a bike rental shop located in Point Fraser Recreation Precinct where you can rent a bike for the day at very affordable prices.


Highlight(s): Lake Monger, Leederville Gardens Retirement Estate, and Oxford Street

Location: 4 km NW from the Perth CBD

Population: 3,686

For retirees that want to live their golden years as peaceful as they can, Leederville can be the perfect suburb. 

This suburb is where you’ll find one of Perth’s biggest retirement estates, the Leederville Gardens. This massive estate features spacious homes located within a tranquil, garden setting.

If you’d like to live outside Leederville Gardens, there are still many great nature spaces in this suburb. One such example is Lake Monger, located west of Leederville. 

This large urban wetland is the perfect place to keep your body in shape thanks to its 3.5-kilometre paved track which surrounds the lake, and you can go there to jog or cycle every morning.

Despite Leederville’s quieter setting, lack of major shopping centres won’t be an issue because its main road, Oxford Street, is full of grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes you can visit.

So, how much would it cost a retiree to live in Leederville? House prices in this suburb are pretty okay so far, with the average house price sitting at $1,080,000 as of July 2023. 

Meanwhile, the average apartment unit price in Leederville is $520,000. Renting a unit is a bit more expensive though, costing $625 per week on average.

Safety-wise, Leederville isn’t too far off from East Perth. As of July 2023, the crime rate of this suburb is 5.4 crimes for every 100 residents.

You won’t find it difficult to get around the city should you decide to live in Leederville. It has a healthy number of bus routes available, and there’s also a train station that connects the suburb to the Joondalup Line.

Pro tip: If you’re someone who’s a big fan of water activities like me, the nearby Beatty Park Leisure Centre located east of Leederville features a wide variety of swimming pools that can be enjoyed by both young and old people.


Highlight(s): Kensington Bushland Reserve, Mindeerup, Sir James Mitchell Park, and Mends Street Jetty

Location: 3 km SE from the Perth CBD

Size: 2.5 km2

Population: 4,627

Another suburb that hits the sweet spot between active city life and quiet suburban life is the small suburb of Kensington, which is right in the middle of the two lively cities of South Perth and Victoria Park.

The suburb itself doesn’t have any noteworthy attractions to offer aside from the Kensington Bushland Reserve, which is an excellent place to do birdwatching and exercising.

However, the two cities I’ve mentioned earlier are chock full of restaurants, parks, and attractions you can visit with a quick bus ride from Kensington.

A great place you can visit to enjoy lunch and afternoon coffee is Mindeerup, where lines of restaurants and cafes are ready to serve you. Meanwhile, the nearby Mends Street Jetty also has some great restaurants you can eat dinner from.

If you’re more of an outdoor-type person, Sir James Mitchell Park can serve as an excellent picnic spot for you and your family. It has plenty of playspaces your grandkids can spend the entire afternoon in.

You also won’t find it difficult to buy your daily needs while living in Kensington because there are some major shopping centres available just a few blocks away from you, like the Coles Supermarket in Victoria Park.

With easy access to almost everything you need, it’s amazing that house prices in Kensington are still somewhat okay. The average house price in this suburb as of July 2023 is $1,100,000, and the cost to rent one is $565 per week.

Meanwhile, the average unit price in this suburb is $560,000.

Another huge plus when living in Kensington is its low crime rate. As of July 2023, the crime rate of this suburb sits at 2.9 crimes for every 100 residents.

When it comes to public transportation, Kensington has plenty of options for getting around Perth. You can ride the train at the nearby Armadale Line, and the suburb has a bus route that’ll take you straight to the Perth CBD.

Pro tip: It might be better to buy an empty lot in Kensington and then build a small home on it rather than buying a new house. The average land price in this suburb sits at $535,000 as of July 2023.


Highlight(s): Optus Stadium, Albany Highway, Crown Casino Perth, and Burswood Park

Location: 3 km E from the Perth CBD

Size: 3.4 km2

Population: 2,779

Burswood is another riverside suburb located east of the Perth CBD across the Swan River. It’s the home to some of Perth’s biggest entertainment hotspots like Crown Perth and Optus Stadium.

For those who love gambling, Crown Perth is definitely a great place to visit. This massive resort casino has its own theatre, ballrooms, restaurants, and cafes you can spend the entire day in.

