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A New Start The Best Suburbs in Perth for First Home Buyers

A New Start: The Best Suburbs in Perth for First Home Buyers

As a young adult, it’s exciting to be independent and plot your own course. However, independence also comes with responsibility, especially as you make your first big choices in life, such as buying your first home.

Still inexperienced, it’s very easy for most of us to flounder and waste our hard-earned money on a property that isn’t really worth its price.

To help you make a more informed decision, this article will introduce you to the best suburbs in Perth for first home buyers and why they are the best.

What are the best suburbs for first home buyers?

The best suburbs in Perth for first home buyers are Belmont, Ashfield, Cloverdale, Redcliffe, Nollamara, Westminster, and Armadale.

These suburbs were chosen due to factors like their distance from the Perth CBD, average house prices, public transportation options, and more.


Location: 9 km E from the Perth CBD
Size: 4.4 km2
Population: 6,959

Let’s start it off with a great riverside suburb. Belmont is a suburb located east of the Perth CBD which strikes a great balance between quiet suburban living and inner-city living thanks to its many shops and entertainment centres.

First home buyers will be pleased to know that Belmont is still well within the affordable range when it comes to house prices. The average house price for this suburb as of July 2023 is $530,000.

For that price, you already have a tonne of retail stores within your reach like All Foods Market and Bunnings. Dining out is also very easy thanks to the many restaurants here especially near the Great Eastern Highway.

If you’re planning to start or have a family, Belmont also has schools and colleges within the suburb, so your kids don’t need to travel far for their classes.

The suburb is also great for people looking for work opportunities. 

Not only is it near the Perth CBD where most jobs are offered, but it’s also very close to the Perth Airport, which is in constant need of new employees to match Perth’s rapid growth.

Belmont is also great for leisure and relaxation thanks to it being a short distance away from most of Perth’s biggest entertainment centres like Elizabeth Quay and Optus Stadium.

Belmont also has great public transportation. It’s connected to the Airport Train Line, and there are many buses that pass through this suburb every day.

The only real issue I can say about this suburb is its crime rate. Belmont has a crime rate of 8 crimes being committed for every 100 residents as of July 2023.

Pro tip: If you’re looking to enjoy a mini camping trip or a place to reconnect with nature, Belmont has Signal Hill, which is a 3.8-hectare bushland located in the middle of the suburb.


Location: 9.3 km NE from the Perth CBD
Size: 0.7 km2
Population: 1,395

Aside from Belmont, Ashfield is another great riverside suburb for first home buyers. Located on the northern banks of the Swan River, this suburb is an affordable choice with easy access to public transportation and job opportunities.

House prices here are a bit pricier compared to Belmont, but they’re still within what you’d consider affordable. As of July 2023, the average house price in Ashfield is $549,175.

The suburb itself has a very small land area, so the number of shops in it is fewer than average. The Independent Grocers of Australia has a small grocery inside Ashfield where you can buy your daily necessities.

When it comes to schools, Ashfield has a primary school your kids can enrol in. However, it lacks tertiary education options.

As I’ve mentioned before, this suburb has excellent public transportation and employment opportunities. That’s because, like Belmont, Ashfield is close to the Perth CBD and Perth Airport.

The suburb also has its own train station that connects it to the Midland Railway Line. It also has a couple of bus routes that can take you straight to the Perth CBD.

Ashfield is still pretty okay when it comes to safety. It has a crime rate of 4.5 crimes for every 100 residents as of July 2023.

Pro tip: If you’re a boating enthusiast, Ashfield has the Bayswater Boat Ramp where you can launch and retrieve your watercraft safely.


Location: 10 km E from the Perth CBD
Size: 3.9 km2
Population: 8,864

If you don’t mind living right next to the airport, Cloverdale might just be the suburb you’re looking for. Located west of Perth Airport, this suburb benefits greatly from the airport’s highly-developed infrastructure and easy access to public transportation.

House prices in Cloverdale are great for first home buyers at the moment. As of July 2023, the average house price in this suburb is $500,000.

It should be noted that Cloverdale is the suburb south of Belmont. This means that almost anything the residents of Belmont can enjoy, from retail stores to entertainment centres, can also be enjoyed by Cloverdale residents.

The best thing about this suburb is that it has a massive shopping centre. The Belmont Forum located northwest of Cloverdale is filled with restaurants, clothing stores, electronic stores, and more.

The suburb also has the Reading Cinemas where you and your family can watch the latest blockbuster films of the week. The cinema is flanked by many restaurants where you can enjoy a great dinner after a show.