Meanwhile, the Optus Stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in Western Australia and is home to the biggest footy and cricket teams in the state. Living in Burswood would definitely help you avoid missing out on any games of your favourite team.

If you prefer a more laid-back experience, Burswood Park is a great place to spend your lazy afternoons in. I sometimes visit this park with my friends after watching a show from the nearby Optus Stadium.

There are also a couple of other parks you can check out here like Kagoshima Park and Stadium Park.

Aside from Crown Perth, a great place to check out to find the best restaurants and cafes in Burswood is Albany Highway. You’ll also find a couple of grocery stores and supermarkets lined up beside this major road.

How does Burswood fare when it comes to house prices? As of July 2023, the suburb’s average house price is sitting at $1,060,000, and the average house rent price is at $810 per week.

The apartment units here are a bit pricier, with average unit price currently sitting at $657,500 and average unit rent price at $600 per week.

Unfortunately, casinos tend to be a crime magnet, which is why Burswood has a higher crime rate compared to the other suburbs I mentioned earlier. The crime rate of Burswood as of July 2023 is 15.2 for every 100 residents.

This suburb is still an amazing place to live in especially if you prefer easy access to public transportation. Burswood is a stopping point for many bus routes going to the Perth CBD, and there’s also a train station here connected to the Armadale Line.

Pro tip: Driving and riding public transportation aren’t the only ways residents in Burswood can do to reach the Perth CBD. 
If you’re someone who prefers to walk, the Matagarup Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that directly connects Burswood to East Perth, and you can use it to walk or bike to your favourite spots in the Perth CBD from Burswood.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Suburb for Retirees

Now that we know which suburbs are the best in Perth to enjoy your golden years, it’s time we discuss what factors you should consider when choosing which of them you will decide to live in.

To help you, here are some quick explanations and data you can check out.

Accessibility to Public Transportation

As we’ve discussed before, most retirees place great importance on public transportation when picking a suburb to live in. And that’s understandable because riding a bus is less stressful than driving a car especially when you grow older.

We’re lucky to live in a city that has a good public transportation network. In Perth, the three most common types of public transportation you’ll find are trains, buses, and ferries.

All of these three are managed by Transperth, a government organisation. Their website has all the details you’ll need, like what bus routes go through your town or whether any trip for the day is delayed or cancelled.

To further help you decide which suburb is the best for you, I made a table compiling the bus routes and train lines that are available to these suburbs.

This data was gathered from Transperth’s website and Moovit.

SuburbPublic Transportation Available
Claremont• Train: Fremantle Line and Airport Line
• Bus: Route 27, 28, and 998
Murdoch• Train: Mandurah Line
• Bus: Routes 998 and 999
East Perth• Train: Armadale Line, Thornlie Line and Airport Line
• Bus: Route 42, 55, 901, 902, and 950
Leederville• Train: Joondalup Line
• Bus: Routes 15 and 96
Kensington• Train: Armadale Line and Thornlie Line
• Bus: Route 910
Burswood• Train: Armadale Line and Thornlie Line
• Bus: Route 39, 270, 935, and 940
Pro tip: Transperth has a special SmartRider card offered only to senior citizens! This card includes some sweet perks like free rides during the weekends and public holidays.
Make sure to visit their website to learn more about the Seniors SmartRider card.

Availability of Housing Options

Moving into a new suburb is no easy feat. Rising house and rent prices are just a couple of the many reasons why looking for a new home is a very big decision to most people, especially retirees who no longer have a strong income stream.

Unfortunately, many suburbs in Perth have seen a rise in their land prices during the last few years as demand continues to rise ahead of supply.

Here’s a table to help you pick which of the suburbs I mentioned earlier is the best for your budget. Please take note that the data featured here was gathered from REIWA’s July 2023 figures.

NeighbourhoodMedian House PriceMedian Unit PriceMedian Unit Rent (Per Week)
East Perth$1,437,500$460,000$600

If you plan to buy a house, Murdoch is probably the best choice when it comes to affordability. However, if you plan to settle down in an apartment unit, then no suburb comes close to East Perth when it comes to unit prices.

Surprisingly, Claremont has the lowest unit rent prices despite being on the pricier side when it comes to purchasing a house or apartment unit.

Pro tip: Aside from providing the latest figures when it comes to house and apartment unit prices, Reiwa’s website also features the housing price trends for most suburbs in Perth.
It’s a good idea to check out these trends so you’ll know when is the best time to purchase a property in your preferred suburb.

Safety and Crime Rates

Another important factor you need to consider is a suburb’s crime rate. As many retirees would agree, a safe suburb is a peaceful one.

Perth as a whole is considered one of the safest places to live in the world, ranking 6th in the Economic Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Ranking for 2021.

Still, its status as the only major city in Western Australia means that crimes are still pretty commonplace here, especially in some crime hotspots like Northbridge.

To help you learn more about how safe are the suburbs I listed here, here is a table listing their crime rates based on the statistics published by the WA Police Force as of July 2023. 

SuburbCrime rate per 100 residents
East Perth6.3

As you can see, most of the suburbs are pretty safe. The only exception is Burswood, as it suffers from 15.2 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: A good way to keep yourself safe is to always notify someone you can trust where you’re planning to go. 
Letting a family member or a friend know your last whereabouts can be very helpful for authorities in finding you should something bad happen to you.

Cost of Living

Worried if your pension and savings are enough to support you while living in Perth? Thankfully, our city is still one of the cheaper major cities in Australia when it comes to the cost of living.

Based on a report released by Budget Direct, Perth ranks 6th among the top 10 most expensive cities in Australia. The city has lower average prices compared to other major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

To help you get an idea of how much you’ll need to spend while living in Perth, here is a quick table on the average expenses in Perth compared to the nationwide average.

ExpensesPerth AverageAustralia Average
Rent (monthly)$1,626$1,733.08
Basic utilities (monthly)$194.82$216.50
Internet (monthly)$77.44$76.88
Mobile plans (monthly)$0.56$0.42
Public transportation (monthly)$139$150
Eating out (2 meals)$40$40
Cinema (1 ticket)$19$18
Clothing (chain store)$73.38$59.82
Eggs (1 dozen)$4.82$4.80
White bread (500 g)$2.51$2.84
Milk (1 litre) $1.69$1.68

As you can see, some daily necessities are cheaper in Perth, but some are also more expensive compared to the national average. 

Thankfully, retirees are able to enjoy some concessions on most services and products in the city. An example of this is public transportation, where on some days senior citizens can ride for free and on most days their tickets are discounted.

Pro tip: Aside from discounted prices on many services and products in the city, retirees can also enjoy concessions on charges for government services like the emergency services levy.
To apply for a concession, check out the Government of Western Australia’s article here.

Available Healthcare Options

If there’s one thing that absolutely sucks when we reach retirement age, it’s that our bodies are no longer as strong and healthy as they once were. Thus, it’s important for you to know which hospitals or clinics are available near your home.

To help you with that, here’s a quick guide about the nearest medical institutions for each suburb and their addresses.


  • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Hospital Ave, Nedlands WA 6009, Australia

+61 8 6457 3333

  • Bethesda Health Care

25 Queenslea Dr, Claremont WA 6010, Australia

+61 8 9340 6300

  • Graylands Hospital

Brockway Rd, Mount Claremont WA 6010, Australia

+61 8 6159 6600


  • St John of God Murdoch Hospital

Barry Marshall Parade, Murdoch WA 6150, Australia

+61 8 9438 9000

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital

11 Robin Warren Dr, Murdoch WA 6150, Australia

+61 8 6152 2222

East Perth

  • Royal Perth Hospital

Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia

+61 8 9224 2244

  • St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital

Corner Ellesmere Rd & Thirlmere Road, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Australia

+61 8 9370 9222

  • Mount Hospital

150 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA 6000, Australia

+61 8 9327 1100


  • West Leederville Private Hospital

Level 3/2 McCourt St, West Leederville WA 6007, Australia

+61 8 9463 5500

  • St John of God Subiaco Hospital

12 Salvado Rd, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

+61 8 9382 6111


  • South Perth Hospital

76 South Terrace, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

+61 8 9367 0222

  • Royal Perth Hospital

Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia

+61 8 9224 2244


  • St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital

Corner Ellesmere Rd & Thirlmere Road, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Australia

+61 8 9370 9222

  • Royal Perth Hospital

Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia

+61 8 9224 2244

Pro tip: You don’t need to ride the bus or drive to the hospital for your checkups. The Department of Health offers free transport services to pensioners that want to travel to and from hospitals and other medical facilities.
Learn more about the service here.

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