It should also be noted that Cloverdale offers great employment opportunities. It’ll be very easy for you to travel to work if it’s within Perth Airport.

That fact is still true if your job is in the Perth CBD thanks to the suburb’s easy access to major highways and train lines. You can ride the train to the city centre via the Armadale Line.

If you prefer to travel to the Perth CBD on a bus or on your own car, Cloverdale has many on-ramps that connect it to Leach Highway and Tonkin Highway.

This suburb is average when it comes to safety. As of July 2023, the crime rate of Cloverdale is 5.9 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: The Perth Airport has a public viewing area near Cloverdale that you can visit if you’re interested in seeing the massive planes land and take off from the airport.


Location: 9.8 km E from the Perth CBD
Population: 5,030

Redcliffe is another suburb near the Perth Airport. Like Cloverdale, this suburb also enjoys the benefits of easy access to the airport’s nearby infrastructure and public transportation options.

This suburb is also on the affordable side when it comes to house prices. The average house price in this suburb is $525,000 as of July 2023.

Redcliffe is bordered by Belmont to the west and Cloverdale to the south. Because of this, most of the retail stores and restaurants I’ve mentioned earlier when talking about these two suburbs are also easily accessible to the residents of Redcliffe.

For your kids, this suburb has a primary school they can attend. However, like Ashfield, it also lacks options for tertiary education.

Another good thing I can say about Redcliffe is its great parks and nature spaces where you can relax during the weekends with your friends and family. Its biggest park, Redcliffe Park Community Centre, is a regular venue for events and shows.

Like Cloverdale, Redcliffe is also great for those who are working in the Perth Airport. The suburb is also great if you’re working in the Perth CBD because you can ride a train on the Airport Line to get to the city centre.

Redcliffe is also connected to both the Great Eastern Highway and Tonkin Highway, so travelling by bus or by car is also a solid option.

The only bad thing about this suburb is the sharp rise in crime it has experienced during the past few years. As of July 2023, the crime rate of Redcliffe is 6.7 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: Redcliffe is the nearest suburb to the Costco Wholesale Perth Airport. This store is great for budget shoppers, as you can buy items here like toiletries and canned goods in bulk.


Location: 9.3 km N from the Perth CBD
Size: 3.7 km2
Population: 12,779

Nollamara is another suburb that has recently taken the spotlight thanks to its affordable houses and close proximity to the Perth CBD. 

It actually has one of the lowest average house prices on this list. As of July 2023, the average house price in Nollamara is only $440,000!

It’s no wonder why more than 180 houses were sold in this suburb in 2022. For that price, you already have so many great things you can enjoy about Nollamara.

A huge reason why this suburb is highly popular is its location. Not only is it a mere nine kilometres away from the Perth CBD, but it’s also close to many of Perth’s greatest suburbs like Subiaco, Northbridge, and Leederville.

This means you’ll have easy access to the most popular attractions of Perth like the Perth Cultural Centre, Lake Monger, RAC Arena, and more.

Another great thing about Nollamara is the many educational institutions that surround this suburb. It has a primary school, and there are tertiary educational institutions close by like Dianella College and Tuart College.

Nollamara provides great recreation and relaxation offerings. The suburb has many nature reserves where you can host a picnic like the Des Penman Reserve.

The suburb is also connected to Karrinyup Road which lets you drive to Trigg Beach in as little as 15 minutes.

Aside from Karrinyup Road, Nollamara is also connected to other major roads like Wanneroo Road and Flinders Street so there are many bus routes that go through this suburb.

Unfortunately, the suburb is too far from any train stations for trains to become a viable transportation option.

Nollamara is still somewhat okay when we’re talking about safety. As of July 2023, the suburb has a crime rate of 5.4 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: If you’re curious to learn about the teachings of Buddhism, the Buddhist Society of Western Australia has a branch in Nollamara where you can participate in their meditation sessions and Dhamma talks held by their Buddhist teachers. 


Location: 12 km N from the Perth CBD
Size: 2.4 km2
Population: 7,042

North of Nollamara is where you’ll find Westminster, a suburb that shares the same benefits as Nollamara including low house prices and close proximity to many of Perth’s famous suburbs.

To prove my point, the average house price in Westminster as of July 2023 is only $425,000. A large house with four bedrooms only costs $499,000 on average!

These prices are great especially when you consider how easy it is to travel to nearby suburbs like Subiaco and Dianella. For your daily necessities, the nearby Stirling Central Shopping Centre is the best place to go.

Your kids also have plenty of education options. Westminster has a primary school, and there are also many educational institutions available near the suburb including a TAFE vocational college.

A unique thing I love about Westminster is the great selection of restaurants available in the suburb. The suburb has restaurants that feature Indian and Ethiopian cuisines.

This suburb is also a great place to live in for people that prefer to use the bus as their main method of transportation. 

Many bus routes go through this suburb although the train isn’t an option because Westminster is too far from any railway lines.

Westminster isn’t too different from Nollamara when it comes to safety. As of July 2023, the crime rate of this suburb is 5.1 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: If you want to get into tennis, the nearby Rickman Delawney Reserve west of Westminster has a fully-developed tennis court facility open from 7 AM until 9 PM every day.


Location: 28 km SE from the Perth CBD
Size: 8.4 km2
Population: 13,415

Armadale is a bit far from the Perth CBD, but don’t worry, it has convenient transporation options to make up for it. This suburb is located on the southeastern edge of Perth and is part of the city’s southeast transport corridor.

Because of its location, Armadale has very low house prices compared to suburbs closer to the Perth CBD. The average house price here as of July 2023 is $331,000.

In itself, Armadale is already a well-developed suburb. It already has a major shopping centre within its borders where you can buy your daily necessities.

It even has its own medical centre so you don’t need to travel far to treat most illnesses. When it comes to education, Armadale also has a good number of schools like Challis Primary School and Neerigan Brook Primary School.

And as I’ve mentioned before, Armadale has public transportation that makes travelling hassle-free. The Armadale Train Line starts here and ends at the Perth CBD.

The best thing about this suburb, however, is its rich employment opportunities. The local government of Perth has future plans to expand the Armadale Line further south to support the rapidly growing suburbs in the area.

These public projects will definitely need a lot of workers to get started.

Unfortunately, the one thing that this suburb needs to work on is its safety. As of July 2023, the crime rate of Armadale is 9.5 crimes for every 100 residents.

Pro tip: You don’t need to travel to Perth Zoo just to see some exotic animals! The Armadale Reptile & Wildlife Centre is home to many rescued animals, and you can see them for only $22 per person.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Home

Now that you know the best suburbs in Perth for first home buyers, it’s time to consider some very important factors that come up whenever you buy a property.

Crime and Safety

Crime is an unavoidable problem most people living in major cities have to face. While most areas in Perth are deemed safe, there are still a worrying number of crimes being committed in the city every day.

This is why knowing a suburb’s crime rate is important when choosing a place to live in.

Here’s a quick table showing the crime rates of every suburb I listed here. The data was gathered from the latest statistics provided by the WA Police Force as of July 2023.

SuburbCrime rate per 100 residents

A quick look will tell you that most of the suburbs can be considered average when it comes to safety. However, some suburbs like Belmont and Armadale experience higher crime rates.

If you’re looking for the safest suburb, Ashfield is probably your choice.

Pro tip: The WA Police Force has published a handy booklet containing various simple strategies and tips you can use to make your life safer while living in Perth. You can download the booklet’s PDF file here.

Availability of Housing Options

Of course, buying your first home is not only a huge life milestone, but it’s also a significant financial investment. As this is your first home, you may be looking for budget-friendly options.

This is the biggest reason why I’ve decided to focus on suburbs that have low house prices. 

Let’s see what the average house price is for each suburb I’ve mentioned earlier. I’ve also included the average land prices should you desire to build your own home rather than buy an established one.

All the data presented here came from the latest figures provided by REIWA as of July 2023.

NeighbourhoodMedian House PriceMedian Land PriceMedian House Rent (Per Week)

As the table shows, the best suburb that is within the 10-kilometre radius of the Perth CBD is Nollamara with its amazingly low house and land prices. However, if you’re okay with living a bit further from the city centre, Armadale is the cheapest choice.

Pro tip: Price isn’t everything! When buying your first home, make sure to consider the condition of the home before committing. 

Have a professional inspector determine if the home you’re buying is safe and is worth the asking price.

Public Transportation Options

Of course, access to public transportation is an important factor to consider when buying your first home. It’s okay if you prefer driving a car instead, but there are times when traffic jams will make you wish you took the bus or train to work instead.

As you’re probably aware, the three public transportations available in Perth are trains, buses, and ferries. These three are managed by Transperth, from ticket prices to daily schedules.

Transperth provides every data you’ll need like bus routes, ticket prices, and any delays on their website.

Still, here’s a table if you’re curious about seeing a compiled version of the various public transportation available in every suburb we’ve discussed earlier. The data presented here came from Transperth and Moovit

SuburbPublic Transportation Available 
BelmontTrain: Airport Line
Bus: Route 935, 998, and 999
AshfieldTrain: Midland Line
Bus: Routes 55 and 290
CloverdaleTrain: Armadale Line
Bus: Route 38, 39, 998, and 999
RedcliffeTrain: Airport Line
Bus: Route 935
NollamaraBus: Routes 371, 384, 386, 389, and 415
WestminsterBus: Routes 371 and 386
ArmadaleTrain: Armadale Line
Bus: Routes 210 and 220

Pro tip: Get a SmartRider card if you plan to primarily use public transportation while living in Perth. This card saves you a large amount of money as you immediately get a 10% discount on fares compared to paying with cash.

Property Resale Value

Property Resale Value

A property is one of the biggest investments you can buy. 

This is why it’s important to know if the first home you’ll buy will be worth a lot more in the future so you can sell it at a good price.

A good way to know if reselling a property is good is by studying an area’s trends and current market. 

Thankfully, a report made by Soho in 2023 states that the property market in Perth is resilient and will continue to project upwards in the coming years.

The biggest reasons why Perth’s property prices continue to grow are the city’s continued population growth and low vacancy rate. REIWA forecasts that the average house prices in Perth will grow by 2% in 2023 alone. 

So what does this mean for you? 

This means buying your first home in Perth is a solid choice. Unlike in other major Australian cities, market fluctuations and economic downturns have done little to affect the growth of average house prices in many suburbs in Perth.

Here’s a quick table detailing the current price trends for every suburb I listed earlier. The data presented here was gathered from REIWA’s statistics.

SuburbPrice Growth between July 31 2022-2023

As you can see, most of the suburbs have experienced a substantial increase in their house prices within just a year. 

Suburbs like Armadale and Redcliffe show an extremely rapid growth in their property values as more and more people move into these suburbs due to the many employment opportunities available in these areas.

Pro tip: There are multiple ways available to increase your property value and make your home more appealing to potential buyers. 

Two easy ways to do it are to perform regular maintenance on your house and repaint it at least every three years.

Building/Buying New House vs Buying Established

Building/Buying New House vs Buying Established

Aside from current house prices and land market trends, you have to consider whether to build a new house or to buy an established one.

As with most things in life, these two each have their own pros and cons. Building your home may sound exciting, as you’ll have complete control over how it will look, but it can be an expensive option too.

Meanwhile, buying an established home is a less stressful endeavour. However, this will give you little to no room to adjust your home to be more in line with your personal preferences.

Let’s go over some key points you need to consider with these two options.

Building/Buying New House

Building/Buying New House

As I’ve mentioned earlier, building your new home means you have complete control over how it will look and what is inside it. 

A huge positive you can have when building your home is that you can make it more energy-efficient and space-efficient. Modern technologies like smart lights and solar panels can save you money on electrical bills in the long run.

Modern architectural designs have also made it possible for houses to be built on small land while keeping them spacious inside.

Another good thing that comes with building or buying a new house is that it is typically covered with a warranty for a long period of time. Any defects or damages found within the warranty period can be fixed at no additional cost.

You should also know that Western Australia has incentives for buyers of new houses. One such example is the First Home Owner Grant, which gives buyers up to $10,000 to help them buy or build their first home.

However, the biggest negative about building a home is that it can be costlier than just buying an established home. Empty lots in Perth are getting pricier, so the total cost to build a house may rise greatly.

Also, building a new house takes time. You’ll need to find another place to live at the moment while you’re waiting for your house to be completed.

Buying an Established House

Buying an Established House

Unlike building a new house, buying an established house is a less stressful experience. You only need to visit the property, see if it’s up to your liking, and sign the necessary paperwork after.

Another huge positive when buying an established house is that you can live closer to the city centre. Because most properties near the Perth CBD already have a house sitting on it, the chances of buying an empty lot here are pretty low.

Established houses are also solid assets and can provide you with significantly better returns in the future. 

This is because most of these houses are situated on large plots of land, so the price tends to appreciate better compared to newer yet smaller homes.

However, as you can already tell, the problem that comes with buying an established home is that you have little room to renovate the house itself to better suit your preferences.

You’ll need to tear the whole house down or a significant part of it for renovations.

Pro tip: There are still some government grants that can be availed by both buyers of brand-new homes and established homes. 

One such grant is the Home Buyers Assistance Account, which will grant first-time homeowners up to $2,000 to cover expenses associated with buying a home, like inspection fees and mortgage registration fees.

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